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Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of large-scale chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes. Today, the field of chemical engineering is a diverse one, covering areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing.
its the shape of an orbital
You would use a simple distillation in the process of making cognac for example.
Melamine is an organic base and a trimmer of cyanamide,with a1 3 5 triazine skeleton. Like cyanamide, it contains 67%nitrogenby mass and, if mixed with resins, hasfire retardantproperties due to its release of nitrogen gas when burned orcharred, and has several other industrial uses.
there are many empirical constellations in turbulent flow dependingupon the conditions like whether flow is internal or external, flowover a flat plate of pipe etc. so its better to refer a book onfluid mechanics.
Zillman's Excitation Transfer Effect\nhttp://doctordigger.blogspot.com/2005/07/zillmans-excitation-transfer-effect.html
Practical Uses of Chemical Engineering in D.O.D. Projects Process design Chemical Engineering and the Automotive Sector Thermodynamics etc, etc, etc.... You could also approach chemical engineering through big philosophical ideas, such as: How did chemicals differentiate from primordial space?...
Besides the specific professional skills, engineers should be creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail oriented. They should be able to work as part of a team and to communicate well, both orally and in writing. Communication abilities are becoming increasingly important as engineers interact...
Because it is made up of more then one atoms that connected by convalent bond.
it is a compound tasteless the particles are really spreaded out room temperature sublimes solid at circa -78'c
Flores ChE Review Center in Cebu Refresher and review courses for chemical engineering offered here. Engr. Stephen, Flores is the review coordinator. This review center is a choice for most chemical engineering graduates within the Visayas and Mindanao region. 032-416-8552 or at cellphone number...
forms a sediment when it sinks to the bottom of a liquid.
Naptha is a rather volatile but clean-burning fuel. it was used in the late nineteenth century for auxiliary power on basically sailing ships (suchas those used by explorers) and also some Russian submarines in World War I some of the old Holland subs (Holland the name of the inventor not the...
Answer. Titanium is a great alternative for structural material in terms of weight and strength. Titanium is lighter than Steel and much stronger than Aluminum. It has a low heat transfer rate, which makes it useful for high-heat applications.. The one major draw-back with titanium is that it ...
A thermoplastic elastomer.
All types of dust that are not fully oxidized will burn and potentially explode. This includes metal dust such as aluminum, or organic materials such as grain or sugar dust. If a [solid] substance can burn, it can be explode as a dust if the right conditions are present.
1. Distillation of liquefied air 2. Separation on molecular sieves
Alkali and Alkali Earth Metals
Everyone should learn about the great Persian Medicine Founder named Avicenna
No absolute figure can be given, but it should depend on n-butanolprice plus converting fee plus extra cost for small quantities,like Butanol Price plus 2 $ per kg.
that is is good because it can solve many murders and serve justice to those . bad because it may be used to discriminate against people with inferior genetics.
You need symbols on PFDs and PIDs because an exact drawing is more complex than necessary on those documents. Too much space would be occupied by the detailed sketch of something as simple as a valve, when all that those two documents need to show is what kind of valve, how large it is, and where in...
The significance of transfatty acids in oils is that we cannot metabolize them. Their counterpart is "cis fats", which are curled, but trans fats are straight. Since they aren't metabolized, they're stored in low-density lipids (LDL) -- the "bad" kind of triglycerides on the doctor's lab reports --...
fect of height on flowraet
The boilup ratio will help determine the bottom operating line of your column. Once you have both your bottom and top operating lines you can step off the number of stages (given the desired compositions at the top and bottom of your column).
Heat it up, the modulus will increase from 28 GPa to about 70-80 GPa
It can be used for sanitizing water
used for science experiments ANS 2 - Sulphur's main use is in manufacturingSulphuric acid which is used in many aspects of industry. It isalso an essential component of fertiliser and is also used inrubber, concrete and other manufactured products.
