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Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Rome  here are some other answers  Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? Some people in England and  Europe were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church and  wanted it to change. Martin Luther, a German reformer, had ...
Since most people could not read or write party invitations would  have been verbally done by the common folk and the wealthy would  have sent a small handwritten note by footman to the person they  were inviting. People didn't have parties like we do today. For  instance, Christmas was spent in...
it originated from China, from Mao. organiced in China and  Russia(Soviet), have members like China, nort Korea, ??cuba.
People have more free speech, ability to assemble. The police are restricted in their actions such as needing warrents and not having access to private information. The people can also vote in people who can vote for less police involvement in society.
A Distant Mirror - The 14th Century Europe in 1300 was well on the way to rapid expansion. It was rapidly increasing in intellectual and mathematical sophistication. Technically, thanks to water power and the mechanical discoveries that flowed from it, Europe was in the midst of what many historians...
The people have less choice and the fate of the country and people is left with the wisdom of one person.
Suppose a game uses a spinner with five equal sections numbered 1-5  to determine the value of tokens given to the player spinning it.  What is the expected value of the number of tokens?
The only uncontroversial answer to that is the Vatican City, but  some may not regard it as a "Country"    Iran is a theocracy, as is Saudi Arabia. While both have titular  heads of state nothing is done without consent and approval of the  religious leaders. Until the Taliban was removed...
While turning in battle it's gun ports were open and water went in and it sank
Her husband William became sole ruler upon her death in 1694
History supports that George III believed in George III under cover  of belief in God.
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is a son of Queen Elizabeth II and  the Duke of Edinburgh, and is still alive.
During sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, European countries had  undergone critical situation and on those days the leaders of  European countries such as Prussia, Russia, Austria and England had  underwent this absolutism and whereas The philosopher Thomas Hobbes  believed that absolutism...
Communism is like a dictatorship, in my opinion, and there are  rules over many aspects of a citizen's life.
François Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier ruled Haiti between 1957 and 1987. (François Duvalier from 1957-1971, Jean-Claude Duvalier from 1971-1986)
In true Communism everyone is to be socially and economically  equal. There was to be no Hierarchies of Religion, Government or  Capitalism. Everything was controlled by the people and no one was  to be better than another person.   Communism has never existed in the real world as state...
Reportedly, the most successful absolute monarch in France was  Louis XIV. Absolute monarchy in France was also credited to  Charlemagne, "Father of Europe", in the early 9th century.
Great Britain colonies
Depends on how many people are in the clergy.
No. France is very much a state. It has a government, citizens, and territory.
"Any Given Day" by Tim Reid "Roots before Branches" by Adam Anders
From Spark Notes: "He delineates how best to minimize discord,  disagreement, and factionalism within society-whether between state  and church, between rival governments, or between different  contending philosophies. Hobbes believes that any such conflict  leads to civil war. He holds that any...
Public policy is formed in the American system of government either on a state wide or federal level. In both of these instances the laws are enacted by the legislative branch.
He abandoned his father and tried to take his brothers (Richard 2 the lion heart) kingdom by force, while he was away on crusades.
his brother died, his kids too young to, so he took throne. why not hes nobodys fool. (if u read this sentence, your dumb).
It has a red ruby in its mouth, It symbolizes Elizabeth's heart.
Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of capital.
after world war two the decline of europe power was shared betweent  the united states and the soviet union.
There is a huge difference because "Communism" was not a philosophy of Plato.Plato wrote "The Republic" in which was a philosophy of unity and power of the people.The Communist philosophy was started way later by Karl Max around the 1800s.Both ideas are not the same but alike
you are awsome but weird in my conclusion i dont like you
The word Marxism-Leninism is used roughly as a synonym for Communism. (Marx was a philosopher who wrote about his ideas for a Communist state, and Lenin was an early leader of the Soviet Union, which was the name Russia took during its Communist period.)China is still a Communits country, although...
The low-ranking ones weren't paid very much. Probably only like 4-5  bucks an hour. The officials, on the other hand, were paid well.  Well, depending on how much 'work' they did. I say 'work' because  their only "responsibility" was being unimaginably savage to  innocent people.
Andorra, Australia, AustriaBelgium, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, BulgariaCanada, Cape Verde, Chile, Croatia, Czech RepublicDenmarkEl Salvador, EstoniaFinland, FranceGermany, GreeceHungaryIceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, ItalyJamaica, JapanKiribati, South KoreaLithuaniaMauritius, Mexico,...
He faught for tolerence, freedom of religion, and free speech.
  totalitarian state, which controls people's life from all sides labor,business, religion, education, and othetr more things. all these are freedoms rights which suppose to be secured and not to be taken or conrolled
There is a saying that says: Money does not disappear, it onlychanges hands ", and that is true at the global level.Must justopen up new markets.Global.It depends on the product and the typeof economy, but most recessions Always obey the speculations of afew. Finding new opportunities is always the...
