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Warriors Book Series

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Warriors, by Erin Hunter, is a book series about the wild cats living in clans in the forest. Six 6-book series have been proposed, with three released already. There are also some spin-off stories and mangas. This category is for any and all questions about the series, including plots, characters, release dates, etc.
There are lots of good website, I suggest you look up on google "warrior cat rp websites"
Dovepaw is the 3rd member to join the prophecy. If you haven't read the whole series then you'd think it's Hollyleaf
These are a couple warrior names: Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Sorreltail, Squirrelflight, Olivenose, Poppyfrost, Graystripe, Crowfeather, Sunburst, Petalfur, Sedgewhisker, Toadfoot. There are many more! Like Robinfrost, Mistystorm, Leaftree, Firesong, Leopardnight, and some I can't think of right now!
Sasha who is a rouge.
The Erin Hunters are currently working on a new series of the warrior cat books, releasing them one at a time. I THINK either 2 or 3 of the new series is out. It's the 4th series, and its called "The Fourth Apprentice". The first one is Omen of the Stars, and the 2nd one is Fading Echoes.
When adventuring in an abandoned two-leg house, there is a flood. Sasha manages to save Moth and Hawk but is too late to save Tadpole and he drowns.
Heathertail does not have a mate but she showed affection for Lionblaze and some people think she would be a good mate for Breezepelt. Breezpelt wants her as a mate but she wants Lionblaze. Lionblaze refuses so she is left without a mate.
Please see the information provided at the link below.
There is going to be Ravenpaw's path, and the others have not yet been confirmed
It is unknown. But it could be Toadfoot, because she was seen sitting close to him.
In the newest warriors cats series, Omen of the Stars, Lionblaze and Jayfeather find out that Dovepaw is one of the three, or one of the three cats with the power of the stars in their paws. Meanwhile, Dovepaw's sister, Ivypaw, is being trained by the cats of Dark Forest. Dark Forest is where all...
It does not say who Darkstripe's parents are, but many people think that Speckletail could be his mother, while other people think it could be Robinwing. Nobody knows who his father is. Some say that his father died in battle, while others say that he left the clan. But what happened to him is for...
If you are talking about Bluestar's kit, Mosskit, than she does not have a warrior name. She dies the night Bluestar brings them to Riverclan.
As of yet, they are still both known only by their kit names, because there has not been any information in the books regarding SkyClan after "Firestar's Quest." But there warrior names may come out in SkyClan's Destiny.
I don't think Patchpelt ever got a mate.
No one knows for sure but she might.
There are many medicine cats in Riverclan. Here are their names: Mudfur Mothwing Willowshine Icewhisker Brambleberry Dapplepelt Graywing Kinktail Meadowpelt
There's a long list… I'll see who I can cover… Firestar likes Spottedleaf, though he is still mates with Sandstorm… Ferncloud and Dustpelt are mates Graystripe and Silverstream Anymore?
1.) http://extinctioncats.proboards.com/index.cgi? - this one is the most fun / active website. really friendly community.
The name of the fourth ''Warriors'' book is called ''Rising Storm.''
In the warriors series, Mallow is used to sooth a cat's belly.
Jayfeather is a medicine cat. He is not supposed to have a mate. If he does... he is breaking the warrior and medicine cat code.
The warriors book series was not intended to be specifically for Christians, but yes I would say it is appropriate for Christians to read.
Bastet is a cat! Shekmet is a lioness who used to be ra's warrior but she was too violent and ra had bastet replace her
It never shows but they probbably do, because there were very few she cats in the clan. No, they don't. Clovertail falls in love with Patchfoot and she has his kits, Birdpaw, Sandypaw, and Honeypaw. Cherrytail and Sharpclaw fall in love and possibly have kits in the future after a comment that...
The site is thenewclans.zoomshare.com, for some reason I can't post that is the question. You are going to need more places to talk, the template isn't great either. I prefer webs, maybe you could try that.
***SPOILER ALERT*** at first he just stayed in Thunderclan camp and mourned but a few days later, when he went to take the kits to riverclan, he decided that he had to go with him and stay with his kits. So he stayed in riverclan for a little while until there was a battle over the sunning rocks...