Please have a look at the site below, it gives a very good explanation of the different uses of MEG and TEG. Some addition:. Because the possible water content goes up in the order MEG
1. It is used for flow measerment with minimum head loss. 2. It is used in industries for flow measerment of chemicals. 3. it is also used in the airoplane for measurment of speed of plane.
A distillaton column works byh contacting vapor and liquid phases. Without reflux traveling down the column the trays will not have sufficient vapor-liquid contact to induce a mass transfer between the phases, and separation will be poor to non-existent.
The nominal pipe size is closest to the inside diameter; however, for exact calculations both should be looked up in a table based on the scheduled pipe size.
its an abbrevitaion for, "no one is cooler riding ferresswheels ese!"
Cornstarch forms a thick paste when mixed with a liquid like water due to a property called cohesion (physical binding between molecules of two different substances). If pressurized and molded, the final product would probably break after the water evaporated but if you were to use something more...
Typical jobs you can get as a chemical engineer: 1. Production Engineer 2. Process Engineer 3. Quality Control and Reliability Engineer 4. Plant Manager 5. Advanced Process Control Engineer 6. Operations Manager 7. Environmental Specialist 8. Project Supervisor 9. Energy Expert ...
Assuming you have binary components the McCabe Thiele Method should be used. Otherwise a process simulator such as Aspen, Pro/II, and/or KGTower should be used.
In an impulse turbine, the water (or steam) hits the blades and continues almost straight through as in a jet engine. In a reaction turbine, the water hits a semicircular cup and is completely reversed in path, normally dropping down the center with little or no momentum left. These are rarely used...
nuclear explosions are made by cutting atoms in half. not nuclear, I don't know
Gregor Mendel studied heredity and is called the Father ofGenetics. He conducted his experiments in the gardens of anAugustinian monastery in Brno, Austria.
You could use a material safety data cheet or MSDS or encyclopedia (wikipedia)
The Graetz number is {(Diameter/Length)*Reynolds#*Prandtl#}^(1/3) It is used to characterize the thermal development of pipe flow: if the Graetz number is less than 1000, the thermal profile is fully developed.
Maths is a must. Physics is also a very good idea since engineering in general deals with the weights, lengths and its effects etc.
one is a mass flowrate and the other is a volumetric flowrate, you need to know a density of some sort to convert.
Electrode are some times broken due to: - 1) Electrodes making contact with a none metallic object as they are being hard pressed and ultimately broken. Electronic instruments are available to find this condition and take corrective measures to avert breakage of electrodes. 2) Scrap falling...
Pitting corrosion generally happens in an oxygen deficient environment where the metal is surrounded by an ionic solution with chloride, bromide, or fluoride ions. A scratch in the metal under these conditions does not allow the metal [such as stainless steel] to reform the thin oxide layer which...
gaskets exist to eliminate the need for adhesive, you do not needto glue them
Answer . Starting really from the roots.... Math, algebra, physics (basic knowledge), some knowledge in biology/biochemistry and of course physical, organic, inorganic chemistry, quantum mechanics (probably).. But don't be afraid... it's all part of the basic studies at University.. JUST TO ADD TO...
I'm not aware of a material named "Delron", but there is a material called "Delrin" which is a brand name for an acetal polyoxymethylene resin owned by DuPont. It is a hard resin approved for food handling use by the FDA. It is an economical material with properties of good strength, light weight,...
The hydraulic diameter for any cross section is: D h = 4 * A / W p Where D h = hydraulic diameter A = cross sectional area W p = wetted perimeter
Indian Institute Of Technology, India. National University of Singapore, Singapore. Nanyang Techonological University, Singapore. Birla Institute of Technological Sciences, India. These are the best Technological universities in Asia. (In that order)
Micro filtration is used to separate suspended solids fromdissolved substances in a process stream. It is also used toconcentrate colloidal suspensions.
