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Over thousands of years, Indian literature has evolved greatly with its numerous languages and dialects. Most of Indian literature is rich with philosophy, drama and poetry. Ask questions here about the different aspects of Indian literature and languages.
trash can at a pawn shop my friend did anyways 
Stallone has never been in a Hindi movie.
1. Chennai   2. N.S.C(Chengalpattu)   3. Coimbatore   4. Salem   5. M.R   6. T.T   7. T.K
you can say either aamaam or sary. aamaam is used when you are asked a question. sari is used when you are saying ok to a person
SathiyaBama University, Kalaisalingam University, Annamalai  University and more...These are most popular engineering colleges  in Tamilnadu... You can also check with Coimbatore location it will  be good.
e öX` ñneu ào_ H$Wm eHw$R>o hmoVmg Vy, Vwbm A¸$b Amho H$m,Jobo XmoZ Vmg _r gmaIr Vwbm H$m°b H$aVo`, ~K VwÂ`m _mo~mB©b da -{_g-H$m°b AgVrb.Vwbm H$er ao OamgwÕm _mPr H$miOr Zmhr. H$m` g_OVmog Vy H$moU ñdVmbm?AJ hmo hmo hmo, {H$Vr AmoaS>erb _r Var H$m
Nahi, bnai ya tabah ki ja sakti hai nahi. It can not be created or  destroyed.
tulasi is known as basil leaves
Bharat ka prachinatam saha varansinh hai. Varansi is very ancient  city.
dil chahta hai is a movie. it was released at india.
What else.. == Aparam enna..? or aparam ( used while chatting)
knowledge thet is revealed to, or discovered by, the wise man of Hinduism.
elder sister=akka younger sister=tangi
q har ladka kisi ladki ki life me first ladka hona chahta hai & ladki ladke ke life me last one why?
Search on youtube, the phrase: Indu Sundara Susmitham Thooki -Evergreen Malayalam Son
Arose in Sabskrit is abhūt.
did you mean : mysterious ? mysterious meaning is پراسرار - pur-asrar
  == Answer ==   Buddhist Lamaist Shamanism and Christian Muslim speak the language of direct experience in the same way that that Rilke, Rumi or Orpheus do. It is a pre-verbal encounter mediated by the God parts of our brain which wells up as a joyous singing about our encounters in the...
I think it means, "Yes, it was this girl."
India has a large population of Sikhs and Muslims. People belongingto both religions traditionally wear different types of hear wearusually known as a turban and a topi. Women do not wear thesekindof caps. The kind of head wear women of the subcontinent wear iscalled a Dupatta.
see fo scoring good marks in literature u need to be smart enough to understand the real meaning of question and hit the answer on the point...many of the student writ answrs but they stil dont get marks its coz they writ bt rubbish..so the first thing which shuld be looked into is to improve onself...
you say it dyanie in that language
"nothing". A rich man needs nothing A poor man has  nothing If you eat  nothing you die.
The first authoritative known book on Kannada grammar is Shabdhamanidarpana by Keshiraaja
She is a good dancer and has her own establishment. She is Avery beautiful and active person settled in Chennai.
Type your answer here... Tamil naadu thiraippada iyakkunargal sangam,4th street,kumaran colony,vadapalani,chennai,elected committee members...president:bharathiraja,vice president:vikraman and sasimohan.secretary: rk selvamani,joint secretaries:linguswamy,ameer,ekambavaanan,tk shanmugasundharam...
Answer . I am not sure if an English translation exists. However, you can get the original text and Telugu translation published by Vyasa Ashram (titled Sri Sankara Vijayamu). You can order the book online at http://www.avkf.org/
jal hi dhan hai jal ki jeevan haijal hai to hum haijal hai to kal hai
i dont knw please say him number
dude because however you say it, it has a different meaning. If I said DUDE im approving something, but if i said dude then maybe i think its gross. you get the ideameaning or definition for def.. open up a dictionary i did and found 25 definitions for the word = work=but for MEANING my choice is: ...
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Cleanliness is a very important virtue in Hinduism. All worshipers  must bathe before entering the temple to seek blessings. In more  orthodox households, they also believe in bathing immediately after  attending a funeral service as a superstition. They also believe it  is very important to...
Dear John You will be glad to know that my birthday falls on 7th December and this time I am planning to celebrate it at home There is going to be a small tea party in the evening after 7 P.M. Also, there will be a dance and music programme. I am going to invite all my friends and relatives. I...
It's wrong to generalize. In Bengali community, some Mondals are Mahishyas while some could be SCs. There are other sub-castes they could belong to, and this would differ if their origin is Bihar or Orissa. Mondals from the mahishya background were predominantly based in the Howrah and Medinapur...
"Coracle" is the English name of the Tamil word "Parisal".
it was on 29th october in year 1947
it was wednesday 29 october in 1947
a situation in which a person is in a deep trouble and he cannot escape out of it
Just by the way of thinking and way of treating opponants, deeds and dareness, "Vaanjinaadhan" (வாஞ்சிநாதன்) is commonly known as "Tamil BhagathSingh."
The caller tune can only be obtained by buying a soudtrack cd. Different codes will be posted for different phone models in a small sheet attached to the CD Case. Paiya's songs have been topping the charts even after one year of its release.
Indian Girl name without vowel
nehe 5 mint tak nehe krta
100% (all students who took the test). Since 35% failed in both, then 65% are remained to be discussed.Since 65% passed in English and 25% passed in Marathi, then 25% passed in both, that is 40% passed the English test but didn't pass the Marathi test.For example, if there are 100 students who took...
madurai is a second largest city in tamilnadu........madurai metro is over1700000 population at 250km area.city is over14laks population at 109.9km.but the corporation is over 9.29lak at 58km in 2001 census .madurai not get major industries so the growing rate is low compare to another metro cities...
Tarun can be written in Kannada as 'ತರುಣ್'.
Ajith Kumar is a Tamilian. His filmography is very impressive, as he has been around for many decades. His image has revolved through the ages to blend with youth interests.
Aaj ke duniya mein mata pita apne bachhon ko akele ghar pe rehne dete hain aur ve kaam par jaate hain.Is liye unhe samjhaane ke liye koi nahi hain.Filmon mein apradhon ko dekh kar ve bachhe bhi aisa karte hain. Unhe rok ne ke liye koi nahi hai. for Nikki wikki and rachu bachhu by c s r
Information about onam festival
Its called "Mulaithi ki jar (root)"
Tamil Nadu is itself a state in southern part of India. If you mean districts, there are 32 districts in Tamil Nadu.
i want address of karthik and i want to be frieand.
game is very important in our daily life
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நன்றி (nandri)