Yes, I personally do. : ) And lucky for me there's lots of them, and more coming!
It will be a wile until Erin Hunter decides.
ANSWER: Like what I said to your other question, it depend on individual. All of us has our own reason to why we do this. There will always be reason why this thing happen
In warriors, POT stands for Power of Three , the third sub-series of books in the warriors series.
Because she started to love him, and Dustpelt was always kinda mean. Plus, Dustpelt drifted over to Fernpaw.
There is a story below. You'll like it, if you like a good love story. Amberheart's Love Allegiances ThunderClan Leader: Silverstar - silvery-gray she-cat Deputy: Redheart - flame-colored tom Medicine Cat: Goosefeather - speckled gray tom with pale blue eyes Warriors: (toms and...
probably not, he's a medicine cat, also, there have been no hints that he's in love with anyone, like when we got hints from leafpool. Plus it is against the warrior code for him to love anyone.
She could, but Brambleclaw probably wouldn't want to see her in his nest for a while.
that's a stupid question my friend but well if u were talking about cats it would mean the same 4 any cat in the warriorscats series in English or Japanese
Firestar's first deputy is Whitestorm. His second was Graystripe and his current deputy is Brambleclaw.
See didn't. Hollyleaf did try to kill her mother though if that's what you mean. Simply put, Hollyleaf tried to kill Leafpool because she was upset at Leafpool for never telling her that she was her real mother.
She thought that it was the right thing to do. She thought that the secrets had to come out.
many people think that Ashfur is in the dark forest because of what occured in Long Shadows, however, in Sign of the Moon, Jayfeather sees him in Starclan. Yellowfang tells Jayfeather that Ashfur's only fault was that he loved to much.
HarperCollins BrowseInside lets you read the first part ofStarlight online for free. You can also see if your public librarybought it as an e-book.
Into the Wild Firestar comes into the forest as a kittypet, and becomes an apprentice and warrior. Fire and Ice He gets his first apprentice, Cinderpaw and meets up with his sister Princess, who gives him his nephew. Forest of Secrets He becomes ThunderClan deputy. Rising Storm He gains a new...
Tigerclaw tries to kill bluestar in her den but then fireheart/star realizes that bluestar and tigerclaw are missing and he figures out that tigerclaw is in bluestars den. After bluetstar and fireheart/star oin tigerclaw down and the rest of the clan drives of the rogues and loners tigerclaw is sent...
it was released in January or February 2010
snowfur dies when she and bluefur were taking a walk when some shadowclan cats went into thnderclan territory and snowfur went to chace them off when got hit by a monster(car).
Fireheart bluestars deputy, Mistyfoot and stonefur bluestars kits that she gave to riverclan , greystripe a warrior of thunderclan and tigerstar thunderclans old deputy before he betrayed them and was exiled and became shadowclans leader
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One would be Theodore Roosevelt. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.
pepl mainly foucus on Tigerstar being killed by Scourage and Firestar then killing his sont Scourage to drive of the evil bloodclan making peace until the other series A New Prophecy
i think she got diabetes (animals can get diabetes too)
Dovepaw Apprentice: Brambleclaw and Leafpool are the main characters of the new prophecy. The map changes to a lake in "Starlight". The prophecy is: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red..."
It is Leopardfoot. They give birth to Tigerstar!
SPOILER ALERT! He does to join his kits (Silverstream was their mother) and then came back because leopardstar was about to kill fireheart or something (havent read it for a while) and graystripe saved him so leopardstar banished him from riverclan. He was happy to come back to thunderclan though...
Its actaually Erin hunter, If you would like to find out more-go to http://www.warriorcats.com/warriorshell.HTML
he doesnt die he becomes a warrior in a dangerous path
yes i read it after the whole three series
Well it sort of helps you understand the history of cats but you don't HAVE to know about all of them.
Dovekit and Ivykit
Yes actually there is. It is on the main warriorcats website. go to games and you will see warrior cats adventure game.
Here are my choice of the best top ten warrior cats from the warrior cat book series. 1. Firestar/heart 2. Bluestar 3.greystripe 4.yellowfang 5.cinderpaw 6.silverstream 7.darkstripe 8.raggedstar 9.lionheart 10.spottedleaf But, it is up entirely to your opinion, so there really...
