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Spain is a developed country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is Western Europe’s second biggest country by area with 504,030 sq km. Its topography, history and rich cultural heritage attract tourists from all over the world.
Spain had its first permanent settlement in 1493 in Hispanola.
The literacy rate of Spain in 2009 was 99.64.
Magellan left Portugal for Spain in 1516. In 1517 he began preparing for the circumnavigation of the world. The voyage began in 1519 and ended in 1522. Magellan himself died in a battle in the Philippines in 1521.
It would be hard to decide if Spain's interest in her colonies was driven by a desire for wealth or a desire to spread Christianity. Spain has always been a bulwark of the Roman catholic Church.
The coordinates for Madrid are 40°26′n 3°42′w.
When getting to know the English Educational System, we can realizethat there are several differences with ours. The most noticeableone is the timetable. It is common knowledge that in Spain, we havedifferent timings than in the rest of Europe, so it is notsurprising that the children's timetables...
Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is centrally located.
Yes he was Spanish. The great name Vasco Núñez de Balboa was aSpanish explorer, governor, and conquistador. He is best known forhaving crossed the Isthmus of Panama to the Pacific Ocean in 1513,becoming the first European to lead an expedition to have seen orreached the Pacific from the New...
A bagel shop in Spain
None. Spain falls between California and Texas in size.
Mainland Spain is 9 hours behind most of Australia's cities. Forexample, if it is 12 midnight in Sydney, Australia, it is 3 in theafternoon in Madrid, Spain.
Philip II of Spain was unable to control England through Mary.Elizabeth refused to marry him so he could not make England aCatholic nation again. He also failed to keep the Netherlands aCatholic naation.
it is 40° 0' 0" N / 4° 0' 0" W
Before the advent of the Spanish the territory was unclaimed by any European power.
Spain - always connected with wonderful beaches, lovely bays, sun and a variety of Mediterranean high-quality food like its famous "paella" or "tinto de verano". But of course this country offers a lot more than only its charming mentality. Spain has an extensive history from which plenty of...
Generally a fork, a spoon, bread and a plate.
Yes. That's why they speak Spanish there.
Philip II did control Spain. However he was married for seven yearsto Mary I of England. Many English hated this. He was given theduchy of Milan by Charles V, and the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily.He also had dominion over the Netherlands. With his third wife, hewas given part of France. When his...
Spain has never controlled an entire continent. They were the principle influence in Central and South America.
New Spain... that's the only one i know
Saint George's Day (La Diada de Sant Jordi in Catalan)
Spain emerged from the pre - industrial era into the 20th century during the rule of the dictator Francisco Franco. He provided the political stability and eventually the international recognition that enabled Spain to transform itself between 1939 and 1975. He also provided the means for the...
Based on the distance between the centres of these two locations then the distance is 798.77 miles.
A plaza is like a town square.
Phillip III married Margaret of Austria, sister of Emperor Ferdinand II, and like her husband, a member of the House of Habsburg.
It depends on how you mean the question.    If you are referring to the city of Columbus, NO, it is a city in  Ohio.    If you are referring to the explorer, YES, Christopher Columbus is  buried in the floor of the Seville Cathedral in southern Spain.
King Juan Carlos I. He is still the current King of Spain.
The Altamira caves are famous for prehistoric cave paintings.
It looks like there is 146 reported species of plants that are thriving in Spain today.
9036 kilometers (5615 miles) on a straight line.
Spain is a very popular holiday destination for Europeans.
Andorra encompasses 180.7 square miles.
Spain is 9 hours ahead of Seattle, WA, USA
tortiilas, tapas,antojitos
Most people fly to the Canary Islands, but of course it is possible  to go by boat.
The Euro replaced the Peseta for all uses in Spain on January 1, 2002.
No. France is a separate country from Spain.
Spain's major exports are; motor vehicles, food, pharmaceuticals, and machinery.
Barcelona is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Spain called Catalonia.
The invasion was Arabic based, not African. The Arabs of the Umayyad dynasty (originally from Mecca then moved to Syria) invaded Spain in 710-711. They first controlled al-Andalus as a Province of the Umayyad Caliphate in Syria, then the Emirate of Cordoba, and finally the Caliphate of Cordoba. The...
