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Navy SEALs

Navy SEALS is a part of Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) and the maritime component of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Its acronym ‘SEAL’ is derived from the capability to operate at sea, in the air and on the land, but its ability to work underwater makes them unique.
Get the Bends They get the bends; Nitrogen Narcosis. Nitrogen  bubbles form in the blood, which is a least painful and at worst,  fatal    INCORRECT - Nitrogen Narcosis is brought about by breathing  Nitrogen at depth and is resolved by coming up to a shallower  depth. The rest of the...
SF men wore their Green Beret in the field, from 1961 thru 1971. They had that option, and, of course, being "special" (and new in country), they, for the most part, probably all wore their "green beenie" (as some GIs used to refer to them) for a short while...later switching to standard uniforms of...
They are made of the same steel and have similar sheaths. The are roughly the same thickness but have slightly different blade shapes. The seal knife has a length of serrations and the tech bowie is straight edge. The tech bowie is also one quarter inch shorter. The handles are completely different,...
Their training is the harderst together with the airfoce special forces.
Genraly most Military experts and books say the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the best special forces in the world. It makes sence realy as the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the most copied Military in the world copied by 27 diffrent countries across the world, the majority of other special forces in the...
Entry level into the US military. The training is such, that a man would be at least 18 or 19, or older before he could even win the "beret." The process is long.
They wear gloves all round on missions. Not in bud/s- they just expect people to put up with the cold.
"The only easy day was yesterday" "Winers never quit, and quiters never win"
the school is real self paced, it usually takes about a month and a half to complete
Well Green Berets were first trained by British S.A.S by an S.A.S legend John Lofty Wiseman.John Lofty Wiseman Part of SAS History - A Legend in his own lifetime    Trooper John Wiseman was born in Britain in 1941   John Wiseman was the first to train members of the Green Berets which was...
no because alot of people go to the navy. well i guess some people die but it is very unlikley because are ships in america are bigger then others so the wont try and fight
They do. technically the USMC is part of the Navy Department, as for many decades the Air Force was part of the Army ( no longer true=but look at the song!)
i domt think so at this age you can't join merchant navy
SEAL's receive better equipment to train with due to their much higher funding than the SBS.
We call our General, Captain. Each team has a Captain. He, in our hearts is beyond the rank of Admiral or general. Generals are in the Army, Marine Corp and Air Force. We dont have Generals. Usually our captains are Lt Commanders. We call them captain because they lead our crews.
coveted sand color.In fact, during WW2 many SAS units wore the maroon ("red") beret of Airborne Forces (especially those operating in NW Europe after D-Day); the "sand" coloured beret tended to be worn by original SAS regts formed for operations in the Middle East ("The Desert War") and...
paygrade for E1 to E3 navy recruit for cpay in the military is the same for all branches and is based on rank and number of years server. however there are many conditions where extra is paied to a person such as sea pay, bah, bas, cola, separation pay, combat pay, perdium, dependent pay,fliegt deck...
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Annapolis, MD, typically referred to as the Mid-Atlantic Region.
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Both are elite forces, but Britain's SAS was the original special force. The Australian SASR is modeled after the British SAS, even sharing the same motto: "Who Dares Wins," but they also draw on the experience of WWII Australian special forces and commando's, particulary "Z Special Unit" also known...
Women are not allowed to be Navy SEALs
== Answer ==   It is the Zeliska 600 Nitro Express Revolver   There seems to be no limit to how big a revolver someone will build. This is a big one (almost as big as the fake .50 BMG revolver posted earlier). The case is 3 inches long and the cartridge overall length is 3.7 inches. The bullet...
No. SEALs are the worlds most elite fighting special operations  unit on the planet. they fall in line with the tier 1 special  operations groups (NSWDG, SAS, 1-SFOD, SASR) ext. the Navy SEALs  have the worlds toughest training process. it starts at the Naval  special warfare prep school in...
know body knows but in each training 16 out of 86 people make it
I'm sure without looking most people quote the wiki answer, PO 3
About 90%. Source: SEAL team 6 (documentary)
There are no women who are Navy SEALS because they are not allowed  in combat. Most men who are candidates fail the test. Only 20  percent actually make it.
The Delta Force is with the army so Green Berets would be best but the rangers wouldn't be bad either
Don't know about the single most famous, but Larry Thorne (born Lori Tuorni) is one who comes to mind. Born in Finland, he was a veteran of the Winter War and Second World War, and was one of the first Green Berets. He was killed in Vietnam in a helicopter crash.
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Special Operations Forces Tier System:Tier One: ST6, Delta, SAS Tier Two: Seals, BeretsThe big difference being Tier one are "black" ops. Tier two are "grey" ops.--The tier system refers to SOF capabilities and can also be applied to special forces counterparts in any nation who may or may not have...
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The U.S. Army has a special forces group called special forces and within this is a special team DELTA which is highly trained. The U.S. Navy has the SEALs and is similary trained and skilled. Overall SEAL training is harder yet both contain similar elements. Also Its impossible to compare to groups...
