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History of England

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The history of England can be traced back 230,000 years when the Neanderthals inhabited the island. Numerous wars, uprisings, developments, and changes have happened to England that influenced what it is today.
Henry Sampson's birthday is April 22, 1934
He was entrusted with many responsibilities by the former  Archbishop of Canterbury, Theobald of Bec. Becket also had a good  relationship with King Henry II prior to being consecrated as  archbishop.
Aristocratic women wore farthingales and boustiers. Men wore knee  length, stockings, and cod pieces. Both wore large starched  collars. Peasent women wore peasant skirts and blouses.
Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Rome  here are some other answers  Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? Some people in England and  Europe were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church and  wanted it to change. Martin Luther, a German reformer, had ...
Because everyone lived in such close quarters and they didn't  understand the nature of bacteria and viruses so their lifestyle  wasn't very sanitary as well as the lack of vaccines and proper  medicine.
William of Normandy apparently planned to land in England and draw  Harold into a battle, then devastate the countryside, like Sherman  on his March to the Sea, in the area around London until they  begged for mercy. He benefited from the fact that Harold Hardrada  struck first, drawing the...
King Edmund the second ironside
A Distant Mirror - The 14th Century Europe in 1300 was well on the way to rapid expansion. It was rapidly increasing in intellectual and mathematical sophistication. Technically, thanks to water power and the mechanical discoveries that flowed from it, Europe was in the midst of what many historians...
I only know oneWhy did Henry VIII have so many wives?He liked to CHOP and changehar har har
News of the defeat of British troops at Saratoga, New York,  prompted King George III to attempt to make peace with the  colonists. In addition, an impending war with France made it  necessary to focus his army and funds on that side of the Atlantic.
Seven: Thomas Pelham-Holles, Henry Pelham, James Waldegrave (though only for five days), Charles Watson-Wentworth, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, William Cavendish-Bentinck and John Russell.
Suppose a game uses a spinner with five equal sections numbered 1-5  to determine the value of tokens given to the player spinning it.  What is the expected value of the number of tokens?
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The Industrial Age brought advances in medicine, machinery,  agriculture, and transportation. Populations experienced an  abundance of food, less death, more birth, more jobs, and cars!
Her husband William became sole ruler upon her death in 1694
A fingersmith is a pickpocket
History supports that George III believed in George III under cover  of belief in God.
They made many people work as slaves and even humiliated them.
You were either rich as ever or poor as ever, no middle class. A family of 7 will have to share a house with a family of 8.Water pumps were public and England had a major problem separating waste (poo)Water and clean water, most people died because of cholera, the government didn't care.John snow...
urbanization and trade unions are the two major changes made  because of industrial revolution in 1800s.
Australia India America Canada maybe... i think some African countries but im not so sure. possibly another European country. and i think that's it..well they covered like half the globe so theres probably more.
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Steam engine was invented by Newcomen in early 1750. A Steam engine was built by James Watt in 1774. James Watt realised why existing engines to the Newcomen designwere so desperately inefficient, and developed an importantmodification that greatly improved them. He and others alsodeveloped what...
One archetype is the serpent sheds its skin, in which in Gilgamesh the serpent sheds its skin because of youth. The other is the serpent is sneaky and sly just like they are today. The last one is that the plant contains special features, in which today, herbs (plant) contain healing powers.
Henry Adams was never married.
The colonies gained their independence from England.For A+ :)
The rose garden is on the grounds of the White House.
The North American rattle snakes were already here and the turkey is native to the Americas. When the English colonists came to North America they brought with them the descendants (that were also new varieties) of the Wild Turkeys that the Spanish explorers brought to Europe centuries before.
The United Kingdom is famous for Big Ben. Big Ben is a very tall clock in the center of the capital. A lot of people from all over the world come to see this wonderful sight. London is located in england, the geographic coordinates are 51 30 N, 0 10W.
Most people say that William, duke of Normandy was cruel but he did have at least one friend which was Edward, the Confessor who supposedly had said that William should be the next king. Edward, the Confessor was also a distant cousin of William's and was his best friend.
They used the same weapons that were in use by other armies in the  early middle ages, although the Normans considered bows more a  hunting weapon than something to use in battle. They mostly used  swords, daggers, spears and battle-axes.
He abandoned his father and tried to take his brothers (Richard 2 the lion heart) kingdom by force, while he was away on crusades.
King, Lord, Knight, Knight, Knight....., Serf/Peasant.
Margaret Thatcher's biggest change was in attitude. Baroness  Thatcher took the U.K from a 'this will do attitude' to a 'can do  force'. I did not agree with all her politics. In fact I was on the  Miners picket line at Didcot Power Station and took part in  protests. However, she was right to...
his brother died, his kids too young to, so he took throne. why not hes nobodys fool. (if u read this sentence, your dumb).
