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One of the most visited internet site, Wikipedia is a multilingual encyclopedia with over 17 million articles, 3.5 million of which are in English. Most of its articles have been written and edited by volunteers around the world.
Theoretically speaking, you can use a Javascript crack via Greasemonkey or similar to make a person's computer do that. But as far as modifying the site itself to do this, you would have to hack their servers, which is very difficult, not to mention incredibly illegal.
The idea of making an general Encyclopedia that was a Wiki is usually credited to Larry Sanger, who was working with Jimbo Wales on another encyclopedia, a non-wiki one, at the time. They both created Wikipedia, which came to eclipse the non-wiki encyclopedia and eventually pretty much every other...
it is published by other users. so it's not always accurate.
WikiAnswers and Wikipedia are two different sites. Even though is licensed to use Wikipedia's content in their reference section, the sites are not affiliated. You will need to create a log in for each.
she had a stroke and got old.
Some people would argue that Wikipedia's accuracy has improved overthe years. For example, anyone who edits an article must cite theirsources and use appropriate grammar and spelling. Moderators arefrequently monitoring articles, and they will sometimes postwritten "flags" at the top of an article...
You can't. There are several hundred professionals that have a lot more spare time on their hands than you do, waiting to prevent these kinds of things. In addition, Wikipedia itself will block obvious vandalism edits, and when it sees something questionable, it raises it to the top of the list for...
On the wikipedia website or in America
Well, if you post to my message board, I would be happy to send you my address. However, if you are talking about the site in general, it is a for-profit site, and they don't solicit charitable donations. :) We volunteer here because we like the site, not because it is a charity. :)
Line of succession to the British throne .
Type in something that you want to change. Then, scroll to the bottom and click on edit this page . I WANT TO ADD INFORMATION ABOUT NEWLY RELEASED BOOK 'AATHWANITALI GAANI' (IN INDIAN MARATHI LANGUAGE) IN WIKIPEDIA.
Because, well, Wikipedia is so popular, (mainly because anything you search on Google, that is the first headline) that people know that is is a reliable website to get information. It is not 100% reliable because people can change it often. So, be careful. I like to use or...
No, or at least not on this website.
Any question posted on Wiki Answers can be answered by anyone, but only members can edit the answers.
no because any one can change the answers Ehem*They change the answers because of updates.
Over 800 new articles are created each day on Wikipedia on average. This number varies by day and some days have a lot more than 800 new articles created and sometimes there is less than 800 new articles written in a day.
Too many participants take the rules of conduct more seriously than the content. Too many participants take themselves more seriously than the content.
Cool User Pages User pages are cool when the user adds things to it to make it cool.
If you are speaking of a key for a recent model vehicle ( 97 model or newer ), the so-called "code" you are speaking of stands for PLASTIC TRANSPONDER. Some keys will have PHT written on the key in the same fashion.....meaning PLASTIC-HEAD TRANSPONDER. Of course, the PLASTIC (P) or PLASTIC-HEAD (PH)...
i think she wrote 2 songs by herself. on the rest of the song from that album, Taylor swift wrote them with someone named Liz Rose.
Why WikiAnswers? It could be that a lot of people are too dumb or lazy to look for the information on Wikipedia... ... but since they have to write out their questions and post them and then take the time to come back to get their answers on WikiAnswers, dumb and lazy can't be the answer. ...
This might not be of much help, but it is longer than Nitrogen monoxide, as the bond enthalpy is higher in a N-O bond. There is not much on this issue on the Internet unfortunately.
Academically speaking, NO. However, sometimes you can scroll to the bottom and see the references there, and you might find a few creditable sources that discuss the topic your researching.
The Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization, publishes Wikipedia.
Editing Wikipedia Articles . Simple. Go to Wikipedia, create a username and password, sign in, go to the article, and click EDIT. Large articles are broken up into sections. Near the top of each section, on the right, is the word EDIT. If you click it, that section will appear in an edit window....
