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Dating back over 35 million years and native to North America, as well as throughout Europe and Asia, roses are perennial plants that can vary in type as much as they can in color. It is thought that these early flowers, resembling the wild Sweetbrier, were used for food and medicine. This category contains questions regarding their nature and livelihood, biological makeup, and how to care for them.
yess i did a science experiment on it
well, you can make it your own homemade rose water.
Mostly all roses need sunlight daily for 6 hours to grow well.
Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been symbols oflove, beauty, war, and politics. The rose is, according to fossilevidence, 35 million years old. In nature, the genus Rosa has some 150 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere,from Alaska to Mexico and including northern...
Rather like an old Tea in form, 'Emily' has a full leafy bushdecorated with very large (5 to 6 inches), very double (40 petals)high centered roses of a soft pastel pink. Fragrant and lovely.
I think it means that everything are beginning to be very successful for someone!
The thickness of the stem is a rose is about 1/4 inches. Roses area very good gift to give to a woman.
Because it is sugar water not regular water to food a plant so it will die not live.
No, roses do not need high humidity. Too high humidity and roses tend to develop disease problems. It is better to plant roses in well ventilated areas in full sun.
No its not. The national symbol of flower is Lotus (Water Lilly, Shapla)
When frozen plants thaw, the broken cells (due to the expansion of water when turning into ice) collapse and the plants wilt.
It mean's that he is about to marry you, red is a symbol of engagement and roses mean together and a unit. sorry if you weren't expecting that answer.
Most Walgreen's do sell fresh dozen roses for $19.99, but again it depends on the location
keep the stalks immersed in a bowl of water and cover it with a transparent plastic cover and refrigerate it. it will stay longer.
Red -Love and Passion Yellow -Friendship and Familiar Love Orange -Pride or Amazement Pink -Elegance and Poetic Romance White -Loyalty and Purity Purple -Majestic Glory and Eternal Love Black -Death or Rejuvenation on the Horizon
They feel soft and smooth like a butterfly's wings
no particular meaning, but is considered unlucky in the asian culture
There are many types of roses. However the most common are Red rose White rose Wild rose Peace rose :)
In 2010, an estimated 198 million roses were produced for theValentine's Day holiday, according to the Society of AmericanFlorists. Men purchase about 75 percent of the 110 million rosessold in the U.S. at this time every year.
See the similar query about l2 red and one pink. My guess it has something to do with Philadelphia, or maybe even the Ross family. Betsy as well as Diana. l3 stars in a circular pattern formed the spirit of "76 flag canton ( an anchor- usually Gold at a thirty degree angle- the Naval variant) While...
It means: Will you marry me?
June threw September
It docent jk I have no idea.
Simple: Naturally evolved roses usually have five petals. Domestic roses have additional petals that were bred from the stamens. Better: There are a over a hundred species of roses in the genus Rosa. You can find exceptions to many of the general characteristics described. Exact...
White rose means purity and peace. It will depend on who sent you the rose. About the thorn, if it didn't have thorn it means that it's not harmful. . \n
The red roses signify love, it is usually given from a man to a woman to show her his love for her -
In many lands around the world you can find wild roses in the countryside and cultivated roses in gardens. _____________________________________________________________________ You can find their seeds in stores, and if you reaserch "Rose" on Wikipedia you can find out in what kind of terrain...
A dozen or a bunch.
Yes, roses are flowering plants.
well i know that they can grow in clay and acidic soil
a little pretty rose can be many colars. i like to get blue or red roses. mmm they are so pretty. lol
It depends on the laws in your particular jurisdiction.
A red rose is red because of the glucose in it.
if you care for and nurture them, they will bloom :)
roses as many know, have pollen. The pollen likes to protect itself from bees and others that want pollen. In that control, it lets out a nice fragrance that butterflies and bees, etc. hate.
mosly in canada :)
the same as all other flowering plants. stigma, style, ovary, ovule; anthers, fillaments and pollen
Well, the black rose symbolises many things. In the 18th century, the http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Language_of_flowers became popular. In this code, black roses to most people signify death, or hatred. But it also means farewell. Black rose means revenge to a foe or wanting to kill someone....
kingdom: plantae division: magnoliophyta class: magnoliopsida order: rosales family: rosaceae genus: Rosa species: depends what kind of rose.
Yes. "A rose" is a flower and a flower is a thing. The word "rose" is also the past tense of the verb to rise .
