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This is where you can ask and answer questions about well-known guitarists of all types: classical, bass, acoustic, electric, and others. Artists can be from all types of music.
BETBlack Entertainment Television
It was made in the USA and it is a Vintage Guitar.
A Schecter Ultra Classic, these were only made in 2009 and are pretty rare. http://www.schecterguitars.com/Vault/89/ULTRA-CLASSIC-2009.aspx
Being 2 shredding guitar virtuoso's who often employ arpeggio techniques over classical progressions, it would be impossible for them not to run over each other's styles once in a while. Still, since Yngwie has been playing this way for a very long time, it is safe to assume that similarities in...
It is impossible to say who was the first black woman to play the guitar.
DT100ECE features mahogany back and sides and Ibanez onboard tuner.The acoustic-electric DT100ECENT adds an Ibanez EW-style cutaway.
The NT denotes the finish of the guitar, Natural- clear coat. So the DT100ECE is the model of the guitar and the next two letter let you know what the finish will be.
Justin Bieber is left handed. Dan Kanter is his musical director and the guitarist you see often playing with JB. When you see Justin and Dan both playing guitar together, you'll see Dan is right handed and Justin is left handed. They play the guitars using their primary hand to strum the strings...
to be guitarist you must buy a guitar, find a teacher and practice every day!!!!! learn how to read tabs. Just go on ultimateguitar.com. there are lots of different turtorials and millions of tabs. also wach turtorials on a youtube.
Im pretty sure you are thinking of "Crowd Chant" by Joe Satriani.
She does not has a boyfriend.
Alone at last, we can sit and fight I've lost all faith in this blurring light Stay right here we can change our plight! We're storming through this, despite what's right! One final fight, for this tonight Whoa With knives and pens, we've made our plight Lay your heart down, the...
Buckethead he is a robot with a guitar.
Jimi Hendrix Rory Gallagher
Yes, he was a left-handed player, it is very simple to see at a "YouTube" little movie. He played a four string tenor guitar (with amplifier)
Yes, Tony Love is a guitarist. I checked out his home page.
He was flirting with a woman at a juke joint and she offered him a bottle of whiskey ,that the woman was unaware of it being poisoned by her husband, and Johnson drank it. Their is also another story where it was the owner of the joints wife and he poisoned Johnson, but in the end he was poisoned...
Check the foot switch is probably what is failing normally this is the part that has more wear and tear because of the constant use of not having a solution study the possibility of buying a new foot switch as last recommendation to fail the previous purchase a pedal new
Lita Ford sings and plays guitar.
yep,It's a good all around guitar,BUT the real calling for this guitar is metal as heavy as you can play it. For the price there's nothing like it,and it looks killer to. Easy to play,great to look at, Good price, what more could you ask for. If your looking to buy. buying used is a good idea. every...
Her lead guitarist is Grant Mickelson, but she sometimes plays guitar herself too.
Andres Segovia? He was BORN in the 1800s (in the 1890s, to be precise) but he did not gain worldwide fame until the 20th century, unfortunately.
guitar, harmonica and piano in the fields
Yes, we do. But not all the time, it depends on the situation and what type of song you're playing.
current lee it is http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Doug_Aldrich aldrich and reb beach
The bass guitar was first invented by Paul Tutmarc in Seattle, Washington in the 1930's.
HE is dating Claire Callaway- one of Taylor Swifts Dancers
You can purchase BB Queen music, the Guitarist and Vocalist at Kattman.com, Cd-baby, Amazon.com, most internet stores.
Probably Les Spann who is credited as guitar with the Ellington band on the original studio takes
Watch this link for more tamil guitar chords and leads http://www.youtube.com/user/vjseafarer Movie Ko , Song Venpaniye Guitar leads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i99UtQH2-Q&feature=c4-overview&list=UUvo7Qz2Ggny7XQKmpgbKqTg
If you are looking for a good place to learn some songs on your guitar, then i would recommend this sight http://www.freeandeasyguitar.com
Yes, he is still single and living in Charleston, SC. The other members of the band are married.
Alan Parker (lead) Eric Ford (rythm) Dave Perkins (bass) BarryMorgan (drums) Kenny Salmon (organ) Derek Warne ( percusion)
The three-toed sloth.
yes, TRACY LEE AUSTIN, joined, BAD COMPANY/ with Brian Howe, in 1998, and was on tour until 2001, when parted ways
Yes it can and as a matter of fact the American made Strat Special comes with the trem factory installed.
She played a Gretsch Nashville 6120 for much of The Cramps career.
Well...Burnin Vernon Reed, Lenny Kravitz, George Benson, Stanley Jordan......
Probably Larry Carlton. He played on nearly 500 album a year duringthe 70's. Everything from Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, JohnLennon, Dionne Warwick, Al Jarreau, Steely Dan, Ray Charles, JoniMitchell, Billy Joel and Barbra Streisand, to Sammy Davis Jr., PaulAnka , Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton...
He passes away in June, 2011.
acustic guitar, electric guitar and bass giutar...?