Wikipedia Day is celebrated on Wikipedia every year on January 15. Various events happen on a public or semi-public basis around the world - for example, in 2010, a selection of Wikipedians celebrated Wikipedia Day with a meet-up in New York City, while another group met up in Bangalore.
Colleges as a whole have not banned Wikipedia. The site is not generally considered a good source, simply because information based there can be too easily changed by just about anyone. Much as with any web site, most academics encourage the use of reputable sources of information. Traditionally...
Aiden Lawrence II
Wikipedia is a online encyclopedia.
Wikipedia is maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation, although it is not published directly by any third-party.
No you shouldn't trust Wikipedia
WikiAnswers & Wikipedia Although each of these two sites is a "wiki" site - meaning that the public in general supplies the information - WikiAnswers is not associated with the online encyclopedia Wikipedia; WikiAnswers is a question and answer site. WikiAnswers uses a modified form of the...
Jimmy Donal Wales of America created Wikipedia, so it was created in America. Answer by Hayden Taylor who lives in Australia
It depends on the person's opinions and what they think.
Go to the history page and look at the user id - that is who has created or edited the page. If no user id appears and it is just numbers, then the user has posted anonymously from an IP address.
This Website is only for answering questions,therefore no. You can go on to go to that website.
\nWikipedia is popular among broadband users for multiple reasons. First of all, it may seem that when on Google, whatever your looking for, wikipedia has a page on it. The vast amount of information found on wikipedia makes it reliable in some aspects.\n. \nWikipedia is also still growing with each...
A man went to church and asked God for 100 pesos. He repeated hisprayer many times and God granted his request. Even though theamount was less than he needed, he was still grateful and went homehappy.
It comes from the word "wiki" (which is Hawaiian for "quick") and "pedia" short for encyclopedia.
No. Answers is run by Answers Corporation (read more at ). Wikipedia is run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation (read more at ).
It is a gaseous planet, meaning it is almost entirely made up of gas. It mmay have a small rocky core but most of it, like I said, is gas. The reason it appears blue is because of the high concentration of methane gas. Methane absorbs red light and reflects blue light.
Of course you can. Just click the "Edit" button on the right side of the page
The official chemical name of this polyimide is: Poly(5,7-dihydro-1,3,5,7-tetraoxobenzo[1,2-c:4,5-c']dipyrrole-2,6[1H,3H]-diyl-1,4 phenyleneoxy-1,4-phenylene). But compared to " Poly-oxydiphenylene-pyromellitimide" it doesn't help so much, it is even worse. This polymer is obtained from the...
According to the IMA Statement of Ethical it violates competence or the accurate, clear, concise and timely information. It violates integrity and the credibility of information
Not possible. Don't edit it for 2 months or longer, then have it adopted for other users to edit.
Several hundred thousand, at the bare minimum. As of this writing, the English section of Wikipedia alone has 3.2 million pages. Some of these are small enough that you could fit 10 on a page, but many more of them would take two to three pages each.
Human resource practices include: 1) Recruitment, hiring and firing: From the job advertisement to the application, interviewing and on-boarding process, through the final exit interview, the HR department is involved, and in fact, typically handles most of these tasks in their entirety. 2)...
Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger formally co-founded Wikipedia on January 15th, 2001. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.
Someone can go on and change the information at whim, thus logically proving that, no, Wikipedia is not trustworthy.
Wikipedia was created in 2004.
Possible as a special order, but, not likely.
As of April 2012, the longest article on the English-language Wikipedia is "List of American Civil War Generals (Confederate)", at 469,757 bytes.
no, because new world encyclopedia didnt have a red dead redemption articles.
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First Answer - No No; the answers, true or not, are directly added to the site. There isn't much reliable information. It could be a help, but some answers are jokes, and you will not find many deep or hard items. Second Answer - Yes! Yes!|WikiAnswers is a valid alternative to...
