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Watercraft Engine Maintenance

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Regardless of whether the watercraft is used on salt or fresh water, rinsing the engine after every launch is recommended. Checking for cracks, rust, punctures, or damage to any of the engine’s components is part of watercraft engine maintenance.
  50:1 they say i got the same engine as you. 50:1 does the trick.
how to set a trim tab on a 90 hp yamaha outboard
I called Mercury by telephone, got a live operator, gave her the serial number off my 150hp V6 and she came right back and told me it was a 1981.....when all else fails...call them direct and your questions may get answered...Hope this helps....I am still trying to find and load wiring diagrams for...
I believe its a 1979. Mine is a Japan made though.
  Here is a website you can go to find out..   www.oldmercs.com
    hi the wiring goes as follows red wire to power switch should have a red mark on it there will also be 2 with the letter m they are your 2 black wires and the yellow goes to s
1980. If you google the S/N it will show up
  The correct mixture would be 50:1, roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil to six gallons of fuel. This is provided the engine is not equipped with, and or using the vro injection system. If your oil injection system is operational simply top off your oil reservoir, no additional oil is required.
  I just asked the same question...and found the answer, along with several other excellent tid-bits, over at iboat.com. The proper ratio is 50:1, however, a richer....40:1 ratio is reccommended for the older engines. Hope this helped.
6R72D6 = 6 horse powerR = rope72 = 1972D = ??
could you please tell me the weight of a 1980 mercury 80hp 2 stroke outboard motor
Only the 3 cylinder models from 1987 and up
In the cylinder head, just follow the coil wires.
nonBetter Answer: It not free but you can go to tradebit.com and purchase/download one..
my mercury 2.5 260hp ROS outboard is 170kg
Buy the appropriate manual and follow the instructions
  Remove power connections from battery.   Remove the wires to the starter.   There are 2 bolts, one short, one long, that go from under the starter upwards. Remove these 2 bolts, loosing them each a bit at a time and holding the starter up to keep the turning easy.   It is all...
My Husband bought a old Ted Williams outboard motor and needs to  buy some carb parts since the float is sticking making the motor  flood out. It is Old 7 HP the tag reads as:640-18 tecumser 7866973.  We would like any information you have regarding this motor. Thank  you for your time. Edie...
Eska Outboards started in about 1961and built motors until 1986.The company was located in Dubuque, Ia. Motors were built for Sears, Wards, Western Auto, JC Penney's, and the Eska label from 3 to 15 HP
The Yamaha P450 that I have is a prototype and has no manual. It was manufactured ca 1973-74.
No never keep it locked the lock is for revers only if u run it locked an hit a stump or something ur looking at damiging the boat or motor
Should be on the transom bracket facing the motor on starboard side
on top of timing cover under yellow plastic disk
I have the same model, from the research I have done I have found that model is a 1953
  What year? It may require special tools.
Pull the lower unit look into moter leg you will see th water pump on the shaft you may have to pull the shaft to get it but from ther its just bolts on the pump.
The best solution is the find a service manual for that motor. I have seen these in libraries and they are for sale on the internet.
Not enough info. There are too many other variables. Speed of a boat is dependent on boat length, whether it is a planning hull, what size and pitch propeller does it have, and weight of the boat. So it is impossible to answer this based only on the size of the engine.
2 cycle oil burns cleaner, producing less ash to foul the internal workings of the 2 cycle engine while still providing the lubrication needed.
  50 : 1 using 87 octane fuel I have the same motor
  if it is not clearly marked on the cowel you'll have to call mercury and have them source the serial number,   while in the boat looking out the back on the center of your steering ram there will be a serial number as well as if you open the cowel and from same spot look back to the...
  The motor is a 1947 2hp. Great little motors. I have two of my own.
the mercury serial that starts with OD started from 1992 -1995
There is a lever at both the front and rear of the cowl, the front one pulls forward, the rear one pivots up. Once these are released the cowl will lift straight up.
what year is my mercury outboard 4.5 hp serial number A104461
I've had a 1975 90hp since 1980 still runs great. I always add a little extra oil and change the water pump every 3 years just to make sure it doesn't get hot and fry the motor. I did change the distributor from points to electronic have had no problems. I have it on a Glastron Carlson and pull...
mersman end table with code model #8713
close to 20 years
The BHP in a marine vessel engine has the meaning of Brake Horse  Power. Brake Horse Power is power that is measured in the engine's  crankshaft.
  The manual I have says .060, but others say .035-.040, so I am not sure.
Use a voltmeter and ammeter to measure the supply voltage and load current drawn by the motor. The product of these two readings will give you the apparent power in volt amperes. Then use a wattmeter to determine the true power of the machine, in watts. The reactive power, in reactive volt amperes,...
Its a merc. Worth about 8 bucks. Buy a yamaha!
M5A2-S -  1981 Tohatsu 5 HP   Source - westcoastoffshore.ca 
What is the value of a good running 1972 100 HP Johnson out board motor
The 4423 is a 3.3 HP 2 cycle engine that was produced between 1947 and 1951.
50:1 is used by most OMC 2 cycle outboards.
There are three common reasons: 1) The starter is very old and the brushes wore out. 2) A cheap aftermarket starter was used instead of an OEM starter when the original starter failed. 3) The starter was cranked for too long without letting it rest and overheated.
My 115 EFI mercury outboard would only generate 4200 RPM. The power gradually reduced and finally levelled off at 2400 RPM. I have had other problems in the past relating to power settings. Fuel injectors and impellor have been eliminated as potential causes.
i think it's about 204 pounds
I have a 35 hp mercury twin sn 8382178
All outboard gas primers - take it off blow threw gas tank side (from gas tank) and there should be no restriction, you should be able to blow threw with ease completely open all the way threw. Blow through the motor side of the primer bulb and it should be impossible to do so as it has one or two...
Depends on the letter at the edge of the plate (down right corner).  You must reffer to the table. For example if the letter is a "B"  its a 1992.
  50:1 25litres of fuel to 500ml of oil
1992, here is the trick with omcuse the word INTRODUCES to convert the LAST TWO letters of the serial number into the year number.so serial # ending in EN would come out to 92I=1N=2T=3R=4O=5D=6U=7C=8E=9S=0
Model 4263 was manufactured from 1939 to 1941.
E25ECEB is a 1989. OMC uses the word INTRODUCES to determine the model year of an outboard. Each letter in the word INTRODUCES corresponds to a number. I would be for 1, N is 2, T is 3, R is 4 you get the idea. Now that you know that, you use the third from last and second from last letter of any...
Put out the anchor. Depending on where you are, if the tide is  coming in, wait. If the tide is going out wait rather longer ! If  the weather is rough, or night is falling, call the nearest  authority on VHF ch 16, or use your mobile phone. Good idea to have  the back-up services on your phone....
It depends on the year and specific model of engine. On an engine before the 1990's it's probably 50 to 1, after that could be 20 to 1. The best thing to do is do a search online for the engine model and year and find the service manual or owners manual. That will give you the correct ratio. Also if...