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Swans are large waterfowl that are some of the biggest. Closely related to ducks and geese, they are famed for their majesty and beauty and are part of the history and mythology of numerous cultures.
like many other birds and other species, they take care of their  young... and they also protect their young from predators
   The trumpeter swan  is the largest extant species of waterfowl. Adults usually measure  138-165 cm (4 ft 6 in-5 ft 5 in) long, though large males can  exceed 180 cm (71 in) in total length.[2][4][5][6]  The weight of adult birds is typically 7-13.6 kg (15-30 lb).  Possible due to...
Tundra swans migrate for about 400 miles. Before it gets too warm,  tundra swans migrate from many different continents to the Arctic  Circle.
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Yes, they are born with grey feathers and as they get older the grey feathers fall from their bodys and they have white feathers, these can fall off if they hit a wall or are shot ect. (kind of like human hair, you can pull it out)
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no they only swim in lakes, rivers swams and creeks
All swans build their nests near water. Some build nests on the ground. hope that explains it all
fox = an adult male is a dog fox, an adult female is a vixen. pig = an adult male is a boar, an adult female is a sow. swan = an adult male is a cob, an adult female is a pen.
Yes. Don't antagonise a swan. They're vicious!
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A little city in Italy where they eat coffee cakes and drink tea all day.
It is fantasy. Reasons: Animals cannot talk. Swans cannot read or write or play the trumpet. There are a lot more reasons but that's just some of them.
2, the same as any other bird.
Swans are very territorial and fierce creatures. If they feelthreatened they will flap their wings and honk as a warning. If thewarning is not enough they will attack pecking and biting until thethreat dies or goes away.
A Mute Swan has an orange bill. The Whooper's is bright yellow. A Mute Swan also has a black knob at the base of its beak which is larger in males.
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There are many different species of swans found all over the world,  including Mute Swan, Trumpeter Swan, Tundra Swan, Black Swan,  Coscoroba Swan, and Whooper Swan. While species like the Australian  Black Swan are indigenous to Australia, others like the Trumpeter  Swan is native to North...
Swans are birds, they do not give birth, the female lays 5 to 10eggs, in a nest by water, that take from 35 to 42 days to hatch.The female does most of the egg incubation, but every now and thenthe male will replace her for a while so she can have a swim and a'bite to eat'.
  A swans nest is known as a clutch
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Yes, they can and often do.
A swan, also known as a pen.
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They can live up to 50 years.
"Swan Princess IV: Swan Princess Christmas" is due for release in December of 2012 through Crest Animation and Sony Pictures.
yes when it is warm they stay in ponds
A female swan is called a 'pen'; the male is a 'cob' and as you know, the babies are 'cygnets'...
"A straight line can readily be drawn among each of the two series of points corresponding to maxima and minima, thus showing that there is a simple relation between the brightness of the variables and their periods."   Henrietta Swan Leavitt describing her famous discovery.
A male is a Cob and a female a Pen
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No they don't. They go to the chesapeeake bay, Maryland.
The Tundra swans spend the winter in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.
It takes approximately 32 - 40 days depending on the breed of swan.
They lay, on the average, three to eight eggs. Only one clutch of eggs is laid per year. A swan builds their nests out of stems and leaves from plants such as cattails and sedges. Trumpeters often nest on top of muskrat or beaver lodges.
They lay 4 or 5 eggs.
They nestle on the ground and put their head and part of their neck under a wing.
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I believe it to be 35 days from the lay of the last egg.Hope this helps
Yes, black swans are essentially unique to Australia. They are found throughout the continent (except for the far north, in Cape York Peninsula). Black swans have been known to migrate to New Zealand. Not being introduced by man, they are considered to some degree, for that reason, to be native to...
These beautiful creatures that most often appear in lakes and rivers around Britain are taller than ducks and are about the size of an average goose. They have snowy wight feathers and long beautiful necks. It is highly illegal to poach them as they have been labelled 'the Queen's swans'.
Cygnets, and not "signet" as in a signet ring.
They usually live to be about 50 years old.
Swans are among the largest flying birds. They can reach a length  of over 60 inches and weigh over 33 pounds and a wingspan can be  almost 10 feet. Adults also have a patch of unfeathered skin  between the eyes and bill. The legs of swans are normally a  blackish grey color.
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Yeah, they are known as the queens pets. I dont know anyone who wants to kill such a beautiful bird!
i am not shure but i know when the are scared or are mating they make a low hissing noise
They stay in the eggs for about thirty-five days.
Most species of swan mate for life. After fertilization, the femalewill lay anywhere between three and eight eggs per clutch.
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Trumpeter swan likes to swim in ponds and other bodies of water  while eating aquatic plants. It also makes a noise that sounds like  a trumpet.
Yes, the Black swan is an Australian bird. It is native to Australia, and migrates to New Guinea. It has also been introduced to New Zealand.
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Yes she does as it occurred in the River Trent a few weeks ago, close to where I live. It was reported in the newspapers that this particular act was indeed reported to the outraged queen! The 'suspect' took the swan home and apparently ate it for his dinner, local neighbors were slightly suspicious...
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== on the land or also at the water's edge ==
  Yes! I have one in my back yard. It just showed up and I am trying to find out how it got here. TA
Mute swans have the same pedators as the Tundra swan their predators are humans,bears,foxes,and racoons
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I've seen swans in the sea before. Last year it the beach in Gdansk, Poland: it was about minus 10 degrees and there was ice on the sea and a group of 5 or 6 swans were swimming a few yards off the shore. I suspect that any nearby fresh water would have been frozen solid
male swans would win because it can knock you cold with its wing.
Can weigh around 15 kgs
Well, first of all some ponds are just not suitable for swans. The first major thing that matters is where you live. Black swans live in Australia. So if you live in Australia just read what is below about attracting swans. Black necked swans live in south America. So do the Coscoroba swans. Mute...