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Wild Cats

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The 36 species of the wild cat family are spread across most of the globe. Big cats, like lions and tigers, get much of the attention, but the vast majority of the wild cat species fall into the small cats category. This is the category that will satisfy your curiosity about wild cats.
Yes, but only certain ones. If my guessing is correct, they snatch and eat eagles that go around the rainforest. Since jaguars mainly come from rainforest, they will kill and eat eagles. Usually, like the monkey eating eagle, originally from the Philippines, eats monkeys there. And so jaguars do...
Cheetahs live in tropical and warm places, kind of like the  rainforest. They can live in grasslands, savannahs, and other  places.
We should save the Bobcat because if we didn't have them then the pests that they control by eating them would be destroying our economy.
yes..The bobcat resembles other species of the Lynx genus,but is on average the smallest of the four. Its coat is variable,though generally tan to grayish-brown, with black streaks on thebody and dark bars on the forelegs and tail. Its spotted patterningacts as camouflage. The ears are black...
Yes. There are around 460 still left alive today. 200-260 survive  in the wild, with an additional 200 kept in zoos. There is much  being done about the population and hunting.
Yes, because it's so similar to the measles virus. However, even if  it replicates in humans, it has no effects on us. But if a human is  carrying the virus, he or she can still potentially pass it onto an  animal.
it honestly just depends on what it is, if its something that you  really don't feel comfortable doing then I would talk to them about  it and let them know how you feel
Tigers don't go in much for shelters. A female tiger will seek out a den when she's about to have cubs.But it's usually a pre-existing feature, like a gap between somerocks, a fallen tree, maybe just a dense shrubbery, and she won'tdo much to improve it. They go under a tree or rock, or if they are...
No, they only live in the Himalayas... ^.^
I've seen clips of Lion prides attempting to corner a Rhino or chasing a Rhino but nothing more. Rhinos have a thick armor that Lions in all likelyhood would find impossible to penetrate.Besides that a Rhino is about 4tons of armor and a leathal horn and speed which makes it exceedingly dangerous...
Apart from species in which an animal lives in a group and every  member has a specific job, the animal kingdom doesn't really have  generalists or specialists. Ligers are extremely rare, and usually  lives in solitude, so neither.
a female lynx leave some of it's urine on a males territory
Leopard cubs start walking when they open their eyes. They open their eyes after a few days of their birth.
A cougar eats very violently! It will tear its food (meat) apart but finish it all. A cougar will eat as much as it gets as well, it won't matter if the cougar is full. It will eat a lot because it doesn't know when it's next meal may be.
Cheetahs aren't the Strongest Big Cat on the plains. In fact, they're the weakest! They are fast and fragile, so they don't have much options when it comes to confrontation. They aren't strong enough to defend territory, so if food and water is scarce, or if another threat comes, it's time to move...
Yes, they do. The female raises the young alone. One to six, but usually two to four, kittens are born in April or May, after roughly 60 to 70 days of gestation. There may sometimes be a second litter, with births as late as September. The female generally gives birth in some sort of enclosed space,...
Do not crouch, bend or stoop. Your perceived size acts as a factor of intimidation to the attacking animal. Even raising an arm or arms increases the perception of size. (Animals do not recognize the symbol of surrender which is a social and cultural skill.) If a platform of any type is...
Very active and sly cats. They seem as if they are mini leopards.  Ocelots can wonder around trees and hunt birds. They can be  energetic yet fun-sized felines.
No, night vision is the ability to see in low light condition and  infrared vision is the capability of biological or artificial  systems to detect  infrared radiation. The terms  thermal vision and  thermal imaging, are also commonly used in this context since  infrared emissions from a...
In southern Iraq the Tigris River is joined by the River Euphrates.  They run together as a single river roughly 120 miles (193 km), and  empty into the Persian Gulf. The Iraqis call this confluence of  rivers by the Arabic name,  Shatt al-Arab, "Coast/Beach of the Arabs." The Iranians call it ...
According to several websites and my brain, J.R McDuffie  has bean researching the leopard.