WikiAnswers and Wikipedia Differences The major difference between WikiAnswers and Wikipedia is the focus. Wikipedia is based on an encyclopedia-type format, with the goal being to provide a comprehensive article on a broad subject. WikiAnswers focuses on providing answers to questions that ask...
Many people are too lazy to search for the answers themselves, so they rely on others to answer their questions for them. Or, the answer they are looking for cannot be found, and the asker hopes for a professional to give them an easy to understand answer.
Because they tell you about what your looking up but in a random order and the simplest of searches they can't find they just give results which are completely different to cover their failure
Chet Grimsley born July 14th 1956 in Atlanta Ga played at Therrell HIGH IN South West Atlanta. Recruited to J.C. Smith University to play football and during his 4 years was the only Caucasian where he went on to accomplish President of the FCA ALL CIAA in football and become a member of The...
In my opinion it is great. Since it is the only encyclopedia i visit, i could say it is the best. Although some people hate Wikipedia the free encyclopedia because they "think" it lies. They don't know for sure but they "think". It is the my opinion at least. :)
It's arguable! When Wikipedia first started out there was always the constant threat of vandalism of articles, but recently Wikipedia has implemented new measures to prevent that. Not only do they log the IP address of anyone editing an article, but there's users who's job it is to monitor recent...
Sort of. Photons are said to have no "rest mass". However, since they have energy, it follows that they also have mass, due to the mass-energy equivalence.
Try checking your connection to the internet. The Url ( may also temporarily be down.
%DETAILS%. Answer . Hey Kyle==The wire is probably off of the sending unit. GoodluckJoe. Answer . \nMy 89 Jeep Comanche did the same thing and it was the Oil pressure switch/sender it is located just under where the oil filter goes in
Wikipedia is generally not considered a good source by schools. The reason for this is that anyone can edit it; you have no idea of the credentials of the person creating the content. Although someone posting on the article on parthenogenesis or the Balfour Declaration could be a professor who has...
I seriously dont know :\ Lets find out? It just builds up like this, wow?
The Lonsdale Belt is for British boxing.
Not necessarily, articles on Wikipedia are edited by other users and the information they put may not be from a reliable source, or sometimes it may not be from a source at all. So, Wikipedia isn't your most reliable source because they answers they have may not be right all the time. I am asking anyone if they can tell me the value of my H.S.B. company double barreled shotgun with a brown finish and has a rooster with exposed hammers and has a rooster accompanied with H.S. and B company chicargo?
Well yes and no. Yes as in it can give you answers on alot of things but No as in the answers may not always be right.
Comparing WikiAnswers, Wikipedia, and Google is difficult. They are totally different, and exist for different purposes. . WikiAnswers: A community-based question and answer site . Wikipedia: A community-based encyclopedia . Google: A search engine For which one is better, it really depends...
Anything if its not bad or inappropriate. Knock yourself out :)
On Wikipedia, anyone can give you an answer. It can aslo be biased information. Encylopedias are actual info given by scientist and infonologists. So the answer you get on Wikipedia could not be true.
At the top of the page, one of the tabs will be "History". Clicking on that will show who who made what changes when.
In spite of Wikipedia's policy called "Neutral Point of View", most of the independent editors of Wikipedia articles prefer to concentrate only on the policy of "Verifiability", which states that the "...threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth -whether readers can check...
APA format: Organization, W., (2004). International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems . Geneva: World Health Organization.
Fastest Way When you are on the site, add it to your bookmarks so you don't have to use search to get to it. With bookmarks, one click and you're there.
Yes, anyone can change the information there. But in order to make or merge articles, you would require an account on the site.
No not really. They would just delete it.
no, because i was read an interview with him, he was working out his legs,and then when he finnish up he said 'with those muscular legs i can impressing women on the beach' so i don't think so that he's gay but i wish him to be bisexual
Because anyone can edit the info they have.