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Grades and Grade Point Averages (GPA)

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Grades are assigned through application of standardized measurements rated by in letters (A to D), a range (example 1 to 6), a percentage of total number correct (example 70%), or as the number from of a possible total (example 50 out of 50). At predetermined set times through a school year, grades from subjects are averaged to give a Grade Point Average (GPA). The Cumulative Grade Point Average is the average of all grades over an educational life or specific for the total 4 years of high school.
The grade point average for the south of Florida is 18.3 however if you moved into the more multicultural north of Florida the average is only 16.0
it means that you have grades that average about Cs
No. It would be hard for them to do an analysis on year to year.Its a lot easier to look at two numbers
Roughly 600 to 800 on each section of the SAT. http://www.admissions.college.harvard.edu/apply/faq.html#7
Rules for Computing the GPAa.The GPA for any period is based on the final grades, including failing grades in all courses taken during a specified period.b.GPAs are calculated according to the following formula: GPA = sum of [grade point value x units of course weight]/ sum of units of course weight
A lot of times when you have an average GPA you get thrown into a  pile of other out of staters and get picked at random. Whether or  not they are eager for students or are getting too many students  also plays a role.
Average GPA of entering freshmen is 3.3 .
1 A, 4 Bs, 1 C2 As, 2 Bs, 2 Cs2 As, 3 B, 1 D3 As, 3 Cs3 As, 1 B, 1 C, 1 D3 As, 2 Bs, 1 F4 As, 2 Ds4 As, 1 C, 1 F6 Bs
Yes, but it would be good to take a GED and the SAT. Usually you  can get into community college with that GPA pretty easily and then  transfer after a year or two if you wanted too.
Each grade has points associated to it: A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1for + grades add 0.3 and - subtract 0.3 Then it depends whether you want 'weighted' or 'unweighted' GPA. For 'unweighted' you simply add the grade points for each class and divide by the total classes. For 'weighted' you multiply the grade...
yeah it can. i got in with a 3.14.
Well, it's your grades (A=4, B=3, C=2, C+=1) divided by your courses. So it really depends.
You need a GPA of 3.0 academic GPA based on Required High SchoolCourses.
Anything, but you have to be smart and extremely dedicated to be a doctor...
    most classes in cornell engineering are curved around a B, so I would guess around 3.0
Your best, and maybe only hope, is to enroll in a community college for a year to show the admissions academics that the worm has turned and that you really have changed and deserve a chance. Easy courses and a light load won't make an impression on them. They have seen it all. Show them that you...
  I'm not sure but I know that the average ACT score that they accept is 25.4.
Only the dean of admissions will tell you your answer.. you should just apply sooner than later
A GPA of 3.17 would be a letter grade of B.
On a 4.0 scale (which most colleges/programs prefer), A's = 4 points B's = 3 points C's = 2 points D's = 1 points F's = 0 point add them all together and divide by the number of classes you took
There are many ways to get a 3.6 GPA (out of a 4.0 scale) each A = 4 points each B = 3 points each C = 2 points each D = 1 points each F = o points add all the points and divide by the number of classes you took 16 A's, 7 B's, 1 D can give you 3.58
It is a C+. For colleges and universities that work on a minus system it would b a B- it actually depends on the grading system at your school A+ =4.3, A =4, A- =3.7, B+ =3.3, B = 3.0, B- =2.7
No. It is impossible to be that dumb.
  If your SAT scores are high, you can have a GPA of 3.6
Yes you still have a chance but i suggest that you really try to bring that 2.9 up to 3.5 or higher although 2.9 is not that bad . Apply for colleges and community colleges to see you get accepted to real colleges ,if you do not go to a community collge and two years later you mught be able to...
Multiply your GPA by 4/6 which is 2/3, also 0.6666667 Or you get the same answer my multiplying your GPA by 4, then dividing that answer by 6.
Depends on the school. My school does our GPA out of 4 in that case that is pretty good. Some of the other schools grades GPA's out of 5, but 4 is more popular and used more among schools.
Regular admission usually want to see a "B-" to a "B" but there are different requriments for specific programs.
Yes and no!! Now let me explain that answer. If you keep taking courses and every course you take is an "A," you will not go back to a 4.0 GPA. You can only get close. However, if you repeat the course you got a "B" in (and at the same school), and get an "A" the second time, then yes your GPA...
Most colleges don't have minimum GPA requirements, but that's not to say GPA isn't a very important factor in determining admission.
Not really if you want to get into a good college. You should work harder the next couple of years.
Our friend's daughter got in with a GPA of 2.30/4.0, but she got a 1280 on her SAT, and her she had attended a prominent private school. No racism intended, but race is also a factor. Minorities are usually admitted with lower scores. The SAT seems to be more of a factor in admission than the GPA,...
Higher than you have.
A lot of colleges would accept a GPA like that but remember that your GPA is not the only thing affecting your acceptantce. Go to www.collegeboard.com and take the college matchmaker to see some possible matches.
Kean University doesn't have a stated minimum GPA requirement to be  accepted to the school, however the average GPA of its students is  3.0. If you are a transfer student, there is a minimum GPA, which  is 2.0.
