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Celebrity Net Worth

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Do you ever wonder how much money a celebrity makes? Or how about how much they are worth? Here you can ask these types of questions regarding celebrities and their net worth.
  25 million as of 2008
Oprah is richer by far. Russell Simmons is worth about $325  million, and Oprah is worth more than $3 billion. Oprah is one of  the richest people in the entire world.
approximately $835,000,000 USD
Depends on the rapper, how frequent are his/her shows (and if they  are sould out), how many sales do they get and how many views the  video gets on YouTube, if monatized.
  Raven Symone was on the cover of Ebony magazine (March 2007) with the title: $400 Million-Dollar Woman. Now there has been a lot of controversy regarding this because to most people, this is unbelievable for a 22-year-old woman; thy also say that this is only her company worth and that she...
15 million.No lie
His net worth is 150 million :)
Carlton Pearson is a minister and as of 2014 is 61 years old.  However, the net worth for this preacher is not listed and unknown.
 How much is Nicole 'Snooki'  Polizzi worth?  $4 Million  Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's  Annual Salary  $150 Thousand Per Episode  
Of course she is VERY pretty.
Roger Rees is openly gay and has been with his partner for many, many years now.
Ellen's net worth is estimated to be about $250 Million dollars.  Her estimated salary is $65 Million per year.
  two kids 25 years togather his is your time (your his wife weather he likes it or not
Richard pryors net woth
Richard carpenter's net worth?that's easy.he is priceless.he gave us the closest thing to perfection in any music ever produced.he has been missing far to long.i know he's said he'll never partner again,but we need him.god has the most amazing future waiting for him.
10-15$     more information found here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
A rough, current estimate as to the net worth of American actor, Tim Allen is roughly $80-million dollars, as of 2011. He is currently touring the country with his one-man comedy show and is still earning money from his many other financial/business pursuits.
Tony Bennett's net worth is $110 million.
Barry Manilow's estimated net worth is $70 million US.
Certainly, he struggled to find his mark after the demise of Wham!. Despite amassing a £10 million fortune from sales and royalties Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-441592/Loser-laugh.html#ixzz1GJiWsp6o I found this , BUT! it is the daily mail ,so a pinch of salt is...
Megan Fox is indeed is a millionaire.
== ==   He has about 15-25 million dollars
No, at his highest net worth he was worth around $100bil. It is now invested mostly into charities but he doesn't have access to that money so that's not part of his net worth... His net worth as of 2008 is US$58 Billion. Actually technically he is. He has about $53 billion dollars left in...
Despite being a well known socialite, Andy Warhol's net worth wasin't abundant. Like many well know "art contributors", Andy's popularity surpased his wealth.Unofficial sources have estimated his net worth at 2 million dollars as of 1980. In today's economy, that would be a little more than 3. Not...
  $320 million  
   $400  million    
about if signed 1 millon if not about 500 thousand
Vladimir guerrero net worth $150 millions dollars
About 8 million as of 2011
Angelina Jolie has a net worth of $145 million. Angelina Jolie's Net Worth is $75 million as of December 2009. i found this out from www.hollyworth.com, this site tells you all celebrities net worth and movie budgets. Angelina Jolie is worth $75 million as of December 2009, i got this answer...
$359 million of 2008 recorded on the LA. news
$15,000,000 Million!
$200 to $300 depending on the condition - these are first editions.
Kourtney Kardashian
Celebrity Net Worth puts Eminem's net worth at $115 Million. Gang Watchers puts Eminem's net worth at $110 Million. The Richest put's Eminem's net worth at $115 Million. Holly Worth puts Eminem's net worth at $125 Million. American rapper Eminem is estimated to have a net worth of ...
200 million, he makes 45 million per year
Cheryl earns 1.2 million a year.
50 Cent's Current net worth as at the end of 2010 is estimated at just a little higher than half a billion dollars ($500,000,000.000)
According to CelebrityNetworth.com he's worth around $15 million.
more then superman, batman , and wonderwoman combined not more then chuck Norris , because no one beats chuck Norris
Celebrity Net Worth (link below) estimates Dwyane Wade's net worth  to be $65 million.
Two million dollars.
Currently 19 million dollars.
Bill Gates $89 billion net worth - 2017.
At the current writing, 4 October 2011, yes. She just finished filming of her newest role in Zombie Hamlet.
The magician and illusionist David Copperfield is worth $150 million US.
500 million dollars. Young money is looking into the up and coming  rapper udi who they will sign in the near future who can be found  on instagram @udhavir_otal and on twitter @udhavirotal.
Not very famous or rich because even some who were infamous and not as well off have had the claims against them. It only seems like famous and rich people always have the claims because most people pay attention to what is said to and about them because they are famous and prosperous.
when he was first signed... around 150,000 a year. now its more like 750,000 to 800,000 a year
She's worth all the time one can listen to her.
I don't know what her net worth is. However, YEARS ago she made over a million dollars a year, $5,000 an episode.
The total fight revenues went close to $200 million. The undefeatedboxer has an estimated net worth of $280 million . Business Insider writes that Mayweather has aunique way of managing his cash.
Her salary is private
Snoop Dog's daughter name is Cori.
4.8 million for 2010
The name of Matt Bellamy, an English musician's mother is Marilyn.