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Ethics and Morality

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Ethics is about what we should – and should not - do. It includes identification of basic principles, e.g. the prerogatives of property owners; and the application of those principles to actual situations, e.g. copyright protection of intellectual property over the Internet.
The idea that a person studying ethics in moral philosophy is just  going to end up running into misconception after misconception.
No, it is wrong to say like that, because political ethics and  values will not be get affected due to religion.Why i am saying  like this means, religion is common to all the people in the world  and it will not affect the political ethics and values as those  both are different.
Caveat emptor is the practice of a person buying a good being  responsible for informing himself of the use and quality of said  good. Beware of what you buy, is its meaning.   With insurance, it commonly refers to being careful of choosing an  insurance that covers all instances you want to...
Ethical decision making provides the guiding requirements or goals for right conduct in making decisions in a group context, such as in a business. The requirements are typically the result of organizational definition, agreement, or long standing custom. Ethical decision making in a business or...
Make sure that everything is being done fairly. They will want to  ensure that the transition is smooth and that no one is left  behind.
I think everyone likes to think they would. But it would be a big risk. I think it would be easy to find a reason not to do it. I would admire any who could.
Basically six: Indians, Africans, Amerindians, Chinese, Portuguese and Europeans
People like to know they are dealing with nice people. Having a reputation for good ethics means people will think you are freidnly and nice, so they will prefer to deal with you (you will give them what the want and listen to them, etc.) than a competitor who is known to be not so good.
genetic modification can be bad because animals and stuff are changed to taste better but im not sure if that is genetic engineering
No, I am a pro-life vegetarian, therefore against unfair death in all ways.
Yes, God will forgive a nine year old for saying anything bad about  Him, as long as the nine year old tries hard not to do it again.
Companies exist that discover hackers' techniques. By discovering such techniques you can sell them to such companies so they can protect their data from hackers. Basically, you would be doing the same job as cops only you would be doing it on the internet.
why confidentiality is the most important principels in the code of  ethics of community interpreters
because ethical questions are untestifiable
People swear because it's a part of language and expression. Censorship is the worst obscenity. Accurately expressing yourself means coloring outside the lines sometimes. Usually, morality is defined by observed reactions, and swear words have never actually hurt anyone, so the reason certain words...
No - except in cases where there is no cure for their condition and  a new experimental treatment has shown promise and the parents  elect to see if the experimental procedure might help. In that  respect the child is part of medical research.
That's an interesting question. I would say that almost anyplace on  earth is disaster prone in some way. And even if you know that a  disaster could happen, I don't think that people always have the  resources to do something about it. Poor people have to live in  trailers, shacks, cardboard...
Off the top of my head, Kant didn't speak in epistemelogical termsof truth or correct; instead, he was concerned with statements orrules regarding actions to a given situation that can/coulduniversally be considered moral and praiseworthy and accuratelyguide someone as to what they ought to do. So,...
The kind of action that results from an ethical decision is a  consequence. Ethical decisions come from a person's personal  standards of what is right and wrong.
Ethical egoism is the belief that any moral decision should be  based on one's own self interest. An egoist only views something to  be good if he possesses it. This leads to a strong sense of self  preservation and ensures the person will not take chances to put  himself in harm's way. The...
when people take care of the environment when the fish.
ignores the importance of friendship and relationships for a satisfactory life
Abortions are not risk free. Any medical procedure carries risks. Early abortions are very minor procedures and the risks are minor ones. If you go to Planned Parenthood they can go over the risks involved with you.
an individual's behavior, reputation, and standards of conduct
proper standards of behavior whithin a given field of activity
no....... it is unfair. kids under 18 cant vote.
Whatever action contributes to the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people affected is the right action to take.
because it teaches us the codes an engineer has to follow so that we can prevent tragedies.
The main ethical issue to consider in Asch's study is decieving the participants and therefore the lack of informed consent (however, he needed to do this otherwise his results wouldn't have been valid) as well as debriefing.   The study may also have caused the participants to experience some...
Maybe you should stop cheating in your class, and find information by yourself. I'm in your class, numnuts.
It is going to take professionalism to deal with economic problems successfully.
When you don't follow all company policies and procedures completely, You never arrive on time and maintain a positive work relationship, your not honest and trustworthy
I don't think so. Especially not if you are doing it to help someone.
You can conduct all the research you wish without a permit. In the process of doing this research, you are not allowed to make copies of someone else's questionnaires and use them and not pay a copy right fee. You may not be allowed to make copies of someones patented material and use it without...
  == Answer ==   Yes.  In both popularity and effectiveness. 
An ethical norm is something that is considered impolite in a  society. Asking someone about their age or burping in public might  be considered an ethical norm in America.
