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Questions about the German car manufacturer Audi and their different models.
http://www.isham-research.co.uk/quattro/torque.html My source for recommendation.(live document) Seems to be a small number like the oil pan torque amount. 10 to 20 American foot pounds ( without finding a specific answer).
Yes it does. They are essentially the same battery just produced by different manufactures.
The thermostat is located on the passenger side of the engine, behind the timing belt.
An Audi tt is known to have 7 engine motor mounts. It is suggestedthat that stretch bolts be used when replacing the mounts to ensurethe right amount of torque is applied to hold the engine in place.
Left hand side of engine (N/S) attached to engine mount with two wires in a grey connector going into the solemoid. Very easy to find.
Open hood, facing the car its in the rain tray on the right. Using a socket, loosen the four bolts and remove filter. Installation is the reverse of removal.
Should be in the owner's manual. If not, hit up dealer with registration, and driver's license.
The fuse box on a 2005 Audi A4 is located under the dash, near thehood release. It contains fuses for the horn, wipers, and radio.
h1 bulb look in the fog light section of the store
In the A4 it's not a warning light, it should actually indicate that your lights are on.
what model and engine ,tran size required. what model and engine ,tran size required
One interesting way to get a good deal on any car is to identify the car in mind and determine the price one is willing to pay. Then, spend a day calling each dealership in town. By telling the dealership that the car will be purchased by the end of the day, they will often offer a better deal than...
Push down then over to the left, will pop right in.
You have to just pry the mirror out. It's held in place by a tab type mount. I've gotten them out by gently prying around the mirror. It'll just pop out.
Press and hold BOTH right and left panel knobs while turning the ignition key to the ON position, the regular ligts come up and cycle. The message 10000 miles till next service should come up meanng the service is reset till next service cycle.
smoke is the leftover in incomplete combustion.so when the car first starts up, its not as hot as it is 20 seconds later,so there is more incomplete combustion,puting off more smoke.the smoke just changes color because the lighter the smoke the less dense it is.
Answer . \nSounds like your heater core has a leak and is causing steam to enter your air ducts. Does the steam have a coolant oder, if so, you will have to pull it and replace.
The first and least expensive thing I would do is replace the turn signal flasher. If the flasher is weak, then it could act-up just as you have suggested. The turn signal flasher is a separate system then the four way or hazard flashers even though they use the same bulbs. Generally, the turn...
Answer . \nIv'e had this problem before it may be the light unit (ie the lense) the hot bulb damages the internal surfaces of the lenses thus losing clarity. They are very costly to replace new, but a parts dealer do them , they only sell them as a complete unit.......
RPM is an acronym for Revolutions Per Minute. In the case of an automobile engine, it is the measurement of how fast the crankshaft is turning; One revolution being considered a single, complete rotation of the shaft.
No. You really aren't serious, are you?
When the dealer services your car, they are supposed to reset the oil or service interval warning light that comes on in place of your trip odometer when you start your car. To reset it yourself to a fixed interval (you need to hook up to a computer for a variable interval), follow these...
Assuming that the brake pads were just changed and the sensor is still on, Perhaps the sensor wire was broken during installation causing the sensor to stay on. Happened on my 2001 a4.
Behind the flasher switch in the centre console.
Wrong category, but I will answer. Of course you can. Make sure you have the title, and get insurance for the drive back to MD, and get temporary tags or in transit tags. When you get to MD, register the car.
On the 1998 Audi A6, the turn signal bulb can be replaced byopening the hood. Reach into the turn signal from the fender walland push in and turn the old bulb to remove it. Push in and turn toreplace with a new bulb.
The hazard switch is the flasher mod.
If it's an automatic, try putting it in Neuteral and then starting it. If that works, you have a contact in your shifter (park) that's going/ gone bad. Hope this helps! either your start enging is dead or it doesnt get any power, u can try checking the power cables that connect to the start...
Take it to the Audi dealership and tell them theres money inside it
best way to test a relay is remove it from board, get a 9v square battery and touch the switching terminals on the relay, the relay should click if its working. You can then test resistance through the relay. You can also check the feed to the relay, if theres pwer to the switching terminals on the...
Your Audi requires a synthetic oil that meets VW 502 specs. Mobil One 0w40 is an excellent choice. It is one of the very few oils that meet VW 502 specs.
