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Music Collecting

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Music collecting is a hobby involving the collection of albums and music of different musical genres and artists. Those who practice this as a hobby usually collect the original eight-tracks, vinyl records, tapes, and compact discs.
It has a frequency range of 20Hz to 40kHz; and prefers a tracking  weight between 1.5 and 2.3 grams. You should get between 50 and 60  hours of playing time at about 1 gram. Availability is a bit  sketchy and runs about $50 USD.
I paid £650 for mine four years ago - I'd guess it's worth around £900 now.
If it is an original, and in good condition (i.e. no fading, not torn, not damaged, etc.) the current value as of October 2012 is less than one dollar (US).
The value of old Columbia records will vary depending on their age  and condition. The value may also depend on the popularity of the  particular Columbia record you are trying to sell.
Depends on which "sax":soprano saxalto saxtenor saxbass sax Of course, the larger the instrument, the more costly it will be. The other thing that comes into consideration is the instrument brand name. Kielworth's (for example) may command a higher price than a lesser known brand. Years ago, I...
Depends much on who's autograph one has and what it was ascribed to and in what condition everything is in (readable, paper crinckled, etc).
roxy music "for your pleasure" wall mirrors are very rare and the original 24"x 12" ones manufactured by Aspell Saggers in 1975 are even rarer, these mirrors are worth whatever someone is willing to pay if your lucky enough to even find one.
comparison of japanese ato philippine music
  I will provide a few words to get you started: beat, babble, badger, bait, and balance.
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Singing doesn't just happen like a click of a finger. You need practice ( like the saying practice makes perfect) don't give up, please keep going. You will get it one day.
It is the value of the music pertaining to its ability to appeal to human enjoyment and emotion. 
there is no such thingA "freestyle to music" dressage test is a test choreographed by the rider and set to music
lyrics are the words in a song. for example Here it goes again (my version) original version by ok goit could be ten, but then again, I can't remember half an hour cause i had a quart of red bull. Take off your clothes, the twenty second side of Surfer Rosa, and you leave me with my balls on the...
If you go to record research.com you will find the book you need  as Joel Whitburn has printed a chart book with all the artists and  all there hit records in it from record world 1954 to 1982 I have a  copy myself cheers rob 
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Apparantly Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones has around 3,000 in his personal collection.
I have a Victor Talking Machine  Model VV-xiv -69385e I would like to know the value
Between 60k & 100k. They are very rare, hold on to it for another 40 years and you could triple that.
Groundswell only has one album with 11 songs on it should have had more tho, that band's amazing!
    == Answer ==     I assume that by "old records" you mean 78s, the old heavy singles that disappeared from record stores by 1960.     The value of 78s is largely determined by three things: rarity, collector interest and condition. The label is usually not a significant...
The single is worth between $12-$30
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By searching for them online or going to a pawn shop and findin out what they'd be worth. Got that idea off of pawn stars Also, many antique dealers specialize in and are familiar with vintage posters. Check your local listings perhaps?
drew32.com drew32 new music podcast on iTunes
While it is illegal to buy, sell or distribute bootleg recordings, it is not illegal to own them, for collecting purposes.
Yes. My copy of the set which is in a rectangular box 2 CDs high by one wide includes a 28 page booklet with the same cover picture as the box.
Yeng Constantino made it.
the interval from D to F is a third a very easy and probably one of the most common intervals in music
There is no official designation in the United States for silver albums. It may be used as slang to refer to albums which have sold 250,000 copies, which is half of gold - 500,000 copies; but no plaques are awarded.The British Recorded Music Industry (BPI) on the other hand does use silver...
It had to have been made between 1975 and 1980.
That would depend. For example, if you had a new, unopened copy of The Barbra Streisand Album (1963), then it likely would be worth more than a used copy of that same album. The format (vinyl, CD, cassette) also matters; vinyl often is valued more than CDs, and the region where it was sold also...
there are major and minors for every not Major keys are Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, C, and F, along with sharp keys F#, C#, G, D, A, E, and Bminor key i don't know
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The Wurlitzer Brasshorn, or Brass Horn is an add-on speaker/horn for the electronic Wurlitzer organ of the 1960's, and was designed to accentuate the frequencies of the organs more mid-range voices such as the oboe & trumpet. Surprisingly the organ's string tab sounds very realistic through the...
Yamaha Electone HC-2 How much is it worth??
