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Everyone loves a beautiful flower garden, but they don't get to be so beautiful on their own. While many grow them for the enjoyment, as well as for the beauty and sometimes profit, a lot of knowledge and work goes into that beauty! Ask your questions about the propagation, planting, maintenance, trouble shooting, harvesting, enjoyment, and more of flower gardening. Questions about famous flower gardens around the world are welcome, too!
Restrepia antennifera
These set their buds in the fall, so if you want to have spring flowers, you do any necessary pruning in the spring after they have flowered. They may not be hardy in cold weather, so you need to water them when a freeze is expected to protect the roots and cover the foliage.
Holiness, faith and purity. Also, as they bloom in the spring theycan express the idea of rebirth.
Have you tried buying berries then going to a area thats brown then clicking on it and itll give u the option to plant a berry there then after u must tend to the plant to get more berries from the plant I hope this helped
this is the carnation flower from the inside
The pasque flower blooms in the spring and the summer.
There is some debate as to what the true identity of the traditional shamrock is, but the most probable likelihood is that they were white or yellowish ( white or lesser clover). Some of the other plants suggested have pink ( red clover, and Oxalis sometimes), or white or purplish flowers ( Oxalis)....
Wild huckleberries grow in forested areas with partial shade.Domesticated western huckleberries are happy and produce well withfull sun, or in partial shaded gardens.
Yes you can because they are not dangerous.
I have a yellow hibiscus that produces four-pedalled flowers on oneside of the plant on various stems!
The Sego lily is the state flower of Utah.
the 5 points on importance of flowers is ahahahahahah joke ang jokejoke sayaw muna kayo sabay
First, you need an overall plan for the space. Then, choose plantsthat grow easily in your area, or which are native to makemaintenance easier. These can be perennials (come back year afteryear) or annuals (just bloom this year, may reseed). Some peopleplan so that there is a design in the plot, or...
Cosmos flowers can tolerate warm and dry weather.Cosmos flowers canregrow in the following spring if seed falls on bare ground.
Leaves reproduce so they can photosynthesize.
Impatiens, Hydrangea, sunflowers and peonies are the plants whichneeded a neutral pH soil.
bigger pots are for bigger plants, it is better for the plant tostart out in a container meant for its size otherwise the rootyswill grow the wrong way and the plant wont be able to collectenough water and nutrients to survive.
Jacobite rose ( Rosa alba 'Maxima.' ) dates back to the 16 th century and is the double form of the white rose of York.
You can try to identify the plant leaves. This site has a good interactive tool that can help you identify your plant http://www.mountainnature.com/Plants/PlantID.htm
The societies ( societés ) of Saint Lucia are two historic associations on the Antillean island country of Saint Lucia, La Woz ("The Rose") and La Magwit ("The Marguerite"). Ostensibly based around singing the virtues of the rose and marguerite flowers, the societies are intense rivals, and...
acidic soil limits the availabilty of major nutrient Nitrogen. Acidic soil causes Nitrogen to held in solid form NH4+ so it is unavailable to the plant. Plants need Nitrogen in solution which is NO3-
Desert flowers . Succulents, cactus, anemone. IN ADDITION: . The iris is also a desert plant in Israel and Pakistan.. PLUS: . ~Desert flowers are known as xerographic plants, they have the ability to survive without water for long periods of time due to their Dicotic, extra vascular potentials...
The cactus seed may be found within the fruit . It tends to germinate between 66 and 70-81 degrees Fahrenheit [19 - 21-27 degrees Celsius]. Germination tends to take about 2-4 weeks. A properly treated cactus plant may be of good size within 1-2 years of germination.
There are chemicals in soap that can harm not just flowers but animals too. Flowers need soil, water, sunlight, and air to live. Not BATHS from soap. It WILL kill the flower. It will kill the flower whether it is cut or not.
Yes, it is possible for a plumeria plant to grow in San Francisco,California. It is a sensitive plant to grow though, and will needto be taken inside during the colder months.
Seeds are inside fruit; fruit is a vehicle designed to transportthe seeds by falling/rolling (apple), water (coconut) or beingeaten and seeds deposited (berries).
Flowering plants require pollinatio non-flowering plants do not.
Pollen can be dispersed by wind, gravity, animals and water . However the largest group responsible for pollination are insects . Plants can also undergo self-pollination if the flower fails to be pollinated by an external factor.
Interesting question. The only way he could control plant fertilization was to remove the immature stammens of the plant. So your answer is... To make controlled crosses between plants.
It sounds like your petunias have a fungal infection called powderymildew. It is spread by pathogens on the wind but rarely leads todeath. The best thing to is to remove the infected parts and waterthe plants all over to wash of the spores. The only preventativecare is to maintain a healthy plant...
Vibrant red Flowers attract the most Birds, especially Hummingbirds who are after the sweet nectar which must be associated with the color red.
Buttercups, orchids, and sweet peas are common examples of insect-pollinated flowers. The wild buttercup ( Ranunculus spp ) and the cultivated and the wild orchid ( Orchidaceae family) represent flowers which accommodate a variety of pollinating insects whereas the sweet pea ( Lathyrus odoratus )...
