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History of Canada

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Canada is the second largest country in the world with the fourth lowest population density in the world. It is the land of the maple leaf, moose and beaver. Got questions? Place them here and a "Canuck" may even answer.


"First Nations" is a term used in Canada to refer to the remaining  native populations, those called "Native Americans" in the US. They  were actually also the first people to come and settle here. "first  Nations"    The term "First Nations" is used because these people are now  treated as...
Actually, i lived in Canada before, they don't need to consider it  for the next 200 years, because no one wants to move and live  permanently in Canada, no offense; Canada is beautiful and no one  hates the country, but think about it, the snow, the cold, no one  can take it for the rest of...
Baffin Island, Labrador, Newfoundland.
All the islands in Hudson bay, James bay and Ungava bay are  belonging to nunavut.
From October 10, 1911 to July 10,1920 Sir Robert Borden has been  working as a Prime Minister of Canada.
  According to United Nations figures, 53 Canadians were killed during peacekeeping operations as part of UNEF 1, the Suez Canal operation of 1956-1957. This was the bulk of the 100 fatalities of that mission.
He definetly did! He won his second election by 119 to 1. And had 930 followers on the night of his second election who brought him back to his home and brought him to work the next day by sleigh. He had lots and lots of followers or supporters.
he was born in 1922.
no he is dead he isn't alive
Whatever everyone else does for fun. Use the Internet, Watch TV,  Read, play outside, etc. Just because they're further up North  doesn't mean that they're in the middle of nowhere. The people who  live in Nunavut are regular people too you know.
they were onrails between places;)
many of the European countries assumed that the war would be short, a few weeks, etc. since all of the wars for 50 years had been that short...
On December 24, 1814, the members of the British and Americannegotiating teams signed and affixed their individual seals to thedocument. This did not itself end the war: that required formalratification by their governments, which came in February 1815. Thetreaty released all prisoners and restored...
William Lyon Mackenzie doesn't like anything anymore. He died over 100 years ago, on August 28, 1861.
The British North America Act (BNA Act) was the legislation, passed by the British Parliament, which created Canada on July 1, 1867. Canada was the very first country to be created by legislation.
as of June 2007 the premier of PEI is Robert Ghiz. before that it was Pat Binns
None. He provided his own ship and supplies.
The large part of this stretch of sea is known as Hudson Bay. The  smaller part extending southwards is James Bay.
Mary Ann Shadd Cary died on June 5,1893 in Washington, DC where she moved after relocating from Canada once her husband died. It is persummed she died from cancer
Unemployment, Poverty, prejudiced treatment by white people around them, under payment for work done, a justice system that was slanted against them and an education system that deliberately made it hard for them.and lots died and were killed
Any search engine would provide the answer to this question simply by inputting the words Klondike and gold. The Klondike Gold Rush took place in (should anyone be surprised?) The Klondike, which is in Yukon, Canada.
The majority of the Cree Native Americans live north and west of  Lake Superior. Most live in Canada in Ontario, Manitoba,  Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
Canada, as we know it today, did not exist as a political entity when Jacques Cartier explored the Gulf of St Lawrence in 1534.
Minorities were expected to live by the will of national or provincial minorities. There would be an attempt to assimilate aboriginal people into the dominant Canadian culture
Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Canada's 15th prime minister, serving from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980 to June 30, 1984. Trudeau was defeated by Conservative Joe Clark in the 1979 election and served as Leader of the Official Opposition from June 4, 1979 to March 2, 1980....
Alberta's oil sands has proven reserves of about 168 billion  barrels; the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world,  after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
Workers were discontent with the poor working conditions.  Newspapers called strike a "Revolution". The Strikers demonstrated  in the streets and attacked a streetcar. The mayor read about the  riot act - ordered RNWMP (Royal North Western Mountie Police) to  enact upon it - RNWMP fired shots at...
In 1980, mining was discontinued at Ungava Bay. Although the iron  ore mined there was of a high grade, cheap transportation was not  possible.
To help when a person is threatening or vandilism and the northwest mounted police cap up the person whose doing that
No records remain about the number of Germans who died in the  attack on Juno Beach in June of 1944. About 360 Canadian and  British soldiers died at the attack.
President Nixon did a couple of things that gave the appearance  that he was expanding the Vietnam War rather than trying to get  America out of it. One of those things was to invade Cambodia, the  other was to bomb Laos.
Louis Riel did not kill Thomas Scott. --------------------------------- Riel's government had Scott tried for defying the governments authority. Five of the seven members of the court, lead by Lieutenant A. Lapine, voted for the execution. Another government, from far away, representing other...
Pierre Trudeau was a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, of which he was leader from 1968-1984.*Important Note* Contrary to many general rumours and misrepresented material, Pierre Trudeau was never a member of the NDP nor its predecessor the CCF. He did sympathize with the party (especially...
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The confederation hapened on the first of July,1867.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the prime minister of Canada in 1972. Trudeau served as prime minister from 1968 April 20 to 1979 June 4. After a brief interruption by Joe Clark's Tories, Trudeau served again from 1980 March 3 until his retirement on 1984 June 30.
