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Order Coleoptera is the largest group in the animal kingdom. With over 230 families and more than 350,000 know species, this category is where you need to be to get your questions answered about beetles.


if it was me i would kill it but for my gf she would put it on her shoulder and watch it fly away
one of the places that you can find a beetle is when you go inside the pyramid of the sun. When you get to the people, turn left to the blocked doorway. It will be behind the block on the far right. Also you can find one on the right of the library. Just past it. Sorry haven't found anymore. ill...
The ladybug's head is round and thin and includes theladybug's mouth, eyes, and antennae.
a different type of a carpenter bee
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for a year or less.
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fireflies produce some chemical reactions inside their body andthat will allow them to light up and this process is known as bioluminescence. When oxygen combines with calcium,adenosinetriphosphate and chemical luciferin in the presence of luciferase,a bio luminescent enzyme is produced.
Put the lady bug in a jar and document its behavior in a journal.
about 4-10 days aka it takes a week and 3 days
A ladybig typically represents luck and all things positive.
Scientific name: Xylocopa aestuans Russian name: Пчелa-плотник светло-жёлтая English name: Canary carpenter bee
the cane beetle were eating a good 23% of all crop grown inAustralia.
they can live to 2 to 5 oldest one is 17
Parrots and Ladybugs have wings, and use them to fly. They're brightly colored. They each have an 'a' as the second letter in their names.
Not at all. They're my favorite insect. They'll gently land on your hand, and I've never ever known one to bite.
Arthropod is the phylum for the lady bug.
Depending on when it happens, a few to a few dozen ladybug larvaecan hatch at one time.
sort of a trick answer to a trick question...for the most part ladybugs do not eat leaves but eat soft bodied insects, but there are a few species of ladybugs that feed off of plants and are considered pests, such as the Mexican Bean Beetle..they feed on the green growing leaves of various plants ...
No, ladybugs do not eat dirt since as predator bugs, they hunt andeat aphids, small bugs that live on plants and flowers. That is whyyou usually see a big increase in the ladybug population aroundspring.
no they do not have a backbone
Ladybugs survive by eating aphids on plants and when its thewinter they will actually hibernate under leaves and in the bark oftrees.
ive heard its under the dash/steering wheel
Well beetles and grasshoppers are alike one because obviously they are both animals which are insects and two because they are both insects that have chewing mouth parts. So mosquitoes, moths, butterflies, flies and so on are insects that have sucking mouth parts, where as the ants, bees, wasps,...
On average, ladybirds live for about a year. Some species live longer: the Asian Lady beetle, for example, can live for 2-3 years in the right conditions. It is a myth that the spots on a ladybird correlate to the number of years they have lived. See the related link below for more information.
Ladybugs like and can eat all kinds of pollen, although not allkinds are healthy for them.
many are red in coloration , which in nature is warning for their toxic/bad tasting excretion they have Lar
While ladybugs usually don't live in jungles, they most certainly can if bred there.
Lady Bird Beetles do drink water. Most of their water comes fromeating Aphids. During the winter when the aphid population is down,then Lady Birds will small amounts of water.
they it bedstraw also know as sticky harry or sticky willy. .
Ladybugs eat aphids ( green insects that live roses) and drink water. Sometimes they consume pollen and nectar from plants to save up for winter.
Snout beetles are a type of destructive weevil. They eat plants,usually important crops. They are capable of killing large cropacreages.
No, ladybugs do not eat dust mites since their primary food sourcesare aphids, a garden pest. Dust mites are too small to eat and tosee with the human eye. If you see dust mites, you are seeing manyof them together. Dust mites exist to clean up what falls off fromone's body, food scraps, pets and...
assuming by Asian Beetle you are meaning the Asian Multi-colored Ladybug, it is on the large size as ladybugs go up to 1/4- 3/8 of an inch. Some of the smaller species of lady bugs can be 1/16 of an inch Lar
The habitat that you need to breed ladybugs includes plants thatproduce steady aphid populations.
Click beetles play dead when they perceive a threat. When the clickbeetle flips itself back into an upright position, a click is heardas the spine which it had notched into its abdomen is released.
Yes, as they grow they will molt (shed their skin) a number of times before they pupate. Lar
yes....we can find fireflies on mangrove forest, especially on Sonneratia species
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yes beetles do defecate like any other animal or insect theydefecate in small portions because their amune system tells themthat they dont really eat much .
up to 8 weeks i had a lady bug and she lived for 2 months
The kissing bugs or Triatominae have five nymphal stages. Each stage requires at least one full blood meal to grow to the next nymphal stage. Completion of growth from egg to adult usually takes 1-2 years.
