Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) was Queen regnant of England and Queen regnant of Ireland from 1558 until her death. The daughter of Henry V, she was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty.
Since most people could not read or write party invitations wouldhave been verbally done by the common folk and the wealthy wouldhave sent a small handwritten note by footman to the person theywere inviting. People didn't have parties like we do today. Forinstance, Christmas was spent in church at...
yes she lives in london
It has a red ruby in its mouth, It symbolizes Elizabeth's heart.
Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary)- (Elizabeth Regina) is the current Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.
Mary's half sister was Elizabeth 1, later Queen Elizabeth I. Mary's half brother was Edward VI (6) later King Henry VI.
To start things off: Stabilized the Church of England as the official church for a long period. Fought off the Spanish Armada. Promoted colonization. Imprisoned and beheaded Mary queen of Scots.
Where Elizabeth I is Buried . In Westminster Abby under neath her effigy there a is a tomb were Queen Mary I Elizabeth's half sister) is buried. Elizabeth was laid to rest beside her half sister.
to make Elizabeth a catholic. Spain was catholic and Elizabeth was Protestant. Spain also wanted more power in Europe
He moved the capitol of Spain form Toledo to Madrid.
No, she died single (The Virgin Queen) Although there have been many doubts about her celibacy, there has never been any suggestion that was pregnant at any time.
If you are talking about Elizabeth I then her mother was Anne Boleyn.
Elizabeth the I was the daughter of King Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was the second legitamte daughter of Henry VIII and the first child of Anne Boleyn
The Father of Queen Elizabeth I is Henry VIII
Queen Elizabeth I ruled during the Renaissance, after the Middle Ages ended.
she was loved rather than feared.
I heard she gives good head
Her Majesty is not proud, she takes her Royal duties very seriouslyand when she was a young teenager she made a vow to serve all hersubjects to the best of her ability. She believes it is a privilegeto serve her country and people.
No, she didn't. Elizabeth I supported a moderate form of Protestantism similar to that of her father's (King Henry VIII). Source: Aspects of of Britain n the USA
She was the Queen of England she ruled over her people
Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) was often urged to marry by her ministers, in order to secure the succession, but she always managed to successfully side-stepped the issue. But it seems the Queen possibly did lose her heart to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (1532 - 1588). A man she called her "Eyes". ...
In the Elizabethan times, marriage was considered more as a business arrangement than a love relationship. The women had very little choice in husbands, and marriages were arranged by their families in order to provide and/or retain wealth between the families. Poor women could sometimes choose...
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Belive it or not,Queens Elizabths first name was ELIZABETH
Elizabeth 1 is rather specific. I would say that the ideals duringthat time period would match her opinion.
She was the queen when it was written. In other words, she had as much to do with it as Queen Elizabeth II had to do with Harry Potter.
Leda and Swan is a sonnet written by W.B Yates. Yates was a poetfrom Ireland and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1923.
You can't go out in public, you don't have him on mjor (or minor) holidays, you'll probably be a lone on your birthday, he goes home to the other woman who will always be more important than you and who has his children, you can't get pregnant by him wothout destroying his life so he can't be hapy...
Yes, there are artifacts at Hatfield House, where she spent many childhood years. There are riding gloves, a hat and early silk stockings said to have belonged to her.
elizabeth 1 should have married Francis, Duke of Alencon (later Anjou). Here are reasons why : - England would have made an alliance with France - The people liked him
Queen Elizabeth was the second daughter of Henry VIII of England. She ruled for over forty years and she known as the "Virgin Queen" and the era in which she reigned was named the "Golden Age".
Pope disliked him because she is an anti-catholic.She encouraged the people of England to enter the Anglican church.\n
she spent her childhood in Hatfield and her adulthood in many places in England although she did go back to hatfield right before she became queen
elizebeth was a good queen
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Anne Boleyn is Elizabeth Tudor's mother.
Elizabeth was Prtestant but let people pray how they wanted.Her father broke away from the church which made a BIG difference to her reign with religion. Her sister Queen Mary I, was going to but she died. However Elizabeth kept it as it was a Catholic/Protestant church without the papacy!And she...
The mother of King James l was Mary Queen of Scots, she was beheaded by her Cousin Queen Elizabeth l, who considered her a threat to the British as a catholic, the reason he became king is because Queen Elizabeth l had no children, this made him next in line for the throne.
Elizabeth I established an English Protestant church of which shewas the head. This evolved into the Church of England. TheElizabethan age is remembered as a golden era of English culture Ðthis is the time of William Shakespeare. Also during her reign, theEnglish defeated the widely feared...
Elizabeth I was . Strong, . intelligent, . powerful, . ruthless, . successful, . virtuous, . gracious, . caring, . fierce, . vain, . stuck to her decisions, . perseverance, . stood up for herself, . tolerable and lots more! Thankyou for ready!
In the sixteenth century, when the protestant heresy first appeared, one person tried to have his cake and eat it too, Henry VIII . He knew that if he totally accepted the protestant heresy his people would revolt, so he tried to forge a middle ground, his son, Edward VI, was really too young to do...
Queen Mary I ( Mary Tudor) of England.
Queen Elizabeth 1 tulips Queen Elizabeth 2 red rose
He was her father - Anne Boleyn, his second wife was her mother.
Elizabeth the first of England was crowned "Queen of England, Ireland and France". The Archbishop of Canterbury.
123 house not including buckingham palace
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I think if not why does she have so many oil painting in her palaces
~Mary Elizabeth Mahoney was the first black woman to complete nurse's training in 1926. ~She was basically a nurse/doctor
Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) was often urged to marry by her ministers, in order to secure the succession, but she always managed to successfully side-stepped the issue and tended to flirt with some of the young men at court. However, it seems the Queen possibly did lose her heart to Robert Dudley,...
Robert dudley was catholic or protestant protestant
Virgin queen: enquivering
Elizabeth was highly intelligent. She had the knowledge ofa scholar and was one of the smartest women of her time. She had afiery temper and you didn't want to get in her way when she wasangry. She was very intuitive. When Elizabeth became frightened,she often said she was sick and took to her bed...
Because she never married.
Elizabeth was a fair queen, unlike most English monarchs that ruled in the sixteenth century. to help the poor, Elizabeth raised the taxed, but only on the rich to give money to the poor to buy food and clothes for them self and she also made work houses for the poor people to live in and to work...
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daughter of anne Boleyn,second wife of Henry the 8th.
Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603), daughter of Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) by his second wife Anne Boleyn (c1501-07 - 1536), had the following siblings: Mary I (1516 - 1558) by Catherine of Aragon - first wife (1485 - 1536) Edward VI (1537 - 1553) by Jane Seymour - third wife (c1504-09 - 1537) ...
The Prince of Wales will become King and will probably take the title Charles III
Yes, he reigned from 1547 to 1553. He was the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.
Katherine Parr. I am not sure.
it is the middle way of cathlic and protestant
she became queen on the 21st of april 1953 Question answered by leyah
Upon Henry's death, his son Edward became King Edward VI, upon his death his half-sister Mary became Queen Mary, upon her death her half-sister Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth. Edward was the son of Henry and Jane Seymour, Mary was the daughter of Henry and Katherine of Aragon, and Elizabeth was...
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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836 - 1917), the first Englishwoman to obtain medical qualifications, was the daughter of Newson Garrett (1812 - 1893), a grain merchant.
Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) - died in 1603. Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926 - ) is still alive and will be 84 years old this April.
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