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Video Editing

Video editing software is any software which is used to manipulate video files. Questions about editing techniques and applications belong here.


There are multiple types of files used to store video, a few of  them include:   -MPEG   -M4V   -AVI   -WMV
Most digital cameras use .MOV format which is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. You will need to download and install a video converter (available free online... just Google it). Once you have a video converter installed, locate the camera media you wish to convert and add it to the...
It doesn't shorten them. You have to increase them in Windows Movie Maker to see the full animation. Drag/stretcg the gif towards the right on the time-line. Then press play in the Preview pane. You will see the full animation.
Windows Movie Maker imports .gif files is the original format size. You will have to stretch the gif out on the time-line to see its total animation.
What aspect (size) did you select to Publish/Finish the video in? Try Publishing/Finishing the video to your computer (without changing the aspect ratio).
Videos used in Windows Movie Maker have to be in the correct format (file name extension): .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmv If they are not in one of the formats listed above, you will need to convert them before they can be imported/edited in the program.
Go into Effects menu. Scroll down and choose from Rotate 90, 120, 270 degrees.
well if you wish to slow a video down, add it to windows live movie maker, then click the edit tab that appears when you click on the video. then just reduce the speed to .5, .25, or .125
I used Free Video Converter Factory. You can use "Clip" button to  cut the video parts you want.
Select the media clip - drag the Horizontal transparent level line down until you get the transparent you want.
I've done this before     You don't do it on video but if you can download it onto your  computer 💻 then put it on to the windows movie maker    If that doesn't work the get a person on the 🎥 movie then   do a backing track/voice record for it
It depends on what codecs and containers or formats the machine you will be conducting the playback will support. If anything, go for MPEG2 video.
You will need to go to a video that you want, and download it onto your computer.
.avi',  '.dvr-ms', '.m1v', '.mp2', '.mp2v', '.mpe', '.mpeg', '.mpg',  '.mpv2', '.wm', and '.wmv'.
Prism by NCH Software is quite easy to use and available for free  download as well, having plenty of output formats.
Sorry, that question doesn't really make total sense. Can you  rephrase it at all?
To mute the music (for a specific period of time) you will have to Split it on the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker. > Move the green Advance bar to the point in your project that you want the audio to stop, and the video to start playing. > Click the Split button (beneath Preview pane)...
You can use programs designed to split video files, see the related link for an example of one which you can try for free.
SWF (short for Shockwave flash) is a very advanced file format that  supports flash and animations. Operating SWF is very easy to the  beginners and also it has very less file size. And the most  important is, the internet is mostly composed of SWF files, instead  of FLV (Flash) files and is...
Wax is limited to certain video types, try converting your videos to avi and it should work, but still there's a chance that wax will kill your audio file. If i was you I'd try Adobe After Effects.
I am not sure if this works for Premier CS3, but in CS5.5 Pro, you  can do either of these two things:    go to "Window">>"Workspace">>"Reset Current  Workspace"  or go to "Window" and select the frames you want to use. Then  all you have to do is organize the frames to how you...
Never heard of Windows Movie Maker v1.8 before. I even Googled it to see what I could come up with... and NADA. So, your best bet is to download the Movie Maker version compatible with your OS (operating system). You will find links to Windows Movie Maker v2.1 (XP), v2.6 (Vista/Windows 7) and...
Yes - stop motion is the use of single-shots composed together quickly to make motion, but at a frame-rate lower than 30 or 60 or higher that are standard for video and film. The image is jumpy-looking because the image is moving more than it would if you were dividing that movement up by 30, which...
In the Time-line view, right-click the Title/Credit on the Title Overlay track and choose Cut or Remove.
Use the Split feature which is located on the bottom right of the Preview pane: > Move the green advance bar (in the preview pane or on the time-line track) to the section of the video you would like to remove (cutout). > Click the Split button. > Continue to advance the green bar too...
You can't play video files created on WMM v2.6 on the earlier version 2.1 of Windows Movie Maker (XP).
it always hangs up when you believe , you've finally got somewhere - over and over again . it's crap - don't buy it.
Video files imported into Windows Movie Maker have to be compatible with the program. Most DV camera and camcorder formats are not compatible. If the video file has one of the following file name extensions, it can be imported and edited in Windows Movie Maker: .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v...
    you underline the title of the movie
Mp4 file name extensions (formats) are not compatible with Magix Movie Edit Pro14/15. You will have to convert the file to an .avi, mpg or other format to use in the program.