The reaction in which the second reactant is added to the intermediate medium to form the product.
i work with it by compressing them into metal objects
delta H = mass * heat capacity * delta temperature
distillation is the process of repeated evaporation and condensation of the mixture of two or more miscible solutions in order to separate them by evaluating the boiling point
Ether is an extremely effective solvent for many chemical reactions but is extremely dangerous. First and foremost, ether is extremely flammable. In enclosed environments, ether can also exhibit certain explosive properties (explosions in meth labs are often the result of the use of ether solvents...
Humid air is lighter, so it has lower pressure.
p.t.f.e. means polytetrafluoroethylene. The most famous brand namefor PTFE is Teflon.
The temperature at which condensation can occur is known as the "Dew Point". It is often used as an indication of the saturation of a vapor. If the dew point is close to the current temperature, the vapor is near saturation. If the dew point is well below the current temperature, the vapor is far...
Down 1)helium 2)Barium 4)lithium 6)phosphorous 9)Krypton 10)Beryllium 12)magnesium 14)Carbon 18)mercury 19)hydrogen 20)potassium 22)lead 25)tungsten 27)manganese 28)zinc 29)chromium 30)bismuth 31)cesium 33)copper 34)iron 38)gold 39)tin ACROSS 3)fluorine 5)calcium 7)platinum 8...
The heat transfer coefficient of superheated steam is poor. Saturated steam has a better heat transfer coefficient, and also most of the heat transferred from steam occurs because of the condensation phase change.
In there is a type of extremophile living in the gas tank of the jet aircraft, my first thought would be to add an alcohol based fuel additive which may potentially kill off that particular microorganism. Modifying the pH within the fuel tank might also curb the microbe growth (but might also...
You would use simple distillation when the two products you are trying to separate have large difference in boiling points. Fractional distillation is needed when the two products have very close boiling points (like Hexane and toluene). In petroleum refining, the word "fractionation", not ...
you can t split atoms in half because they are so small. .
Find the nearest library, buy a cot, and camp out.
It is hard to say without a more accurate phase diagram, but it looks like at that temperature, your point lies on the boundaries of the phase transitions. Therefore you will get approximately 40% liquid Bismuth (Bi) and 60% solid Antimony (Sb) using the lever rule.
Unlike the 300 series stainless 400 series stainless can be hardened by heat giving moderate corrosion resistance with more durability than 300 series stainless. It is commonly used in pump shafts for equipment requiring a higher torque spec than 316 SS can provide
1. steam 2. hot water 3. Hot oil (dowtherm oils) 4. microwave 5. pressurized hot water
its just under 0.5 pounds.
petrochemical simply means as a raw material which consist of more than one raw material
A unit operation involves a physical change examples drying, size reduction, distillation, filtration etc. where as unit process involves a chemical change or sometime it refered as chemical changes along with physical change example production of paracetamol from benzene.
Dr M Kanagasabapathy, an electrochemical researcher at Central Electrochemical Research Institute India. He is doing active research in current distribution modelling in storage batteries, electrochemical biosensors and nano film deposition . He has got five industrial consultancy services and...
agitator is a stirring machine, a homogenizer is a device that breaks structure in order to make a homogenious solution
Packed and spinning band fractional distillation allow for a greater surface area which improves separation.
Throughput andflowrate both express the quantity or a substance per unit time passed through a specific volume. There are two notable differences though. They are that flowrate is usually only used when referring to fluids and throughput is more suitable when considering the feedstock charged...
you can separate them by putting it in a freezer. Oil freezes first so once it is frozen, pour out the water. This is just what my braniac and nerdy sister told me.. So if it is wrong, blame her not me..
Cant be done liters have 3 dimensions square meters have 2
V= Q/A (velocity = volumetric flow rate / area) conversion: 1000L = 1m 3 ; therefore 1900L/min= 1.9m 3 /min V = (1.9m 3 /min * 1min/60s) / Pi*(.02m) 2 /4 = 100.798 m/s Simplified Bernoulli Equation: ∆P/rho + 0.5*(initial velocity 2 -final velocity 2 ) = 0 (rho=density) (equation...