Yes, I have a model 124 - 6 SS case knife. Is it a scaler or gut spoon on the end and what is it worth
In 1962, during the Vietnam war, fighting the NVA (north Vietnamese army) became to difficult with the average "Grunts" of the military, and John F Kennedy formed the elite force, the NAVY SEALS. (Sea Air and Land) and the most elite branch of the US Military.
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WARNING: A BIT OF MATH FOLLOWS   A diver's buoyancy is determined by the mass of the water they (and  their attached equipment) displace. Water density varies with  temperature and salinity, but a good rule of thumb is that 1 cubic  meter of water "weighs" about 1029 kilograms. That pencils...
She is a diver who use to be on the national team, but now is just on the "starz diving" team and she practices at IUPUI
Are you serious? Marines vs Green Beret even if you said marine recon that would still be a silly question. Now in todays military the marines have there own special forces program that is mirrored after the green berets because the marines where loosing there best men to the seals so they started...
The US did not have a Navy in 1685.
They were the insignia of Task Force 116, Gamewardens of Viet Nam.  A lot of the original badges were metal, but eventually, South  Vietnamese tailors created a cloth patch with gold bullion thread  that we preferred.
Not at all. Women arent allowed in combat in most military units. The Navy SEALs is a special group and has a reputation based from their history of being men only.
Yes. A Navy Seal was attached to the SBS patrol present at the Qala-i-jangh uprising in Afghanistan.Special Forces of the UK & US engage in regular joint training, and personnel exchanges are commonplace - certainly, in the 1970s there were numerous SEALs at the SBS base in Poole, Dorset: I met...
  No. You must get your ADD or ADHD under control enough to pass an exam with a doctor/psychologist, and you must be off ADD/ADHD medication for at least 6 months before you can join the navy. BTW, you cannot have the interview with the doctor/psychologist until you have been off your medication...
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Yes, sometimes with EXACT REPLICAS of the terrain they are about to attack.
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As the "diver" descends, air density inside the diver's capsule increases as it is compressed.
US Army Special Forces (the Green Berets) go through the same Basic/Advanced Individual Training or One Station Unit Training any other soldier goes through. If they enter the Army as an infantryman, then go to Special Forces from there, they would go to Infantry OSUT. If they entered the Army as a...
That is how the SEALs obtains members. You are not recruited into the SEALs from the beginning, typically you have to complete boot camp and have additional specialties before being eligible to apply for SEAL training. Your recruiter should be able to help you understand the process..
There are about 2,400 US Navy SEALs and about 220,000 US Marines. If I was a SEAL I would not like the odds.From the lighter side: If you were a SEAL, you would relish the odds -you have them outnumbered!
To capture Osama Bin Laden and eliminate the terrorists who attacked America on 9/11.
The name was derived from 'knocker white', a miller's assistant.
Delta is a harder selection process but that's because it is a Tier 1 unit. The Navy seals have their own Tier 1 unit 'DEV GRU' who are as good as Delta. 'DevGru'` is the elite counter terrorism cadre of the NAVY and was responsible for the mission to kill osama bin laden.
It depends on the problem; all SEAL candidates must first meet Navy entrance physical requirements for vision, which must be correctable and in a SEAL's case, no color or night blindness. There's additional requirements for officer candidates. The vision correction requirements and general eyesight...
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Certainly not! Military rosters are confidential and not available to the public. If you are trying to verify the identity of someone claiming to be a SEAL I suggest you contact Don Shipley- a former SEAL with access to that database.
Yes. I have obviously not done it but, as the training program is rumoured to be over a year, I doubt the candidates are kept awake for all of it. However, as with most special operations training programs Im sure sleep deprevation often plays its part.
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The u.s. navy seals are the best. That's why they are called seals. It stands for sea air land, because they are the best at sea, in air, and on land
  == Answer ==   Commercial US vessels were often in trouble in the exercise of free trade on the world's oceans with their crews being impressed into service for other nations. Piracy was also a serious threat to commerce and a well armed fleet was essential to challenge this practice.
Medal Of Honor most people who get it are dead because they saved there Team by jumping on a grenade or holding the enemy back while he stays and fights.
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. The Board consisted of three senior officers who advised the Secretary of the Navy, while each bureau was responsible for a specific aspect of naval administration.
You have to get a Bachelor's degree and an advanced degree. 6 years.
Navy seals all the way dude,
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For the Guns they use MK23, M11, M4A1, SOPMOD, M14, M82A1,  Barret MK11, MP5, M60E3, M249 (SAW), M4 Super 90 shotgun, M136, AT4  Light Anti-Tank Rocket, M224 Mortars, M203 Grenafe Launcher,  Also face mask, fins (very important) life vest (inflatable) and  knife.  Hence the most marvelous of...
As long as he wants if he has enough gas to do the required decompression. But if you are asking what the no-stop time limit is, it doesn't exists since any dive to 100 meters (328 feet) requires mandatory decompression.
No, you are no longer authorized to wear the Marine uniform. You have to be retired or discharged on disability to continue to wear the uniform. And you are not in the Marine reserved because you are in another service..
Navy SEALs have the toughest training in the military
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