Cross pollination.
japans emperors had that as their symbol much like the flur de le in France
Greenroe Lucas is a 2012 daylily cultivar and there is an AlexanderLucas pear cultivar.
They are such pretty flowers. Stop at any Home Depot, Lowe's orgardening center and pick one up. You will love how they look inyour garden over the summer.
Clay is not more porous than sand. Porous means permeable by fluids, so, sand is more porous than clay.
Yes a tulip is an organism because its a type of plant.
A flower is one part of a plant, as are roots, stems, leaves, etc.
Yes. Growing plants is what potting soil is for.
Examples of flowering plants include (there are literally thousandsmore): . Daisy . Sunflower . Carnation . Celosia . Rose . Carnation . Lavender . Marigold . Calendula . Iris . Begonia . Day Lily . Jasmine . Orchids . Mango . Guava . Hibicus . Water Lily
Because of the moisture retaining properties of the humus content.
The answer to your question is that it greatly varies depending on the strain, the current season and weather (if being grown outdoors.), and the amounts or hours of light and dark that the plant receives each day a.k.a. the light and dark cycles (if being grown indoors. usually 12/12 for vegetation...
Carnegiea gigantea named in honour of Andrew Carnegie The Scottish philanthropist .The previous name before reclassification was Cereus giganteus under which name it can still be found. The common name comes from the Native American name Suhuaro.
Easter lilies are extremely poisonous to cats, and just 1-2 leaves(or even the pollen) can kill a cat! Even small ingestions canresult in severe kidney failure. Sources of poisoning: Many plantsof the Lilium and Hemerocallis species are very poisoning.
Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been symbols oflove, beauty, war, and politics. The rose is, according to fossilevidence, 35 million years old. In nature, the genus Rosa has some 150 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere,from Alaska to Mexico and including northern...
Daisy comes from the Old English dæġes ēaġe meaning"day's eye".
apparent blending can occur in the phenotype when there is incomplete dominance resulting in an intermediate expression of a trait in heterzygous individual.
Not really possible to answer without more specifics on the type ofplant. Annual/ seasonal plants grow quickly, germination to flowering anddeath within 3 month. Pernnial plants can take years, tens, hundreds or even thousands ofyears to grow.
An example of a blue or purple flower whose spelling begins withthe letter "c" is columbine.
The petal,the anther,the filamen,the style,the bellence,the sereal,the ovale,and the egg.
Let RR = Red and WW = White and RW = Pink RR X WW = RW (all resulting flowers are pink) Punett Square of pink cross pink: . R. W. R. RR. RW . W. RW . WW. As you can see, 50% are pink , 25% are red, and 25% are white. This is an example of incomplete dominance in flower colour.
The uses of a daisy in a garden usually relates only to healingpurposes, such as if you have a cold, its leafs can help you feelbetter, or it can be used to treat bleeding. Now, there are someother uses for the daisy, as well, such as it can increase yourapatite. All you have to do is take an...
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well i know how stinging nettles sting if that helps.... The stinging structure of the nettle is very similar to the hypodermic needle although it predates that man-made invention by millions of years! Each sting is actually a hollow hair stiffened by silica with a swollen base that contains the...
Chlorophyll absorbs most wavelengths of light except green. Because chlorophyll cannot absorb this wavelength, it is reflected, giving leaves a green appearance. So your answer is reflected.
Fertilization of flowers is what creates the seed of many important crops. Since the seed or grain of many crops is what the farmer wants, without fertilization he would have no crop to harvest.
Daisies are very closely related to chamomiles and both of them areunder the sunflower category. It includes ox-eye daisies,dandelions, artichokes and many more. They look like it has only asingle flower head, but they're actually made out of multipleflowers that cluster around the centre. Their...
It is the time of year when daylight lasts longer than darkness during any 24 hours.
Purple pengin sweat is what came out of your cactus
A Dahlia forms a tuber from which fibrous roots grow.
Kangaroo Paw . Kingcup . Korean Lilac
actually, the Christmas cactus doesn't necessarily always bloom at Christmas. it blooms naturally in the beginning of October and sometimes as late as January.
It is preferable that bulbs be in their 'dormant' stage. To do this, uproot your bulb/s and let it dry in a cool dark place. Once you have done this it is easy to send the bulb/s through the mail in a protective container. Bubble wrap enclosed envelope or a box with bubble wrap to protect the...
You need to ejaculate into the soil for added nutrients.
Because it is sugar water not regular water to food a plant so it will die not live.
The original bulb creates another by storing extra nutrients it takes in from the sun and it places a bulb next to it.
A Chrysanthemum member of the Daisy [Asteraceae] family is what a pom is. The word 'pom' comes from the original French word 'pompon'. It has many meanings, one of which is in reference to the type of Chrysanthemum with immediately recognizable, small, spherelike flowers.
No. Other plants will compete with each other for the available water and nutrients.