$150 give or take depending on condition
yeh its pretty easy I'm 13, and i can play hey there delilah and ive only been playing for 6 months. just but a book and learn a couple chords and practice switching from note to note as fast as you can. then go online and learn how to read tabs (first day you'll learn completely with no problems,...
The guy who records guitar parts for a living. Tommy Todesco and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter are fine session men who have made t.v. show themes and records great.
Eddie Money's current guitarist is Tommy Girvin. He has been with Eddie Money's band for the past 22 years. However, on Eddie Money's self-titled first album, which included the hits "Two Tickets to Paradise" and "Baby Hold On," Jimmy Lyon was the band's guitarist. On later albums, Eddie Money's...
While Jimi Hendrix was in the army he was ranked Private he was actually an E-4 specialist and later demoted with an article 15 to private for masturbating in the company area.
i guess he died of pneumonia
well I'm a woman and find both equally attractive- as long as it is something you are passioante about and good at they'll be impressed :P
EMG pickups are good if you want a heavy and fat, distorted sound.
his name is Taylor bapttison
Janick Gers (of Iron Maiden ) is 60 years old (birthdate: January 27, 1957).
because he was self-learned,and a very fast and innovative guitarist at that time.hear the lead part in the ending of November rain or the sweet child intro & u wil understand.besides,the way slash handles guitar is very unique & difficult.c how he plays godfather theme on you tube & u wil undrstnd...
Tony Iommi . Randy Rhoads . Eddie Van Halen . Glenn Tipton . K.K. Downing . Angus Young . Joe Perry . Michael Schenker . Mathias Jabs . Yngwie Malmsteen . Kirk Hammett . Adrian Smith . Dave Murray . Craig Goldy . Vivian Campbell . Steve Vai . Carlos Cavazo . Eddie Ojeda what about joe satriani,...
billy butler...kenny burrell...freddie king...grant green....thornel schwartz.....geroge benson...that's an opinion. as a tenor sax man advice from the 50's to today!
John Petrucci toured with Vai and Satriani in the year 2005
Josh Farro, Hunter Lamb & Taylor York
1. His Work with the Beatles. This is where the majority of his fame came from. 2. His solo career including the composition of "Imagine." 3. Writing about religion. 4. His voice.
"Zero" from the album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is a fairly straight-forward song to play. The rhythm guitar part is basically just three power chords in sequence with muted harmonics at the end of the phrase. The only time it changes up is at the hook, but it's still straight forward...
I would say the epiphone dot - but that's just my opinion... If you want a rock guitar the epiphone les paul or Epiphone G400 would be good If you want something for blues the epiphone sheraton would be good If you want something for jazz the Epiphone Emperor would be good
I can't tell you exactly without knowing more about it but for a ballpark estimate, it would be safe to say somewhere between $1,500 and $,3000
Its an acoustic Gibson L-1,built in 1911
I'm sure there are more than a few, but I've always been partial to "axe man".
John and paul are considered to be but the all the beatles sang lead at some point
Chris Dair is a solo guitarist and composer who has played with many of the blues and rock legends of our time. If you don't know of Chris Dair , and you love guitar, then you need to discover him for yourself - he is one of the best players in the world. Chris has a black Ibanez. The Ibanez as...
I would ask a local music shop, otherwise I dont think you can.
Vance Brescia and Billy Sullivan.
the guitarist from dragonforce. i dont remember his name. listen to this son--------through the fire and the flames
No. He was one of the most influential guitarists ever. Many guitarist have far surpassed his ability, but they would not have played the same, if it wasn't for his innovation. I disagree, perhaps modern players can play better technically but this only because of hours and hours of music theory...
if you find the perect set for your style it will make a world of difference, be sure to youtube some different kinds to see what you want and at the same time dont want.
Yes, He has 3 sisters, Gina, Sarah, Natalie. He also has 3 brothers, Joe, Sam and Charles. Natalie is married to their bass player Dean, thus making him Pete and Sam's brother-in-law.
Hampstead, London, England He was raised in his early childhood in Stoke-on-Trent, and born either there or in London.
Hillel (also know as Hillel slovak) was the guitarist of red hot chili peppers but he passed away from a drug overdose in 1988.
Angel Ibarra, he is one of the founding members when it first started in 2003, during his high school days.
A Bassist plays the Bass guitar. A Guitarist plays the "non-bass" guitar. Both are technically guitarists - The bass player provides the bottom of the sound.
Make sure you know your songs (lyrics and guitar lines especially, your singing skill isn't as important as getting lyrics - more specifically the sound of lyrics - and riffs right). If you don't have those down pat and at least some idea of how (or how not) to sing them, you can't put it over well....
As of now, no. Once I meet him, that will change (;
Yes, they can. I'm a left handed guitarist myself, and have always been taught by right handed players. I find that it's a lot easier if your tutor sits directly opposite you, so you can mirror what they're playing.
Rusty cooley Michael Angelo Batio Dan Donegan
It depends on how your mental ability is. There really is no answer. some people learn better than others. Other answer: Yes it is! If you have the courage to learn. It's not easy to answer yes or no, you'll just have to try it yourself. I believe, however, that everyone has the potential to...