NOTE: Louis Riel did not kill Thomas Scott.On February 18, Major Charles Boulton and his men, passing near the Fort, were arrested by Riel's men, 48 were captured, including Thomas Scott. Major Boulton was tried and sentenced to death, but the sentence was never carried out. After causing problems...
He was searching for new lands to colonize.
=== Snow capped mountains, thick glaciers and chunks of ice floating around the islands in the Arctic Ocean. Nunavut also has many frozen or very cold lakes and rivers. ===
As of March 2013, she is not dead.
One would be that because Quebec had very good farmland, they would be able to give good crops.
It was important because before the strike there was no such thing as a minimum wage and people were getting paid very little and couldn't afford anything. If someone complained they would just fire the person and hire someone else. Because of the strike people have to be paid fairly and many...
Brian Mulroney bailed out because he knew his political goose was cooked.
It has often been said that Canada's history is all about geography.
Canada is located in the North Western hemisphere. It continent is North America. relative location - arctic ocean is north of Canada, Atlantic east of Canada, United States South of Canada and Pacific ocean West of Canada.
Inuit invented dogsledding, kayaks, toggle-head harpoons with  floatlines, parkas, snow goggles, fully waterproof clothing,  mukluks, igloos, sleeping bags.
Watson Lake Yukon is known for its 1300 signposts
Joliet thought Marquette lacked tact and cleanliness. In the canoe, he often sat as far away from Marquette, as possible. He had hopes that one day a mall would be named after him, because Joiet felt he had way more fashion sense than Marquette. Low and behold, there is a Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet...
He signed the Royal Proclamation, the Proclamation was to give the British Canada in the Revolutionary War or the French and Indian war.
P.E.I:- Prince edward island
Nellie McClung was born on October 20, 1873 in Chatsworth, Ontario.  She was an activist for social change and a strong feminist. She  served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Canada  from July 1921 to June 1926.
The main factor was the violent response by Canada. Riel was a  local leader and did not identify as Indian or Mixed Blood until  after Canada sent troops to force people in Western Canada to  consent to colonisation by Canada.    Canada played up Riels Indian connection. His family was...
In Greenland, where he had a farm.
A teepee is one of the many different types of houses used by First  People nations. If you want to build a Cree teepee you need to a  material such an animal skin, poles, and a thick rope. The poles  need to be stood up and then tied at the top. The material is then  thrown over the top and...
The largest was the World Trade Center attacks and the American response. While America has turned it's back on it's long history of individual rights and checks and balance in the power of the State Canada has been furthering the integration of Canadian and American Military, Law and Border...
What i learned was this: none of them won and some people say british but maybe they learned something different... i dunno -------------------------In response to the above ------------------ It was the British, they kicked out the French in a lot of their land in Canada. I believe one of the...
Calvinism or Presbyterian. He was married in a Presbyterian church.
The Irish not only immigrated to the United States, but they also  immigrated to Canada. The province that most of them called home  was Ontario.
yes. She had a dog and it was a collie. Kim named it Pennie
Lester Bowles Pearson's wifes name is Maryon Pearson (Moody).
-He is the Father of Manitoba -He fought for what he believed in -He helped many Metis -He tried to help others but his help was not wanted
The lowest two points in Canada are the False Creek Tunnel in  Vancouver, and parts of the city of Richmond. The False Creek  Tunnel is 29 meters below sea level. The parts of Richmond are also  below sea level.
Newfoundland, mainly, but also that whole coast along Canada
i dont know but Some of the games they played are called Tug-o-war, blanket toss, toe jump, knee walk.
he was known best as a hero. He stood up for those who could not stand up for themselves (i.e. French-speaking people) he was executed for "treason" which in my opinion is wrong!      Hope it helps!he was queer
Louis Riel died on November 16th 1885.
There is no main province in Canada except the province that holds the capital Ottawa which is Ontario.
it is very boring out there so i moved but if you like math and french then you will like it cause that's all they teach
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Fox http://who2.com/ask/terryfox.html
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  Solar energy is renewable. and it is a natural energy     .
because manitoba was already a part in canada
Modern university undergraduate level text books provide the most reliable information about Canadian history, even though they sometimes disagree on some matters.
The Canadian Railroad Trilogy is a long, wonderful piece of music about the building of the railroad across Canada, written and sung by Gordon Lightfoot.
He was apart of an Irish family of six children. He was part of an English-speaking Catholic minority. He learned his french from street friends.
In the early 1900's Portuguese immigrants went to work in Canada inthe fishing industry. Most of the Portuguese immigrants settled inparts of eastern Canada, like Novia Scotia.
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The Queen, but not really. It is a very ceremonical role which is today appointed by the Prime Minister who is elected by the people who is then appointed by the GG.
Canada provided a number of military units, ranging from infantry to artillery to armour, as well as fighter squadrons, and RCN ships on coastal patrols. The Canadian Army units werea part of the Commonwealth Brigade, that was comprised of British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand troops. The...
The 49th parallel forms the border between Canada and the USA from the Pacific Ocean to Lake of the Woods. The phrase often refers to the border in general.
Yes, he was married to Helene Boulle. She was 12 and he was 42.