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Republican Party

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The term Republican refers to an advocate of a republic, a form of government generally associated with the rule of law. In the US, Republicans refer to those associated or on the side of the Republican Party.
Traditional American conservatives must come to grips with what has  happened to their movement.Demonstrating that history is too weird  ever to have been made up.
They simply vote in the elections for a Republican candidate to try  to get them to win. As a political strategy they try to make their  candidate seem moderate and the better choice then them Democrats.
Republicans that broke from the original platform, but still voted  ina fusion (Coalition) with the republicans during that election.
Puritan tradition of strict moral codes and government regulation of morality and society.
Yes.   The Budget and Accounting ct of 1921 which was passed by the  Republican President Warren G. Harding. It created the Presidential  budget director.    The General account Office was created to assure federal oversight  of the budget. Harding appointed Charles Dawes, known for being...
Republicans generally believe in fewer/lower taxes and fewer  governmental regulations. Many (although not all) Republicans tend  to be more conservative on social issues as well.
It was one of the first time in history when women were regarded as  vital to a nation's survival in it's early days. It meant civic  duty and encouraged the education of women outside the traditional  sphere at the time. Religions also promoted these ideas by  suggesting women played a large...
Had stolen the Republican Nomination from Roosevelt who had then  walked out with his supporters and ran under the Progressive Party  Platform
The role of citizens in a republican government is to decide who shall represent them. This makes the people not give up their voice in government.
George W. Bush (Republican) had 55 seats in the Senate after the 2004 elections. Under President Ronald Reagan the Republicans won 54 seats in the Senate after the 1982 elections. President Eisenhower also had a Republican Senate, but his was only a 48 seats majority because Hawaii and Alaska were...
The reason they are more common is due to the fact they have  existed longer than the third parties and thus get the most  recognition.   Additionally, the Democratic Party has aligned to it more workers  and minority groups. This however, has not stopped the Republicans  from winning federal...
The reason they are more common is due to the fact they have  existed longer than the third parties and thus get the most  recognition.
There are no Republican senators for California currently in  Washington.
Senator John McCain got 59,934,814 votes (45.7%) in the 2008 Presidential election of the United States.
The Republican Party has long been called the GOP, or Grand Old  Party.
Voted in by the constituents.   Some Examples of variances of this are the British and American  systems of elections.
No. He was an independent originally appointed by a democrat.
Even though his policies do not follow completely with the  Republicans the majority of his policies do.
The Abolitionist Free Soil Party merged into the Republicans in  1854 (When the Republicans were founded)
The GOP or "Grand Old Party"
FEC campaign finance data indicates that Martin Makary donated $1000.00 to Barack Obama's campaign in 2008 so my best guess is that he's probably NOT a Republican.
 Scalawags. White Southerners supporting the Republicans. 
1. Pro-Life and Oppose Abortion.   2. Pro-Traditional Marriage and oppose Gay Marriage   3. They Oppose Obamacare and Medicare provided by the government.   4. Support the War on Drugs   5. Support the end of Common Core
The Romans did not have political parties and  therefore did not have a Republican party. In the late Roman  Republic two political factions developed. One, the optimates,  favoured the interest of the aristocracy and its power was based on  the unelected and aristocracy-dominated senate. The...
Egypt is not in the United States and it is only the United States that has the two parties. Egypt has monarchs and is ruled very strictly according to Muslim law.
As of Jan 2015 there are more Republicans in the House and Senate.
An apple a day keeps the federalists away! because the republicans farmed and the federalists like to make factories
The modern Democratic Party wasn't formed until 1828, or 19 years after Meriwether's death by suicide. However, that party had historic roots back to 1792.While the main parties then were "Democratic-Republican" and "Federalist", President Thomas Jefferson was of the "Democratic-Republican" party...
First of all it was the Democratic-Republicans. The Major issue diving the two was the size of the Government. TheDemocratic-Republicans wanted limited and small government whilethe Federalists wanted a bigger government.
Yes and no because for example Obama, he did good stuff and bad stuff.McCaine, the same yo.
Liberal Republicans would include Lincoln, Bush and McCain. Any person that believes it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to do more than allow for the commerce between States and the common Defense of those States could be considered a liberal. However, there are also more signs of...