There will be three of Firestar's kin that are more powerful than StarClan Woodyipy!
These are names that i made up (if you have the same names or something then i take no credit 4 them) Ashtail, Dawnstream, Dewsong, Skypool, Snowblaze, Flamefur, Robinwing, Sparrowflight, Rabbitear, Pondpaw, Shortfur, Darkheart.
No, after he got mad at her and thought she was using the tunnels to betray him and Thunderclan, he was through with her. Even when her name was cleared that she wasn't betraying him, he still did not love her.
OMSC, that sounds fun! Well maybe for like the plates and stuff, have cat faces on them and balloons with cats on them, maybe having the party at a nature park and the cake looking like a forest with cat figurines on them...oh and maybe display all of the warrior books u own on a table???!!? Sorry...
a moth wing which meant that mothwing would be a medicine cat apprentice
Lionblaze has the power to fight very well without scratches or any injuries(most of the time). Lionblaze once fought off an entire gang of cats single pawed. Jayfeather can feel other cats emotions extremely well and can know what they are thinking. He can also walk in other cats dreams....
Yes, on amazon.com but they will only preview a few pgs, and there probably won't be any of those lovely illustrations. I suggest you but it, like I did.
It is Squirrelpaw/Squirrelflight. The background is probably the Clans. They had to take a long journey to another place because Twolegs destroyed their homes.
His mother is Swiftbreeze while his father is Adderfang.
Joushou Arashi there are more ways to say it though :)
The New Forest is a place in England where the first map of the Warriors series was loosely based off of. If you know which section of the New Forest mirrors the map in the Warriors Books, please answer this question. This question is not about the Lake Map.
These are all the cats in Warriors who went to StarClan (I'll list all the cats who went to the DarkForest too) Note:Some of these cats are from the book Bluestar's Prophecy StarClan Cats . - Bluestar -Cinderpelt (Came back as Cinderkit, Cinderheart) -Goosefeather -Weedwhisker ...
Sweetbriar was his mother the father is currently unknown
Brambleclaw has not yet become leader, he might become leader in the the last book, but I am not sure, im looking to the future and I do not know how many lives firestar has left, 5 maybe.
Firestar, Bluestar, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Bramblestar,Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, Graystripe, Tigerstar, Ravenpaw,Redtail, Stormtail, Silverstream, Feathertail, Sandstorm, Dustpelt,Thistleclaw, Snowfur, Pinestar, Mistystar, Stonefur, Oakheart,Crookedstar, Leopardstar, Raggedstar,...
Probably in the third or fourth, possibly later, Omen of the Stars books, because he is getting quite old.
No-one knows who Yellowfang's parents were.
I'm not quite sure. I think it was Lionheart. By the way, someone needs to fix the Warriors website. I says that Brindleface and Whitestorm were mates! WHATEVER!
Its claws, teeth, and body weight.
There are many Warrior Cats; they are listed here according to Clan. in the ThunderClan: A: -Adderfang -Amberclaw -Ashfur B: -Beechfur -Berrynose -Brichfall -Birdflight -Blossumfall -Bluestar -Brackenfur -Brambleclaw -Briarlight -Brightheart -Brindleface -Brook...
He can catch it during Leaf-Fall or Leaf-Bare.
The publishing company for warriors is Working Partners Limited.
all cats who died in the story
a leader is a cat who will lead the clan in hard times and you become a leader if you are deputy and the leader dies or retires but if both the deputy and the leader dies then someone with a high rank like a senior warrior becomes the leader and they must assign a deputy and go to the moonstone to...
www.warriorsforest123.webs.com, www.leafheart12.webs.com, www.catwarriorrpgmeow.webs.com, www.warriorclancatsrpg.webs.com
Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.
Right now there are 42 in the full series.
According to the HarperCollins childrens book website, The next warriors book is Night Whispers, Signs of the moon, and now they have a power of three pack.
the whole series isnt out but i know the names of them all....The forth aprentice,fading echos,night whispers,sighn of the moon,the forgotten warrior(not out.) the last hope,(not out.)