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Swimming Pools

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Want to take a dip the pool on a hot day? Have it ready! Questions in this category are about swimming pool sanitation and equipment. Some things you can ask about are automatic pool cleaners, skimmers, filters, brushes, chemicals, tests, technical questions on filtration equipment and more.
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No , above ground pools are different in that you can drain them ,  the reason you cannot drain an in ground pool is because the pool  is built to have water pressure , and it is very stressful on the  walls , I hope this answered your question :) .
  A salt water pool is a chlorine pool, part of the salt is converted into chlorine electronically. I have found that regardless of the disinfection system used in a pool that the use of chlorine is the easiest and most reliable. The beauty with salt is the water fees better and you don't have...
I've been trying to figure that out, and based on my research I think not.
1 option is to contact a local pool store and see if they can fix  it. A 2nd option is to purchase a repair kit and follow the given  instructions.
Just the design of the pool. I don't think there is a specific  reason why they are in that shape
In general you would only do this if you need to connect a section  of brass piping to a pvc section.
  It depends on your local regulation.   This is the regulation for:   METROPOLITAN NASHVILLE AND DAVIDSON COUNTY   Maximum Bather Loading   For the purposes of computing user-loading, those portions of the pool 5 feet or less in water depth shall be designated as "non-swimmer" areas...
Depending on the size of your pool and the materials you are using it would be best to consult someone else. The cheapest materials though would be plastic and using your own man power.
Mop the floor with the tile cleaner. Spray the cleaner on walls and  counters then wipe it down with a soft sponge. Avoid abrasive mops  and sponges because these scratch the tile and can damage old  grout.
It depends greatly on the size pool and shape, and of course if you build it yourself or not. I will answer this question based on a 16x32 rectangle pool.If you were to pay your local retailer for buying, and building the pool, you would be looking at somewhere in between 22 and 29k for your basic...
the rubber in the heating is degenerating because of wear.... only fix is to replace the rubber
  can you use bromine tablets in a small above ground poll instead of clorine?
Look at a product called "skamper ramp" and see if that will fit your needs.
Length x width x average depth*. Multiply result by 7.48 to  determine volume in gallons.    * 'average depth' is shallow end + deep end divided by two  
  So long as the grouting is done correctly a tiled pool is much easier to keep clean and looking uniform. other then that there isn't that much difference.
  Filter unless you don't want to filter the water
10- 8 for swimming and two outside lanes to keep the backsplash down
Tannin is easily removed with a solution of hydrochloric acid or even chlorine or bleach.
110. A mile consists of 1760 yards (5280 feet). Therefore, in a pool 16 yards in length, you would need to swim from one end to the other 110 times. (110 x 16 = 1760).
Answer is noYou can remove a round one and install an oval after, of course, you make necessary adjustments to the ground--making the ground level in an oval instead of a circle. The only things you might be able to re-use from the round pool are the pump/filter, ladder, skimmer and return fittings,...
  The information I have been able to gather to date indicates that it would be better to seal the stone with a suitable sealer first,
Well there are believe it or not Over 900 Pools in Michigan.
  == draining a pool ==   The water can be drained out with a hose.
25m or 50m depends of the 50m pool has lyk a midway part time wall wichu can tak out then i wud go for 50 if not then 20m
  == Answer ==   Try www.anthonysylvanpools.com Ken
Divisible pool is a term used to refer to federal taxes that are  divided. These taxes are divided between the federal government and  individual provinces.
The equation for the perimeter of a circle is the mathematical constant PI times the diameter of the circle. PI is an irrational number that is approximated by 3.141592653, or some times 3.14.C = PI * DIn your case: C = 3.14 x 32 (feet) C = 100.48 feet You can figure the rest!
