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Audio Editing and Recording

Audio editing and recording software is any software which is used to create and manipulate audio files. Questions about editing and recording techniques and applications belong here.


Yes! The manual...diagram on page 9 shows you how:
Audio description, also referred to as a video description,  described video, or more precisely called a visual description, is  an additional narration track intended primarily for blind and  visually impairedconsumers of visual media (including television  and film, dance, opera, and visual...
I just answered this on yahoo answers, so thought I would post the answer here as well: Perfect timing. I downloaded a bunch of these products, from the website download, for evaluation. I finally settled on a product that I had never heard of before. The product is called SentryWorks Abra....
Number of possibilities. 1) incorrect microphone settings in your  general audio configuration - if you're not using microphone, turn  the input down to zero simply mute it.
Open your version of FL Studio and select the step sequencer in the  upper right toolbar if it's not opened automatically (it's the box  with 16-squares). By default there should be four samples already  loaded into the step sequencer; Kick, Clap, Hat and Snare. If there  isn't, you can find...
Vocaloid is not an anime because, well, vocaloid is a program made in Japan where you buy the characters and the sets and you can make your own videos. Sometimes they're fan-made and other times they're made by the actual people. So, to answer your question, Vocaloid is a program, not an anime or...
FL Studio can import MIDI files and export WAV, MP3, OGG and MIDI files.
Sorry, that question doesn't really make total sense. Can you  rephrase it at all?
If you mean a USB DJ Mixer, then try some of the freeware DJ  programs such as: VIRTUAL DJ; CROSSDJ FREE; CUTEDJ. there are  others as well.
There's lots of audio recording programs out there but if you're  looking for something simple that just works, most people will use  Audacity as it's free and does basic tasks well. If you're running  Windows, there's also the built-in sound recorder, but it doesn't  have enough features for...
Physically they may or may not be the same.   Legally they are very different: a planted listening device is  usually illegal except for law enforcement with a warrant. Tape  recorders are perfectly legal as long as all parties being recorded  know it is being used.
I am not sure if this works for Premier CS3, but in CS5.5 Pro, you  can do either of these two things:    go to "Window">>"Workspace">>"Reset Current  Workspace"  or go to "Window" and select the frames you want to use. Then  all you have to do is organize the frames to how you...
There are some useful karaoke software . You can try those.
There is no way to completely remove vocals from every recorded song. The most common way to get rid of MOST of the vocal sound is to use a process called center channel cancellation. There are plug-ins for major Digital Audio programs that do this, as well as stand-alone commercial programs, such...
search on youtube or niconico
It is the serial number included in the DVD envelope in the software. Answers.com.does not condone piracy, so this is not the forum to request illegal keys.
You can buy it at Amazon, or visit http://www.vocaloid.com/en/index.html for more details.
Audacity means to be daring, bold or even impudent.
Hey man, a great place that helped me was Laidbackluke.com/forum theres a huge thread where you can read about tips on making House
It depends on the exact situation in which the recording was carried out though usually No.Florida operates an "all-party consent" to legally record someone. "All-party consent" meaning that all parties would have to give consent to being recorded.However, there may be a situation were a recording...
use the program UTAU.
It depends. 1. If you are legally purchasing it from Image Line, then no; Fl Studio is the prime program for audio production.2. If you are pirating it, or obtaining it in other illegal forms, it very well may.
By channel, I'm assuming you want a 'pattern' to loop over. There are a few small orange lights on the left side of the playback panel, each one represents a playback mode, song mode or pattern mode. Song mode will only play back the patterns you're created and assembled in the song editor....
Just create your own Vocaloid, based on your favorite^^ n_n
Use a cOmputer with dual core processor a 2 gb-4gb ram a 5.1 sound card 512 mb gpu 1-2 tb harddisk
MMD, or MikuMikuDance, is not the same thing as VOCALOID, as  some people may think. It is a program in which the user can take  VOCALOID characters and make movies using frame-by-frame  motion. You do this by moving their bones and joints, then setting  it each frame.  Hope this helps~ 
I believe he is around 20 years or so.    Answer 2:   KAITO was released on Feburary 17, 2006, making him the last and  the youngest program from the original VOCALOID. So he is now 7  years old. All the 5 original VOCALOIDs do not have ages or looks.  They blue haired guy on KAITOs...
metasites and locating audio and video files.
Melba Moore? Michael Jackson and Kenny Loggins also had songs by this name. Dannii Minogue did a fairly successful 1993 remake of the song recorded by Melba Moore in 1976.