You can't convert a Windows Movie Maker project(MSWMM) file to any other format. You have to PUBLISH/FINISH the project first. This procedure mixes-down the audio and video properties resulting in a Standard format (in this case a .wmv file name extention). After you have Finished/Published the...
a good program for mac is " Final Cut Pro 5.0" my friend uses it and he can edit preaty good with it if you want to see his results then check out his youtube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/immortalrayman1
Your clips should not be freezing up after being split. You might consider re-installing your Windows Movie Maker, because it sounds like there may be a problem with the application itself.
You can't do that with audio on Windows Movie Maker. The application is very basic with limited features/functions. Masking is not a feature that is included.
To download AMV video flies, please visit the website located on the Related Links section below this answer.
Hmmm... Since it is not possible to remove a file name of a saved Windows Movie Maker project altogether (leaving it blank) I have to assume you want to rename it instead? Are you asking how to 'rename' a file? If so, right-click the file and choose Rename from the drop-down menu.
You can't, but you can emulate.
For those of you who are wondering what those bright red X's are on media in your Windows Movie Maker project... It means the program can no longer locate the Original Source files used to create the project. Until you Finish/Publish a video in Windows Movie Maker, DO NOT CHANGE/MOVE/DELETE the...
e=mc2     Answer 2:MP4. And you can use Any Video Converter Ultimate  to convert different video formats to MP4.   Avc
Try to use a recorder, im using a pretty one - PCHand Screen Recorder.   it could record any activities on the screen and the audio whatever u hear, even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings. i think it is the perfect assistant to...
You can change it with an audio converter. Free audio converters are available online. Google: free video converters and download one. Follow the conversion instructions to convert the file. I would suggest you convert the audio file to a .mp3, which work best in Windows Movie Maker. It doesn't...
For HD in Windows Movie Maker (v2.6); > Click on Publish to --- this computer > Name the movie and choose a save destination > Click Next > Choose More Settings - Open drop-down menu > Select from list
Yes. You do not need iTunes to import/edit/use audio/music on Windows Movie Maker. As long as the audio file is one of the file name extensions (formats) listed below, it can be imported/edited in the program regardless of where the file originated: aif, .aifc, .aiff, .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, ...
It sounds as though the video file you are trying to use in Windows Movie Maker is not compatible with the program. If a video imported into Windows Movie Maker is dropped into the Audio/Music track, then the file is incompatible. You will have to convert the video to one of the following file name...
That means the video file is not in a compatible format for Windows Movie Maker: .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmv Convert the video to one of the file name extensions (formats) listed above.
3GP is a video file format that is output by certain mobile phones.
TS files are not compatible with Windows Movie Maker, so you won't be able to import/edit them in the program.
.veg (Sony vegas project file)
You have to know the location you saved it to. If you can't remember where you saved it to, you can easily locate it on your computer by using the Search option: > Start orb > Type the file name in the Start Search box As you type, files will appear in the list.
Yes, but that's relative. If you would like more effects for making videos, check out other video editors like Wax 2.0, or you could experiment with different things in WMM
You can't, as Movie Maker is too basic. You'll need Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro or something like them. They are wrong >.<just youtube it. or google chroma key WMM (windows movie maker you will find it trust me)
Super Skarmory uses Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate. He was recently rumored to be switching to Adobe.
Are you using Windows Movie Maker v2.6 or Windows Live Movie Maker ? Though it doesn't really make a difference, it is easier to assist you in resolving your issues if we know which program version you have. Also, you haven't provided enough details on the problem you are experiencing either....
A photo credit is exactly what it says. It gives credit to the person who took the photo.
Well, if your footage originally did not have sound in it, you can import an audio file. If after effects doesn't play the sound when you preview the video, it's simple. The play button (>) doesn't play the sound. The RAM Preview (>>>) Does. It's the button off to the far right.
  The tool that I use the most for avi and mpg files is VirtualDUB. It even allows lossless trimming of avi files without recoding when cutting at keyframes.     It does not allow editing of .wma files though. You will have better luck using Microsoft's MovieMaker there, if you are on a...
It depends on your video type and format. Some small video clips in avi, wmv, mov are good to edit in windows movie maker and imovie. While high-quality and big-sized videos work badly in the two programs. You can download a fre trial of ArcSoft ShowBiz 5. In it you can add sparkling effects and...
