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Doctor Who

Questions relating to the television show Doctor Who, from the very first episode in 1963 to the present. Questions about the several actors in the show may be asked here, as a second category, but should more accurately be placed in Celebrites.


depends where you are to when its on?. in England it started 5 of april. in Australia its July
The name "Sontarans" is the correct spelling for the warlike fictional alien race from Doctor Who.
Martha Jones is confirmed to not make an appearance on the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who; anything beyond that is unknown.
Torchwood is having it's next seasons on audio, produced by BigFinish productions.
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A month or so after its finished the tv run
23rd November 1963 at 17:15
William Hartnell was the very first doctor who regenerated on theepisode when the cybermen were first introduced. Patrick Troughtonwas the second doctor from the episodes of Power of the Daleks tothe War Games. Jon Pertwee was the third doctor from Spearhead FromSpace to Planet of the Spiders. Tom...
At some point in the Spring. No specific date has been released yet.
He must have had kids; in the first episodes, he travels with his granddaughter. As far as I know, his children are not specifically mentioned. In "The Doctor's Daughter", the doctor gets a daughter, a sort of clone created by a machine.
The Doctor is from Gallifrey.
They were human. The virus-like species that made them that way is called "The Flood".
Her identity was never confirmed and probably never will be, but the main possibilities are; she is his mother, she's Susan or she is Romana.
Including the newest one, there have been 11 incarnations of The Doctor, though there have been 12 actors. The First Doctor was recast for his appearance in "The Five Doctors" due to the original actor's death. So, there have been 12 actors, portraying 11 different incarnations.
In the 9th Doctor's season, Rose Tyler looks into the heart of theTARDIS and absorbs the time vortex. In doing so, she is able to seeall of time and existence so she saves the Doctor by defeating theDaleks. In seeing all of time, she realizes she needs to giveherself the pathway so she reaches that...
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David Tennant was asked to play the role of the Doctor because the showrunner, Russell T Davies, had worked with David on another TV show called Casanova and was very impressed with his acting. David did not actually have to audition for Doctor Who because he had worked with Russell before.
This answer is to how many people watched the final episode in which David Tennant played Doctor Who (as finding out how many people watched an individual scene most likely to be the same). More than 10 million viewers watched David Tennant regenerate into Matt Smith in Doctor Who on New Year's...
It is rumoured to start on the 13th March 2010. Others say it starts on April 3rd.
Doctor who started on the first Sunday of May 2010 on Prime. The new doctor is played by Matt Smith. The show starts at 7:30 and goes to 8:30.
There has been David Tennant and Matt Smith in Sarah Jane Adventures
um, i don't really know what you mean by similar to a library, but in the episode "the 11th hour" with Matt smith, they mentioned there being a library IN the tardis, right next to the swimming pool. The tardis library came up again in "amys choice" when the doctor says hell just "pop down to the...
well like it does NOW in 2011 its a bit obvious
because they loved each other, but then they ended up fighting ALOT! so they divorced
Steven Moffet
William Hartnell played the First Doctor from 1963 until 1966 (3 years). \n
Yes, Jon Pertwee died in 1996, aged 76, from a heart attack.
The BBC WritersRoom has a script archive with a few official scripts. One of these is the script for "Doctor Who 3x01 Smith and Jones". Script Archive: http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/insight/tv_drama.shtml Official Script "Doctor Who 3x01 Smith and Jones": http://www.bbc.co.uk...
David Tennant used an Estuary English accent for his role of the Tenth Doctor at the request of showrunner Russel T. Davies who didn't want two Doctors in a row with a Scottish (his natural) accent. He supposedly cloned his speech patterns after Rose, so he has a London accent... David Tennant...
There are no current plans to bring The Master back, so that decision has yet to be made.
I did some research and to what i can find, all the sites saidpretty much the same thing. That there is 6 Doctor Who card games,each having specialty cards and rare collectible ones. However nodoctor who info website had ANY knowledge on how many cards are outthere total.
No one knows his precise date of birth, since his age seems todiffer between series, though we know he is around 900 - 1,000.Much of his early life is shrouded in mystery!
Not during this regeneration, but that would be hilarious if it did!
The 2010 series started months ago, on the 3rd of April for the UK and 17th April for the USA.
They will be realeased sometime in February.
Doctor Who Series 5 Will Start On 13th March 2010
Rose got trapped in a parallel universe with her mother but shecouldn't go back because the Doctor had to seal the cracks upagain. However, in later episodes Rose does actually find a way tocome back but not permanently, and so the Doctor has found newcompanions since (although he never forgot Rose...
it is filmed in Britain, but one episode, The Impossible Astronaut,was filmed in America.
Yes. 4 times . 1. Unnamed woman from Gallifrey who gave him a child, who inturn, gave him a granddaughter, Susan; his first companion. . 2. Marylin Monroe . 3. Queen Elizabeth . 4. River Song
If you're talking about Tom Baker from Doctor Who, then he's still alive. If you're talking about the fourth doctor, then yeah. In the episode "Logopolis."
Yes. They were : 1. Daleks 2. Cybermen 3. Weeping Angels 4.The Silarians
To what I can see, it was released in between Nov. 8th and Dec. 2of 2010
Quite possibly. The trailer for the new season only shows the first seven episodes, so if they do, it will likely be for the Season Finale or the Christmas Special.
