Haiti is a French-speaking country in the Caribbean that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic and is known for its extreme poverty. In January 2010, Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, was struck by a large earthquake that killed an estimated 200,000 people.
Taylor Swift's telathon for Haiti raised $58 million dollars.
Significantly fewer people died or were left homeless by last year's earthquake in Haiti than claimed by the country's leaders, a draft report commissioned by the US government has said. The unpublished report puts the death toll between 46,000 and 85,000. Haiti's government says about 316,000 died....
They sent supplies like food water clothing etc
Zoe Pound Top Six Those are the only two main Haitian gangs that I know of, and they both started in Miami, Florida.
The many mountains cause people to work and live on them
No one chose to return as a victim of Haiti,because we do not have that option. The bible is very clear on thetopic of reincarnation; once you are dead you stay that way untilthe resurrection at the last day. Psalms 115:17 The dead praise not the LORD , neither any thatgo down into silence ....
Volcanoes are the vents where the earth is letting out molten magma from the hot interior of the earth. The magma is contained in huge pressurized chambers that are sealed up - usually. When the seal breaks the magma which is under intense pressure bursts through the opening - like when you pop a...
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François Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier ruled Haiti between 1957 and 1987. (François Duvalier from 1957-1971, Jean-Claude Duvalier from 1971-1986)
a new fault line that was undetected had no name
Haiti only had 2 earthquakes.. including the one that just passed....
Yes, Haiti has cars. However, a great many of them were destroyed/damaged and were then abandoned. Others were stolen, or the owners were killed in the earthquake.
That's a big step. Contact a local adoption agency for the information on how to get started. Do not try and do this online.
It's gong to take a couple of years to rebuilt the country so no one knows yet.
The Haitians do. "Haiti" doesn't. (I am making the distincition between the starving individual versus their always corrupt government.)
Yes, Haiti is an independent country.
Quakes happen when tectonic plates of the Earth shift in certain ways. If you're in a boat and a wave rocks the boat at 2:34 p.m., would it make sense to ask why that particular wave came by at the particular time? It is part of a larger weather pattern, but as far as the details go, it happens and...
The whole capital of Haiti was destroyed and Haiti's capital was port of prince.
Most likely the on call / duty seismologist at the US National Earthquake Information Center. Please see the related link.
Due to the construction methods used in this country, yes.
They help by getting money and the president i guess get workers and they clean up the place so just help them out a little you can send them anything but make sure it goes to Haiti.
Pretty sure they already are. And the member countries of the UN is sending ppl.
Yes hes half haitian and ya should know that he told my freind he brother a stage manager.
I think the people of Haiti died just by getting a heart attack by that very big earthquake going all around Haiti and all along the earth as well.
The main problems that facing the haiti is food crisis.
According to data produced by the US Geological Survey, the smallest aftershock was a magnitude 2 earthquake that occurred on the 13th of January 2010. It's epicentre was 18.55°N 72.78°W and it's hypocentre was 10km deep. Please see the related question for more information about the...
Because this is the biggest one in our history. A whole country, event hough it's small, is in ruins. There is no infrastructure working or anything. Everything has to be rebuilt from the ground, starting all over. Not even the tsunami whiped out a whole country.
children and adults were effected -correction- practically anyone and everyone in haiti, that answer is poo. :)
whomever asked this question is quite ignorant. how rude! with what those poor people went through.... the distance is 344 miles not even a Siberian husky could smell that far
The Dominican Republic was affected by the earthquake, however they were farther from the epicenter and received much less serious damage than Haiti did.
Haiti has slightly raised its minimum wage for the estimated 29,000workers who sew T-shirts and other clothing in the country'sapparel factories. President Michel Martelly, his prime ministerand a cabinet member who oversees labor conditions signed the 12.5percent increase into law. It took effect...
Less than half of the whole island
Haiti is 10,714 sq. miles and the US is 3,794,101 sq. miles.
Haiti's earthquake happend in 2010.
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Farmers can help Haiti by going and planting fruits and vegetables and flowers but most importantly they could plant food so they can survive..... Hope my answer was helpful!!
The Canadian red cross donated more than 1 million dollars
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he reacted by sending wolves and a golywog to haiti but freddy crueger went with them
I don't think so!
they actually survived by selling stuff and earning money
The distance between the above mentioned places is 1406 milesapproximately.
The severity of the Haitian earthquake was ranked as Extreme (Level 10 or X) on the Modified Mercalli (MM) scale. Please see the related links and questions.
$10,000,000,000 has been spent on the Haiti Earthquake.
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hati earthquake happend in lots of diffrent parts of hati the biggest hati earthqauke was was about 10miles x:)
I haven't heard about bombing, but that's where the 2 earthquakes were.
Over 3 millions which is 1/3 of the population
yeah.They had a earthquake and over 50 000 people have died.
Yes. Haiti has an extensive coastline with the Caribbean Sea.
Yes and no. Yes, previous presidents of Haiti have died of old age. No. The current president of Haiti survived the earthquake of 2010.
2/1/2010 Haiti has recently had an earthquake, a few weeks ago. How would you feel if your town had a tsunami, and nobody came???! Haiti needs your help. Tell all of your friends about all of this information. You can go to www.redcross.com and donate money to Haiti. You will save hundreds -- no...
he helped make a video asking for people to donate money.
No. California is right at the border with Mexico (distance = 0) while you have to travel some miles from Puerto Rico to Haiti (both are on different islands in the Caribbean).
the long term effects are seismic waves which are little earthquakes after thr REAL earthquake; they will go on for who knows how long....the short terms the length of the REAL earthquake the truth is no one knows how long it will take to recover from Haiti it might take years it might take more or...
Cuba, Jamaica.Dominican Republic, Bahamas. Puerto Rico
They are separated by the Atlantic ocean..........so they are pretty far
In the middle of HAITI near the capital but it was also felt in guantanamo bay cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic
Port-au-Prince is the largest and also the capital city of Haiti with a population of approximately 750,000
Peolpe have been donating money, adobting a kid, sending money to that kid, basically helpping that kid get foood, water, and a education.
well i dont have the answer but please adopt children in haiti :)
No, the Haitian earthquake occured because Haiti is situated on the eastern end of of a small plate that separates the Caribbean and the North American plates known as the Gonave micro-plate. This micro-plate and hence Haiti is bounded to the north by the Oriente Fracture Zone and to the south by...
mountain and coastal
It will take a long time because Haiti is very poor. No one will for get about Haiti
Yes. The organization in Haiti, which is a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, is called "Association Nationale Des Guides D'Haiti" so yes, there are Girl Guide troops in Haiti.
"doule rimatis" say "doo-lea ree-ma-tis"
A lot of damage happened in Haiti no schools no houses no nothing.
The usa has donated the most by far.. money, troops and supplies..
It is located in the Northern hemisphere
All the homes that was in the earthquake got damage really really bad.
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Yes, it was even felt in Jamaica and guantanamo bay in cuba
It should mostly be spent on food an shelter.