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History of the Web

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If you want to know who really invented the internet, this is the category for you! The development and the history of the World Wide Web.
Vinton Gray "Vint" Cerf and Bob Kahn share this title.
It's original name was "Ask Jeeves" That was in February of 2006.Itwas later shorten to "Ask.com"
Yes, he was born in London, United Kingdom
I think its the search engine, The search engine may search the full text of web documents or a list of keywords, or use librarians who review web documents and index them manually for retrieval. DLZAR DLSHAD GHAFOOR SULAIMANIYAH-IRAQ
hi, to get connected to internet all you require is a desktop system or laptop(faster one), a monthly,yearly subscription with any ISP(Internet Service Provider). ISP people will only provide you the required Modem,cable and necessary things. or else you can buy USB Modem which is a complete...
the computer game evony and answers.com are the two most important things on the internet
Comunication between two people.
He didn't. The definition of a URL was not conceived until 1994 when the IETF working group on Uniform Resource Identifiers came up with it, including domain names that were conceived in 1994, well after Vint Cerf had helped create TCP and IP in the early 1980s.
I would recommend WikiPedia and look for "Deceased Singers" or "Dead Singers" So i believe wikipedia is a good place to search!
He didn't use the word invented, but On 9 March 1999, during aninterview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Gore was asked what were thedifferences between himself from his opponent in the race for thenomination for President in 2000. His answer was, in part, "Duringmy service in the United States Congress,...
A tracking cookie is a script designed to allow your computer to go back to that page or website with ease. For history perpouses it were fine, now days the web designers use it for variuose other reasons including hacking capebilaty. you need to clear your computers cookie file at least once a...
ARPAnet was the birth of internet. This was developed by the US Army to send information to their troops. Later MIT labs collaborated with the ARPAnet team working towards making this technology available to the masses.
One assignment for the course "Ideas Behind the Web" taught by Adam Wierman at California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) is to rank as highly as possible for the query "rankmaniac 2010" and/or "rankmaniac" on Google and/or Bing. It is a recreation of an earlier project for the course "Science of...
The .PDF file format is the most popular and efficient means ofsubmitting forms. Rather than faxing paper to a separate machine, asingle email can have many documents.
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It means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
The internet is a global network of connected computer systems.Before the internet people would use phones and the postal service.
I'm guessing the answer is an intranet, based on the description. However I don't feel qualified to go any deeper than that.
A server which contains websites (and thus has HTTP protocol installed) is called a Web-Server or HTTP Server.
WWW(World Wide Web) Email Forums Chat Groups Discussion Groups News Groups File Transfer Protocol
ankit The Internet was not DISCOVERED , it was INVENTED . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_would_happened_if_the_internet_is_not_discovered .
Deutschland. When you see "de", that means the web site is hosted by a German service provider.
the world wide web is long for www there is no private server for the world web it just is free for everyone to use but it contains plenty of viruses
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Today the world is totally dependent on a source and that is called Internet. The role of internet in these days is equivalent to the oxygen we take every second. The mentality and thinking of every individual is changing day by day with the change in technology. An individual takes help of Internet...
Answer \n. \nSome Background:\nFollowing the explosion in popularity of the telephone. Connecting more and more telephone calls required advances in the technology used to switch or route calls.\n. \nThe internet backbone evolved from a telephone switching system.\n. \nThe internet is basically...
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of course it was. Swindon
www.gameking.hudzilla.org. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!
Im sure about that its a world wide technology
you're talking about "Newgrounds-Everything, by Everyone", no it is not a website full of viruses. If not, I don't know.
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No. The Internet is a global, physical network of millions of computers which can communicate by sending and receiving packets of data. The Internet supports many different communication protocols for different applications: e-mail, file transfer, domain resolution, remote terminals and hypertext. ...
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Answer . Craig Newmark . Craigslist.org's sole source of revenue is paid job ads in select cities ($75 per ad for the San Francisco Bay Area; $25 per ad for New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C., Chicago and recently Portland, Oregon) and paid broker apartment...
This is a good resource to have for schools, because kids would love to do school on such a cool device!
you click on the blue e on your desk top then you go up to the URL bar and... WAIT A MINUET you already know how to work the internet (unless someone got you to this page)
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what were the major inventions that led to the development of the internet as we know it
\nSir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA (born 8 June 1955), is a British engineer and computer scientist and MIT professor credited with inventing the World Wide Web, making the first proposal for it in March 1989. On 25 December 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau and a...
The internet was created as a decentralized system so that in times of war, military leaders could still watch porn.
Jimmy Donal Wales of America created Wikipedia, so it was created in America. Answer by Hayden Taylor who lives in Australia
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Cookies are small text files files that contain information about your visits to a website. They may contain the date you last visited the site, your login credentials, the pages you visited on the site, settings and preferences you have made on the site etc. They are usually harmless and only...
Right click what u want to delete on the bookmark bar, cruse down to delete then click it. If u want to add a new bookmark ,go to the page u want to put in your bookmark right click on your bookmark layout then click add page then at the bottom click save.
With brower chomre, you can action Ctrl + Shiift +delete.
The World Wide Web was started by CERN, which is an international organization. It sits on the border between France and Switzerland, but has international jurisdiction. So, one could say that the WWW began outside of any country.
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originating from a misspelling of the word "googol", the number one followed by one hundred zeros, which was picked to signify that the search engine wants to provide large quantities of information for people
The Internet is a global, physical network of millions of computers that communicate by sending and receiving packets of data. The Internet supports many different communication protocols for different applications: e-mail, file transfer, domain resolution, remote terminals and hypertext. The World...
A company called "The World" was the first true Internet serviceprovider. It began offering dial up Internet service in 1989.
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social networking, such as asking questions to which you already know the answer in a public forum.
The LAN (Local Area Network)which emerged in the mid to late 1980 together with the advent of word wide internet created in1990
Answer . No, probably not. To make money on the internet you have to either start up a business, pay someone money to get started with no guarantee of return, or sign on with a legitimate company which will require you to be of age.
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In your browser's Tool section under History it should give you the option to only delete one.
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who develop the world wide web and in what year?
The U.S. citizens did seeing as our government created it
The Internet is a worldwide network of thousands of computers and computer networks. It is a public, voluntary, and cooperative effort between the connected institutions and is not owned or operated by any single organization. The Internet and Transmission Control Protocols were initially developed...
The internet has faced many different challenges. One majorchallenge has been privacy. Internet users have lost a lot ofprivacy due to social media. Another challenge has been E-Commerceand the loss of business in brick and mortar stores.
An advocacy website contains content that describes a cause, opinion, or idea (i.e. business/marketing sites). These web sites usually present views of a particular group or association. Sponsors of advocacy websites include the Democratic National Committee, the Society for the Prevention of...
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actually, there are several programs that can sort of be an underlying current in your child's internet... sort of like you standing over their shoulder saying "that's fine, no get off," etc. but, if your like my parents as a kid, get the IP address of your child's computer, and put it into your...
The World Wide Web is not physically located anywhere. It is avirtual goldmine of knowledge to which people constantly makecontributions.
Tim Berners Lee was the first to use WWW or World Wide Web. while working at CERN. He did this on the Next type computer models.
I am sorry ,i don't think so,. Google made in 1998
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\nThe website came from the internet, which was created by DARPA to send secret messages.\n~This is derived from Bottomly'sTechTalk.com~
The first website was info.cern.ch. It was the first website on a web-server. It's still up, as far as we know.