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This category contains questions about the amount of pregnancy hormones Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in the female's body.
if you have missed one period it doesnt mean no ovulation or pregnant you could be lat starting but if you still havent started after a few days of when your period should of started go to your doctor your pharmicest and take a pregnancy test because you could be pregnant.
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HCG Level It doesn't tell you how far along you are, just that you are pregnant. HCG is the hormone women produce when they are pregnant. Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers: Your HCG levels double every 2-3 days during your pregnancy. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) i…
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HGC Levels Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:I don't know the exact definition, but it is a hormone a woman's body produces when she is pregnant. Home pregnancy tests have chemicals that "look" for HCG in the urine. If there is HGC in the urine, the test will show a positive.HCG stands…
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A lot of women track their flow and if you are pregnant and you experience abnormal amount of blood, blood clots big or small, painful cramps it's a good chance that you are having a miscarriage. First off you need to know if you are pregnant or not, if you are and you are having any of those miscar…
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Being pregnant causes HGC to be in your body. If you want more detail than that; it's a hormone that your body produces when you are pregnant. That is what home pregnancy tests detect. If you have HGC in your urine, you are pregnant.P.S. its actually HCG... if you'd like info on HGC, please go to th…
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Yes, but chances are you are not pregnant if you are having a period. yes..but it will come back as a negative so i wouldn't even bother ANSWER: I just took a HPT with my period, and it came back as positive, so I'm gonna wait for a few days for it to finish and retest.
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Your HCG level when you have blood work done should be 1 to 5 means you are not pregnant, 5 to 25 indicates early pregnancy about 1 to seven days.50 and over can be anywhere from two weeks and more. Your HCG levels increase by two points each day. Every day the levels of HCG in your blood get highe…
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%DETAILS% Answer With both my previous helthy pregnancies, I had a funny tingling feeling very low in my abdomen. I felt it long before my pregnancies were confirmed. good luck! Answer Yes, it could be. I had mild cramps, and my stomach felt tight(almost like I'd been doing some situps…
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It can be a symptom, but it can be a symptom of other things. If you know you are pregnant, it's just probably your milk coming in. If you don't know or aren't sure, go see a doctor. Not necessarily. If you have already had a pregnancy, it is possible for your body to produce milk. I thought I was …
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HCG HCG is the hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This hormone is what a pregnancy test detects. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. During a normal pregnancy, the HCG levels will steadily rise throughout pregnancy.
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HCG IS not related to dietary intake. Certain fertility drugs could cause hcg levels to rise.   HCG will not ever be detected if you are not pregnant. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnancy and has nothing to do with anything you eat.   HCG can be produced if you have some cancers or o…
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Anything below a 5 is considered not pregnantYou're pregnant, if your referring to the pregnancy test.   I've heard that anything 5 and below is negative. You may want to ask your doctor   your pregnant
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Some home tests you can take a few days before you are supposed to start your period. I don't know what kinds, but if you read the box, it will tell you when you can take it. Or you can go to the doctor and they can give you a blood test. These can determine pregnancy much sooner than a urine test.
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HCG is produced when the fertilized egg implants onto the uterus wall. That happens after the egg is fertilzed.
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Many women would assume that having their period meant that they are not pregnant. And strictly speaking, it does. However it is possible to have spotting (implantation bleeding) after conception.A pregnancy test should be just as reliable during your period. You do not need to wait to take it.
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Four days after you ovulate? Or four days after your period is due?Any pregnancy test could show a false negative if it's taken at the wrong time of your cycle. However a quantitative blood test -- one that will give you a number, not just a yes or no answer like a qualitative blood test -- is gener…
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It depends. I know this is likely not what someone who is hoping to be pregnant after a miscarriage wants to hear but there isn't a definitive answer since it depends when the miscarriage happened (how far along was the woman?) and also how long it takes for the hCG (the pregnancy hormone detected b…
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Yes, it is very possible to get pregnant. You need to have condum since when it come to sex. Try a home pregnancy test.
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each pregnancy is different and all women sow at different times. you may start at around 3 mths or maybe even as late as 5 mths. some women show bigger as they may have more fluid around the baby this does not mean there is something wrong if you are not showing you will in your own good time.
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Answer It is right at the top end of the normal range. It may mean several things. A scan will show you. Answer you could be having multiples!!! Although I am the same number of weeks with 9313 hcg and I only have a singleton
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I am four weeks 5 days pregnant and my test showed that my level was 357 and that was good. I had that test taken on Wednesday 9-7, and the second one on Friday 9-9 . My results are not in yet but my doctor said that if they have doubled, or are around 700 by then I am doing fine. So I would say tha…
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DOCTOR TOLD ME TODAY YOU HGC NEVER GOES DOWN IN A HEALTHY PREGNANCY. It means you could be losing your baby. My HCG levels started going down at around what I thought was my 18th week of pregnancy. The dr sent me home scared saying I may be losing my baby. I went back 2 days later for another HC…
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6 Weeks Gestation actually counts from fertilization. However many weeks pregnant you are is actually counted from the first day of your last period. So, when you are 20 weeks pregnant you are actually only 18 weeks gestation. Answer You may of had your days wrong and you really is 6 weeks or t…
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There are a lot of things that can prevent the HCG level. It could be the intake of fluid, or it could be that your body has not produced enough HCG to detect a pregnancy.