Wait until Valentine's day and then prune it down to a foot or so tall. Then, feed and water it.
Answer . You can technically grow roses from seed but the probability of getting a good result is fairly low.They are often fairly weak and non-descript.Commercially- new varieties are usually propagated vegetatively or from an exceptionally vigorous or unusual seedling produced from thousands of...
Rosa: Wild roses- Rambler Shrub: Rosa Rugusa Rosa multiflora 'Polyantha' Centifolia Old Garden Rose: Gallica Musk Alba Moss Damask Bourbon China Noisette Hybrid Tea - grandiflora Floribunda - Climbing - Miniature - Carpet Heritage
It all depends on where you live. A local Costco, Publix, Walmart, Stop and Shop, or a garden shop or even your back yard!
what is the website of the english roses
Green roses have been around since the 1700's. They are true rosesbut do not have petals, only sepals
like you feed other flowers, plant it in soil, and leave it in the sun, and give it water twice a day. or if they're outside, get automatic sprinklers! oh and if you want it to really be beautiful, use fertilizer! go to the nearest gardening store, and ask them, they should be able to give you...
A rose plant can get as wide as 5 ft.
thorns\nand to repel snails they let off a strong odor which can also repel butterflies.\nthey can also make pollinationation very difficult
say how much yu want it...lik Mary Cardenas did she is so cool and is going to have a niv=ce big 15 party...
There is only one species of rose that produces green blossoms. Although it's common name is simply "The Green Rose", it's Latin name is Rosa chinensis 'Viridiflora'. The plant's flowers do not resemble traditional rose blossoms and they produce an unusual, peppery scent. It is this reason that...
There is no rose color that specifically represents an apology. However, there are some colors that have meanings which might enforce the message of "I'm Sorry". Yellow represents "Friendship" and "Joy" and is even recognized by some as being an appropriate apology color. White represents ...
a single rose means "i love you".
The Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata) was approved by the GeorgiaGeneral Assembly as the floral emblem of Georgia by JointResolution No. 42 on August 18, 1916. The Federation of Women'sClubs helped bring this about by submitting the Cherokee Rose. TheAssembly had been unable to make a decision before...
The Cherokee Rose is grown in the southeastern portion of theUnited States, but it can grow in USDA Zones 7-9 with soil pH of6.6 - 7.0. It prefers organically rich soil that retains moisturewell and full sun with plenty of good air circulation.
Sugar won't help... You're supposed to put one or two asprins in.
It depends if you plant 1 seed it will grow shot.2 seeds will grow long. Than3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9 just gets bigger and bigger.
Good roses are from South America.
If you're Talking About Rosemary Hathaway In The 'Vampire Academy' Books, Then No. Rose Is A Damphir, Which Means One Of Her Parents Are A Moroi, && The Other Is Either Human On Damphir. In Her Case, Her Dad Is A Moroi, && Her Mum Is A Damphir. A Very Famous Guardian Damphir At That
well that depends.... Black Rose in what country?? There are lots of black roses... Like at walmart during the october time... and uhmmm yeah.... lol so check in walmart in october.
No way! Most fancy flowers are poisonous to rabbits. Also the rose bushes' thorns can cut the rabbits mouth and esophagus.
Roses smell different than carnations because they are different flowers. They also, have different types of growth temperatures. Like every other flower smells different from each other flower. Example, like chewing gum, not all chewing gum smells the same they have to smell different because...
The how is simple, roses smell because they have perfume which is a mixture of aldehydes, ketones and other aromatic organic molecules. The why is a it more complex. Initially roses evolved to have an odour to attract pollinating insects to the blossoms. If the insects didn't know where the flowers...
'Roses' is also a French equivalent of 'roses' [ Rosa spp ]. It's a feminine noun. Its plural definite article is 'les' ['the']. Its plural indefinite article is 'des' ['some']. It's pronounced 'rohz'.
In the summertime
Yeah, it makes them wet!
In a girl's eighteenth birthday debut, she chooses eighteen men who made a difference in her life to dance with her. This is then called the eighteen roses dance.
Yes, but remember not to stab the birthday person with the thorns.
they have poky thorns on their stem that protect them. =)
It is subjective. What you might think is the perfect flower another person might see imperfection. Additionally there are hundreds of varieties of roses and some are nicer than others.
by the roots sucking it in
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