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A telescope is a device used to form images of distant objects. There are two kinds: an optical telescope uses lenses and is known as a refracting telescope or a refractor, and a reflecting telescope, which uses a mirror and is known as a reflecting telescope or a reflector. The earliest telescope was a refractor built by the Dutch eyeglass maker Hans Lippershey. This category is for questions related to telescopes, including using them to view distant planets and objects in space.


The Pano mirror lens is a great tool for taking 360° panoramic photos with the minimum of fuss: 1- Mount the Pano Pro unit and your camera onto your tripod, pointing vertically upwards, using the supplied quick-release adapter kit. 2- Focus the camera on the mirror and take one shot. 3-Use the...
Refracting is more of a direct look at the star, but it doesn't  show it very closely. Reflecting uses mirror's and can most of the  time give you a better view than a refracting. I own both and in my  opinion reflecting works better.
a telescopes vision can be blocked by and astroid or by the clouds.  you won't get a clear view when all the dust blocks a lot since it  is zooming a lot. the advantages are its also like a periscope with  a mirror which give you a clear view of things.
Optical telescopes cannot be used in cloudy weather, unless they  are space based (far above the clouds). Infrared telescopes can  peer through clouds, as can radiotelescopes.
to take photographs of very distant galaxies, and show data of them  to NASA. It is used, because there is too much light pollution in a  lot of places on Earth, making it hard to use a telescope, but in  space there is no light pollution (therefore, it can see the  galaxies that we can't see on...
it allows you to see objects that are far away, but go to another website for more information because i wrote this and i was looking for this question! oh well
You have to use the wrench in your old spy phone to get a tool click on the red blinking light.
The reflecting telescope was invented by Sir Isaac Newton in the  early 1600s. This was before there was a patent office, and no  patent exists on the reflecting telescope as such. The Dobsonian  mount is a popular alt azimuth mount for reflecting telescopes,  created by John Dobson in the 1960s...
There are a variety of styles of reflecting telescopes, but I will  describe one of the easier and more common designs. The primary  mirror is curved concave. It is created typically out of thick  glass that has been ground and polished to remarkable precision,  which is then coated with...
It allows us to collect more light than we can with our eyes, thus gathering information we could not otherwise gather.
The Hubble telescope can take extremely detailed pictures using  mirrors in space.
Telescopes were invented so they can discover the universe and by that i mean to look at the stars or anything in space and figure out what they are or what they do. =D-yO WeLCoMe!!!!!
An x-ray telescope. They are far too small to be seen optically.
A telescope collects electromagnetic radiation to view objects far  away. A telescope is a device used to observe remote objects and  used in the study of astronomy. The first telescope was made in the  1600's..
I think the Hubble Space Telescopes was made by the NASA but they named the Hubble Space Telescope was named by Edwid Hubble
Galileo just used the refracting telescope.
Try and be more specific. There are lots of telescopes in poptropica, like on Big Nate, Shrink Ray, and Skullduggery.
The Hubble Space Telescope is the greatest telescope ever built. It's important because it takes pictures far out into the galaxy so astronomers can study them. BTW I want to be an astronomer.
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The light stays in the same medium when it is reflected, while it changes mediums when it is refracted.
it means forty times what the human eye can see
Yes, it is very bright. Keep trying and you will see it. You have to look in the right place at the right time. See link below:
well you click tools on your spy phone and get the wrench and attach it to the telescope and its fixed
The only problems currently faced in telescope technoogy are the physical limitations of grinding lenses and machining the tubes and parts; you can only get so accurate, even with electron microscopes to help, before it is impossible to get better.
Mirrors, The Hubble space telescope first had one big shaped mirror, which made the images blury so they sent up astronaughts and replaced it with 4 8.2 meter flat mirrors making the pictures more clear!
get a clearer piece of glass put them in space so there is no air particles from the atmopsophere distorting it basically a clearer piece
This was made in some year.
Telescopes and microscopes both enlarge objects so that more detail can be seen.
A reflecting telescope is an optical telescope which uses a single or combination of curved mirrors that reflect light and form an image.
No, Tycho Brahe did, but Kepler just improved it and made it popular
-- Please go outside tonight. If the sky is cloudy, go back inside and forget the whole thing. If the sky is clear, stay outside, look up, and go on to the next step. -- If the moon happens to be up, look at the moon and remember kind of where it is. -- Also find one star that you think you...
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No not really if you get technical it stincks.