Audi's don't use hub caps. The wheel is one big piece.
well it depends on what age the car is but generally the following steps should work . Turn off the ignition . Press and hold the button on the left side of the display while turning the ignition on . Service OIL will be displayed . Pull out the button on the right side of the display until the...
Answer . No but this is a known problem in Saturns, maybe they are made by the same company.
Different wheels in front and rear. example: 245/45/17 front wheels and 225/50/17 rear. cause of this is the different spinning of the front and rear wheels. as u know all quattros have to get same tires on all rims. maybe i helped someone. (had this on my A8 shake hard at 60km/h)u can seriously...
Head gasket failure, timing belt slipped a notch, turbo shot, loss of compression.
Press and hold the right button. (odometer reset) now switch on the ignition (oil lamp will not flash, but on at all times) press the right button again (insp is now displayed) pull left button. (clock set) (------ are now displayed) Pull left button again This works on my A4 tdi...
A 2011 Audi S5 ranges from 45,000 dollars to 57,000 dollars. The V8 coupe is worth about forty five thousand dollars to fifty two thousand dollars, while the V6 convertible is worth forty nine thousand dollars to fifty seven thousand dollars. Each specific S5 models vary for price.
The most popular purchase of Audi automobiles depends on the needs and wants of the consumers. The 2013 Audi A4 is ranked #9 for best upscale model vehicles.
An Audi a4 can be found for sale at many different places. Local Audi dealers will have this car in stock, along with used car lots. Craigslist and eBay also have models of the car for sale.
There are three key tricks to follow to make sure your Audi gets sold. First, research the current going prices for the year of your vehicle as these will vary. Secondly, place the car in multiple online automobile dealerships for no more than 5% more than what you would like to sell it for. Last,...
In 2012 Audi sold approximately 1,455,100 total cars. The specific data for Audi A4 sales is not readily available online.
Deals on Audis may differ based on location. Currently, Audi seems to be running a promotion wherein they offer up to a $3000 'New Owner Appreciation Incentive'. Other incentives may include owner loyalty incentives.
Audi A4s are accident prone and used cars have many times been totaled so you need to watch out for that.
The Audi R8 can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. It can go over 196 miles per hour. It can procuce over 420 horsepowers. The Audi R8 was made in Germany.
beetween the trhotle and air filter housing
Some of the current deals for the Audi A4 available are the loyalty program. The loyalty program gives different cash incentives based on the year of vehicle. New qualified owners may receive up to a $3000 cash back option.
The Audi A4 has a unique and distinctive Singleframe grille, as well as special Halogen headlights. The body shape is unique to the A4 and makes the car identifiable from any other model.
Audi dealers across the country offer certified used cars for sale, including the Audi A4. These cars are thoroughly inspected and certified to be free from a number of major mechanical and cosmetic defects.
Audi cars have a very distinctive body shape and headlights. The Audi also have a specially built engine and chassis. These features make Audi unique and immediately identifiable.
In 1996, Audi A3 was officially introduced in the European market. The all-famous Volkswagen was one them, the first of its generation.
The Audi A3 cars price starts at $27,270 for a six-speed manual transmission with front-wheel drive. Price goes up to $32,850 for the 2.0 TFSI Premium Plus model.
In Netherlands, the Audi S3 costs 32,000 Euros.
RS stands for RennSport, which is a German phrase. It literally translates as "racing sport". The Audi RS6 line is one of the most popular line of cars for Audi and continues to have many fans for it's sporty feel.
The Audi TT is a very expensive car, with a retail value of around $37,000 for a brand new one with standard options. However, it is possible to purchase them used. According to Kelley Blue Book, an older Audi TT from 2000 should be valued at $5749 is purchased from a dealership, implying that it...
Audi TT cars start at around $30000 and increases from there. Models can even go up $75000 based on all the extra features.
Royal Motor Sales Audi, located at 165 14th Street in San Francisco, features certified used Audi's of many models. One could also use websites such as AutoTrader to find certified used Audi's in San Francisco. Websites such as these may direct buyers to potential sellers of a certified used Audi...
The Audi R8 is built by quattro GmbH at Audi's Neckarsulmfactory in Germany.
A good place to start would be Auto Trader. They list new and used Audi A3 cars. A new Audi dealership in that area would be Sunnyside Audi in Middleburg Heights. Other options would be the Cleveland area newspaper, or Ebay.