Flamenco is a Spanish folk dance and music that originated in the  Andlucia region. It is a mixture of singing, guitar, and hand  clapping.
yes, the belive in jesus. they celebrate jesus`s birth on dec. 28th.
The total driving distance from Barcelona, Spain to Maastricht,  Netherlands is 839 miles or 1,350 kilometers.
Yes, it grows grapes, fruits, veggies, and more!
than Italian euros speak Italian and in Spain spanish
No he lived in Rome and Jerusalem.
The answer to this question depends on the what architecture you are asking about. The buildings in Spain reflect the various cultures and eras that were in charge in Spain at any given time, so your question can not be answered with one broad stroke.
British Airways and Spanair
I lived in Southern Spain for 10 years. I would like to move back and spend the rest of my life seeing the rest of the country.
The King is Head of State, that is, he represents the Country of Spain ceremonially to the rest of the world. He is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The Head of Government, the person in charge of the government, is the Presidente del Gobierno Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
Spain did not have an empire in the 1400's. It didn't become a country until 1492.
Right in the centre of mainland Spain
The distance between Leon and Santiago de Compostella is 522 mi.To receive the pilgrim's blessing, you have to walk at least 100km of the Camino between these two points.
wool and other textiles, food, boots and shoes, hats, horses, jewlery, and other consumer goods.
Sevilla is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Andalucia, and the provincial capital of the province of Sevilla. It is located on the Guadalquivir river in southern Spain.
The Grand River is the longest river that is entirely in Michigan.
  Mr. Vicente Alvarez Areces   Mr. Vicente Alvarez Areces
Spain's exploratory efforts were driven by a desire for gold, silver, and precious stones.
they established it because they were peps and they thought of it
The Moors bought mathematics, philosophy, literacy, science, and tolerance to Spain. It was quite a dirty barbaric country by comparison.
oranges, bananas, pears, apples, grapes, watermelons, figs, melons, watermelons and strawberries.
The Balearic Islands are in the Mediterranean Sea and belong to Spain.
Madrid is the capital city of Spain
Tapas are small portions of food that is generally a specialty food although they do serve small portions of normal food for tapas as well.
The following countries got their independence from Spain: Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Morocco (Independence from France and Spain in 1956) Netherlands - July 1581 Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Venezuela I think I got all of them, if...
The Pyrenees Mountains border France and Spain. In addition, the  peak of the Pyrenees Mountains is 3,404 meters in height.
King Juan Carlos I had a younger brother named Alfonso. Alfonso died in a gun accident in 1956 when Juan Carlos was 18.
The Canary Islands are an Autonomous Community of Spain that lie in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Africa.
First is gave the US Florida territory and second it provided a border between Soanish Mexico and the US.
Ισπανία /Ispania
Yes, is a parliamentary monarchy.
The king of Spain ruled the Philippines through his viceroy of New  Spain in Mexico City from 1565 to 1821. After the Mexican War of  Independence, the Philippines was ruled from the Spanish capital  Madrid directly.
both Spain and Portugal established colonial empires during the fifteenth century
  Most of Greece was under Ottoman rule from the fifteenth century until its declaration of independence in 1821. Generally, the Greeks were not required to become Muslims, although many did so in order to avoid the onerous poll-tax imposed on non-Muslims. The "tribute of children" was a tax...
The Berbers, or Moors, of North Africa invaded Spain in the eighth century, possibly at the invitation of the Visigoths who refused to adopt Catholicism. There were some forced conversions and atrocities, but the Muslims largely accepted the Jews and Christians of Spain as "people of the Book" and...
No, we did have a war against Spain for 80 years, but that's all we had to do with Spain. They left us like 300 years ago
Spain is 2'553 miles away from Atlanta Georgia
Gibraltar, although it isn't an island. It is a peninsula which is joined to the Spanish mainland by a sandy isthmus which has been extended and is the site of Gibraltar Airport runway.
more racially tolerant than their english counterparts.
Spain does not have an official national bird, although some  sources cite the Short-toed Eagle. The animal most closely  associated with Spain is the bull.
there is no official bird of Spain