Black holes,were theorized since the 1800's,it was predicted byEinstein's theory that they were really real.Since then this forcedastronomers to think such a thing is real,and yet they are,butthere very rare to find,so we don't really know what telescopediscovered a black hole.So we thing the Hubble...
During our camping trip, my dad brought a telescope to study the stars in the sky.
No,they are invisible. They are usually detected by how they influence other objects like stars around them.
so that optical astronomers can get a better view of the celestial objects. because as higher you ride from the ground the thinner the atmosphere layer, that are mainly responsible for the jiggling & distortion of the images taken by the optical telescopes..
It got its name by the Greek word (tele='far' and skopein = 'too look or see'; teleskopos= 'far seeing'.)
The telescope was invented somewhere in the Netherlands. I know this because I personally have been researching the telescope for a project.
It is vital that the solar system is in a quiet part of the Milky Way because our odds of having collisions with other stars is extremely low...unlike the center of our galaxy.
They will pull it back to Earth. It will get burned up long before it hits the ground. The reason for doing this is because the HST is getting old and it would take too much time and money to fix it.
Increasing the distance between the two most widely separated radio telescopes has an enormous effect on resolution.
a reflecting telescope is bigger because it uses mirrors, not lenses, and mirrors r bigger! :)
Galilao mapped the moon and saw jupiters moona
Visible light only occupies a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the last 150 years people have discovered and put to use a large part of that spectrum. We use it to take x-rays, treat cancer, communicate with satellites, communicate with submarines, and for many other uses. A number of...
No. The best place to see Orion from is on the equator ... that's where it spends the most hours above the horizon. Even there, on the 4th of July, Orion isn't completely risen until 6 AM, and it's completely set by 6 PM. So July seems like a particularly poor time to try and see Orion.
the moon had mountains and that the sun spins
The telescope has been used for over 100 years!!!
  advantages of adptive rf transreceiver
It allows observation of distant objects without the diffraction spikes caused by the support devices used in most multiple mirror telescopes. More detail can usually be made out.
a lens is curved piece of glass, plastic, or other clear material that refracts light that pass through it. Because lenses for different uses must bend light in different ways, not all lens are alike.
First, go on to the volcano. When you are there, click on the telescope. There, look into the bottom left corner. Then click onto the yellow spot! Hope I helped, Riimzz.X
It depends on what is wrong with the telescope. You can't fix something that isn't broken.
He did not discover the planet Jupiter. He only used his telescopeto see its four largest moons. The planet is and always has beenvisible to the naked eye and was known to people since ancienttimes.
you can find the telescope on cp at the beacon which is on top of the light house.
Tax money, just like all other NASA projects
As of now, the largest telescope in the world can be found in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain; the Gran Telescopio Canarias.
Annabella looked through the telescope and saw Mars in the sky.
Move your mouse to an open spot (eg near the ice) then click when an arrow comes up! Voila!
Arecibo hosts the largest radio telescope in the world, filling a mountain valley in Puerto Rico. Perhaps you saw it pictured in the James Bond movie "Goldeneye".
because galileo was a old man
A Reflector or Reflecting telescope.
The most serious astronomical research, such as that done by the Hubble Space Telescope, is done with reflecting telescopes.
Once the Space Telescope project had been given the go-ahead, work on the program was divided among many institutions. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) was given responsibility for the design, development, and construction of the telescope, while theGoddard Space Flight Center was given overall...
Uranus, which was discovered by Sir William HerschelPrior to the invention of the telescope, the only known planets were Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.Uranus was the first planet discovered by telescope.
-Hubble space Telescope-International Space Station-Kepler Space Telescope
It's about 2160 miles across, and about 240,000 miles away and so subtends an angle of about half a degree; and although the Moon is very dark (albedo 0,09 - about like a lump of coal) it does reflect sunlight. No reason why you would need a telescope to see it. You will only be able to see the Moon...
Both using ocular lens, it makes a distant or small object bigger.
Not unless your telescope was incredibly huge or in orbit around  the moon itself. From the Earth, you would need a telescope with a  mirror over 300 feet in diameter to resolve the Apollo artifacts.
THEY DISCOVOR STUFF like stars and planets
It showed that most gamma ray bursts come from other galaxies, not our own. This means that gamma ray bursts must be extremely powerful.
It detects x-rays (0.1 - 10 keV).
Like all space telescopes, it is unmanned.
The atmosphere blocks and distorts light. Telescopes in space don't have that interference. This allows them to see farther and to get clearer, more detailed images.