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Hieroglyphics is a formal system of writing used by the ancient Egyptians. It is generally figurative, representing real or illusionary elements in a perfectly recognizable form, though the same symbol can be interpreted in diverse ways, based on context.


the way of writing,language, and communication of Egyptians
The discovery of the stone is connected to Bonaparte and his invasion of Egypt. Swiss gold helped finance the enterprise and Bonaparte wanted to advance the ideas of the revolution, bring prosperity to Egypt, and unlock the secrets of the ancient world. A large number of civilians would take part...
there are 700 differrent kinds of hieroglyphics.
the best website for hieroglyphics is ancient egypts writing hieroglyphics
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I don't think the Mayans ever used them. I think that they used another language very similar to hieroglyphics.
Rosetta Stone is very important to some scholars because it makes it faster & easier to learn almost any new language that interests them.
Egyptians used 3 languages so it was only right if they put all three languages on it.
The Rosetta Stone is an example of a donation stele, which memorializes the grant of a tax exemption by the reigning Pharaoh to the resident priesthood.
Rosetta stone is a stone slab with writings on it. The text had been written on it in three different languages: hierogliphic, ancient Egyptian (a variation of the first9 and in ancient Greek. Scientist could not read hierogliphics before that but they understood the Greek language. The Greek...
It has impacted us today because, it supplied us with information  that books and the internet could not. Without hieroglyphics we  wouldn't no much information about egypt. So it has supplied us  with information about are ansesstors and our past.
khufu, tutankhamen and hatshepsut
three different languges
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it is called hieroglyphics. it is a form of picture writing
In a small village called Rosetta Rashid
Hieroglyphs [ιερογλυφικά] were the ancient Egyptians formal writting methods on papyrus and stone, wich were known to the hieratic class and the nobles. It has been successfuly translated after the Rosetta stone was found in the 18th century AD/ CE
The Rosetta stone is a bilingual text. It helped scholars use Greek to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics and make them readable.
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They used reed styluses to print picture words on paper made of reeds that grew along the Nile river.
The original Rosetta Stone was a stone tablet that researches found and used to help translate an ancient egyptian language, so no. If you were reffering to the new Rosetta Stone, which is a language learning technology, then yes. See why they call it Rosetta Stone? Because the original was used to...
Hieroglyphs were originally believed to be invented around 3,000 bc. They could be read from left to right, right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top and clock wise or anti clock wise! After the Romans took control of Egypt, the reading of Hieroglyphs was abandoned. No one was longer...
Because it lead to the discovering of other tombes, it opened peoples eyes to the writing and understanding of hieroglyphics.
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The stone is dated to March 27, 196 B.C.
" http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How would people of ancint egypt have come into contact with people from other areas of world "
Scribes used two colours of ink for writing on papyrus - red and black. Red was made from finely ground burnt ochre bonded with papyrus juice; black was a mix of soot and papyrus juice. On the walls of some of the finest-quality tombs and temples, however, hieroglyphs were often first carved...
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Nothing, as the Greeks did not use Hieroglyphics. They used the Greek alphabet. The Egyptians used hieroglyphics.
they used them for writing.they are not word they are pictures
Coptic is the final development of writing in ancient Egypt. It is essentially the Greek alphabet, plus a few signs taken from the Demotic script to represent Egyptian sounds not found in Greek and it was used to write the Coptic language - the Egyptian Christian Church language which existed...
No, it is not the same thing. A pharaoh was a king of the combined provinces of ancient Egypt, roughly equivalent to a king (but with added divine attributes and treated as a god). Egypt did have control over parts of other countries for very short periods but never successfully controlled an...
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About 700 different symbols are in the hieroglyphic alphabet. It takes a long time to learn the hieroglyphic alphabet. Each symbol could be a word or a letter.
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Take a U shape and turn it upside down - that is the hieroglyph for the numeral 10. Then add three short vertical strokes: III (meaning 3) and you have a total of 13.
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to write down important information and religious texts.
It was key in reading hieroglyphs
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The real name of the ancient Egyptian sun god was not Ra or Re - those are simplified versions used by writers over the past 200 years by people who do not understand that hieroglyphs did not include any vowel sounds, only consonants. The real name was written with the characters r (a mouth seen...
demotic, hieroglyphics, and greek.
Hierglyphics, which is actually the Greek name for Egyptian writing.
It was found by Napoleon's troops near the town of Rosetta in 1799 and, once translated by Champollion, unlocked the language of the hieroglyphs. As to why is was found, that is a philosophical question beyond the scope of this answer.
The real name of the ancient Egyptian sun god was not Ra or Re - those are simplified versions used by writers over the past 200 years by people who do not understand that hieroglyphs did not include any vowel sounds, only consonants. The real name was written with the characters r (a mouth seen...
the rosetta stone was founded in 1799
You are clearly very confused. Hieroglyphs is the modern name for the ancient Egyptian writing system, not the language that it represents. Hieroglyphs were used to write the Old Egyptian, Middle Egyptian and Late Egyptian languages which were spoken by the population of Egypt from prehistoric times...
It allowed them to translate what an older language meant.
the used a tablet called the Rosetta stone, it was the same story in 3 different languages on the stone. one of those languages was Greek. since there was people who spoke Greek they then were able to compare the letters and symbols to translate.
by words carved in the caves. they understand the sound of each symbol and then understand the world,
they tell us about their life-style and how it was
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It depends on the precise time period. The number of signs used in the very earliest texts seem to be fairly limited, but by the Middle Kingdom it had increased to around 700. Many of these were very rarely used, but a scribe would have to learn all of them. By the Late Period, under Greek and...
Let's take examples from the different types of sign. Hieroglyphs include a few signs that stand for a single consonant sound, as in the English (Roman) alphabet. One of these is the horizontal zigzag line which represents the sound n. There are many more signs that represent two consonants. One...
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Some artifacts that were discovered at pompeii were wall paintings
Jean Francois Champollion used the Rosetta Stone to translate Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
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because hieratic script was an abbreviation of the hieroglyphics so it was faster to write and used less of their precious papyrus paper.
It was their language which they spoke, read and wrote. It is as important to the Egyptians as French is important to the French!