3.7-4.0 unweighted. Lots of honors and AP classes
  12-Point --------------- 4-Point 12 ---------------------- 4.0 11 ---------------------- 3.9 10 ---------------------- 3.7 9 ----------------------- 3.3 8 ----------------------- 3.0 7 ----------------------- 2.7 6 ----------------------- 2.3 5 ----------------------- 2.0 4 ----------...
you would need a 2.2-4.0 gpa. also you would need to score a 19-26 on your sat's.
Most college tend to be more forgiving with student who have high GPAs and subpar SAT scores than the other way around. However, if you were to in fact get a perfect score that makes you stand out in a HUGE way. But no matter what, you'll have to explain why you have such a low GPA. My suggestion...
    Igot admitted back in 05 with a 2.7 HS GPA and a 22 ACT test score.... I thinkit really depends on your SAT-ACT score!!!!   But now tthey might be more selectif because of the budget cuts!!!!
Honestly, it depends what your major is. If youre a freshman, a 2.5 is considered average..since your just getting settled in and all that stuff. If youre in a challenging major, a 2.5 isn't bad. If youre looking to do something after college, grad school, medical school, etc, then a 2.5 is a...
The university is a competitive institution with 39% of the applicant pool actually accepted. It should be enough for general admissions however, it also depends on the specific program of study (major) which may have GPA requirements that vary according to program. In addition, the school will look...
For MSU, anywhere above a 3.3 or so. U of M is a bit higher, a 3.8 would be almost a guanrateed in! However, a GPA isn't everything! As long as you have solid test scores, EC's and courses, you should be able to get in!
There is no Cody Sprouse. The famous twin's names are Dylan and Cole. Both claim to be making straight A's from their on-set teacher.
My high school had a policy that all college credits counted double toward highschool graduation, plus a grade bump. So, getting a B in 1 year of college language classes got me two years of highschool credit and a 4.0 for that class. having extra credit points in high school right before graduation...
You have to have at least a 3.0 GPA to get into Clemson University.  The average GPA is much higher.
Get A's in all of your classes.
  FIU is a has a basic requirement, to graduate from FIU as an undergraduate you must have over a 2.0 GPA. Now that doesnt mean that you will have a successful graduate school program lined up for you, however, a 2.0 is the minimum requirement to graduate
in order for you to get into an ivy league college, you will most definitley need an outstanding commulative GPA, all throughout high school - that being a 4.0 (or possibly a 3.999). to get in to and ivy league school you really do need a great GPA to impress people and so the admit you to the...
4.0 is a solid GPA for freshman year. Especially, if your school is similar to many, in that it offers only a few honors classes to freshman. Your average will truly be raised, once you begin taking AP classes.
Thats not possible! You can't have 11 classes...
Not really; a 4.0=A, 3.0=B,2.0=C, so its a low B to high C
  It's average. Mostly they say a 2.0 is average, but in reality because of grade inflation a 3.0 is more like average in college. You're not failing, but it'd be better if you could pull your average up above 3.0.
Visit the official GED Testing Service website at www.acenet.edu for information or call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you:. Whether you can take the GED Tests . Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests . Where to find a GED...
Sure why not. Really depends on what you wanna do.
Depends on the college. Usually around 3.2 could be more or less. Aks the college you're checking out.
A 3.6 is a B+, but in some cases could be an A-
If you have a 3.3 GPA in high school, you will need to continue you  good study habits in college. Your GPA does not carry over from  high school to college.
you take the numbers add them together and divide by the number of numbers added
It depends on the GPA requirements of the specific school. It is typically magna cum laude.
The answer is a 4.37465 GPA. Mostly in English literature, pre-med, ore law.
2.67 GPA is a B-. so, if you have 2.77 you must have one or more grade greater than B-
Not all schools measure GPA the same, and if you have AP or honors classes your GPA will be weighted, but if these are all academic classes you should have a 3.0. A=4.0 and C=2.0. Add up all the numbers (4+4+2+2=12) and divide by the number of classes to get your final GPA.
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it depends on your major. It also depends on what job or graduate school you are planning to attend. A 3.4 in more rigorous majors such as biology, engineering, math etc. is definitely a good gpa. whereas a 3.4 in certain majors such as sociology, political science, communications etc, is not as...
It is a very terrible one! Usually on average, students acheive 4.0. It would be very hard to get into top tier schools or even the average accredited schools! Good luck, my dear :-p Edit: Whoever answered your question first is an idiot that doesn't know anything about high school and can't spell ...
The grades that they look at are 9th to 11th grade. If you think that you did bad your freshman year but got better your sophomore and junior year and your a senior, you have a way better chance at getting into the college that you always perfered.
If you look at the collegeboard statistics for Purdue, this is what they show for GPA: 35% had h.s. GPA of 3.75 and higher23% had h.s. GPA between 3.5 and 3.7414% had h.s. GPA between 3.25 and 3.4918% had h.s. GPA between 3.0 and 3.249% had h.s. GPA between 2.5 and 2.991% had h.s. GPA between 2.0...
\nYou need to have a 2.5 or higher
It can olny get worse if and only if you fail all of your classes. But you are doing better than me (I have a 3.42) so good job and keep it up. Just make sure you make high As or high Bs so it will average out.