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Here you can ask about the black and white television shows of yesteryear.
There is no Randy in the Beverly Hillbillies. If you mean "Granny,"  she was played in the television series by Irene Ryan. In the 1993  movie she was played by Cloris Leachman.
It is true they are getting rid of Oscar and i think it is not fair bc he is barley seen in the show any ways so why do it now? he deserves to be in it. its not like we don't have our bad days. so why blame Oscar when it is your problem, u just deiced to not to admit it. hope u change your mind...
Maude and the Jeffersons.Also:"Archie Bunker's Place" More of a continuation of the old show, but still technically a spin-off."Gloria" Gloria divorces Mike and starts a new life."704 Hauser" The Bunker house with a different familyAnd two spin-offs from the spin-offs:"Good Times" Maude's maid...
Tony Dow. [Except for the pilot show, that was Paul Sullivan].
    You are probably thinking of the TV series "The Roaring 20's" that ran from 1960 to 1962, starring Dorothy Provine as Pinky Pinkham, a singer in a speakeasy.
beavers, classiic tetevision
When Theodore was born, his brother, Wally (Tony Dow) tried to  pronounce his new brother's name but ended up mouthing "Tweeter"  which sounded like "Beaver" to his parents, Ward (Hugh Beaumont)  & June (Barbara Billingsley) and so began the saga of Beaver  Cleaver and the jokes about his...
They were on the air for 1966-1970, 1985-1989, 1995-1997, and 2000-2002.
I think he named it Lulu Mae.
I have heard this before so I decided to do a little research. This episode of Beverly Hillbillies was from the late 1960's (1967, I think). The facade of Tara from Gone With the Wind, was dismantled and sold in 1959. I haven't seen this episode in years, but I don't see how it could be the same.
Christopher Robin, Eyore and Owl
Yo mama :) 9:30
"A dos metros bajo tierra" = (literally) 'At 2 metres underground' There's also an spanish expression that would mean the same "con un par de palmos de tierra encima" = "with a few feet* of earth above" * in fact, 'palmos' = about 8 inches
Betty Boop is a fictional character so, of course, she isn't, and never WILL be alive
Pearl Bodine was played by the actress Bea Benaderet.
According to Wikipedia, the Ponderosa ranch would have covered over one thousand square miles.
"making out is hard to do" http://www.answers.com/topic/making-out-is-hard-to-do-full-house-tv-episode
"Little Rascals" (1994):Travis Tedford as Spanky - "He-Man Women Hater's Club" presidentBug Hall as Alfalfa - Spanky's best friend and Darla's boyfriendKevin Jamal Woods as Stymie - club's vice-presidentJordan Warkol as Froggy (voice dubbed by E.G. Daily) - club member with a croaking voice and a...
The car in the Dukes of Hazzard is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
K, she is probably too young to know who the golden girls where
Hoss' name was Eric. I dont believe it was ever used on the show.
The name of the song was Mary Ann. His inspriation was actress Dawn Wells, better known as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island.
Hal Linden who played the role of Barney Miller is still alive at  82 years of age .
Mary Richards' best friend was Rhoda Morgenstern.
i need to know how many people watch sesame street
The Shindogs, the "house band" for the rock and roll television show Shindig!, were actually a revolving group of live and studio musicians from the Los Angeles area. This constantly changing lineup included Delaney Bramlett, Joey Cooper, James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Chuck Blackwell, Glenn Campbell...
Turner Classic Movies has shown many films starring Ray Milland. Examples are "The Lost Weekend" (1945), "Dial M for Murder" (1954), and "Panic in Year Zero!" (1962).
Bamboo Harvester , the horse that also played as Mister Ed , was  trained by Les Hilton .
Viperpiper. Check it on Google or you could try City of Oaks.
Because Adam was a Blind School teacher
Her real name was Darla Hood .
  That's far enough out there that it's not even a little bit of a problem. Even first cousins, although a little risky, won't have serious problems unless it's a normal practice of the family.   If the common family has a consistent history of a specific genetic disorder you MAY make...
Jerome Lester Horwitz, AKA "Curly" Howard of Three Stooges fame shaved his hair off and became the "third" Stooge when his brother Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz), left the troupe to go with another act. Curly was not on camera when he suffered a number of strokes and was found by his brother Moe...
According to the producers, Baldwin's portrayal of Floyd Lawson was underwhelming and not what they had in mine. He was quickly released from the part and veteran character actor Howard McNear was given the now memorable role of Mayberry's friendly, eccentric barber.
