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Child Labor

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This category is for questions about employment of children who are under legal age.
No... Children that work are in danger.
Child labour happens mostly in poor and developing countries. 61% of child labourers live in Asia and 32% live in Africa and 7% live in Latin America. Here is a list of countries that use child labour: India, China, Nigeria, Korea, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Angola,...
Under age teenagers can't work unless they are older than 16.   It actually depends on where you work at because some places  require you to be over 18.
There are a few different jobs a 15 year old can do in Charleston,  South Carolina. Babysitting, delivering newspapers, tutoring and  dog walking are a few good options for teens to earn some cash.
The factory Act was passed in 1833 which made it illegal for factory owners to employ children under 9 years old, this coincided with the abolition of Slavery in the UK in 1833 - 34. During this time it was becoming more recognised that children needed to be educated mostly for the upper classes,...
A way to prevent Child labor is to donate money so that a child can have an education. Another one is to build a home for the children. In there they will not be allowed to work, but only to learn! There they will have a chance to have a better life. After all they are our future
India, mostly in Pakistan.
The first state to address this was Connecticut where, in 1813, a law was passed saying that working children must have some schooling. The next state to pass a state child labor law was Massachusetts where, in 1836, children under 15 working in factories were required to attend school at least 3...
french butterballs and spinach or brocoli stew. Also maybe some orange juice and a nice ice cream Sunday with a cherry on top. No just kidding they don't get nothing but a good whipping
Can we eliminate child labour? Though it is a desirable goal the fact remains that in the given socio-economic scenario that is prevalent in our country, it is virtually impossible to do away with child labour. One cannot dispute the fact that employers exploit children by paying them much less than...
Yes, they do because there "weed" sweaters were made by 6 year olds. They beat kids and called them dogs if they wouldnt do it right and nike there slogan is just do it but to there kids they say just do it but u better do it right so F*** THOSE COMPANIES WHO USE CHILD LABOUR
Child Labor in U.S. History 1836 Early answers.com propose state minimum age laws Union members at the National Trades' Union Convention make the first formal, public proposal recommending that states establish minimum ages for factory work 1836 First state child labor law Massachusetts requires...
i dont know y do you ask that question
That they need a safe location and that the need food and water Child labour usually takes place in poor countries and it leads to that the kids are not given the opportunity to go to school. That means they will stay in poverty and other people will make money of them. They also don't get to be...
Several brands are said to use denim which is associated with slavery and child labour. These include Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Hanes and Gymboree.
child labour is because of poverty as people are poor and cannot afford studies of their children.
Justice stores does not use child labor to make their clothes.  Justice clothing company is against using sweatshops or children to  produce their apparel.
unless you wanna be selling choclate.none.
Humhare desh mein jo log gareeb hote hai weh apne bacho ko padane likhane ke bajaye unse kaam karwate hai . Chote-chote bacho se majdoori karwate hai . yeh un bacho par anya hota hai un bacho ka sara bachpan hi unse cheen liya jata hai. main iska bilkul virodh karti hu or chahti hu aa sab bhi mere...
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You could babysit. You'll need to take a course.
Publix Chick fil a Brusters Zaxbys BI-LO
when you say why....? why not ??? would you like to be forced to do stuff you wouldn't want to?? there is every reason to stop child labour it is cruel!!!
If ur 13 and need a summer job i would say going out with newspapers or working at a food stor GOOD LUCK!!!
They worked for about 15 hours each day, only had about an hour of lunch break (they ate their supper while working at the same time), they were beaten if they were caught taking any extra breaks, had very little family connections since everyone was working, and sometimes died from factory...
http://www.stopchildlabour.eu/stopchildlabour/English/About-Child-Labour/Facts-Figuresscroll down and ull see it
I believe that any major publishing house, or minor one, would be happy to accept a book written by an 11 year old, assuming it met all their standards of quality. That could be hard for an 11 year old to do, but prodigies do exist, so if one feels they have a good book, then after looking up how...
If you mean soccer balls, in Pakistan and cambodia the companies for nike use child labour as resources
donate money . inform people about it . and find the people who are doing it I'd like to see a better answer! oh wait never mind... there isn't one because mine is the best!!! Beat that!
well one of the number one reasons is because sometimes it is beneficial to their family because their family may have poverty issues and all the money that they earn for working goes directly to their family.
You really can't. Unless you can work for your parents, most states don't allow anyone under 14 to have a 'job.' Many allow paper routes or shoe shines. And a work permit is required. So your best bet is doing chores fr neighbors, like dog walking, lawn mowing and babysitting.
Climbing BoysThey were not just boys.Their work was dirty and dangerousThey suffered from deformed joints and burns By me I hope it helps
no they don't have children labour
  You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults for  some ideas.
first of all people should not send kids to work especially villages and urban areas . by stage speech and by non violence . if people denote 5000 a kids study one term or one year in government school.
they actually are you just have to inform the police
Wal-mart(this is the worst place out of all of them), Hollister,Abercrombie, GAP, Old Navy, Nike, Abercrombie & Fich,Aeropostel, American Eagle Apple Apple use a certainty kind on mineral that is very harmful, its inall there stuff that they make, its in everything. Because they usechild labor lots...
yes - No, it's not. Children in child labour have (some) rights and do get paid, but just a little. Whenever the word slavery comes up it means; (simply/almost) no rights, and no payment.
