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Tigers are the largest natural species of cat in the world, and are native to Asia. The characteristic orange and black stripes are unique to each tiger and the beauty and majesty of this animal has been depicted in pictures and stories from many different cultures throughout history. Tigers are critically endangered as they are sold as pets illegally, hunted for sport and used in Chinese medicine.
I would assume as a way of conserving energy. Kind of like a natural suspended animation.
Yes, because it's so similar to the measles virus. However, even if  it replicates in humans, it has no effects on us. But if a human is  carrying the virus, he or she can still potentially pass it onto an  animal.
Tigers don't go in much for shelters. A female tiger will seek out a den when she's about to have cubs.But it's usually a pre-existing feature, like a gap between somerocks, a fallen tree, maybe just a dense shrubbery, and she won'tdo much to improve it. They go under a tree or rock, or if they are...
it is because they can see better during the night and they can't see good during the night.  
yes because their eye reflect 5 times more light than we do
No, night vision is the ability to see in low light condition and  infrared vision is the capability of biological or artificial  systems to detect  infrared radiation. The terms  thermal vision and  thermal imaging, are also commonly used in this context since  infrared emissions from a...
In southern Iraq the Tigris River is joined by the River Euphrates.  They run together as a single river roughly 120 miles (193 km), and  empty into the Persian Gulf. The Iraqis call this confluence of  rivers by the Arabic name,  Shatt al-Arab, "Coast/Beach of the Arabs." The Iranians call it ...
Normally they are killed for their furs, bones, or meats. Sometimes  even for fun.
It matters on the tiger!
this question made me think, the first I could think of was that it was for camouflage reasons. Their vertical stripes help them hide in tall grasses. If the stripes were to be horizontal it would be easy for the prey to spot the tiger out of the crowd. Therefore giving the tiger's prey a little...
A tiger's home is called a lair.
"White Tigers" aren't a subspecies of Tiger. White fur is a rare  variant among most, if not all, big cats. So i cant answer your  question directly. However, Bengal tigers weigh up to 300-560  pounds. Siberians weigh up to 300-675 pounds. Sumatrans weigh  170-310 pounds.
The size of the territory could be several square miles, larger in  areas of less available prey. Competition with humans may drive the  tiger into more mountainous areas.
When a baby tiger is born it is called a CUB or a WHELP.
 A salmon gets its food by capturing it with the sharp little teeth  that are all around the edge of its mouth 
Because they are mammals! because they are Born with it
Mandalorian ancestors stole the deathwatch saber during a chaotic  lapse in power.
Tigers are pure carnivores. They prefer hunting large ungulates such as chital, sambar, gaur, and to a small extent also barasingha, water buffalo, nilgai, serow and takin. Among the medium-sized prey species they frequently kill wild boar, and occasionally hog deer, muntjac and Gray langur. Small...
No, tigers are native to Asia.
No, only to India and siberiaare
They stopped at a Travel Lodge motel and decided to live there  since. This, by the way has nothing to do with the Bible category.
The movie Pleasantville was black and white because the protagonist  was a fan of the TV show that the movie is named after. The show  was from the 1950's, when there was not color TV yet. Therefore,  when he and his sister were transported into the plot of the show,  they were also surrounded...
I actually come from South Africa and poaching is a big issue in  South Africa! They go to court and pay a R 15,000 find (which is  South Africa's currency) ($1500) then they are freed. I think they  need to get penalized more because it is getting out of hands and  animal population are...
endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species, white tigers
About 8 billion, but that is only registered citizens in  residential areas around the world, counting children and  unregistered adults, about 9.7 billion.
If you're talking about Tiger Woods, it's 17 that they had played.
Some do, but there are a lot of different kinds of animals in  Europe, and not all of them have a hibernation cycle.
They use their claws and teeth to dig into the attacker so then they can defend themselves from them, tigers don't give up easily.
Albino animals usually have white skin or fur, and red eyes.
No because they are wild animals.no......
South east Asia. In places like India.
You Know It! ;)
because poachers hunt them for their skinHabitat destruction and poaching, mostly to supply the Chinese market for aphrodesiacs and "medicines". Examples are tiger penis soup and various concoctions containing ground-up tiger bones. These irrational and ridiculous beliefs are widespread in China,...
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The length of their canines varied between species, but the longest  they could get is up to 20 inches.
The hunters are the predator of white tigers because they hunt them for their medical values, thus killing them. Now the white tiger species is endangered... so I hope that nobody hunts them anymore because they are about to be extint and it is against the law. I hope all of you do not think that...
