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Law covering the establishment, administration of contracts (legally enforceable agreements), the rights and obligations of those entering into contracts, the validity of contracts and disputes over contracts.
Until you are 18, or are legally emancipated, you won't be able to sign a binding contract for the lease. But the owner may accept the cosigner's signature.
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Full-time. They practice, and play different tournaments through out the year. They also have about 2 months of vacation, usually during the winter.   the job is typically a full time contract to the respective club.
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Service contracts that you may buy with a new car provide for the repair of certain parts or problems. These contracts are offered by manufacturers, dealers, or independent companies and may or may not provide coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Remember that a warranty is included in the p…
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There is no 'Cooling Off Period' or "3-Day Right-to-Rescind" for automobile purchases anywhere in the USA. The right of rescission only applies to contracts signed for goods or services when the contract is signed at your home. It does not apply to a usual place of business. It was designed to preve…
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The immediate answer to the question is, NO. I am not aware of any State that has laws that allow this. Some States have Lemon Laws for used cars, but I'm not familiar with anything for new cars. Some dealerships may offer a "money back" policy if you are not satisfied. If you live in California an…
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In general, no. The dealer can not be liable for the buyer's inability or unwillingness to conduct business with a third party..If you are concerned about being able to secure insurance, then before you purchase the car, you can introduce a conditional clause into your offer stating that the purchas…
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A contract cannot be changed by one party without the agreement of the other party in the contract. So if you signed a contract showing one interest rate and the other party changed the interest rate after you signed the contract, then you should be able to get out of it. If you signed the contract …
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It depends upon the specific terms and conditions of the contract. If the contract simply states it is the buyer's obligation to secure financing, then you can NOT cancel the contract. If the contract states that the agreement is conditional upon the buyer's ability to secure a loan, then you CAN ca…
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It depends. Was the deal "subject to" financial approval? If so, then they can change the deal. If not, they can't.Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at www.dealertricks.com
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No. You should have known this before buying the car. The car was designed with poor visibility rearward. Lots of cars are like that. It is your responsibility to check for this before purchasing. Did you not test drive the car beforehand?
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It depends whether or not you took the car off the lot already. If you did, no you can't change it.Here's a better question. Why would you want to? Let's say you go with the 0% financing and 3 months from now you total your car. Then what? Where's your savings if you have to pay off the car in 3 mon…
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It seems like that would be illegal, you wouldn't be allowed to change the agreement, so I don't think the dealer could. If it's not illegal, its very unethical. Check your dealership at the Better Business Bureau, you can also file a complaint there.
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If it isn't in the contract that you have to get the oil changed there or it voids the warranty, they can't void it. Read the contract very carefully and make sure it doesn't say that. Just a side note. If it is in the contract, they should have told you. That part won't hold up if you have to go to…
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The fact that the translator was a minor does not make the contract unenforceable. The key issue is whether the parties understood the nature and terms of the agreement. That is a question of fact, not law, a court could decide in one case that the minor acted as a competent translator and the party…
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If you did not give him the title, all you need to do is go get the car (hope you kept the spare key). If you did sign the title over to him with no documented agreement concerning the payments, you have probably given your (ex)friend an expensive present.
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IF the initial person has a key and is not scared the other person will be mad. LOL Try to do it while she is at the mall or somewhere shopping. That way you will have lots of distance between you and her. Good Luck
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ANYONE who's name is on the loan contract is responsible for the debt. Who will sell someone a car and that someone NOT be responsible for paying?? NOT ME LOL
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NO, but you can get it repaired. Do you have any proof that it was the repo that damaged it?
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%FOLLOWUPS% I am STUMPED. LOL If anyone has an answer, please email me with the answer. I have debated the possible meanings, its not industry standard. Perhaps a salespersons term used to encourage debtor to OK a higher interest rate? If OP would post more info as to how it presented???
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LEGALLY, YES, you can go get it IF your name is on the TITLE. be ready to deal with the money part of the deal from him.
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You pay the LENDER what you are behind and the repo fee and go get it.
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get the California authorities to help recover a car??? file a writ of replevin choice #2??? Hire a REAL repo company and pay them to do what they do best. Good Luck   Thanks roosta. :-) I already did hire a real repo company. They have had the case for 2 months and have been unable to recove…
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READ your lease. The lender can repo as long as you are in DEFAULT. As long as there is money owed on a contract, the collateral can be repossessed IF the contract is in default. Subject to some state guidelines.