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Answer I dont know a whole lot on the topic, but I do know someone who did have their regular period every month while pregnant, all the way until their 6th month Answer Yes you can. I am. Didn;t know i was pregnant until I flet my baby move! Answer Hi there. Yes you can have a regular peri…
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Answer HCG is produced once the embryo has implanted.. Sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tube, then travel down the tube, that takes about 5-10 days then the embryo implants in the uterine lining and begins producing HCG. you can usually get a positive home test anywhere from 7-14 days after ov…
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Well if one came back positive there is a chance you could be pregnant and if the other came negative it could have been a false negative. My advice is go see your doctor and get a blood test done to rule one of the answers out. If you read the instructions on your pregnancy test you would see that …
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Most women do not start leaking breast milk in early pregnancy, though it certainly is possible; however, the question states that pregnancy is not necessarily present. There are other possible reasons to be concerned about this, and it would be best to see a physician to not only have a more accura…
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Yes, Your HCG level should never drop ---it should double and get higher - if it drops - that's a sign something is wrong and most lyikey end up in a misscarraige ----the reason i know this---its cause it has happen to me and that's what my doc told me.
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Answer no, sorry. Answer It is possible but if you are pregnant with levels that low it is not a healthy pregnancy and will almost definitely have to be terminated... Answer Not true, it could just mean that your HCG hormones can take awhile to produce in your blood stream. I know…
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Answer In my case it meant an ectopic, tubal, pregnancy. you need to see a doctor ASAP!! in most normal pregnancies, your hcg levels double every few days. so there should never be a drop, then rise. then again, everyone is different, please see a doctor for further testing. (QUICKLY in case…
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Yes you can be. The line means either you are early in your pregnancy or you are going through a miscarriage Even if it is early on your body is still producing the pregnancy hormone, hcg, so it wouldn't matter with a test like yours it is a little confusing, did it show up at first, or later on, a…
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Answer My doctor had told me if it goes up and down,and up and down it could be an ectopic pregnancy. if it keeps dropping you could have a miss carriage but a nurse told me that she had seen the up and down be o.k. once in a great while so don't give up hope but please get checked if it in the t…
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Answer It is possible you are pregnant, still. But a drop in HCG levels usually means that the pregnancy will not continue. Not all miscarriages have pain. And it is possible for it to take up to three weeks before your body "rids" itself of the tissue it has built up. Have faith, and retest in…
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I don't usually answer this stuff but I felt I had to do so. According to the ER doctor I saw when I had my miscarriage in April, hCG is produced shortly after implantation. Enough is not produced, however, during the travel from fallopian tubes to uterus to detect on any HPT. After implantation oc…
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Answer around week 16-22 (second trimester)
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Yes, this is true and if you keep the test it can go from negative to positive over night. Usually a HPT will only tell you are not pregenant when you are but it will not tell you that you are pregnant when you are not. Hope this helps.
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Answer there is still a chance you could be pregnant visit your doctor; sometimes the hormone that is produced when pregnant doesn't show on the "pee test" pregnancy test if it is early on in the pregnancy. you should wait a few days to a week and then retest if you think you may still be pregnan…
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Answer Your levels seem rather low, but they are rising at a good rate so the best person to ask is the person who is doing the tests. Also at 38 days an ultrasound should show a heartbeat.
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To be honest with you if your getting all the signs of being pregnant and the first test comes out negative. I was told wait two more day's and take the same pregnancy test again. It's suppose to change but to be honest with you again. When I did it, it didn't work but now I'm waiting until I'm able…
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By using a sensitive (and expensive) test, in as little as a couple of days. Most home pregnancy tests will work by about two weeks after implantation.
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It is possible to still carry to full term , but to have an HCG that low is very concerning , I have had 5 misscarriages and I am 4 weeks pregnant now but i went to the Dr today and they said that my HCG level is at 24 so I am in this boat to.. I will pray that you and your baby are ok and you make …
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Answer 10dpo is very early to detect HcG on a pregnancy test. Only 50% of people get a positive on the day of their missed period(14dpo). 80% get a positive at 16dpo. While some people may get lucky and get a positive right away, it is more likely not to see a positive that early. My advice is t…
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you still can get pregnate there is always a bit of ejaculation Evan if you don't think there is
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Answer Very unlikely.