Sampling synthesizers can record waveforms and play them back, on demand. The original intent was to be able to record sounds from traditional instruments, so that the synthesizer could imitate those instruments realistically. While sampling synths are widely used as intended, they also have the...
What has been invented cannot be reinvented.    It is unlikely that 8-tracks will ever be a popular form of music  listening device again. While many people who experienced them in  their prime are huge fans of the sound reproduction (just shy of  that of the LP), they were big and bulky....
"If you have got a sound card in your computer you can easily start a recording studio." To build a recording studio you first need either land or a commercial space or an area of your residential structure that you can give up for this purpose. So the correct answer should more be "in order to...
They allow you to edit, crop, cut, correct, warp, distort audio and video. If you are looking for visual editing software then I suggest putting in the "ASK" section :video editing software"/"audio editing software"
No you can't. Only FLP files can be reloaded as FL Studio projects. When a song is exported as an MP3, it is compiled as a single audio source for playback only. You can export the song to MP3 and tell FL Studio to split the tracks into separate audio files, you can only then reimport the individual...
Yes. Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software is supposed to be  able to get text from a recording, though in my opinion, it make  far too many mistakes. If it is a matter of dictation recordings,  it may be worth it to higher someone that is learning to be a court  reporter to transfer the...
It should come with your Mac but you could probably get it on the app store for macs
There was a hardware problem that caused buttons to become inoperational. The placement of the control unit inside some models was such that over time the clear connector cables would slide out of the housing unit.I found this out on my own.They can be fixed with hot glue.
Miku Hatsune is a vocal package for the software VOCALOID. All Miku Hatsune can really do is sing.
Hatsune Miku is a representation of Yamaha's Vocaloid computer  program.
Go to rocnation.com and click about us. And drop your song in their dropbox.
There are 4 different versions of FL Studio each with a different price: Express Edition: $49 Fruity Edition: $99 Producer Edition $199 Signature Bundle: $279. These prices are from the official store. You can get a 10% discount using promo links such as those found on flstudiosale.com
The Inspiron 6400 has no built-in mic, as it has no webcam built-in. It has a jack to plug in an external microphone.
Go to I-tunes and theres a place at the top that says cut music
A lot of things can cause background noise in recordings including but not limited to; ceiling fans, a/c, washer/dryer, tv, plumbing, outside traffic, pets, etc. These can be amplified when you are recording in a large open room, or in an apartment complex. To help get rid of this noise try...
Audacity is a free audio editor that was developed by The Audacity Team. It can import/export many file extensions (WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis) and with extensions of the program you can even import/export (FLAC, AAC, AMR, AC3). You can easily cut, copy, paste, delete and crop audio files quite...
•McAfee's central management console
Hue, saturation, and brightness are three separate aspects of our experience of
You can open the file with somebody who bought the full software's  copy on their computer if they have a compatible version to yours.  The only other way would be to obtain the complete software by  illegal means (i.e, pirating or copying someone's registration  key).
See below for the lists. *** OVERVIEW *** As of 13 Aug, 2012, there are about 41 official Vocaloid characters as part of officially released software or known to exist with artwork for future products. These characters include non-commercially available Vocaloids such as Akikoroid-chan (privately...
Audacity's manual help file is installed with the program. This has an explanation of all the functions of Audacity.
Select an instrument. On the FX in that gray box, put it on any number. This is the number that instrument will be on the mixer. Then go over to the things that say plugin 1, plugin 2, or whatever and click the arrow. Then click select. Thats all the effects and select the effect. There you go!
No, FL Studio is just software.
At a music store, electronics store or even Wal-Mart
Vocaloid was made to be a software that sings for you, and looks like a manga character. No, there isn't a anime, but there is Hatsune Mix, a vocaloid-based manga. Also, there's Black Rock Shooter, An anime being made based off of the song by vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
Returning software of any kind is frowned upon because of strict piracy laws and if you explain that you found a better free or cheaper program to use instead will probably have you banned from the store.
These days, we use AES for anything and everything regarding sound, recording, editing, amplifying, etc. We add hall effects. we adjust the sound so that it sounds better. We make fade ins and outs. We take away hiss and crackling sounds. we filter out what is unwanted and add what we want.We add...
Yes With VST Winamp bridge.... Sure!! Just Download it and make it  happen........
It's called a pop filter. It can be used to protect your microphone from spit, but it's main use is to remove plosions. When you get up close to a microphone and talk, when you use "p" sounds, "f" sounds, "s" sounds, and things of the sorts, you get a popping, crackling, or blowing sound. A pop...