The best buys for an Audi A6, can be found on automotive price comparason websites, such as Edmonds, or Auto Trader. On these sites a person can search the exact make and model, and where to find the best buy.
The easiest way is to check local used car dealerships. One can also check online sites like Craigslist or eBay and publications such as Auto Trader.
The Audi A6 has traditionally been a good value for customersseeking a used luxury midsize car, having a lower resale price thanothers in its class through the third generation model. Factorsthat influence the used Audi A6's price include if it was leased orowned previously, if it is a "certified"...
They have updated their slogan and expanded their customer service by offering delivering purchases to the customers. They have new and innovative features in the new vehicles.
The best place to find and Audi for sale is either an Audi Dealer or in Auto Trader Magazine. Auto Trader Magazine lists everything from cars, trucks, boat's and so on. And the cars are sold at the best prices from person to person or dealer to person.
The Audi A4 comes in two-door, four-door and even five-door models. The convertible has two doors, the sedan four doors, and the wagon includes an extra door in the back for a total of five.
Yes, Audis are very attractive looking cars and drive very smoothly. They are still popular, however their maintenance can be a little costly especially because they don't take regular gas.
The best price found for a cheap Audi A4 would be around twenty-five thousand dollars to thirty-thousand dollars as the average selling price is around thirty-three thousand.
The engine model of the Audi A8 depends on the year of the car. The newest Audi A8, made in 2013, uses a A8 L 2.0 TFSI hybrid engine, which can reach a maximum speed of 146.0 mph.
there are two boxes. One under the hood on the driver side near the firewall. The other is on the end cap of your dashboard. Open your drivers door from outside the car and you will see the flush end of your dashboard unit. On there you will see a plastic filler that is really a cover for your fuse...
There isn't one, its wired into the ECM.
Answer . Check the engine code using a code scanner. That will give you the best information.
Owner's manual portfolio should have it. Or, make a trip to the dealer. Have the registration and driver's license ready.
I can answer this because I just finished mine today. :) First off you are going to need some good tools and at the least six jack stands if you are performing this feat on the ground. ( Not using a lift ) The process requires that you lower the back half of your engine cradle and it can be...
The Audi A4 has been in production since the year of 1994.
Audi a6 cars have rain and drive sensors, a ipod integretion in the cars interior, and a three-zone climate control which is useful for controlling different areas in the car.
In November 2012, Audi reported that their sales had increased 10.9% from their recorded sales in November 2011. They seem to have done much better in 2012.
you can pick up an Audi A4 for around 9,000 euros in most places in Europe or if your in America you can buy an Audi A4 for around 15 to 20,000 American dollars.
Audi sold 11.7% more automobiles in 2012 than in the previous year. They set a new company record by selling a whopping 1,455,100 automobiles! Every region that Audi caters too world wide experienced a surge in sales. In fact in the United States they set a new sales record in all 12 months of 2012!...
A brand new Audi S4 can cost upwards of $35,000.00 depending on the dealership, special features and options, warranty, sales, discounts and a plethora of other variables.
Commonwealth, Pacific or Walter's Audi are dealerships where an Audi A4 may be found. Beyond that the local paper may have ads from private sellers, and used car lots may also have one available.
An Audi is a luxury automobile which is designed to provide a comfortable and sporty driving experience. The main benefits are the precise handling characteristics of the vehicle and the comfort of the passenger cabin provided in the vehicles design.
No it doesn't, unless their is a problem.
Many online reports and message boards say that the Audi RS4 gets between 20 and 25 miles per gallon. It is also been reported to get to get 17.7 miles per gallon.
The best place to find a Audi used car dealer is looking in a local newspaper at the gas station. Driving around looking is also another way to find cars in different neighborhood.
The sales have improved over the last year. Audi 4 has been selling more and it has improved the sales. The company has made a higher profit with these sales.
Audi USA offers individuals looking to purchase a per-owned Audi both online and through a series of Audi dealerships across the country. In addition, used car websites offer web surfers the ability to search or used cars based on make and model.
The 2012 Audi deals can be found everywhere in the USA, especially in large cities such as LA. The AUDIUSA tool allows a zip code to be entered and the nearest AUDI 2012 deals to the zip code to be located.
There are ways to help a person figure out if a pre owned Audi is certified. One of the most popular ways to find this out is with Audi's Certified Pre Owned Program. Generally, a Certified Pre Owned seal does not transfer between owners, so the best way of knowing for sure is to buy from an Audi...