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Stone Age

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Characterized by the use of stone tools, the Stone Age is the earliest known period of human culture. During this age, people first made implements and weapons of stone. The Stone Age is the most ancient of the three subdivisions of the ancient past in the three-age system.
a sun centered solar system
It represents the time, so in about 2000 bc is the stone age, 500 bc is the bronze age, and 500 ad is the iron age
by carving and carving stones,bones.
yes, people in the new stone age had a form of writing called cunieform. this is a series of symbols that stood for words and/or ideas
You have heard about a distant era in the history called the stone Age. It was indeed a stepping stone in Man's epic journey towards civilization. But this journey took a giant strides when Man discovered an important group of elements in nature-metals. When copper became part of primitive man's...
Africa. Maybe Europe and Asia, and then some in the Americas.There were a couple in Australia too.
The vast majority of the stone age took place before the modern interglacial, and consequently the world was very, very, cold. Other than that, the continents were in roughly the same place as they are now, and all the oceans and seas were right where they are currently.
The Greatest achievement of the new stone age was farming.
They roasted it on the fire or spit roasted it and sometimes boiled it or even dried it.
It is not that archaeologists are more careful to withhold their interpretations, it is that archaeologists are now far more aware of what it is possible to know or not know about the past and understand the limitations of the interpretive process.
It probably wasn't very different. They were both stone age hunter/gatherers, who lived in caves and rock shelters. They both hunted large animals, such as bison, horse, mammoth, etc.
animal skins== they wore clothing made up of animal skins and fur. ==
The stone age people were the people who lived in the stone age. They were hunter-gathers, and hunted or gathered all their food. They wore clothes made of animal skins.
Well, People found things in the ground, deep deep down, Then they took these things to get analysed, and because of technology these days it was able to tell them the dates of which it was made or even lost/dumped!
their wives because seriously men can't make decisions on there own
They played games, told jokes, quite unlike you, since I strongly suspect you would just nag two rocks together if you didn't have an Internet connection.
No. It was called the Bronze Age. You have written a range of time that includes part of the Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Age, but not all of the Late. The Bronze Age actually ends around 1000 BC, when the Iron Age begins. Of course, these are dates that are used for the Mediterranean world (Egypt,...
they ate meat and off their land
Cavemen used to get juice from fruits and other plants. They used the juice like paint, and just painted on the walls. Coloured rocks and minerals were also used, such a haematite and calcite. The paintings themselves were probably done using hands and fingers or sticks. Some of the most amazing...
Similaries*Hunt animals (food) *Stone tools (weapons)*Both eat plants*They trade finished products
Both the Old Stone Age and The New Stone Age have been given their names because stone tool technology is the primary tool type which is preserved to the modern day. Stone of a suitable type for tool making had economic significance in both periods, though more so in the New Stone Age when raw...
New Age Wicca focuses primarily on the personal relationship  between your spirit and nature around you. Old Age Wicca was the  opposite, stressing nature's use for you.
Stories which are passed down orally instead of being written are called myths or fables
Everywhere in the world at the time Answer: The "stone age" was present at many parts of the world at different times. In North and South America the autochthonic peoples continued into the stone age until the arrival of Europeans after the 15th century.
ochre rocks were used to paint on walls
They used their mouths to eat their raw food.
Well, the populations grew greatly. Communications grew toward trading then, more things happened.
Catal Huyuk existed from 7,500 BCE to 5,700 BCE, and due to its pre-historic period we know little about its warlike activities. Uruk existed from about 5000 BCE to 700 CE during which time it was involved in many contests and variously invaded or was invaded.
The Transformation Of Man Has Been A Long Running Process.In European Countries , The Progress Of Man Was Divided Into Ages.The First Was Stone Age Followed By The Bronze Age And Then Comes The Iron Age.
The stone age is not a single entity. It is broken into several periods with a considerable overlapas different cultures moved from one phase to another at different rates:     Paleolithic Period: About 2.6 million years ago to 10,000 BCE    Lower Palaeolithic: 1.5 million years BCE, ...
only if it is made out of stone
I did my thesis on that subject (engineering from earliest times to Hellenistic times).The first tools were not made of stone but from wood. We dont have any findings because wood deteriorates much faster than other materials. The first tools were ''pebble'' tools chipped from one side and later...