If you only want to play a particular section of an audio file in Windows Movie Maker, you must first Split it and mute portions you don't wish to include. Or you can drag the marker to the desired start (and finish) points.
Using the Split feature does not make the video image disappear. But, if you select a split section and choose cut/remove or delete, then it will disappear.
It is impossible to change a .MSWMM file into any other format. A MSWMM (Microsoft Windows Movie Maker) file can only be viewed/edited in the Windows Movie Maker. In other words, a MSWMM file is a project format specific to the program. To change a MSWMM file into a Standard viewing format (file...
Windows Movie Maker is a basic video/audio editing software application. Though it is limited in features, the application is useful in helping novice users produce creative videos from raw media.
You can add animation on video by Photoshop. Go to YouTube and you  can find lot of tutorials there.
You have to have a Mac, but if you have a Macbook, it comes with it. If you don't you may or may not be able to download it. If you can, you would find it on Apple.com.
Click on the Blue Screening link in the Related Links section below for a YouTube video on Blue Screen effects in Windows Movie Maker.
If you mean editing your website title then enter page master: Design-pagemaster-yesThen you can edit the Title.The content that you place in the page master appears on every page making design super easy.
Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7.0.1
A video can be downsized by using a program to compress the file.  Compressing the video will allow larger video's to be downsize for  quicker downloads.
No. There is only one audio track to work with in Windows Movie Maker. You can drag an audio backwards on the time-line to overlap the music... but it may not sound the way it would if it were on two different tracks.Perhaps you can try to use a streaming audio recorder to record audio on windows...
You can't make a movie in reverse in Windows Live Movie Maker.
key for avs video editor
metasites and locating audio and video files.
My mom told me to finalize my disk so I did. I tried dragging it onto windows live movie maker and finding it in the files but it wasn't there. Later when my mom didn't want to help me she told me to make another video then try again. So I tried unfinalizing my disk but it didn't let me annd it...
QuestionI'm afraid not. It is Mac only. You can try Adobes Premiere Pro, which is for windows and is better than Final cut express anyway, you can do way more stuff with it. The link is at the bottom.
That's not possible. An important factor in whether something is "low quality" or "high quality" is the resolution of the video and the sampling rate of the audio. If the camera was not sensitive enough to record a higher resolution, there's nothing you can do; the information simply isn't there....
They allow you to edit, crop, cut, correct, warp, distort audio and video. If you are looking for visual editing software then I suggest putting in the "ASK" section :video editing software"/"audio editing software"
Yes. You don't have to download anything to convert the MSWMM file into a Standard viewing format. What you have to do though... is Publish/Finish the video to your computer first. This process mixes down the video and audio properties of the project file and converts it to a standard format. Once...
Rendering a Windows Movie Maker Project   Movie Maker Projects   .MSWMM and .WMMP files are only project files, they have all of the information needed to create a video, but it is not a video by itself. The only problem is that it needs to 'render' this project into an actual video. This...
For the highest resolution videos (1080p/720p) or 'Blu-ray', MPEG-2 and H.264 are the best codecs. MPEG-2 will usually have the file extension .m2v, and H.264 will usually have .m4v
.avi file name extensions (formats) are compatible with Windows Movie Maker as you can see from the list below: .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmvYou can use an .avi file in Windows Movie Maker by importing the media into the program using the Import Media...
You can get them from Rehanfx.org.
Well, if you are a techy or geek, you can change program associations as remedy to codec troubles, but if you are asking this question, I wouldn't advise trying it. Unfortunately, the easiest way to fix your Windows Movie Maker codec problems is by downloading the K-Lite Basic Codec Package (Google...
I DON'T KNOW i have been trying to find that out too! sorry if this DIDN'T HELP!! :P
As far as I know, you can't. If you had a lot of work done in Movie Maker, you may consider rendering (saving the movie file) in Movie Maker and importing the video into Premiere. The best way would be to start over, you'll still have all of the media you need to make it again.
If your Windows Movie Maker is freezing up... there is a reason. As a matter of fact, there could be several reasons. So, this is what I suggest you do: > Defrag your hard drive, do a disk cleanup and full virus scan of your computer > Ensure Automatic Updates are turned ON for Windows...
There are a couple of ways to try and solve this problem.    First make sure you have Direct X installed.    Next make sure the .NET Framework installed properly, sometimes it  has issues running.    Thirdly try running the program as an administrator, this normally  helps but not...
if its in the video it should play as long as its right under the video track, if not render the video and see, sometimes this can be trial and error.