There is no leader. Vocaloid has no canon, either. Everything about the fandom is made up by the fans. Some consider Hatsune Miku the "leader" of the Vocaloids for her popularity, but this is just a private opinion.
Using a program like Celemony Melodyne, you change your voice pitch, vibrato and note length. You can also create harmonies from one vocal track recording.
Any new Mac will be able to handle all your audio editing needs up to a professional studio level. If a secondhand Mac is being considered then it will be best to have a Mac with an Intel processor unless you are considering software that is happy to run on older Macs. (See links below)
If you are a terrible composer and you can not tell the difference between music and the wailing of a banshee, then yes. Under your usage of the software, it is highly dangerous... to people who have to listen to your creations. Otherwise, no. It is a safe and reputable application, unless the...
Why would you buy it when you can get it for free anyway? But the pricess vary upon edition and go up pretty high for a program
If you're talking about the Japanese vocaloid then you can't. But there are several ways to change vocaloid into English once you have it. Like in this video for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D01vaheD-Oc
Press the big round record button. Seriously, all the features and functions that Audacity are far beyond the scope and space allowed at Answers.com. The program has a complete Help file system, and many YouTube videos outline these basic functions.
The song 1925 is about a plainclothes spy who accidentally fell in love with a person from the enemy while on a mission (considerably The Irish Civil War.) Hope this helps a lot. :)
No, however there is a cheap (yet very limited) version of the program for only $49, available on the Image-Line website.
You can't autotune the mic itself- autotune is controlled by the recording software. Look for an option or setting in your program that allows you to turn it on. This setting is usually called something like "Pitch Correction" or "Enhance Tuning."
Meiko is 16 years old, same as Miku.. You can look it from here http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Meiko_SakineDone! =3Edit:Actually, Meiko is 20. Sakine Meiko is a fanmade version of Meiko of when she was younger (16).
February 17th. Kaito was released on February 17th, 2006.
She is not from an anime, She is a Japanese voice synthesizer, The computer programme is called vocaloid
That depends what you are talking about.  If you mean the song, then "Magnet" is the song originally sung  by Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku. The song was made by "minato  feat". Later, the song got a version that was sung by Kagamine Rin  and Kagamine Len. The song is mainly about two people...
There are different cursor tools on Audacity. The default one is the highlight tool(kinda looks like a capital "I"). Look for an icon(picture, whatever) of a double arrow pointed left and right, this is the align tool. It will allow you to...well, align them. Haha. I would recommend generating a...
The disappearance of Hatsune Miku is a song that shows that minus  software is being deleted. It came out in 2011 or 2010. Many Miku  songs have come out since these years since the song, so Hatsune  Miku is not dead and is very much alive in the computer
I have Nexus 2 on my computer but f)(king windows 7 sucks so bad because it has to use a verification licence so all i can do with nexus is just open the synthesizer but have no sound or anything. just dont use it with windows 7, the ultimate greatest failure of all time besides windows 98 or ME
Yes. Just make midi and audio file, press the red record button on  both tracks.
No. But they were voice provided by real people such as Miriam  Stockley, Saki Fujita, YOHIO, MiKA, and more
  Go to the Writer's Digest web site & look arount for books on or near that subject.   www.writersdigest.com/GeneralMenu/
Mixcraft has more editing capability, but does not have the ease of use or quality virtual instruments that Garageband does. In addition, Mixcraft is only for Windows, and Garageband is only for Mac.
Here are the songs that Rin and Len sung: Kokoro Melting Blue Butterfly on the right shoulder - Len/Rin Version Pretty Panties☆Akuma Rin Kagami Uta Hybrid Kokoro x Kiseki Trick and Treat Gekokuzyou Sangri La Why don't you call me yet?
Fear Garden is a song originally done by Rin Kagamine, which can be found on Youtube.
First off, Synchronicity is a song, not a novel. You can find the translated PV on youtube.
Every VOCALOIDs have diffrent prices. The cheapest VOCALOID is  currently $40 dollars and the highest price is about $400. You can  buy the VOCALOIDs in their company's website.
plus or minus half times LSB
Hearing the Hoopoe A click on either of the Related Links below will take you to a website at which you can hear the sound of a hoopoe in song.
You need to convert the files to .flv or .swf files before inserting them. In audacity, if you just save a file, it saves as a .aup file. You can open these files only with Audacity. You can, however, export the file as a different format by going to the File menu and clicking Export. Next, you will...
Vocaloid was made by a sub-division of Yamaha, and sometimes you can c the word Yamaha on their headphones. Sometimes they hv help from Nico Nico.