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Motorcycle Law

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Motorcycles are usually classified separately from other vehicles. Ask questions here about the special rules and laws that apply to operating these two-wheeled vehicles.
Yes, anything over 49cc is considered a motorcycle.
I have know idea what your asking me because I'm only 10. Sorry. Idon't care how I got an account.
Harley davidsons with at least 1000 cc engine or bigger. They are constantly on the road so they almost always have a touring bike or a very comfortable softail.
If it's over 50cc, is registered, insured, and you have amotorcycle license, then yes.
Just simple compressed air, available for free at any gas station.
You need a lighting coil stator from either moose, pro racing, or electrix world. A front headlight with 35w bulb. Very small battery, led turn signals, led brake lights, control switch for lighting and horn. Probably some super moto 17" wheels with dot tires. And depending on where you live will...
Every person who operates a motor vehicle on the highways of the State of Alabama must first secure a driver license.. Alabama law recognizes two classes of engine-equipped cycles:. 1. Motorcycle is defined as a motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel...
You can drive up to a 125cc. However depending on where you live in the UK you may need to take a basic motorcycle test.
An engine up to 125 cc with a power output not exceeding 11 kW and you need 'L's . You might want to check the position on a small classic british motorcycle around 200cc, none of them had a power output of more than 11kW and were legitimate in the early days of the law.
Can you drive a scooter 50 CC in Philadelphia without licence and also without insurance. How would you get the scooter insured if you don't have a driver licence ?. thanks .
Gas and expenses - the question should read, "What is the 'fine'..." - it will vary by both sate and local -
So long as you don't sit on it you should be OK but check with your local police dept as local bylaws vary so much.
info here:\n. \nhttp://www.dmv.org/pa-pennsylvania/other-types.php\n. \nhttp://www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/fact_sheets/fs-momo.pdf
A person from another motorcycle club can be contacted to get someadvice. Another club member can put you in touch with the rightperson.
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there can be many ages. If you are talking about a four stroke bike, the age can range from 10 and up. If you mean a two stroke like a racing bike it can go from age 12 and up. but i would recommend that you can touch the ground on it, so at least 5"3. but I know many other adults that ride 125's...
no you do not because motorcycle trackdays are a closed coruseevent and are not runed by the state
Only if it is street legal and registered. For example, you can legally drive a Honda metropolitan on any road except for the highway, but not a 50 cc goped.
Depends. Usually, for a bike to be road legal it has to be registered, insured, inspected, able to pass certain standards of noise, braking, lights and such. Any bike - regardless of engine size - that fulfil these requirements can be road legal. If it doesn't, then it isn't road legal.
The short answer is 1500 pounds, from California's DMV's site: . Motorcycle . 400. (a) A "motorcycle" is any motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider, designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, and weighing less than 1,500 pounds.. http:/...
You have to where a helmet because if you dont and you fall.. Guess whos gonna have a cracked head
This question would have approx. 50 answers, as it depends on which state that you live in. The only way to get the right answer is to call your state licensing agency, department of motor vehicles, etc. Some states for certain moving violations, consider all licenses suspended, whereas some states...
No dummy. The 'M' endorsement goes on your drivers license.
Yes it is a requirement in most countries
A motorcycle helmet must meet DOT gauges to be legitimate for thestreet, a snowmobile head protector does not.
Pretty good in favor of crashing. You ride a dirt bike for the thrill which means you push your riding ability. Sooner or later it does catch up with you.
Each state in Australia has different rules but generally up to 50cc.
yes you do i think it takes longer to get a motorcyle license
That depends on where you are. States/provinces and municipalities decide whether or not a helmet is required.
In California it is legal to wear a bikini while wearing a bike. Wearing a bikini is required if you live within 100 feet of me.
Not without some additional lights and safety add ons. You will have to see the DMV and ask for form 885 and that will list all required add on items you will be inspected for.
Yes i believe you do if its a 200cc scooter
On some country you must be at least 18 years of age to drive off the road and you must have a Driver's License card.
It will go about 55 mph!!
Do you need a license for dirt bikes
You will find the VIN number in the neck of the frame.. Engine number, the vin is on the neck but as a dirt bike it may not have an engine #
In some jurisdictions, it is necessary to post "No Trespassing" signs on rural properties or roadways that are not obviously private and might appear to others to be public, federal, or crown land. Without this posting, you will have little or no legal recourse against those who use the property for...
no, its not legally allowed on the road, so u shouldn't need a license
Neon lights are legal on bikes and legal to have on while drivingas long as they aren't blue or red.
no but you cant take it off the lot without it
In UK, 125cc not exceeding 14.6bhp on provisional or an A1 licence. On a full A licence: A motorcycle, scooter or motorcycle combination not exceeding 33bhp and a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kW/kg. Source:http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/DriverLicensing...
For the less than 50cc scooter you must buy a 3 year sticker that costs $15 for 3 years. For a 50cc scooter or larger, it costs about the same as a motorcycle at $30 or so.