A 24-foot round pool filled to a depth of four feet contains 13,593.6 gallons of water.
the answer is.. yes,there is because its been tested to see which one is more guarenteed to kill insectes between chlorine and salt and salt won,therefor people are starting to have salt water pools .:P
  == Answer ==   ok, first, you have to get the water level at least an inch below the skimmer. Then, make sore the pump(and plumbing) is dry. Now you con pull the valve off. Cut it off with a pipe saw, the use flexible couplers to connect it. I'm replacing mine too, but now i just need a...
There are three basic tests for outdoor swimming pools: chlorine (ppm - parts per million)pH (in pH units, from 0 - 14, 7.0 - 8.0 is normal for a pool)stabilizer (ppm, from 20 - 100)This applies to all chlorinated pools, INCLUDING 'salt water' pools, which are also chlorinated by the salt water...
If they are bullfrog tadpoles, usually yes
It burns your eyes because of the chlorine that is added to the water to prevent dangerous bacterial growth.
A gallon is a measure of volume; A square foot, as a measure of area, has zero depth, so it's volume is 1 square foot x zero feet = zero cubic feet, so there are no gallons in a square foot.
  Most Competive Pools are 25yd (short course) in the USA   25 Meter Pools are used for US Nationals on an Olympic Year, so every four years   The rest of the world and the Olympic Games are held in a 50 meter pool (Long Course)
You don't.The good part is that if they do simply wet it, wait a couple minutes and wipe it off easily.Reference:Cleaning bird poop off my floor every day from my pet birds.
Answer . \nIf you have a harsh winter then as soon as the last frost. Usually around late April or May is good. \n. \nMarcy
It means you know that the pool is very dangerous for your child. Make sure you have a secure fence and re-latching gate around the pool so there is NO WAY he can get in by himself. Your dreams will become happier then.
Unless you have some experience with concrete or any kind ofplaster, i do not recommend it. This is a ultra specialized trade.it takes years to become a decent trowel man. First, your poolneeds to be drained, as soon as you can get to the main drain onthe deep end of your pool, remove the cover and...
President Kenedy. The indoor pool was built by FDR in 1933. He had polio and it was therapeutic to do his exercises in a heated pool.
1 cubic foot = 1,728 cubic inches 1 gallon = 231 cubic inches 4' x 4' x 8' = 128 cubic ft = (128 x 1,728) cubic inches = (128 x 1,728 / 231) = 957.51 gallons (rounded)
Its because when your in the water with somebody you feel if a shark comes to eat you it will go for your friend, but of course if a shark comes to eat you when your alone you feel it will eat you. But just remember your more likely to die because of a bee or a dog than a shark. Phobia's are...
How is this a question? idiot
  == Answer ==   www.polarpools.com/pool_care_maintenance/bacteria-fungus-stains.html     Some types of bacteria and fungus found in the soil can actually penetrate through a vinyl liner and cause stains to appear on the liner. Usually they will start off as spotted or cloud-like...
  == Pool Liquid acid instructions ==   Make sure your pump is running 15 minutes before adding liquid acid to your pool. This will insure that there are no areas in the pool with water that is not moving and circulating. Now get a bucket a fill it with pool water 2/3 full. Now add the acid...
Refraction of light in the water.
You look shorter because the light changes direction as it hits the water in an effect known as "refraction".
  == Borax is a safe alternative ==     Borax is perfectly safe in swimming pools. We started using it in our inground pool two years ago and would not use anything else. Not only is it less expensive (a lot less expensive) but the water feels softer when we use it. My husband had to...
  Advice into the filtration of your pool is best answered by a local pool professional, Check with your local pool shop.
In theory the same amount of water would be displaced in each case; i.e. the coin landing in the boat would cause the boat to displace additional water (sink slightly) equal to its own volume, which is how much the coin would displace were it to fall directly into the pool. This assumes, however,...
== Answer ==   Within reason, yes. According to Michael W. Smith II's BleachCalc program, you should add about 160 oz (weight) of dry borax for each 10,000 gallons. It supposedly helps against algae, although we use it to raise the water's pH and to buffer the pH at the level we want. ...