  The root cause of child labor is lack of productive domain [Cf. Stress: Understanding and Management: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar] in education. Palliative measures such as anti child labor laws and awareness are not sufficient and sometimes lead to problems of rehabilation of unemployed children...
start making people pay fins for making under age children working there is power in unity. if we all banned together to oppose this problem, we can succeed.
I actually have a job myself and I am only 13. It really depends on your age . So i know not a lot of places hire 13 year or 14 year olds . But you have to get created with it . For example if there is any place that you love to go to or you went when you were little ask if you can be an intern...
most boys worked in the coal mines but they could get really ill
  •Economic historians argue it was the rise in the standard of living that accompanied the Industrial Revolution that allowed parents to keep their children home. Although mandatory schooling laws did not play a role because they were so late, other scholars argue that families started...
no germany does not have child labour
Child labor before the Industrial Revolution wasn't actually abusive. Kids would go out to work on farms or even get hired out to farmers, or they would learn the family trade. Many children learned trades through apprenticeships, as well. During the Industrial Revolution, in short, families were...
a child should start working at the age of 14 according to the child labor .
  == Answer ==     The legal age of majority is 18. So, except in the rare cases where you can be emancipated earlier, you will not be able to move out without parental permission until you are 18-years-old.    
Because you have a heart and children work everyday for you to stuff your face with chocolate when they cant get an education because they have to work. We should care about child labor because children should get the chance to learn, build up skills and hobbies, enjoy life, play and entertain.
They made laws to stop it from happening
yes child labor is like slavery
Denmark does not approve of child labor, and does it's best to stop it.
sell stuff that you have or trade stuff up
companies use child labour because they want to havecheap labour low wages etc.
You're best bet would be fast food restaurants.
12 to 13 year old girls cant really get any jobs right now except for babysitting. Look around your neighboorhood to find someone who needs help with there children. You should know something about childcare before you start.   Answer well, i think a twelve year old cant do a lot but there is...
News vendors (H'extra!), farm seed vendors on Bicycles ( Burpee seeds, for example) and some forms of food service still practice this form of labor. The Newspapers actively campaigned against child labor laws- as this would have impacted their Logistics! This even applied to the progressive papers...
it can be stopped by making awareness to local public and make them literate.
heartless, lazy, fascist, racists, people. do you agree with it?
there were several places where children worked. here are come: - on the streets (street vendors) - in textile mills - coal mines - factories - some still worked in agriculture on farms
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There are 218 million child labourers in the world today.
Statement of tne problem in child labor
The amount of hours that a 16 year old can work in Texas is 3.5  hours a week. The most they can work a week is 12 hours.
Most are sold into sLavery by their parents, or they are forced to work to provide for their families. Although they get paid vert little.
children are forced to work long hours and don't get enough money for all the work they do all day instead they of getting the money they worked for all day they get nothing and if they complaine about the money they were giving the boss will fire them and hiring a new child that doesn't complain...
There is no real limit. Just depends when your heart decides to stop working.
The reason why children are in child labor is because they have no choice to do it, they are forced to work many hours to help their families.
Some easy ways to make money when you are a kid are:babysittingmow lawnsdo chores around the housedo yardworktutor
Instead Of Paying Workers Full Wage The Company Owners Paid More Needy People Less Money To Work, Meaning Their Profit Went Up Because They Weren't Spending As Much On Wages :)
yes omar was being expoited becuase the football company is getting the profit
Cheaper labor. They pay children less. in many situations they don't pay them at all. for example the way that the price of your chocolate is kept down is through child slavery, the same applies to many other businesses.
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This worked because nobody cared if children liked it or not to work for rich families. Poor families needed the money for food and they had lots of children for more money because each child worked 12 hours a day for 6 days of the week. They felt that being their children, those kids were...
  It does not appear the Kentucky requires a work permit. But there are specific rules as to what industries they can work in and how many hours a day/week they can work.
In the United States it took many years to outlaw child labor. Connecticut passed a law in 1813 saying that working children must have some schooling. By 1899 a total of 28 states had passed laws regulating child labor.Many efforts were made to pass a national child labor law. The U.S. Congress...
Child labor laws prevents employers from hiring people younger than 16, but a 14 year old can mow lawns, babysit, do chores for people, feed/walk pets, and get a paper route.
Child labour is mostly found in third world countries such as india, africa, afganistan and pakistan.
poor kids need money and owners dont think kids are important
Most countries in Asia do child labour, but there has been a few in Europe.Most countries have some form of child labor; some have more than others. Child labor occurs when a community, a region, or a country is very poor and every member of a family must contribute to the economy of the family in...
There over 500,000 children working in the world.
The advantages of modernization are creation of new arts and formsof expression and it has also helped business as well. Alsocommunication and increased global travel have become easier withnewer technology and expose people to new culture.
Child laborers are typically treated as slaves.
It really depends on what you think. Many people think that child labor is horrible and should never be used. During the Industrial Revolution, children at even the age of 4 were working 12 hour days and receiving pay much less than the adult workers. Factory owners hired these children because they...
Child laboriousness did 10-12 hours of penis sucking daily.
  You odd jobs, like rake, or mow lawns, or dogsit. You could even wash the outside of windows. Or you know, you could always go to a salon or barber shop and see how much they pay to sweep.
they could get SICK or die they lose a precious part of their childhood. They are not able to enjoy as other children do, which can also affect their character also let alone their future.
dog walking(pet sitting)car washingbaby sittinglawn mowinglemonade standcleaningtaking out trashsweeping and vacuuminghelping elders....and that is what 12 year old kids can do assummer jobs. Car washing
they don t children make nikes