I bought my Applause AE-14, S/N 121585 in late 1981 or early 1981.
I'm not sure if it was made available to the public but they had many 45 RPM versions on Green Vinyl but they were for jukeboxes.
yes it came out in 1994 on mercury records.it was printed on Green vinyl 45 rpm.they are very hard to find.they were printed in limited quantities.I have one.
This box set sold for $129.00 new around 1980. eBay would be a great reference point for the value of yours today. one in C-10 condition (NIB) could be worth 5 times the original price. while most have been played several times over the years and storage box showing extensive wear, may only be worth...
http://download.cnet.com/YouTube-Downloader/3000-2071_4-10647340.htmlgo to the link above and download the "youtube downloader" follow all steps. then go to youtube and paste this link >--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZXrBwmysjAthen when the youtube downloader program has finished it will open...
Mirelle Mathieu - C'est Si Bon
Tmt S Madumathi IAS District Collector Collectorate, Namakkal - 637 001 Phone: 04286-281101 (O) 04286-280111, 280222 (R) Fax: 04286-280888 (R) 04286-281106 (O) E-Mail: collrnmk@nic.in
Basically, music of the jazz avant-garde* movement. Avant-garde is defined of being part of an innovative group, in this case, musicians.
1962 they released their first single, which became a hit! Officially, "Love Me Do." They recorded some backup instrumentals with Tony Sheridan before that, and bootleg recordings of the Beatles at the Star Club in Hamburg predate their first official release. * * * * * Actually, this requires a...
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the answer is that i am not a professional so ask a professional no offence thx
  My Beatles records are priceless. If yours are in great condition and complete with all pictures, books and other bits and pieces, you may interest a collector.     == Answer ==   their worth what you can get somebody to pay for them. Go on E-BAY and you can see what people are...
Kid Cudi is so good, because he doesn't fit into the cliche of most rappers, who talk about killing people, money, cars, houses, having sex, etc. Cudi talks about his real life problems to those who want to listen. His beats are intoxicating.
No i can not play If I Die Young on the viola
The 'Zombies' 1st album came out in 1965. Titled: The Zombies (M), on the 'Parrot' label; number PA 61001 Catalogs in NM (Near Mint) condition at $60 (Goldmine, 7th Edition, page 1299)
Roman Surman from the band the Murderdolls is 34-years-old.
CD's aren't food and therefore kashrut doesn't apply. It would be rather stupid to try to eat CD's though.
Material Girl (US Club) Crazy for You (US)
Star WarsThe FlintstonesThe SimpsonsZelda: Ocarina of TimeThose are my tops but you can play many movie theme songs that sound great!
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because he the first black singer
The definition of schlock is "of inferior quality." When it applies to music it means anything trite, unoriginal, formulaic, or overly gimmicky.
music collection
Pink Floyd The Wall was rated R because of the bad language for  one. Also it showed scenes that were not appropriate for children.
what about record 1905 1 sided record?  Answer  How much is it worth? Like all collectables, the answer is  subjective as far as to the individual record itself. The artist,  the condition of the record, the number of copies of that record in  existance, etc., all come into play. Some might be...
I'd try to go with a Fender. Like a good fender. Telecaster maybe? I'd also say Gibson but I wouldn't know which type seeing how I don't own any.
Over 12 billion records have been made worldwide.
Hardstyle originated from jumpstyle, hard trance, gabber, oldskool hardcore and acid techno with influences from UK hard house and happy hardcore. The place of origins are Germany and the Netherlands, where the first hardstyle events started near the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000
The price could range anywhere from $900.00 to $6,000.00 depending on a number of factors including condition, number of signatures, (signatures from all four, or a select one or two, etc.) edition and version. Good luck!
cui stands for composite user interface
Cant you see the button named add into playlist in the software which u r using now?
It means being "high" they are always high into drugs thats why they keep on dancin' "everyday im shufflin'".....
This was Micheal "Panic" Housers nickname in college. The band/friends at school (Athens Georgia) new he suffered from panic attacks. So, then it was decided Widespread "Panic". Knowing his original sound and skill was a major part of there sound.
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  What is an Emperador guitar wouth?
A musical freestyle is a pattern ridden by horse and rider specifically choreographed to music, either for competition or demonstration. The most common types are the musical cur, ridden by a single horse and rider, the pas de deux, ridden by a pair of horses, and the quadrille, ridden by (you...