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Watercraft Engine Maintenance

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Regardless of whether the watercraft is used on salt or fresh water, rinsing the engine after every launch is recommended. Checking for cracks, rust, punctures, or damage to any of the engine’s components is part of watercraft engine maintenance.
water while it running may be head or base gasket
i am sure it is approx. 185 pounds. i am sure it is approx. 185 pounds
Depending on the motor you can use Max Rules. They have a pretty good database for years and hp info.
200 Gallons....Thats what mine is anyway.
I will venture a guess here since: 1. the year doesn't appear to be in the model no. 2. the only possible year in the serial no. would be 19..."62" (not having been available in 19...20, 03, 38, or 86 and, 61 being at the end, where the serial no. should change sequentially with every unit to come...
If you want it to last, use a name brand oil mixed (really good) to a ratio of 32:1. That's 1 quart oil to 8 gallons of gas. If you use Mercury brand oil and mix it really, really, really good, you can go 50:1. That's 1 quart oil to 50 quarts of gasoline.
If your Chevy 350 marine engine misses at high speed, you mighthave an issue with the timing. This can be adjusted. You also mayhave an issue with the fuel filter or injectors. Spark plugs can do that also.
There are two release handles om either side of the housing just under the motor housing. They are consealed into the housing frame. Just pull the handles outward to release the locks that hold the cover down.
Answer . \nThe Model 30 is a take-down gun, with the serial # on the lower tang behind the trigger guard, and alson on the barrel, once removed from the frame. I believe the gun is a Stevens 520 or 620 with Wards name on it.
In order to correctly answer this question, the particular engine referred to must be made known.
Buy a 32oz bottle and a pump to go on it, you will use almost close to half.
In order to determine the year model for Johnson or Evinrude outboards, the model number, rather than the serial number is needed. The model number is located on the tag, or sticker that bears the serial number.
For a comprehensive answer to this go to marinedoctor.com. Ther is a section dealing with this specif question on a 70 hp johnson.
Scope of business is the different activities a business engagesin. This is stuff like if a restaurant also caters, or has a barlocated in it.
In the old days, SAE 20 motor oil was used, later models use automatic transmission fluid, or trim fluid sold by the manufacturer. Try to determine what was previously used in your unit and refill with the same.
\nMost likely is a short in the trim power wiring. I'd start at or near the control handle then near the shift & throttle levers on the engine.
the port side clamp bracket or the freeze plug on motor
50 to 1 6 gallons of gas 1 pint oil
50 to 1 6 gallons of gas 1 pint oil
Take the cap off, there is a nut with a cotter pin in it. Remove the pin and unscrew the nut.
If ita the DT65 model. It can be in various places license manual saddle case and stamped on the engine. Try checking there
Answer . check fuel hose and make sure bulb in the line is tight if not replace line and bulb
If it clicks and doesn't do anything else.. Change the selinoid....its nothing else but that..i just had the same thing like 3 weeks ago....
I emailed mercury for the year of an 50 hp outboard serial number 7098240 and this is the answer that I got and the email address of the man who answered it. Charles, The engine is probably a 1977 Canada model. The serial numbers in the Mercury Marine publication guide are not precise. Thank...
if you can find a kit the conversion is easy to do, it just boltson, you can put the key swich any place by the motor
David Underhay. The decal on my 1968 3hp Johnson says use either of: Champion J4J, AC M42K, Autolite A21X sparkplugs. You may have to find the current equivalents
The starter motor requires a lot of power so you need to have a solonoid wired into it and set it so your ignition button activates the solonoid. Otherwise your not going to have enough power to the starter motor and eventually burn out the ignition switch and its wires.. + -------Solonoid==========...
some sites say 1952 ,others say 54, and that model# is a 7.5 not an 8hp
Yes. A motor doesn't guarantee that a boat cannot sink.
1:50 - that is 1 part oil for every 1 part gasoline. When mixing same be liberal with the oil as a rich mix is far better to tyhe engine than a weak mix. Actually it is one part oil to 50 parts gas!
I do appologise, in my last post I added an extra 0 on the final answer. Just to clear it up 13litrs of fuel x 2 = 26 add a 0 and you have 260mls of oil. Sorry about that earlier. Cheers all.
What year is the 8hp Mercury outboard with serial o6156590 ?
You have given the serial number, which is no help. We need the model number - look on the plate again. All Johnson 3 horse outboards had a model number beginning with either JW or JH.
50:1 ratio which is 1 pint to 6 gallon of fuel
The impeller in a Volvo Penta is located inside the water pump. Youwill need to first remove the water pump to access it.
Contact your local Mercury Dealership they can tell you everything about the motor with a good serial number.
50 to 1 = 50 oz. oil to 1 qt. gas.
How old is my Kiekhaefer Mercury 7.5 boat motor Serial number3374590
the 85 is the horsepower and the 75 is the year(1975)That is what Iwas told...I have same motor
vacuum pump through the dipstick or oil access port.
50 hp Force 2-Stroke Outboard Motor. Force 50 hp Outboard is a long shaft. Force 50 hp only weighs 152lbs!! It is one of the lightest 50hp outboards ever made. This is advantageous as it will deliver 50 hp without weighing the transom down.
To find the year of manufacture for a Johnson outboard, the model number, (rather than the serial number), is used. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n.
anything over 100 on all cyl is fine and a good motor
According the 1977 Suzuki Spirit 25 HP owners manual:. 50:1 mix
I should be equal on all cylenders and about 110 to 120
i run a 25 hp spirit and i find it runs best between 40- 50 to 1
Most likely its a 1980 I just called mercury on an engine that matched that same serial number and it was a 1980 the only difference is the last number was a 9. Im sure its a 1980.
It is a speedometer pick up tube.no longer used due to clogging.
\nI believe it is a 5.5 hp made in 1961. I have the sale engine and it has the word fisherman written on the back of the cowl.
I believe it is 50:1 or 2.56 oz. per gallon of gas
the 15hp murc is the best relay an 18hp and are cheap new i bought my 15hp murc with and 18hp relay and go it for $1800 brand new and runs the best i have ever seen and much faster and cheaper than Yamaha
50 to 1 ratio oil and gas mixture. Add 16 ounces of 2 cycle TCW 3 oil to 6 gallons of non-ethanol gasoline.
If it backfires thru the intake/carb the spark arrester prevents this. It is the metal looking air filter on carburetor...
Consult your shop manual, there is a specific order that the head bolts must be torqued.
I have one that I bought second hand. It has a service manual and the first service was conducted in 1995. So its either a '95 or '94 model.