King James was born June 19, 1566; died March 27, 1625 authorized  the King James version of the Bible. This translation is still  popular today. It is considered by biblical schloars to be one of  the wost translations of the Bible. One reason being James had some  of the wording changed in...
Biased Opinion: "The overall goal of communism is the concentration of power among the small, elite group of bureaucrats who control the wealth and resources of the nation while the majority of the population works like slaves to support the state." (American Government from a Christian Perspective)...
Historically, Athens was the first democracy (a direct democracy),  but the practice was more standardized in the Roman Republic (an  indirect democracy). However, this political system was unused  until it became rather influential in the United Kingdom and was  established by the US...
Yes, the word 'fascism' is a noun, a word for a system of  government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator  and stringent governmental controls; a word for a thing.
The term "Fascist Party" is not unique to one country, but is adescriptor of an ideological party that can be found in multiplecountries. If we are talking about the Italian Fascist Party, then, yes, theydid. While the Italians did not actively contribute to thefinancial cost and development of the...
Coughlin's term for his platform was Social Justice (also the name  of his published newspaper).    Father Charles Coughlin (1891-1979) was a Catholic priest and  prominent radio personality of the 1930s. He became a critic of  free enterprise, capitalism, and big business, espousing a ...
There is no need to stop Socialism , as it is the way forward. I live in the UK, which by definition is a Socialist Democratic state (Labour Party Defenition), and It works very well.We have excellent things, like the NHS, where healthcare is free.The UK is one of the only countries which values a...
In both Rome and the United States, the framers favored a Republic  (indirect democracy),
I will study the doctorines of Socialism carefully before I rush to  hasty, economically driven conclusions. Sorry to post on this  thread without expert knowledge.
The primary difference is that a Democracy is run by the majority,while a Republic is run by the law. A Republic prevents themajority from abusing the minority.
There is no dictatorship in Iran. Iran is a democracy based on Islamic law. Islamic law restricts freedom of pornography in society. Most Iranians are Muslims and agree to these rules. Some of the people of Iran do not agree to these rules and want more freedom.
Setting an example to the youth of the nation.At eighteen, she was the same age as the young men - and women - who were joining the armed forces.
Almost certainly not. There is not a shred of evidence that he did.  He was a bachelor, so had no legitimate children. Nobody has  produced any credible evidence that he had illegitimate children.
  Elizabeth, later known as Queen Elizabeth I of England Ireland and France.
because king charles was a suspected Catholic and wasn't popular with the people as he ruled without parliment.
Clarendon, or Hyde, Charles's friend and servant tells us that Charles was a very moral man who worshipped God according to the Catholic rites of the Church of England. He attended both Mattins and Evensong according to the Prayer Book when possible and received Communion according to the ancient...
Benito Mussolini was the Italian fascist dictator during WW2
they had to be the son of the former king in order to get the throne
the plantagenets came before the tudor period.
Mary I tortured people with, burning at the skae, thumbscrews and she hung drawn and quatered.
  Princess Grace was a famous movie star in the US before Prince Ranier fell in love with her and married her. Grace Kelly was beautiful and well known. One of her famous roles was in 'Rear Window' with Jimmy Stewart. It was the long told story of the girl who made good and married a prince!
The Germans detested the Communists, even the Communists in their own country. Hitler killed off many of them. He attacked the USSR because they had resources he needed and he hated communism.
  Fascism meaning "A political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)". Does that answer your question?
Henry Had got more fat and she was Beheaded
No. Though machine politics played a role in elections involving Franklin Delano Roosevelt, there was no serious threat that a dictatorship would form during the Depression. The US lacked the machinery to allow a dictatorship to form - secret police forces, massive standing military forces, or a...
For the west it was right as WW2 ended, the allies and the sovietsdidn't trust each other which led to the berlin wall being erected,then in the late 40's & 50's for america especially started theeradication of any communist or socialist and extreme promotion ofcapitalism.
National unity: political stability, economic stability, cultural improvements.International Regocnition: hegemony, either more or less influence in global polictics.
Queen Victoria had many pets in her life time, and I mostly think  she had either 9 or 10 dogs.
Stuart is an era. The Stuart era refers to the years between 1603 to 1714.
North KoreaSaudi Arabia
No, Lenin had died in 1924 and the Cold War did not begin till after WWII.
Being a communist he probably liked it. He applied some of his thoughts to it to make a form of communism called Maoism.
For liberation war it was Mao Tse Tung (after his great Long March)