Tinkerbell collected broken and lost items so she could put them together, invent things and 'tinker' with them.
The Ricardo's moved to Connecticut.
Detective Stan "Wojo" Wojciehowicz was played by Max Gail .
The seminal 1960s television rock show Hullabaloo was released in multi-series DVD sets from 2000 to 2002. The DVDs were discontinued years ago but some copies can still be found by searching the internet.
yes he is still alive No, the Buckwheat from the original TV series, William (Billie) Thomas is dead. He died in 1980 of a heart attack.
His name is Sarek, and he is a Vulcan Ambassador.
Since the category is Classic TV I assume the question is about the Clayton Moore/Jay Silverheels series. Moore's Lone Ranger rode on saddles created by the Edward H Bohlin company, commonly known today as 'silver saddles' for the amount of silver decoration on them. Similar saddles were also made...
According to Dennis Weaver, the late actor who played the role of Chester Goode, the producers of the show wanted him to develop a disability to explain why Chester never carried a gun and had a nonviolent attitude. Weaver showed up to the first day of shooting and demonstrated the now famous limp,...
In the 1997 film "Leave It to Beaver " the role of Beaver was played by Cameron Finley .
first you have to go to the fonzes grave and then stab him twice and your as cool as fonz
Alfalfa was played by the late Carl Dean Switzer (August 7, 1927 - January 21, 1959) . He attempted to stay in acting after The Little Rascals, but had little success. One of his last film appearances was not in a live role, but as a photograph in the movie "White Christmas", as the brother of one...
i think sam is just naturally mean or she either likes him.
Actor Andy Griffith, best known as sheriff Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show, has been married three times. First to Barbara Bray Edwards, then to Solica Cassuto, and then to his current wife, Cindi Knight.
Laura ingalls wilder is a famous author born on Feb 7 1867 she died on Feb 10 1957 she died in her sleep of serve diabetes old age and a heart attack
Many of the items used for interior shots of Bonanza were taken  from the studio's props department making it almost impossible to  track down the dinnerware that was used.    One of the patterns often used was the famed BLUE WILLOW. I am  trying to figure out the Red Pattern, which seems to...
His name is Todd Bridges, who also did comedy TV series of different strokes
Sometimes you have more than one feeling about something. You could be hurt, angry, confused, sad, lonely, depressed all at the same time and bounce between any or all of them. You may not be able to label exactly how you feel, you have a bunch of feelings about it.
ask your great-grandad!
ESTELLE GETTY (save some oodles for me)
The role of bugler Private Hannibal Shirley Dobbs was played by  James Hampton .
Even thou Bea Arthur disliked Betty White( a fact revealed by close friend Rue McClanahan), Betty loved Bea. Betty and Rue attended Ms. Arthur's funeral.
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Barney is currently hiding from the Carebears.
He did have a son when he left the series so maybe he did.
That was "Change of Habit", released on November 10, 1969.
The best cartoon character is a tie of: Daffy Duck, Marvin The Martian, Spongebob, Roadrunner, Tom fom tom and Jerry, and the Tazmanian Devil.
who won got to dance? Well, The Box won got to dance in 2010
Do you mean episode or movie?The final movie was Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie (The nine sailor soldiors get together! Miracle in the Black Dream Hole)ORBlack Dream HoleThe final episode was episode 200, "Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights Up The Galaxy"
I used to watch this show all the time as a child and don't ever recall an episode where the skipper tried to kill himself
No, he was Caucasian.
He was famous for inventing the Pinhole Gamma Ray Camera which is also called the collimator.
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell: And The Lost Treasure Tinkerbell: And The Great Fairy Rescue Secret Of The Wings And more to come, including The Quest For The Queen. If there is one movie set in each season then shouldn't the order (by season) goTinker Bell (2008) (Spring)Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy...
Archie Campbell was the barber .
It was Akai. The little boy aged 10. He is so cute , love him :) Great potential and he will be amazing when he is older.
Greg, Peter, and Bobby are the boys and Marcia, Jan, and Cindy are the girls.
Yes , Robert Blake was "Mickey" in The Little Rascals .
Bonanza was never filmed in black and white. The mother company of NBC was RCAwhich wanted to sell color TV's. The Cartwrights were always in color, unless of course you didn't own a color set.
Well he had a couple but the one that he ended up marrying was Helen Crump, Opie's teacher.
What dose the Ronald Mcdonald house do?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sick children all around the world living with either short or long term diseases.