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%REPLIES% Answer NO, it is fulfilling a requirement of the law in your state. Its called a "Right to Cure" default letter. Answer That is a Right To Cure Letter and you need to satisfy it before it expires. Why you ask? In most states (some the lender has to send out each time you're behind…
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Check with a locall attorney to be sure, but I'd say YES. I am NOT an attorney. Go to the link below for more reading.http://www.escrowhelp.com/articles/20000114.htmlThere are currently nine states which offer Community Property status. These states are: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada…
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Do you have the right to request proof, or substantiation how the balance was calculated? It depends upon the contract. While many companies find it prudent to deal with their customers openly, they often do so out of customer support reasons as opposed to contractual reasons. You can request reco…
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Please read the papers you signed. They loikely state that the payments set forth are CONDITIONAL upon the dealer finding a lender that will take the contract as written. YOUR credit Report will have a lot to do with that happening. Maybe no lender wants to finance you at that amount based on your C…
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%REPLIES% Answer Show the dentist in your contract where it says they can't. If it solves it, great. If not, you need to call and talk to your insurance and see what they say for you to do. You may need to find another dentist if it becomes too much of a hassle or talk to a lawyer. Whic…
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In order for you to be covered by your medical insurance, one of you will be the policy holder, and the other will be considered a "dependent" on that policy.
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Yes, It is typical and customary of all mortgages, does not matter who is doing teh financing. It sounds like the buyer is assuming the seller's mortage. Assuming the buyer has agreed to assume the seller's mortage, if the contract is silent about the mortgage insurance, then it depends if the mort…
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Usually you can collect yourself. The company may initially pay you only "actual cash value" of the equipment, which means what it was worth at the time it was stolen(usually replacement cost with a deduction for depreciation based on the age and condition). Then, once it has actually been replaced,…
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Is your business one that already reports to the bureaus? If so, then report the customer as owing the balance. If not, you have three choices: Either report the debt, (there is a charge for signing up as a reporting member to the bureaus and for reporting a debt), or you can sell the debt to a coll…
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Yes, if the contract a consumer signed with the Original Creditor (OC) allows for transfer of their rights to a Collection Agency (CA) when a defaulted account is sold or assigned.It is not customary for CA's to have contractual agreements between themselves and the consumer. Typically they collect …
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Yes. Anytime you have doubts about the validity of a debt, you should ask for confirmation. Since this is not the original creditor, they have to by law, give you a full accounting of the debt. The fact that you are being sued, is even more important for you to get the details in writing. The credit…
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Just like a mortgage lender, a contract seller of real estate can ask the Court for permission to foreclose on real estate if a debtor in Chapter 13 does not keep the contract payments current. The contract seller would do this the same way a mortgage lender would, which is by filing a Motion for Re…
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If one does a seller concession, it might be wise to specify in the contract that the realtors agree to base the commission on the sales price minus the concession. I do believe that this is a poor tool to use and is often used in attempt to jack-up realtor commissions, attempt a near-form of bank f…
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It's best to discuss this with the realtor or a lawyer, but the usual protocol is an agreement at the time you purchase the home and sign the papers. If you have signed nothing to indicate the tenants stay on, then you have to give them sufficient notice to find another rental place to live. Once yo…
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Mortgage elimination services that claim they can eliminate your mortgage without you paying your mortgage debt are a scam. They typically involve the payment of an upfront fee. They are premised on the argument that the entire banking system is flawed and their claims simply are not accurate nor is…
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'Equipment' as in the tools you use to perform a service?I'm not really sure what it is you are asking.I guess your customer can ask, request or demand whatever he wants, but that doesn't mean you have to comply.Now, if you are in some sort of repair business like auto repair, a customer may ask (de…
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The issue of the notary is not important. The issue is the type of contract, the wording and if the contract is valid under US not HK law.
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No. Property of any sort cannot be held or restricted unless a prior agreement has been made by both parties.
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Liens are only used against real property. It might be possible to levy the person's bank account. MSJ are issued by judges and are often easily overturned.
