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Uruguay is a country in the southeastern part of South America. Its capital is Montevideo and it is the second smallest country in South America with a total land area of 176,000 square kilometers.


The flag of Uruguay has one Sun of May and four light blue  horizontal stripes. The Sun of May symbolizes a new nation in the  world and its four blue stripes for the nine first departments of  Uruguay.
At least 22 hours (1 stop).
Punta del Este (en Maldonado), Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento (en Colonia), termas (Daymán o Arapey en Salto) y La Paloma (en Rocha).
It's not its official language and very few people may speak Dutch. All Uruguayans speaks Spanish and many of them knows English and/or Portuguese. The national language of Uruguay is Spanish. SPANISH is the main language. Portugese and English and some local languages are also spoken Spanish....
Yes. Many a month but not everyday.
The Cerro Catedral ("Cathedral Hill") with an altitude of 513.66 m (1,685.2 ft). It is located north of Maldonado Department, in the municipality of Aiguá.
  It is 932 feet above sea level.
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Buenos Aires, the capital and most populous city of Argentina, islocated 150 miles west of Montevideo, Uruguay.
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no, it is not an island
  Based on USD - $1000.00 US converted to Uruguayan Peso's is 20,500.00.   REMEMBER THIS WILL CHANGE AS CURRENCY FLUCTUATES!
Argentina, Brazil, South America, Paraguay, Chile and Venezuela is way up their in south America
Physical features in Uruguay include mountains, doormant volcanoes, rain forests and underground coal mines. :) xD
The 25th of August (1825).
They are separate countries in South America, so no they are not the same place. :P
The Tropic of Capricorn passes through them both.
Now president Dr. Tabaré Vázquez from the Frente Amplio party. He took office in 2015.
Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north and north-east.
Uruguay gained its independence the 25th of August, 1825 and its first constitution was written in July 18th, 1830.
No, Uruguay's an independent country since 1825 and it's a democratic republic since then (it has a different president each 5 years)
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Carnival during February is the most important one. Others are going to a professional football match (soccer), museums, theatre (in Spanish) or cinema (there are many movies from US in original language) and going to a historic neighborhood.
Mostly an agricultural country, wool as one of their main exports. Many different types of crops
Uruguay is almost 100% of European descendants, there are not native Americans in Uruguay, however, in Paraguay there are much more native Americans.
"Hola" (is in Spanish)
In a nice neighborhood in Montevideo (its capital) is around 750 US dollars a month.
Montevideo's area is 80.7 square miles (209 squarekilometers).
the size of Uruguay is 53,000m
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Only in some public school but it's not common.
The jobs in Uruguay are in the street or playing instruments simples
1 US Dollar is around 24 Uruguayan Pesos.
the currency in Uruguay is : peso
You can visit the lakes in Uruguay. They are very large and beautiful! You can also visit the beaches by Rocha. sure u can
Not as Uruguay, only before it's independence. In WWII Uruguay was neutral. However, Uruguay military is present to maintain peace in some countries such as Congo and Haití.
     Uruguayans like to have a good time and go to the beach.   They also enjoy carnivals, and like to rent cabanas and relax  there. ("What do people do for fun in Uruguay?")   Other than that, they enjoy playing sports. It is a very important  part of everyday life in Uruguay.  ...
In Montevideo, its capital. Almost half the entire population.
The country of Brazil
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2 important facts on uruguay river:uruguay measures about 1600 km(990 miles) in length.unusual feature of urguay river is a submerged canyon along most of its length.
A British Lord worked as intermediate between Argentina and Brazil to fix the dispute over the territory where now Uruguay is. The result of this treaty was the creation of a new country at the east of the Uruguay River (that's why Uruguay full name is "República Oriental del Uruguay", what means...
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Punta del Este, Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento and "Termas de Daymán"/"Termas de Arapey".
Montevideo is a city itself so it has neighborhoods inside.
Día de la Familia (also called "Navidad", Christmas in English) and Año Nuevo (New Year)
No, as it's not a kingdom. It's a republican democracy and its president is José Mujica.
Yes, it has a wide coast with very beautiful beaches.
Catholic (40%) and Protestant (under 20%).
It had a crysis in 2002 but the economy is growing since then and today is very stable. Unemployment has reached a historic minimum this year.
The standard Uruguayan is very classic on his wearing style. He usually wears jeans, a T-Shirt or long-sleeve T-shirt and a sweater or hoodie.
It's a republican democracy ruled by its president José Mujica. Laws are approved in a legislative chamber and it has a judicial system.
Ecuador and Uruguay are both on the continent of South America .
"Estadio Centenario" (Centenario Stadium). It's a FIFA Historic World Monument.
1st most common lastname in Uruguay is Rodriguez 2nd : Garcia 3rd :  Gonzalez 4th : Fernandez 5th : Martinez 1st most common lastname in  Uruguay is Rodriguez 2nd : Garcia 3rd : Gonzalez 4th : Fernandez  5th : Martinez 6th : Happy Flower
Former Uruguayan president José Mujica is 82 years old (birthdate: May 20, 1935).
Uruguay is in South America, between Argentina and Brazil.
Uruguay was neutral during WWII. However when a Nazi boat came to Montevideo for help Uruguayans didn't provide the help requested and the ship sank in the estuary Río de la Plata.
President Dr. Tabaré Vázquez since 2015.
None, Uruguay has hills.
Uruguay is in South America.
Uruguay's location was disputed between Argentina and Brazil in the 19th century so an English lord interceded (Lord Ponsomby) and they arranged that the best option would be to declare a new country at the east of the river Uruguay and then the Oriental Republic of Uruguay was born in 1825.
They where free in August 25, 1825.
I don't know the 3rd longest but the 1st longest is the Rio Negro (1390 mi.)the 2nd is the Uruguay River (990 mi)
Uruguay has no king, it has a president: Dr. Tabaré Vázquez.