Normally they are killed for their furs, bones, or meats. Sometimes  even for fun.
Lions are felines that are in the Panthera genus.
this question made me think, the first I could think of was that it was for camouflage reasons. Their vertical stripes help them hide in tall grasses. If the stripes were to be horizontal it would be easy for the prey to spot the tiger out of the crowd. Therefore giving the tiger's prey a little...
Ocelots may be small, but they're like fierce predators too! The  Ocelots live in rain forests, woodland forests, and fresh leafy  lush forests.
A tiger's home is called a lair.
Definitely. A jaguar is a powerful fighter and is much larger than the cheetah.jaguar6 - 9 feet long 80 - 350 pounds.cheetah4.5 - 7 feet long75 - 175 pounds.
"White Tigers" aren't a subspecies of Tiger. White fur is a rare  variant among most, if not all, big cats. So i cant answer your  question directly. However, Bengal tigers weigh up to 300-560  pounds. Siberians weigh up to 300-675 pounds. Sumatrans weigh  170-310 pounds.
There are usually 2 or 3 cubs in a litter but there can be more.  But the reality is that usually only 1 or 2 at greatest survive.
most likely, it appears to be leopard fur but with larger spots and  it was in smaller quantities so it was also one of the more  expensive pelts
It is valuable because they keep our ecosystem balanced by killing  prey and not letting them over populate.If there was no cheetahs  they will over populate and the ecosystem will be unbalanced
The size of the territory could be several square miles, larger in  areas of less available prey. Competition with humans may drive the  tiger into more mountainous areas.
When a baby tiger is born it is called a CUB or a WHELP.
 A salmon gets its food by capturing it with the sharp little teeth  that are all around the edge of its mouth 
Because all creatures have value. Although the population hasbenefited from the ban on legal international fur trade, whichmeans the number of furs going to China and Russia has reducedsignificantly, illegal hunting still represents a major threat.Habitat loss, with a resulting loss in their prey...
some panthers do hunt zebras, yes. because panthers eat meat, they  hunt for zebras though zebras eat plants.
Mandalorian ancestors stole the deathwatch saber during a chaotic  lapse in power.
This all has to do with the food chain.Jaguars eat animals liketapiers, monkeys and sloths.Most of these animals live in trees ordense thickets of tropical plants. So it is important that thehabitat suits these animals so the jaguar has something toeat. It is also important because jaguars are...
Tigers are pure carnivores. They prefer hunting large ungulates such as chital, sambar, gaur, and to a small extent also barasingha, water buffalo, nilgai, serow and takin. Among the medium-sized prey species they frequently kill wild boar, and occasionally hog deer, muntjac and Gray langur. Small...
All mammals are warm blooded.
They stopped at a Travel Lodge motel and decided to live there  since. This, by the way has nothing to do with the Bible category.
It can range from 43 inches - 78.7 inches   and in weight 148lbs to 231lb
  Lions are native to Africa, leopards are also native to Africa but tigers are not native to Africa.
The movie Pleasantville was black and white because the protagonist  was a fan of the TV show that the movie is named after. The show  was from the 1950's, when there was not color TV yet. Therefore,  when he and his sister were transported into the plot of the show,  they were also surrounded...
Yes, leopards live close to man.
I actually come from South Africa and poaching is a big issue in  South Africa! They go to court and pay a R 15,000 find (which is  South Africa's currency) ($1500) then they are freed. I think they  need to get penalized more because it is getting out of hands and  animal population are...
endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species, white tigers
About 8 billion, but that is only registered citizens in  residential areas around the world, counting children and  unregistered adults, about 9.7 billion.
There has been rare sighting of Black Panthers in Missouri.  Although, no verified photographic or scientific evidence for their  existence has been proven. There have been occasional and recent  sighting where armature video and/or pictures (not positive if  real) have been taken.
If you're talking about Tiger Woods, it's 17 that they had played.
Some do, but there are a lot of different kinds of animals in  Europe, and not all of them have a hibernation cycle.