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Albert Pujols single signed baseball An Albert Pujols single signed baseball is worth about $250.-$400. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Letters of authentication from co…
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Absolutely. If they have your car, no legal documents to prove they own it (since they don't own it), and refuse to return it, it's a stolen car, and can be reported as such, but tell the police the truth, that you lent out the car for payments, and they didn't pay. They may or may not help, but if …
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I'M NOT AN ATTORNEY, THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.You can put just about any agreement into the form of a contract. So yes, you could make an agreement, and have it written and executed as a contract, with the owner of the property, under which you would receive half the equity when the property …
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The lease option is signed by you and the other party. A 3rd party I don't think would be allowed to enter that agreement. If you are really interested in proceeding with this, you might want to check with an attorney first as no one on this FAQ can give that clear answer without having read the con…
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Perhaps, several states consider verbal contracts binding agreements, if there is enough evidence that both parties were aware of the terms they were being agreed upon. This would only apply to work that was done before the party was notified that their services were no longer required. It is possib…
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Headging: headging means making investment some where else,to over go risk in foreign transactions. forward exchange contracts:It means two partys go in to contract to exchange different currencys at some future date.
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Answer It depends upon the state, the type of contract and if fraudulent information was used to obtain goods, services, money or property by use of the lending agreement. In general, contracts signed by minors are unenforceable against the minor. In most states, anyone under 18 is considered a…
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Answer Typically-no. What causes the pipes to vibrate and hum is when the flow rate at a fixtures or hose bibb is just right, it hits the harmonic point on the pipe, causing it to vibrate. You can test this by throttling a valve slowly, until the vibration starts. Opening it further or closing it…
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First, why is language an issue? By "borrower" I take it you mean the primary signer of the loan. Most all developed countries have contracts of some sort and every good parent tells their kids (in the applicable language) "NEVER SIGN IT UNLESS YOU READ IT FIRST!" So, the question then becomes HOW d…
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Generally the property owner is responsible for repairs or improvements done even if they were not the one to enter into the contract. In this case the person owning the property seems to have been aware that maintenance or improvements were being done, therefore they are responsible for the cost in…
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Yes, surviving family members are not responsible for the contract nor any outstanding debt associated with such. An exception MIGHT be a surviving spouse where the married couple resided in a community property state.
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no i think that's wrong and sick go find some one your own age.  I am not sure I understand correctly, are you asking if you can become a 15 year old's gaurdian or if you can "live with" them in a relationship? I will assume it is the latter, and no, it is not allowed and you could end up in p…
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If you signed the contract, the car is yours. The dealer can have the car towed at your expense if you don't take it away.it depends on the laws of the state in which the sale took place. a deposit on a car for example is always 100% refundable. no matter what any payment given to the dealer prior t…
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Increase In Cold SymptomsI'm obviously not a doctor, but it seems quite possible. Kinda like if you're stressed and it lowers your ability to fight off colds in the first place. I'd imagine fighting a battle on two fronts would increase your ability to get sicker, or another kind of sickness.What is…
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Not if the leasing contract has been signed
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If you don't have a "contract", you aren't a leinholder. A lienholder must have a contract and have filed the notice with the county recorders office and the title must state you as the leinholder. If the person is named on a title as a lien holder he or she has the legal option of repossessing the …
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If the co-signer has not signed the contract, he or she is not bound by it. A signature indicate knowledge and agreement to the terms.
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you have 3 days to change your mind or reconsider their offer of a contract or cancel a contract after that you are legally bound to the contract..take it in writing to the dealer and keep a copy i believe according to the law that governs contracts you have 3 days to change your mind..but the deale…
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No. There would be no common law marriage even if allowed by state law. Generally, in all states of the US and most provinces of Canada, if one party is legally married they cannot establish a common law marriage with another spouse even if common law marriage is recognized by the state. Once a pers…
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With a minor, there can be no contract in the first place. So, in other words, there is no contract to void. The contract was void before it started.
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A bank contract is only one of many things you signed when you intended to purchase the vehicle. The bank is the one to log the reposession so the dealers copy and the banks copy would have to be lost.
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In contract law, consideration refers to any bargained-for exchange. Basically, for a contract to be valid, there must be an exchange of goods and/or services. Because the vast majority of contracts are for sales of some type, consideration usually takes the form of an exchange of money for goods o…
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If a judgment has been awarded by the Court, you can no longer fight it. If your state allows, and you are within the statute of limitations (usually 30 days after the judgment has been awarded) you may be able to appeal.