As with many other groups, some people who practice Islam are very  insular. They feel that they need to treat each other well, but  anyone outside the group can be treated poorly. This is common to  many religions, but is definitely not universally true, nor is it  unseen in secularism.   ...
Only some religions consider suicide as immoral; note that 90% of the self-murderers are mentally ill.
Nuclear power is neither good nor bad. The way nuclear power is  produced (Safety) can be good or bad, though. Nuclear power can be  generated by small power plants, creates no air pollution, and is  safe when done right.
if your proud of your work than always but even if your not still always
A challenge that almost every employer has is to keep its employees motivated. Employers do this by paying a good wage and providing a pleasant work environment. They do it in other ways, too. A very important motivator is the employee's hope that he or she will receive raises and promotions. If...
  ethics are a value system or code of honor. they help regulate fairness and truth leading to positive outcoms.
They have the right to commit suicide as it is their life that they are taking. However, there may be a reasonable question as to the person's mental capacity or motivation for wishing to do so. That is an issue that may be properly raised, but there is a legal route for so doing, such as by having...
applied ethics to the contemporary world?
Up to a certain point as you might get in bigger trouble if you tell the truth
  == Answer ==   Well, Kant poses his categorical imperative to individuals... so the answer could vary. What one person sees as universally benefitting mankind someone else would see as detrimental.   For instance... free will. A person is considering whether to restrict a child's...
It is important to study business ethics because it will help in  the understanding of how businesses operate. It will also help non  understanding how business effects the economy.
The young and mentally insane. The reasoning for this is because they do not have the mental capacity to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.
They are very important.As a legal practitioner you have to have excellent ethics so that you do not compromise your ethical beliefs.
yes! do not feel bad about that. what hes doing is soo bad for him that in the long run your helping him. buuut it may not be good for the toilet :)
Moral dilemnas in business often include whistleblowing or other problems with money. CEO's are conflicted in dealing with money and whether or not they should distribute it more evenly or keep it all for themselves.
it is self dependibility towards globalization and other financial  restrictions that are considered inter connected with the issue.
Some of the companies considered the least ethical are: Barrick Gold CorporationMediaset SpATotal SAGrupo Mexico SA de CVSyngenta AGRyanair Holdings plcOccidental Petroleum CorporationPhilip Morris International Inc.Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.Chevron Corp.Halliburton CompanyMonsanto Co.
Yes it is required for a company to monitor its agents cos the are  the face of the company and they are the people who represent the  company.
whether to prescribe a contraceptive pill to under 16's without parental consent in UK?
The goal of cybersecurity is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and the data contained within. To ask whether cybersecurity is ethical is similar to asking whether a security system is ethical, and the answer is, "of course".
(1) D = Define the problem (2) E = establish the criteria (3) C = consider all the alternatives (4) I = identify the best alternative (5) D = develop and implement a plan of action (6) E = evaluate and monitor the solution and feedback when necessary.
Oh yes, I do understand and I can articulate my understanding of the major religious traditions, but that is a very large subject since there are many different major religions (I recently listed ten of them in response to a different question) and each religion has a variety of traditions, so it...
in war you get shot by a animal sting and than you become a monster
How can you reduce the ethical problems involved in the investigation of a vehicle homicide crime?
in my view no there are no moral frameworks , for some people its the only decision left that they have capability and responsibility for . It comes down to the crucial question do you want to end your life or just want the pain to stop and ending your life is the only way you can see to acheive...
  What you do says a lot about who you are. When you do your best in your job, it shows that you think you are worth something. It's not about what your employer or anyone else thinks...it's how you see yourself.
God And Death Most of us believe in God but do not know Him All of us know death is inevitable but do not believe in.
what is the fundamental difference between act utilitarianism and ethical relativism? is a good and bad discussion about the true of life
It's 7. LustGluttonyGreedSlothWrathEnvyPride
yes because it is
I am answering your question from the point of view of a Canadian patient. Both the national and the provincial Health Ministers in Canada ignore many of those who have been, and who continue to be harmed by inappropriate and/or inadequate medical treatment. Sadly, it can be very unsafe here. It...
Ethics are a set of appropriate responses in certain situations, but values are beliefs that people hold for answers for right and wrong.
Does the proposed action violate any fundamental ethical principles recognized as universalMilitary:If the action treats people differently, is there a legitimate reason for treating them differently
exaggerates the scope and importance of choice in our responsibilities and relationships
In a LEDC this would be considered a advantage because it means that they can develop and grow, although this could instead lead to a worst econimical climate. In a MEDC it allows that country to access a large amount of mechinized and greater technological advances. If that makes sense.