Jim Webb is a Democrat...do not be fooled by his hesitation on health care and his military stances...he is a liberal!
Republicans believe the government should not interfere with businesses.
Both sides lie about where they went, fact is some remained in the  DNC, some tried to form their own party, failed and joined the GOP.  But the racist policies they supported as members of the DNC died  as a platform in 1948, and never gained any power back in the DNC  after that point, while...
republican.   Bobby Jindal.(R)   Blanco's term ended in '07.
Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner
Right and Left wing are common terms used today to describe  conservative and liberal ideals respectively. This term has origins  in the French revolution where members of the Aristocracy sat on  the right at legislative assembly meetings and commoners sat on the  left. The poor tend to have...
The  Radical Republicans were a faction of American politicians  within the Republican Party from about 1854 until 1877. They called  themselves "radicals" and were opposed during the war by moderates  and conservative factions led by Abraham Lincoln and after the war  by self-styled ...
If you are referring to total gun control, here are some points of views. Pro: -You can have young teenagers/madmen/adults killing people without thinking through, and let their anger control them. -Police have to obtain the best guns money can buy to outgun criminals -Risk of domestic accidents...
My feeling is , people have been brainwashed to believe what they know.
They were the Democratic-Republicans, which is the answer on the classzone crossword puzzle
They Attempted to pass the Wade-Davis Bill which made re-admittance  to the Union for former Confederate states contingent on a majority  in each Southern state to take the Ironclad Oath to the effect they  had never in the past supported the Confederacy. Lincoln Vetoed it.
Republicans do not like it so much as Democrats do. Democrats wantto help anyone and everyone that comes over to the United statesand give them health care and a place to stay and a job.Republicans feel that it is good to have a net migration in to thecountry, BUT you should only come if you can...
Although he was the handpicked successor to President TheodoreRoosevelt in 1908, Taft soon angered many progressives in theRepublican party with his conservative policies. This includedRoosevelt, who formed his own Progressive party (aka Bull MooseParty) to run against Taft in 1912. With half of the...
last that i heard democrat
"the beliefs are for gay marriage :)"Republicans dont believe in gay marriage...
The middle of being a Democrat and being a Republican is called being politically independent. This means that you do not favor or choose being a Democrat or Republican, but feel as though you would vote on either side depending on your personal views and what you feel is best.
Until around the 60s, most southerners voted democrat for two reasons. 1) It was common to "vote as you shot". Many southerners voted for the democrats because the Union in the civil war had been led by the Republican Lincoln.2) The Democrats at the time had many more conservative members from the...
Her father was a republican!
Louisiana is a predominantly Republican state.
Abraham Lincoln was an iconic figure in representing the Republican Party.
President Warren G. Harding was a Republican.
aggressively furthered the interests of the business community
Not that sucessfull the major problems are still outstanding
  == Answer ==   John Baldacci is a Democrat.
He is a libertarian. He seems to be a fiscal conservative and liberal on social issues.
Barack Obama is the 44th president of US.
Grand Old Party. Gallup Opinion Poll Grand old Party
i have a work sheet in school that asks a question. why waslincoln refer as the black Republican. i think its because he supported freeing the slaves and probally the only republican that supported freeing the slaves.
Bing is just a search engine.
Democrats are liberal and like change. Republicans are conservative and do not like change. This is a rule of thumb. Independents seek change on some issues and go with the status quo on other issues. You have to decide where your political beliefs lie and vote accordingly. two words go independent...
This is a question which opens the door to volumes of toxic  comments, sniping and general snide mudslinging.   I personally don't see a role reversal. During Washington's and  Adam's administrations they were known as Federalists, but were  probably the true foundation of Republican. They...
A representative democracy in which the people's elected deputies (representatives), not the people themselves, vote on legislation.
women could participate in polotics or vuisness, or lead to a greater opprotunity like an education.
Yes, the date of birth is required on the 10' Census.
Some rights of Citizenship are the Amendments, such as freedom of speech and women's rights. Others such as ownership of property were taken from certain people but are now back.
No republicans do not support foreign aid mainly because spending more money would put our country into a bigger deficit.
1- people can hack into the system2-information can be lost3-computers break down