Area of deck = (20+2d)x(40+2d)-(20x40)Area of deck = (20x40)+40d+80d+4d2 -(20x40)Area of deck = 120d+4d2
Baking soda actually raises the total alkalinity of your pool. This does also increase your pH, but should only be used if your test kit shows low alkalinity. Otherwise you'll raise both pH and alkalinity and then have to use alkalinity down. Borax will raise PH and not alkalinity, but it raises it...
You probably have the same problem I have - take a sample of your water to a pool store and have it tested. I did and needed to add alkalinity, pH enhancer, algaecide and one other chemical. You need a balance. Without doing this you could just continue to spin your wheels.   IN ADDITION:Water...
India is a hot country and there are swimming pools in India www.technologypools.co.UK for pools in India
  Some companies specialize in fiberglass pool repairs. Look for them in the yellow pages or go to the local pool store for recommendations. In Central California there is an excellent one by the name of Aqua Glass - - possibly out of Ventura county. Don't know if they do work out of state but...
  == YES ==   YES. Muriatic acid is just another name for hydrochloric acid and is extremely corrosive and will severely irritate the skin.See the Web Link and Related Questions links for more information.
With X length X Av depth will give you cubic feet or meters or cubits or whatever measurement you used,Just to start you of here re some volumes.     1 cubic meters = 1 000 liters   cubic foot = 7.48051948 US gallons
wow slow down there!!! adding to much stabelized chlorine over time will add too much cyanuric acid aka stabelizer or (CYA).So this means your pool water is out of balance a lot. red burning eyes,itchy skin are the first signs of improper balance. The only way to reduce cya is to drain out water and...
  == Answer ==   the concrete should be 6" according to this site http://www.de-fontenay.com/poolcon4.htm
My propane company advised me NOT to use my pool heater. They said my pool heater would burn 5 to 6 gallons of propane per hour.
That's going to depend on -- the surface area of the pool -- the temperature of the water in the pool -- the temperature of the air -- the relative humidity of the air -- the barometric pressure -- the period of time you're interested in (evaporation in 30 minutes ? an hour ? a day ?) ...
A 1.5 horsepower pump should be fine.
Ionization is much better than salt system and about the chlorine you only need to put about 5 to 10% of the chlorine. With the ionization you will only have about 0.2 or 0.3 of chlorine and no more chemicals. Tha water gets very clear and shiny. No bacterias found in normal testing. Se www...
If it is just rain, you stay on your tower and guard the swimmers. If there is thunder & lightning, you clear the pool and wait 20 minutes from the last display of thunder & lightning before letting the swimmers back in the water. It is best if the swimmers are not standing on a wet pool...
You use it to kill the jerms in the pool!
  == Answer ==   The direction of the pool circulation: within the pool; water should circulate in a counter clockwise direction. Starting at the skimmer, water travels from the skimmer to the pump (the pump is what makes everything work like the heater etc, from the pump to the filter,...
== Answer ==   Oval pools I've seen require bracing around the permieter. Round pools do not (its physics).   == Answer From A Pool Expert ==   Oval pools also now have bracing options which run under the floor of the pool instead of around the outside. It is worth noting that round pools...
  Hobo's are por so, nothing.
Since 1 gallon equals 90,840 drops and 1 Olympic sized swimming pool has 660,430 gallons, there are 59,993,461,200 drops in an Olympic size swimming pool.
  == Answer determining volume ==   http://www.worldofwater.com/pond_volume.htm This website is for ponds but the formula is the same to determine volume. 
Over-chlorinate before you go on vacation and put your filter on a  timer so it runs every day. Last year I also got one of the  neighborhood kids to brush my pool once a day while I was gone for  ten days and came home to a clean pool.
define water^what kind of answer is that? "define water." its a simple question. is swimming pool water cold? the water found in swimming pools. now for an answer, water temp varies between pools. some are cold and some are warmer.