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Often referred to as the "King of the Jungle," lions are majestic-looking mammals that live in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, with a small, critically-endangered remnant living in northwest India.
Yes. There are around 460 still left alive today. 200-260 survive  in the wild, with an additional 200 kept in zoos. There is much  being done about the population and hunting.
I've seen clips of Lion prides attempting to corner a Rhino or chasing a Rhino but nothing more. Rhinos have a thick armor that Lions in all likelyhood would find impossible to penetrate.Besides that a Rhino is about 4tons of armor and a leathal horn and speed which makes it exceedingly dangerous...
They can be, yes especially when hunting. If they showed themselves to their prey while hunting, they would very rarely eat.
Lions are felines that are in the Panthera genus.
I believe lions live out in the plains and flatlands of Kenya.
Habitats don't change all that quickly, but when they do, the  residents just migrate to a more suitable location.
No. Lions eat meat and only meat. Therefore, are carnivores.
Not very often. They will eat people if they are scared and extreemly hungry, but usually lions are afraid of people.
Heart rate of lions ranged from 42 to 76 beats per minute (bpm). Heart rate of tigers rangedfrom 56 to 97 bpm . In both species, the most common rhythm detectedwas normal sinus rhythm followed by sinus arrhythmia; wanderingpacemaker was also observed with normal sinus rhythm or sinusarrhythmia.
White lions are not a separate subspecies of lion (panthera Leo). Their rare colour is caused by a mutation, called leucism, which is the same condition that causes the appearance of black panthers. These mutations very rarely occur in nature, although there have been some instances in eastern South...
Of course. You would be foolish to let a lion get that close, however!
Lions live to be 15-18 years in the wild, but in captivity they can live to be as much as 25 years old! Hope this is helpful
Lions don't hibernate, none of the cat species do.
Yes they have a lot of fewer offspring. Fish have many many many many babies at a time. They can have 20 or 30 or maybe more at a time. It is very weird but interesting
Above and to each side of the nose. This eye arrangement gives the lion straight ahead and side to side vision.
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Yes, the lion does belong to the Cat FamilyThey are known as 'The Big Cats'
in a denLions live in the savannah.
Yes, because as a child, you don't take in as many toxins as an adult does, therefore, a child's urine will be slightly different to an adult's.
Lions are carnivorous becaue they hunt deer and antelopes in their area
  Lions eat only raw meat the Female lion hunts for the food day and night.   ----
== Answer ==   Yes. All animals (and plants) are organisms, even single celled living things are refered to as organisms - a collection of things that work together to go on living.
the male rubs on trees and to show he wants to mate or he willsmell where a female has been
No. . This is maybe the most accurate list. I've calculated average weight, maximum weight, average height, maximum height, average length, maximum length, speed and bite force (this include trunk power for elephants, horn power for rhinos...) I know that giraffe is a little surprise. . Rank....
No, lions dont hibernate
One lion would not be able to kill one elephant.
Watching his very extense territory, the male lion must walk for long every day and lion must do several tasks as follows: 1. Lion fights very often huge packs of hyennas. 2. Lion often fights other male lions. 3. Sometimes, male lion fights other animals like leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, and...
  producer -> primary consumer -> secondary consumer Grass ----------> Antelope ---------------> Lion
Male cats have spines on their penis that point backwards. The purpose of these spines is to cause slight trauma to the female's vagina upon withdrawal of the penis. The resulting pain triggers ovulation. It may also help explain why the female turns and bares her teeth at the male at the end of...
Yes, a lion is a meat-eating animal, so it must have razor sharp teeth capable of ripping apart its' preys' flesh.
hyenas , gezels, wild dogs, elephants, giraffes
yes they can fight.
i do not no the answer to this question but i do know that there r 21,000 lions in Africa
Yes, they relate in many ways. First of all, lions and cougars/mountain lions are both felines (cats). Both are carnivores. Both give birth to live young. Both have canines and much more.
Symbiosis is not happening between the two.However their is a relationship, Lion is the predator and the zebra is the prey. Lions eat Zebras
    Yes, but only if it is a cub in captivity.d         by George aged 11 and a 1/2    
normally no cuase the biggest cat the siberian tiger wighs 730 pouands and a kruger male lion can wigh 668 but the biggest lion ever wigh 50 pounds more than the biggest tiger ever
A lions body is like a dark/light ginger the boy lions have long fur all around there heads and girl lions have no fur around there heads.