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Yes they do. Ive always been told they did. A friend picked one up this week that was in my kitchen and it latched on to her finger and gave her a heck of a fright. Not a major bite but enough to make the unknowing scream in fright :)
Ladybugs lives in warm wetlands and likes to live in beautiful trees and looks for delicious aphids on crop's leaves.
the three body parts of a darkling bettle is head thorax abdomen
Yes, ladybugs eat since they feed on plant pest, such as aphids andwhite flies.
The ecological niche of a lady bug is to eat aphids. There are over350 different species of lady bug in America.
Mealworms belong to the Animalia kingdom. They are part of theArthropoda phylum and belong to the insecta class. Their scientificname is Tenebrio molitor.
Yes, stink bugs. That's why if you've had lots of lady bugs lately, expect stink bugs soon.
different insects eat others such as spiders
Well, the answer to your question would have to be,yes bugs do have butts. The way you can tell is that all animals go#1 and #2. That simply explains your question. Again,your answer to this question is yes. Have a very nice day.Thank you.
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The Asian Lady Bug is actually known as the Asian Lady Beetle. Itis a tree dwelling beetle introduced to the United States in 1978.
The mealworm is a type of beetle. It is the larval stage of abeetle known as the Darkling Beetle.
The native country is Russia. The bird now lives in Austria, due to seasonal migration.
not that fast, about 3 mph. you know that they are insects, right?
Dung beetles are not made to live in the extreme heat of theArabian desert. Most are found in grasslands, farmlands, andforests.
Whirligig beetles (family Gyrinidae) literally lives in the water surface film, where they feed on any small insect or other arthropod that had lucklessly fell into the water and became trapped in the water surface film.
they live on trees and are usally born on trees
they live up trees and eat grass.
4 inches long
what is a ladybug classification what is it!
Divinity is the spiritual meaning that's associated with the color red. For example, Mary and her son, Jesus of Nazareth [c. 7-4 B.C.E. - c. A.D. 30], traditionally are shown with red hair. Specifically, in terms of the ladybug [ Coccinellidae ], the beetle's red and red related colors tend to...
The familiar beetle, usually with black spots on red, is called ladybug in the US, and ladybird in most of the rest of the English-speaking world. The name ladybird comes from the vernacular name for the common 7-spot ladybird ( Coccinella 7-puncata ) in Europe: Our Lady's Bird -- the Lady in this...
A ladybug ( ladybird in British English) is a type of beetle .
no becaus it would fly away but you can try. no becaus it would fly away but you can try. no becaus it would fly away but you can try
About 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long.
if you are saying "beetles" , I don't understand which type of beetles. Let me give you some examples, scarab beetles eat dung, cereal leaf beetle eat wheat, tiger beetles eat FISH, flour beetles eat eggs, and stag beetle eat tree sap. Hope this helps! Nickname:MelodyKitty_24
No , orange ladybugs such as the Asian or Japanese lady beetle [ Harmonia axyridis ] aren't poisonous. But they aren't tasty either. Generally, orange or red coloring warns nature that a plant or animal doesn't have a pleasant taste. No, the orange ladybugs are harmless. The red ladybugs are not...
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no they live in a family
Mealworm beetles (darkling beetles) are prolific breeders. Mating is a three step process: 1) The male gives chase until the female relents. 2) The male then mounts the female and curls his genitals (aedagus) underneath himself and inserting it into her genital tract. 3) The male then injects the...
The primary source of income the boll weevil destroyed for Georgia farmers during the 1920's or 30's is the cotton crop. Which put mostly half the farmers there out of work, and in debt. Then the drought came into play, which lead to the Great Depression with the stock market crash, and ect;
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Hello I am gonna re write the answer cos the other one was silly ladybirds like damp and dried fruit twigs and grass you should probally let them out 2 or 3 times a week so its not too cruel thankyou from ashbyjodie1002
What ladybirds drink,. Yes,mostly from dew drops. They also absort a high moisture content from their diet aphids ETC.
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Lightning bug/Fireflies have an enzyme (or protein) called Luciferase. The protein enables them to glow. The Luciferase causes a reaction, resulting in the glowing of the Lightning bug/Firefly.
just about any dung except it's own(beetles that live in a certain area may have preferences
I do not think they are toxic but if your child shows any symptomsof illness, go directly to the ER.
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