No, Torchwood is just a made up organization in Dr Who as well by Russal T. Davies. But I guess there is some sort of organization that monitors stuff like aliens, but obviously the goverment would of keep it secret or simply deney it.
Doctor Who: The End of Time was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 2, 2010
1st . dalek caan 2nd. dalek sec 3rd . dalek they 4th . dalek jast
This is debatable. Dalek Sec : He is the only black-coloured Dalek, showing his authority. He was chosen by the Dalek Emperor himself to lead the Cult of Scaro. He triggered the emergency temporal shift to prevent the Cult from being sucked into the Void, thus saving the future of the Dalek...
Saturday 3rd April, I think it's some time between 6 and 7 pm. I can't wait!
He wasn't. They found a simmilar actor to play his role...
daleks cause cybermens bulite can wipe out the heart ronserbery but a dalek can wipe out the hole bloode resedent origans
The TARDIS (which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is a fictional space ship that can travel through time and space. It disappears in one spot and reappears in another. The lore on the show is the sound of its engines is the sound of the time vortex and perhaps time itself.
Sunday 18th of April. Sorry, I don't know the time or channel.
The End of Time -- December 25, 2009 & January 1, 2010 (two-part episode) These have yet to air, but will air in spring of 2010: . The Eleventh Hour . The Beast Below . Victory of the Daleks
He is starring in a new BBC drama series called Single Father, then he might be going to America to star in a comedy drama for NBC called Rex is Not Your Lawyer (NBC will announce whether they are picking the show up in May). There are also lots of stories about him being offered film roles, or he's...
In an attempt to be rid of the Daleks and Cybermen once and for all, the Doctor and Rose open a void (a gap between the two parallel universes) that sucks in anything that has traveled through time. To do this, they both must pull two levers on opposite sides of the room where the entrance to the...
1 willam hartnell 2 Patrick trouten 3 john pertwy 4 tom baker 5 peter davisen 6 collin baker 7 sylvester mchoy 8 paul magan 9 chirstifer eccelston 10 david tennant 11 Matt smith 12 tba unknown
The fair scenes in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode 'The Mad Woman in the Attic' were filmed at Barry Island Pleasure Park in Wales.
No, they are not related.
Constant Life-or-death situations, and then falling in love with the Doctor, and losing him.
David Tennant was born on April 18, 1971.
Tom Milligan, the man she met when the Master took over the world, they broke up and she married Mickey Smith.
It aired from Aug to Dec of 2010 in Australia.
Camille Coduri won the special and you can also watch that episodeon Youtube
Because they want you to remember what show you're watching. Or because they think it's funny that the name of the show is mentioned so often within the show. Or maybe they just have way too many sound effects and wanted to be able to dedicate them all to specific aspects. I would wager it's closer...
they are the doctors arch enemy they first featured in the daleks with the first doctor
As shown in the promo following 'End of Time' yes, they will. As well as River Song, the Weeping Angels, and there is a new version of the Sonic Screwdriver, as the 11th Doctor apparently blows his old one up.
It starts April 3rd.
Dr Who will start in April 26th in Victoria Australia Dr Who will start in April 26th in Victoria Australia
The Doctor Doctor Who is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords areeffectively immortal under normal circumstances, since theyregenerate at death. They develop a new body and have a differentpersonality to a certain extent, but they have the same memoriesand continue their lives. The...
Because the Nestene Consciousness got mad at The Doctor for destroying his/her planet in the old series where all he did was he couldn't save it from certain destruction. The Consciousness escaped before its planet being destroyed and then chose Earth as its next home world, and with Nestenes powers...
Sunday, 18th of April. Probably the same time and channel as last season.
If you mean building a container that is bigger on the inside or that can travel through time, with our technology, you cannot, as it is virtually impossible. However, it is quite possible to build a TARDIS replica. Many people have done it, and posted videos on the internet
Judging on popularity in his years at Doctor Who, I am going to say David Tennant because of his acting skills. I am going to say Matt Smith because of his acting skills and he is good and because he takes it seriously. Tom Baker is considered the best doctor by many fans because not only did...
The following people/aliens returned. Sontarons Martha Daleks and Davros Rose Captain Jack Sarah Jane Smith Harriet Jones Mickey Rose went back the parallel world with a clone Doctor, Donna had her mind wiped after becoming part time lord.
there are TARDIS mods for many games what game and what console are you referring to?
The very first doctor who episode ever (in black and white) was called the unearthly child. Some of it can be watched on youtube but the entire episode is not available. Look for it on DVD if you are interested. If you were wondering about the first episode of the newer generation (the one...
The episode title is "Smith and Jones" it is the first episode (not counting specials) of the 3 season (David Tennant's second season). It is the episode when the Doctor is in a hospital that gets transported to the moon by the Jadoon. The doctor meets Martha Jones who is studying to become a...
The first episode of series 5 is apparently called The Eleventh Hour.
Lots of actors auditioned, the only actors I know who auditioned are Matt Smith and Paterson Joseph.
Ron Grainer wrote the tune itself, but it was an electronics whizz called Delia Derbyshire who turned it into the eerie sounds we now recognise as the theme tune.