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  No, Nebuchadnezzar did not write any part of the book of Daniel. In fact, scholars now know that the book was really written in the second century BCE, long after the events it depicts. The Book of Daniel draws a close parallel between the legendary patriarch Joseph, who interpreted dreams for...
Lions have no natural predators. Lions are Apex Predators that are on the top of their food chain and have no natural predators that can kill adult lions. However young lions are vulnerable to Hyena's. Also, adult Elephants, Rhino's or Hippo's can injure or even kill lions when there is a face off...
A Tiger cub starts hunting on its own after it is 18 months old
I think the lioness can run faster than the lion because the lions get tired quicker than the lioness
White Lions live in Southern Africa near plains or savannas as their habitats. no, white lions live in the South African plains they do NOT live in forests :p
Yes they could if they met but it is unlikely because they do not live in the same habitat but it might happen if they got together in a zoo.
Lions have sharp teeth so they an defend themselves when fighting  with other animals. They also need sharp teeth to tear apart their  prey after they kill it so they can eat it.
Lions don't live in jungles. Lions live in grasslands, savannahs.
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yes<P> <P>They don't exactly line up looking for circus jobs. But if you catch a lion and use a system of half torture and food rewards, your lion will probably give up the fight and decide for his own good that he better do what you want him to do, even join the circus. <SPAN class...
Adult female lions lack the thick mane, or fur around their neck, which adult male lions have.
I'm pretty sure its around 8-9. 1 or 2 are males and the rest are females!
animalia is the kingdom of the lion
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Lions do not live in the rainforest, they live in the African Savannah. Tigers live in the rainforest however.
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Weights for adult African lions range between 150-250 kg for males and 120-182 kg for females. Females are much smaller than males both in size and weight. Their Asian counterpart - the Asian Lion is smaller in size and weight when compared to the African lion.
Tigers are solitary animals and so when a mother has cubs it is just her and the cubs. If they are really young most likely they will die. A cub stays with its mom for 18 months and she teaches it how to hunt and live. Within the first year most cubs die for one reason or another even with the...
It serves as ornamentation, the quality and colour also reflects the health and fitness of the animal
The primary setting in The Lion King is the Pridelands; the other settings found in the film are the Elephant Graveyard, a gorge, and a jungle oasis.
there are about 300 white lions and about 1400 whit tigers in the world
On a very basic level, lions and tigers are both felines. They are "big cats", two of the four large species within the genus Panthera , sitting alongside the leopard and the jaguar. . Both are vulnerable species hunted for their pelts. However, lions have a yellowish fur whereas tigers have very...
Lions don't really live in the forest. But if we consider wilderness as forest, then lions can be called the king of forest.   "Lion is known to be the King of Beasts or King of Forest across most cultures of the world. This is mostly because of a lion's appearance and partly because of the...
It is mainly used to intimidate other males.
Female lion is able to mate in the age of 4.
Anyone! Lion Meat was eated in India for 100's of years. It has been recently stopped at hunting lions/killing Lions has been made illegal. They even had a fashion going on in early 80's of wearing lion nail as a locket (sounds crazy but it was a fashion believe me). Anyway hope this has answered...
No, they should be free in their own habitat.But if they are in a zoo, they should be in a cage, otherwise, they'd roam around scaring people.
True. Because of Deforestation and human population increase the Tiger habitat has greatly reduced.
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Yes, due to habitat loss and deforestation.
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It is a tawny yellow color because it helps the animal blend so the prey can not see the predator coming
The Indian Lion is a critically endangered species. There are less than 500 individuals seen in the wild forests across India.
  Lions need large amounts of water but they can survive when it is dry with less as they get moisture from the prey that they eat and they also eat tsama melons which contain plenty of water.
they are located in africa They were found in most OS Africa, much of Eurasia from westen Europa to India, and in the Americas from the Yukon to Peru.
White lions are not a species, but a rare color morph, thereforethey cannot be considered endangered. white lions are normal lions with white skin (a default in pigment)that every 1 in 50 lions get so yes because lions are endangered The white lion is not a separate species from the African lion,...
    Yes they are! ♥  
Lions don't hibernate, none of the cat species do.
Male lions tend to be slightly darker in color than the females; a more golden orange compared to the light creamy yellow. But, although the differences are noticeable by the trained eye, they are minimal.
An adult lion can eat an incredible amount of food. They consume  about 90 pounds of food in a single meal.
Estimates in 2002-2004 indicate that there were between 16,500 and 47,000 lions left in Africa at that time. There are also about 1,000 lions in captivity around the world. For more information, please see the Related Links below. About only a few are left in the world
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