Archbishop added a few catholic touches to the Protestant Church. This included decorating the church- Protestants only liked plain churches . The Protestants reacted badly to this change though
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The diversion route will use Wollaton Drive, Derby Roadand Middleton Boulevard ... "I'd like to thank residents,motorists and businesses in advance for their ... between Crown Island and Nuthall Road/Middleton Boulevard
Mary Tudor, born 18th March 1496, was the youngest child of King Henry VII of England.   On 9th October 1514 she married King Louis XII of France. Louis died on 1st January 1515 and Mary later married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.   She should not be confused with Henry VII's grand...
She won three battles with her army of 100,000 in the Battle of Camulodunum, Battle of Londinium (London) and then the Battle of Verulamium (St. Albans). By this time the Romans had begun burning their stores and crops, which Boudicca's army relied upon to supply her army. Her army tired and...
  Mowatt burned Falmouth, October 18th, 1775. Captain Mowatt had been held prisoner by the residents of Falmouth for one night in May of 1775. Under orders from Admiral Graves (The same man who made Brithish troops under the command of Col. Smith wait for several hours at Phips farm before...
No. He was called Edward Atheling!!!
there are 10 Anglo saxon gods.
The United Kingdom (including Great Britain) is a Parliamentary Democracy, and all of the members of the House of Commons have been elected by their constituents, therefore the Government is legitimate.
Charles's wife Queen Catherine was unable to produce an heir; her four ended in miscarriages and stillbirths. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nell Gywn (One of Charles's mistresses) gave birth to her first son, Charles , on 8 May 1670. This was the...
A lot of them did settle and their descendants still live in the north of England and northern Scotland. They integrated into the local populations. The reason many did not stay in southern Britain is found in mass graves in places throughout the south of England which provide evidence that the...
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The Roman's Came To Britain To Invade And To Take Over Which They Did,But Britain Stopped Growing In Second Century AD,Because Nobody Came Over To Live Because The Taxes Were Going Up! Britain Was Under Attack By Saxon Pirates,From Germany,Picts From North,Scots From Ireland. The Army Was Failing...
Christianity came to England first during the Roman period. There  is evidence of it from the 2nd Century, although it may have  existed before then. We know that the first Christian martyr, St  Alban, was killed in 304 AD, and he was a bishop, which meant that  he was head over a number of...
The current Prime Minister living at 10 Downing Street is Gordon Brown. The current PM, from May 11 2010, is David Cameron.
No one really knows. but, Guy Fawkes served the Spanish army as an explosives expert, so it could be him. More likely though, it was taken from the tower of London.They can sell in hunting area, but you need licence to buy it.
Mary's reign ended upon her death in 1558. She was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth.
King James was born June 19, 1566; died March 27, 1625 authorized  the King James version of the Bible. This translation is still  popular today. It is considered by biblical schloars to be one of  the wost translations of the Bible. One reason being James had some  of the wording changed in...
Well, for rich people, it was about not showing emotion and stuff,you could smile and stuff but not extremes.
She was a devout Roman Catholic and divorce was unacceptable to her.
Priest were called "the druids" during the anglo saxon
The House of Tudor died out upon the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603. The House of Windsor is the present reigning family.
at the mission of san rafael arcangel who ruled the economy
For Marx (and Lenin) the "haves" were those who controlled thesocietal mode of material production, and also the societal modesof symbolic production. The "have-not's" were those who weredependent upon those controlling, particularly, the material modeof production. This is all very simply...
Coal, Petroleum, natural gas - found in the British sector of the North Sea, zinc, Tin, limestone, iron ore, salt, slate clay, chalk, gypsum, lead, silica, arable land
he didn't invent the windmill Heron of Alexandria did
Even though the Romans were outnumbered by Boudicca's army (of about 145,000), the British rebels were in complete disarray. The Roman army (of around 10,000) was in strong formation and the Romans were amazing fighters. The revolt failed because the Romans were just too powerful and strong for...
Most people either drive or go by train.
Tudor peasants lived on bread and water. Sometimes they would make themselves look worse than they actually are so that they get more money as beggars
  No, according to the UK's History of Monarchy website, Queen Victoria did not have a pet dog.
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English King Edward I won the Battle of Falkirk.
Matilda of England
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The settelement should be near a good water supply, in a sheltered place, a good supply of materials (clay, sand, iron ore and tin). Easy access to other places for trading, and protection from enemies. Fertile land to grow crops.
The final battle occured in Hogwarts