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The earliest I've found out was 4 weeks....
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i heard u could be it all depends on the womens cycle. and if u had sex on ur ovulation days. if so theres a big chance. also im going thru the same thing except i had unprotected sex 3 nights and my boyfriend ejaculted inside me but the next day i got my period which was 2 weeks early. im the s…
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Your hcg levels at 4 weeks should be over 100. I know this cause I just miscarried at 5 weeks and my levels where 77 at 4 weeks. Everyone is different but I think it's a good sign if it's over 100. I hope I have helped u. Good luck.
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How many weeks pregnant your are.
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As far as I am aware, if you are below 5 - you ar enot pregnant, 8 is a possiblity of being pregnant if you are in the early stages of pregnancy between weeks 2-3. Hope this helps
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cuanto tiempo tengo con hcg 81980
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you could be losing it :(
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may be it all depends in how you body system works !!
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Dr Simeons HCG Protocol Below are some of the key points from Dr Simeons "Pounds & Inches", which can be found free online using a web search as well as support groups and tele-clinics that will work with you without ever seeing you, provided you have medical tests done locally prior to start…
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Not necessarily unless you're having peculiar cravings then you may be pregnant
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Those bumps are called the Montgomery glands and they act to moisturize the nipples, especially during breastfeeding. See related links for more details.
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plastic and paper- sometimes a battery to tell u yes or no
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my hcg count is 942 and my doctor said that means I'm 3 to 4 weeks.  My hcg count is 942 and my Doctor said I'm 3 to 4 weeks.
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not sure..that is pretty low for 5 weeks..I am currently 5.4 weeks and I am up to 9313
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'Hcg' means hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta; detection in the urine and serum is the basis for one kind of pregnancy test
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This is not going to be much comfort- I experienced a simiar episode and am now at 5.5 weeks with a repeat episode. My last pregnancy my levels were 3400 ish and only increased to 4700 ish someweeks later. I was told that levels that do not double at least every 72 hours are not promising. ometimes …
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One of the reasons for cervical mucus to be pink is when there is implantation, that's what I know
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it doubles every 48 hrs.
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bladder cuz its a pregnancy test hormone so your pee would be the target liquid on the stick, and the bladder would be the target organ...not quite. the uterus is a target organ of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.
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It is produced during pregnancy.It helps maintaing pregnancy.
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I hate to scare you, but that is a possibility. Bleeding during pregnancy is common, however, large amounts are usually a sign of some sort of complication. While I am not a doctor, I have had 2 miscarriages, both occurring before week 12. Depending on how far along you are, a doctor may be able to …
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Alot of reasons can cause that. You could be pregnant and not know and having a miscarriage! Take a blood pregnancy test asap!
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About 3 weeks
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wow you could be having multiples, at 5 weeks they should be less than 12,000
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Yes you can! I am currently pregnant and they confirmed my pregnancy with a level of 23.4
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yes, you should be able to considering you ovulate at two weeks into your cycle, you are either due to get your period any day or you are pregnant- buy a test
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If you're talking about quantitative levels in pregnancy, it depends on the day. I believe your levels double every other day.
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I just went through a similar situation and let me share my experience. I went to the doctor on 2/14/08 and he said I was 5 weeks pregnant. He took my blood and called me back the following week. He said my HCG level was 118 when it should have been way higher. He asked me to take another blood test…
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my hcg level is 167 how far along am i????
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I tested today at 1800 and I'm about three and a half weeks along.
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would an Hcg level of 3900 have a heartbeat
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I suppose it could be however twins usually are indicated by a high hcg level and 720 is not high. Your pregnancy cant even be seen on ultrasound with levels less than 1000 and in most offices they like to do the ultrasounds after the level's above 2000
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Yes, hcg levels higher than typical pregnancies at the same gestational age is the first indicator of a multiple pregnancy this can be confirmed with an ultrasound.
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Not Pregnant
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Most likely an impending miscarriage
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i was told im 2-3 weeks and my hcg level is 1658
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A single hCG level does not give any information about the normalcy of a pregnancy. There are a number of reasons for a lower-than-expected hCG level. Your date of concepion may be wrong, adn you may hae conceived only very recently. Or the pregnancy may not be developing normally. Follow-up with ul…
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No.hCG shows up in a pregnancy test.
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for about 3weeks it grad zerolevel by 6 weeksually decreases to
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A negative test could also be the result of a phantom pregnancy. A phantom pregnancy is where you basically fool your mind and body into thinking it is pregnant. You will still experience pregnancy symptoms but you are not actually pregnant; it is al psychological Some women have even been able to l…
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No..Progesterone and HCG are two separate hormones
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no, as long as it is increasing in numbers, you should be fine... According to the American Pregnancy Association, hCG levels taper off after 10-11 weeks of pregnancy.
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