Habitats don't change all that quickly, but when they do, the  residents just migrate to a more suitable location.
No. Lions eat meat and only meat. Therefore, are carnivores.
The purpose of a jaguar is to protect the killed animals from birds or insects. The other purpose is to protect crops from large animals like deer.
Just like domestic cat breeds, serval cats are lively and very  playful. They can become very affectionate and devoted to their  owners. They have a loud purr and express affection with adorable  head butts. Instead of a meow, they make a chirping sound. Some of  their traits make them sort of...
Albino animals usually have white skin or fur, and red eyes.
yes and if they fought the wolf would win easily unless it was small like an Arabian wolf.
Cheetahs are mammals, therefore they are warm-blooded. Cheetahs aremammals, so they share all of the characteristics of mammals. Thisincludes live birth, being warm blooded and having a spinal column. They are warm blooded like all mammals
They are white or grayish with spots with thick tails often as  bulky as your arm. They live mostly on mountains and prey on mainly  mountain goats. They are very reclusive, and wont attack unless  provoked.
Heart rate of lions ranged from 42 to 76 beats per minute (bpm). Heart rate of tigers rangedfrom 56 to 97 bpm . In both species, the most common rhythm detectedwas normal sinus rhythm followed by sinus arrhythmia; wanderingpacemaker was also observed with normal sinus rhythm or sinusarrhythmia.
Excretion is the process by which waste products of metabolism and  other non-useful materials are eliminated from an organism. Ligers,  though not a natural animal but one made by man breeding two  different big cats, has the same excretion process as every other  mammal.
Excretion is the process by which waste products of metabolism and  other non-useful materials are eliminated from an organism. Ligers,  though not a natural animal but one made by man breeding two  different big cats, has the same excretion process as every other  mammal.
No because they are wild animals.no......
White lions are not a separate subspecies of lion (panthera Leo). Their rare colour is caused by a mutation, called leucism, which is the same condition that causes the appearance of black panthers. These mutations very rarely occur in nature, although there have been some instances in eastern South...
South east Asia. In places like India.
You Know It! ;)
because poachers hunt them for their skinHabitat destruction and poaching, mostly to supply the Chinese market for aphrodesiacs and "medicines". Examples are tiger penis soup and various concoctions containing ground-up tiger bones. These irrational and ridiculous beliefs are widespread in China,...
the snow leopards are located under men on the food chain. As everyone knows, man is at the top of the food chain.
There are many things that contribute to this unfortunate  occurrence. Loss of habitat and pouching from hunters for pelts are  the biggest contributors. I will admit that this is the only  reasons I can think of though I am sure there is something that  contributes that I am unaware of.
No, the barbary serval eats meat such as small birds, lizards, insects, frogs, rodents, and other small animals.
Many people hunted them, some farmers killed them to protect their  livestock, and other's were keeping them as pets.
speed in the way the hind leg move nothing will be abile to catch up with it so that means its speed protects it
to the solnoide find the distributer follow the center wire to from there to the solnoide one is a positive and one is a negative wire that is where you attach to the two nuts on either side if it
the tigon was first born in 1943
The length of their canines varied between species, but the longest  they could get is up to 20 inches.
The one of many threats of an ocelot are: Being hunted for their  beautiful coats, and loss of territory.    Ocelots are not an endangered species, and, are not hunted for  their fur much anymore because to possess fur from spotted or  striped cats is illegal. Although loss of habitat is a...
The hunters are the predator of white tigers because they hunt them for their medical values, thus killing them. Now the white tiger species is endangered... so I hope that nobody hunts them anymore because they are about to be extint and it is against the law. I hope all of you do not think that...
Technically no. All predators know how to kill. Big Cats are taught  how to hunt by their mothers.
  This was written in 1998:   "Cotton's popular theme, THE FABRIC OF OUR LIVES® , was unveiled on Thanksgiving Day, 1989. Richie Havens sang the original "Cotton" song.   A second group of commercials, introduced during the 1992 Summer Olympics, had Aaron Neville singing a new version of ...
What do white tiger ears... what?