Yes. We can boast of the acheulian tools,which are parts of the early stone tools. The sites in oyo,adamawa,abia shows carvings,engravings,paintings,post which date back to then. The site in Abia state at ugwuele-uturu near okigwe is the most intresting
It was important build homes so thy could not move around all the time
"1977". Up to 1973, I believe, the first two digits of the serial number is the year. From 1974 up to 2000 or so you take the first two digits and subtract from 100. That will give you the year of manufacture.. 100 - 23 = 1977
  A tiny speck of zircon crystal that is barely visible to the eye is believed to be the oldest known piece of Earth at about 4.4 billion years old.
Cooking food, which was what it had been used for a few million years before the Neolithic era.
10,000 years ago, i think....
We do not know the personal names of any people from this period of prehistory.
People traded things like furs rice fish ect.
dogs and men with spears
Could be clear-cutting of forest and undergrowth to convert into agricultural usage. depends on the context in which you found this expression
man began to keep herds of animals like cattle,goats,sheeps,pigs and donkey.He began to use animals for agriculture.
the period between 250,000 to 10,000 years ago
it was your mom and dads
1879 That's when they were discovered.. they also say 30 thousand year ago..
my balls are the bronze age all over again hehe
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Because the flint material was so strong and it also should be strong because the early people used it to tear animals skin and to kill animals........
the very first people to be hunters and gathers they were the people of the stone age time from when they did hunting animals to eat and they also did cave painting. these people believed in a lot of magic to help them do hunting.
stone age, Iron age, Vikings, saxsones, Normans, Medieval, Georgians, Tudors, Edwardians Elizabethans Victorians.
Archeologists don't know exactly where stone tools were invented, but the oldest stone tools ever found were discovered in Ethiopia.
most of the iron got used then
The Peloponnesian War, between Athens and her allies and the city-state of Sparta and her allies. From 431 BC to 404 BC, eventually won by Sparta. Also, the Trojan War, whether real or myth. No dates are given, but Heinrich Schliemann discovered what is thought to be the remains of Troy in the late...
Government was largely nonexistent in most neo-lithic societies. Towards the end of the neo-lithic age increased competition for resources with rivals resulted in stratification (the process whereby people are divided into different classes) and a central management structure to organise responses...
farmers cleared the land by cutting down trees.then they burn the trees and used the ashes to fertilize the soil.Finally they planted crops on the cleared land.Duh it should be in your text book.:)
It seems the earliest men used rocks and branches for both tools and weapons. As our brain grew larger, we began developing flint knapping, or working flint by striking it to break off shards, very sharp shards, that became scrapers for working animal skins, and axes to cut wood. Soon, early man...
It is a really old time that humans first started living through.
They went extinct about 27,000 years ago.
Stone age people were buried with tools, weapons and there belongings so that they could use them in the fterlife.
Well, there are many ideas of why prehistoric humans might have made cave paintings, but nobody real knows why. Some reasons are because of decorations, capturing "magical powers", to honor the 'spirits', or used for ceremonies. Also, scientists think they were used for ceremonies because scientists...
To show a sign of respect to the modern humans (or the Cro-Magnons) who came across them(:
When iron became cheap enough to replace bronze.
they had weapons and fire and huting
naturalistic to abstract art
"Dead Age"-is the age where the technology stops.....
the coming of villages
  You will need to call Colt. That SN is not in the published data I have access to.
about 40 millions years ago not sure but did you know stone age people did not know how to digest food or drink
Garnets have been used as beads since at least 3000 BC.
they discovered fire when a bolt of lightning came and started a fire
to record memories,success in hunting, & for ceremonies
People had names long before the Neolithic revolution. People gave each other names to distinguish degrees of kinship and relationship. The fact that people could name items and distinguish between them allowed the neolithic revolution to occur.
  I can remember watching this with my sister in the 70's   It was very scary and I can remember what looked liked gurkins surrounding a house and they got closer to the house each week. There was a disabled boy in it and the creatures had eyes.   I thought it might be children of the...
The neolithic people ate nuts, berries, roots and things like that, as the Neolithic people were farmers. They also hunted but only small creatures like rabbits.