What do white tiger ears... what?
They adapt to their surroundings because some animals have special fur/skin etc. so if it is in a snowy environment, they have fur to keep them warm and if it is in a hot environment like the desert the will have thin skin to keep them cool. Camels have long eye lashes to keep the dust out of their...
Answer . \nIn the U.S. it is manditory 18 years of age.. Answer . \nUnless you can get your parents to dissown you pretty much in the courts it is the age of 18.. Answer . different states have different ages\ngo to http://www.google.com and look up your state \nor country if you don't live...
Well,Humans hunt white tigers for usually fur, meat, or just some people are usually just cruel to these endangered species. dah! how can you not figure that out? :l
 After a gestation period of 16 weeks (about 3.5 months), a tiger  gives birth to a live litter, usually comprising three or four  cubs. However, litters of up to seven cubs have been known to  occur, although they seldom all survive. In anticipation of her  birth, the pregnant mother will...
In India, a 650 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1940. In India, a 620 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1945. In India, a 857 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1928. In India, a 630 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1937. In India, a 600 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1950.
Yes, the Malayan tiger is one of six surviving sub species of tiger - the other 3 are extinct.
Stop using leather products..
there are 400 to 500 Siberian tigers in the world
one hundred and forty two million
why does someone have to die if India lives why carnt they both stay alive ? i then maybe can answer your quetsion if you give me more detail thanks xxxxxx
If its sunny here its dark in china so while we are sleeping the Chinese are playing.
Brutus like the dude from history" e tu brutus " ceaser
you could save a tiger by adopting a tiger, only 3 pounds a month.
Humans do humans are horrible ( only the ones that kill animals for fun it is disgusting and they should be ashamed)!
  monkeys,snakes,and toucans.  
Anywhere from 20 to 60 psi
animals hibernate because of the cold weather, some specific animals can't resist the cold.
I suppose you can say that most herbivores are warm blooded but there are exceptions (a tortoise would be one), but carnivore are sort of a mixture (sharks are cold-blooded but lions are warm blooded). In conclusion, you can't really pin this one down but I hope this answer helped slightly.
The yard stick against which all professional golfers are measured is major championships, to date, he has won 14 (second all time).
Yes, tigers do have paws. If you go to Google images and type in "Tiger Paws" you will see the picture. Like other animals it also has a paw with very sharp nails on it.
About 2 people are killed per year in the USA in big cat related attacks (big cats in captivity only). This may or may not include tigers.
Bengal Tiger's eyes are brown but Siberian Tiger's eyes are blue
their top speed is around 35 mph
Whenever they can and need the Money.
It is usually used at the beginning except for mushrooms. Mushrooms are decomposers, which feed on dead bodies of animals.
  == Answer ==   A troup
Like other mammals the young cubs receive milk from their mothers.
They lived in a similar way to today, in parts of the Earth that were not ice-covered.
Tigers usually live it hot humid places such as jungles and rainforest's.
Hundreds today none tomorrow or one minute here the next gone or orange black and bright today we just might save the Siberian tiger
The answer to this is:G G A G F E D, D E G G F G G x2D C B C D B C, B A B C A B, A G A B G A, G F G A F G, F E F G E F, E D C D G G F G Gx2P.S: 1st and after last comma's F are sharp !Thank you for reading my answer !
Tigers have no natural predators. Even an expert hunter is putting their life at risk when trying to kill a tiger.
Camouflage is used as an adaptation for hunting mainly. Explorerssometimes make a netting and cover it with things from thatsurrounding which they then cover themselves with to hide so thatanimals will come nearby without suspecting anything and explorerswill get a better view of them. They will...
a tiger's nose is either pink or black
  I love tigers because they are nice and cool animals. They are very good at hunting to that is why I like tigers I LOVE THem
A tiger skin rug or a photo of a tiger attacking prey/humans.
the life span is about 15 to 20 years
The kind of locomotion that a white tiger has is its four legs. The  legs help the tiger to walk and run from place to place.
Bobcats typically live to six or eight years of age, with a few reaching beyond ten. The longest they have been known to live is 16 years in the wild and 32 years in captivity. They generally begin breeding by their second summer, though females may start as early as their first year. Sperm...
An angelfish is cold blooded most fish are cold blooded though except for one that i forgot the name of... I think it's either sharks, or whales.whales
== Answer ==   Yes, it is. It's native environment is being destroyed, effecting it's life, concluding it to death.   No. They are a color morph of the great blue heron, found only in south Florida.They are still quite common.