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An offer can be terminated as a result of the1. lapse (death of the offeror, death of the offeree, time set for accepting, prevention of performance).2. Rejection of the offer3. Revocation of the offer
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Answer Actually, consideration has nothing to do with offer and acceptance. It's a totally unrelated concept. A valid offer is essentially a statement or action which unambiguously lays out the terms of the proposed agreement (e.g. "I will pay you $1,000 if you paint my house" - if the offeree a…
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Yes it would be illegal. Slavery and Indentured Servitude were outlawed long ago. This does not mean however that there might not be consequences for breach of contract so long as it is a legal contract.
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Contract is classified by legal requirements set out within. When a contract is required to be drawn up the legal representative will ascertain the nature of the contracts intention and set out its classification by that information.
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Answer Remoteness in contracts refers to when breach of contract results in the loss of an anticipated gain arising from a separate transaction.
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Generally it means to pay the remainder of the monthly rent through the end of the lease for some reason, often so the tenant can vacate the premises before the lease has ended.
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A legally binding document is a document that is enforceable in a court of law. Generally, it requires signatures from the parties to the agreement and may need to be notarized depending on the document. In order to be legally binding the agreement must be legal. A court will not enforce an agreemen…
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Hey, i dont know whether your from the US, but in Aus there are 5 elements:agreement (offer, acceptance, certainty of terms etc), consideration (price paid for a promise), intention to create legal relations, capacity to contract (ie minors, bankrupts, mental disimpairment, drunkeness etc), & fo…
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A formal agreement between people or groups enforceable by law. The Restatement of Contracts (a summary of the prevailing contract laws) defines "contract" as a "promise," the breach of which the law requires a remedy, or the performance of which the law recognizes as a duty. The formation of …
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The distinguishing of contract of service and contract for service is importation different legal terms under different master.contract of serviceemployee and employer both side need to contribution the MPFemployee subject to salary taxentitle claim under "EO" benefitsemployer subject liability for …
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Contract of Service versus Contract for Services Legitimately, an "employee" is utilized under an 'agreement of administration' and is liable to the supervision, control and course of the employer in regard of the route in which the work is to be finished. The matter of control by the employer ove…
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can you be a U.S. citizen and legally work in Canada?
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It has been suggested that "your contarct is viod if there is no date on it", however, this ignores a number of related issues.  Further AnswerFor example, what "date" do you put on an oral contract? If I offer to pay someone for not smoking until they are 18 years old, does it matter whether …
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The US and Canada of course have different tests and both are available at most public libraries, with answers.Practice tests are at the related links below. The actual tests are given verbally.
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Answer I am not an attorney or an accountant or even a licensed real estate agent, but I do sell my own land in Texas. This is offered as information only and not professional advice. You should consult an attorney or accountant who can offer you counsel based on all the specifics of your situat…
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A contract is usually something that is signed and dated and legally binding. A commitment is just something that you have verbally agreed to do.
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Review your lease to determine the remedy you specified for damages, then pursue the lessee for repairs and restitution.
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what are the different kinds of obligation
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Shiprider Agreement is an agreement by which a law enforcement officer (Shiprider) is embarked on a vessel (normally a warship of a governamental vessel) sailing a national flag different from the nationality of the Shiprider. Purpose of Shiprider Agreements are to widen the powers or tools of the v…
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An interest rate agreement is a transaction contract between two parties in which one party guarantees a payment to another if the future rate of interest exceeds the market rate specified in the agreement at a future date. The second party pays the first a premium for the guarantee.
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I am not entirely sure I understand the question, but here goes - the law can genernally be divided into two separate classifications: civil and criminal. A civil case is when one "individual" is harmed by another. An "individual" can be a person or a legal entity, like a corporation. The issues are…
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If both parties are agreeable, a contract can be canceled. It cannot be canceled by one side if it would result in damages to the other side. The contract is between the two parties. As long as it is not for something illegal, they can adjust the terms as they wish. If this is in regards to the sale…
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An employment contract defines the terms of employment between an employee and employer. This can be verbal or in writing.
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Supported by consideration is not enough to create a legally binding contract, the parties must also have an intention to create legal relations. Often, the intention to create legal relations is expressly stated by the contracting parties. In other situations, the law will readily imply the intenti…
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