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Answer . You have to 16 years old to get your learners licence, there is a 2 stage learner licence in BC. The first stage, you have to have a supervisor with a valid Class 6 licence and is 25 years old supervising you, cannot exceed 60 KM/H, no passengers, and only daylight hours. You get to the...
to start the dirt bike you press the red switch on the handle. then make sure the little black lever by the engine is down. then make sure the fuel is open.
It is against the law. It's absolutely not safe. The reason is, is because when you have headphones in, you may get easily distracted and not notice things that may be happening. These things lead to car wrecks, which are not good. Please keep yourself safe by not using headphones while driving in...
"You" don't make one. You buy one. "YOU" do not have the required skills or equipment to make a motorcycle helmet which will provide any degree of protection in the event of a crash. If you are going to make your own helmet then you might as well not even wear one.
it could be depending on the state you live in. some states have a height requirement for bikes.
Answer Yes you can. You don't even have to be an adult to ride a scooter. (Any kind of scooter, from push to gas.) In Australia you need a current motor cycle license to ride a motor scooter on a public road I was answering as if the person who asked the question lived in the United States....
Legally, I don't know. Still, it is a good idea to wear one any ways. Legally, the answer is yes you must wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet.
yes you can but it would be quite a bumpy ride!
depend in the state that you live. in new-jersey anything that is gonna be in the street need plates and registration.. what a rip off.
I often wondered myself. Jayne Mansfield, Princess Grace, were automobile accident victims- both from Philadelphia area. I am sure by some sort of law of averages- some young lady in filmdom died in a motorcycle accident- but cannot recall any offhand. an interesting, if morbund question.
Safer for you, yes For others depends on if u drive well
Depends on where you live... I don't know of any state in the U.S. that requires it.
can u ride a 49cc gas scooter on the road without Georgia operatator licences
Until it blows up or you get tired i have always rode mine till i cant ride no longer i get arm pump.
15, but u have to pass a test at the secretary of state...
NONE! You must be of Drivers License age in your state, to ride a street bike, or moped. You must atleast have a moped permit to even drive a scooter, or any other Gas/Electric powered vehicle on Public Highways.
Personnally, I donn't know but you can try www.dmv.org. Indeed you do. As in most states, a moped is any vehicle up to 50cc. Any larger and you have a scooter. In SC, you do not need a moped license if you have any other type of license, regardless of it's status. A moped is known as a liquor-cycle...
There is no one answer to this, it will depend on if the bike is imported, age, and type... for example if the bike is a new import, and has a ground clearnce of 30cm+, and a set height of 90cm+ then it can be registered for road use as an enduro (the DVLA may wish to inspect it, but you will only...
The following documents will need to be submitted to the Local Office: • form V55/4 or if appropriate V55/5. V55/4 is for "brand new" vehicles, V55/5 is for "used" vehicles • appropriate Identity Documentation confirming your name and address • a £55 registration fee (if...
I don't think so. You have to be 15 to drive one after you get your licence.
Different states have different laws. In most states it's the same age as getting a regular drivers license. Check with your states Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
just wear a helmet. The Ga. department of moter vehicles and the Ga state law states that a moter scooter or moped that has a moter that is 50cc and under, DOSE NOT REQUIRE A GA DRIVERS LISENCE.
All key systmes are electirical switches. Just like a toggle switch except for with a key for security. Get a switch at a parts store and wire it in between the power source and the ignition. If magneto then wire it to ground the mag.
In the UK, a Quad bike can be used on the road as long as it: . has met the standards outlined by the Road Vehicles(Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 and is approved by DVSA(Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to be used on the road, and . is registered with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle...
No, there will not be any coverage for the son as he was not listed on the policy and not paid the premium.(The coverage is for accidental damages to the driver). Bhanu
In the states of Florida and Georgia the answer is no. It's not illegal . However you insurance ( required in ga) probably won't pay for an accident if they found out that you were found at the scene of the crash shirtless. Don't be stupid wear all of you riding gear all the time . You should have...
Aw yea, hit up your DMV, ill be doing it tomorrow :)
there is no law against it, weather and road conditions would be the deciding factors.
yes with a driver license
Yes. that includes other motor cycles.
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25... you can miss four and still pass!
I think so. My brother had two and said the police will only stop you if you did'nt wear a helmet. Plus there was a shop on the corner where tons of people got theirs at. The cpos went after the ones without a helmet and fined them. Everyone else was legally riding theirs.
Not unless you are planning on dual sport riding. If so, each state varies on what it will allow and how strictly they enforce it.
yes you need a moped lisense in all states You have to be 15 .
Yes, as long as you have a Class C license and insurance. The moped must be registered and must be under 50cc and under 1.5 brake HP. "Mopeds do not require an inspection during the registration process, but you will need to provide proof of insurance, and a current valid Class C driver's license...