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The Republic of Albania is one of Greece's southern European neighbors. In 2009, the country applied for European Union membership. Typical questions relate to Albania's ancient ruins, Communist and Islamic past, emerging modern urban culture, farm based economy, forested and mountainous geography, and widespread literacy and multilingualism.
Assuming that both parties, or at least the Petitioner (the person seeking the divorce) is resident in England and Wales then the English court has jurisdiction.I'm assuming that you are the petitioner and live in England and Wales. You may be entitiled to public funding (legal aid), depending on...
the money they use in Albania is called the "Leke" 
The Czech Republic is actually the most prosperous country in Eastern Europe.
of course she does and a master degree in European law in Luxembourg.
shadow in albanian = hije
Factually, I'd say agnosticism or atheism. There has been loads of claims about 70% following Islam etc but I think it's just speculation led by historical interpretations and political reasons.I believe there will be a census soon, the first one btw, which will probably give us more realistic...
Albanians are in a high conditions of lifestyle in general they like and have fancy cars always trying to build nice houses and like to wear clothes that are famous names like Boss or Armani. They do care what type of food they eat and always they wont to have more on the table even they will not...
good, how are you? (directed to a girl)
How To Make Baklava   BAKLAVA - Baklava 1 glass melted margarine 1 glass of ground walnuts 1 lemon 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 2 eggs 250 g flour 750 g sugar Starch Knead flour, salt and a glass of water to a dough. Fold dough and knead again. Cover with a damp cloth and leave...
Through the 2010 Games in Vancouver, no athlete from Albania has won an Olympic medal.
110 km/h in Albania. 130 km/h in Kosovo.
The capital of Albania is Tirana
Near Albania are the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.
This is the Strait of Otranto .
The best albanian rapper is Rebel A.K.A Unikkatil . He is the leader of T.B.A ( The Bloody Alboz )
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Albania is mostly a mountainous/hilly country with 70% mountains and a beautiful coastline, especially Sarande. There are also plains. There are three very deep lakes, formed by tectonic activity.
Eposi i kreshnikeve involves all the antique Albanian poems.
Albania is not an expensive country, American people can live very well here with theri incomes. It should not cost more than 5$ to enter to the castel.
Adriatic Sea is in the west and west-north of Albania.
There were more than 10 000 killed people of wich more than 3000 result desapeared and buried in mass graves in Serbia and Montenegro.The most part of this people were civilians and the other Freedom fighter of the UCK. But this is only the last casuality of the last two centuries. Only in Turkie...
Just like you would do with non-Albanians.
The name for the people - demonym - of Albania is Albanian.
Yes, Big Brother Albania 4 started on December 25, 2010.
Hitler never attacked Albania. It was used a buffer zone, and it was occupied by the Italians in the 1930's.
Albanians eat Arabic (Turkish), Greek and Italian food. it eats Mediterranean food
Serbia borders the province of Macedonia in Greece and Albania.
The body of water that the Italian army crossed to get to Albania is Adriatic Sea. The Italian army arrived in port of Durres in April 7th, 1939 where they faced the initial resistance by the Albanian forces led by Mujo Ulqinaku.
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Yes Albania was part of ww1.
ITs a very poor European country in the Ballkans. Poor compared to the United States. It's poor European country if you compare it to the united kingdom however there economy is rising rapidly every year.10% - 15% every year wich is amazing. Albania is poor because of the "3rd world hole"....
It stands for Common Era, and is one half of a system of measuring time - the opposite is BCE, which means Before Common Era. It is gradually replacing BC and AD as a way of classifying years. The present year is 2011 CE. It can also stand for "Christian Era;" perhaps more accurately. There was no...
Albania is in Europe, in the west Balkans on the Adriatic Sea.  
Alexander's mother, Olympias was Molossian. The Molossi were a Greek tribe living in Epirus. Epirotes were Greek. Alexander the great was Greek by both parents. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympias) His father, Pihilip II, was Macedonian, that is Greek. Alexander's grand father, Alexander I,...
"paç fat" or "fat te mbarë"
it's the same amount but sometimes dollar it's lower than albanin money like giving a 1$=65c
I as an Albanian like the Jewish people and I am glad that the Jewish people have overcome all their difficulties and is now a prosperous nation. Regarding Albanians as whole the majority like and admire the Jewish people. The biggest reason why Albanians like Jewish people is because of the...
I am an Albanian vegan living outside of Albania and I can only guess. I have lived in Albania for 13 years and am in regular contact with Albanians in Albania, and outside and unfortunately have never heard of another Albanian vegan or vegetarian be it in Albania or outside. If there are...
  A don me dal me mue ne takim?
"Zemer" means heart and "zemre" might be another way of calling somebody honey.
No. She was born in Florida.
MikuruAsahina2 Albania is a couple hours away or before Pacific Coast
Tirane this is a diffrent person now but that awnser is wrong dont listen to it.
Yes because every year there is a parade for Albania and itay so they are friends!
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Jamahiriya, governed by the people through local councils; in fact, is a military dictatorship.
her father is Israeli.
pyetjete matures 2009   e matematikes
cute aniimal in abanian is kafsheve cute
Italy conquered Albania in 1939 (during World War 2). Throughout  World War 2, Italy conquered not only Albania, but a large number  of other countries.
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Not ALL Albanians do this. If you got out more and opened your eyes to the world (or met more Albanians) you would find that this isn't true. However, the majority of Albanians do so because they are very patriotic and proud of their culture, love and enjoy it and would like for it to be a part of...
The Albanian National Football Club FaceBook page says that there are approximately 279,000 fans
how albanians celebrate rite of birthday
It depends because it is constantly changing but it is about 98.03 cent
linda usually is a female name in Albania but if you say in albanian " unë linda" means "i was born "
its is in Easter Europe right across from itaty
1912, when those days superpowers didn't approved such a thing.
the currency in Albania is lek named after Alexander the great   leke or euro. leke is used more commonly as far as i kno cuz when i went to visit my family everything was sold in leke. but im guessing that the euro is used more for the buisnesses that other countries have. but overall the leke...
FYROM borders the province of Macedonia on the northern Greekpeninsula and Serbia borders Albania.
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There an official Apple store in Tirana Albania. Store is located at Sky Tower, in the downtown area.
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Take 2 pills within 72 hours after unprotected sex: NorLevo 0.75 mg which is Postinor-2
Italy invaded Albania in 1939.
  Albania is a parliamentary republic
no but he mocked it before in a song. the language.