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Fashion Fads and Trends

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Those kinds of clothing and accessories which come into and out of popularity in a transitory manner.


Well scene kids are ALL different, but most are shy, quiet and so on. Most of us just write out all our emotions in poems. Also the due from screaming in most indie/screamo songs is because during the screaming we can let go all our emotions. WOW u are off man! you are describing emo!!!!! emo...
i believe it is called three dots
A fad is what is trendy that season and is utilized in themarketing context.
You are starting to see alot of the exercise looks from the 80s now like the off the shoulder top and the short crop top. Also, acid wash jeans are coming back in style. The rocker look is also somewhat popular again.
When alot of people do, or wear specific things, then those things become fads.
well, not exactly i dont think. Usually its either longer in the back than the front, or the same length as the front. but i guess in some cases it's shorter, it just depends on how you like it.
By being true to who you are in Christ and sweet, but not a doormat. You have to have your own original style (me, I wear the chokers, the gloves, like to wear alot of black and red, and am constantly looking for ways to improve on my unique look). Also, being into rock music helps. Hope this...
If you're the opposite of a goth or Emo (those are two different things by the way. They should not confuse them) and people think you are them, then they don't know what a true Goth is. It's a state of mind before it's a style. Just because you wear black doesn't make you Goth.. Either way, tell...
maybe they struggle through life and they express how they feel through they're emotions and they express it even more by listening to song that relates to how they feel or what they gone through, and by how they dress. so there is no judging to them at all. hope the helps ya.
sillybandz, shopping at stores your too young for, cell phones cases, straight hair and miss me jeans or fake miss mes.
O YEAH red skinney jeans are AWESOME
Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten
Yes. Finally a store where you can buy quality mens g-strings. Under Him supply quality men's underwear using high-grade fabric & craftmanship. Under Him has successfully been supplying men with underwear & swimwear for the past 5 years. Sexy Underwear for Sexy Guys. That's what it is. ...
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I got mine at amazon.com and my brother got his by searching sperrytopsider into google and he ordered some.
That just means you NEED and MUST gain maturity for your own sakeand society's as well!
Any people (emo or otherwise) who cut themselves deliberately have very serious emotional problems. When this happens in adolescents I would suspect hostile and abusive parents are involved in the emotional problems. People cut themselves as a rather desperate cry for help. The first thing to do is...
No, just because you hate people, does not mean your emo, it just means your not really a people kind of person. The answer to your question would be no, not all people that hate other mean they are emo and emo is not about hating people, so you can't call yourself an emo just by hating people. I...
I have fun incorporating fashion into my life by shopping. I love to shop at unknown clothing stores on the weekends and find clothing that is appealing, unique, and cheap. If you find cheap clothing that you don't really like, you can always still buy the clothing and remake the clothing into your...
cause he is made of dark color's so it depresses him
Stop being emo? There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in a certain group. Lots of teenagers will want to identify with others this way. Try looking at emo girls in your area and identify with them. You will have similar tastes in music and clothing so should be able to find one that may be...
the best trends are sexy backless choli blouse designs. that seems to be the hottest trend at least in Indian fashion scene. And his goes for both saree blouse designs 2010 and for times to come, not just till Diwali, but wil remain this way; because the hottest Indian star, Katrina kaif is coming...
YES!!! Emo's LOVE the mall, it mostly depends on the store though, like, if yer smart, you'd know that any emo wouldn't be caught DEAD in a place like Abracrombie and Fitch, or places like that. well maybe if they committed suicide or got killed in one, okay that's not the point, point is, yes,...
Somtimes they just do it because they feel numb and wonder if they can sitll feel physical pain as well.
Bold Prints and Poodle skirts were the hip thing. People wore big jelery an floral wear.
No such thing as 'emo' names. You can possibly go googling for unique names, but sound hardcore at the same times. But, in my opinion, Bella wouldn't make such a good name, it's pretty ordinary.
Yes, many hoodies look like the Lululemon one. They are similarexcept without the logo.
Cheer up emo. Stop being so depressed looking, smile more, make friends. Be more social (not on the internet, but in realife). Wear more appropriate clothing and be more casual.
andy biersack, me, ronnie radke, alex evens
It depends who this question is targeted upon... I (being emo) say yes....
Wal-mart, thrift stores
No if ur wearing skirtz stfu ok cuz u ain't got no style at all!!!
Early Bright Eyes might be classified as emo music, Fevers & Mirrors for example has very deep emotional lyrics and is very sombre. However the more recent albums have been quite a lot more diverse. Cassadaga was very much rooted in folk music, as was, to a certain extent 'I'm Wide Awake It's...
Instead of using the phrase "A most trusted brand", you could use the phrases : . "Top of the line" or . Classic
Doña Consolacion is a native woman who wears an overabundance ofmakeup, despite the heat and her masculine features. She hadthinning locks of tangled hairs that escaped her hastily tiedpanuelo. Her forehead has swollen veins. Her cigar is held in placeby purple lips as these covered her loose,...
Fashion throughout the 1990's was what most consider grungy. Mostwore wide, loose fitting jeans with over sized tee shirts. Femaleswould wear mid riff tops with their loose jeans. Towards the end ofthe 90's clothes became more fitted to suit body types.
I do too have a very round face (poofy cheeks sort) and scene/emo based hair doesn't suit round faces, though you some scene hairdos, without the ridiculous teasing might work well... The dangers are that it could make your face look way larger (not a nice look). Try not to shape the hair too round....
no emo people are not crazy...emos just are different from others..some dont like to show it.Being emo is life threating you might not think so just a little cut on your arm....but yes...yes it is .i am in a program in my school and they help people with their personal problems.and my niceest...
Paul's Boutique is available in Fenwick, online at pauls-boutique.com, at selfridges and ASOS does some stuff too. Enjoy x :) x
Hatmaking is the manufacture of hats and head-wear. Millinery is the designing and manufacture of hats . A millinery shop is a store that sells those goods. A milliner or hatter designs, makes, trims, or sellshats. Millinery is sold to women, men and children, though somedefinitions...
Yes, but it should be done with sadness. And you should always be unsatisfied with it.
The actual meaning of 'emo' have been lost. It's not all cutting wrists, illegal love, depression and not all-back outfits. Even now, wearing a pair of black chucks, a leopard print top and black hair can land you into being called emo. They think 'emo' is a fasion statement when it's actually a way...
Answer . Normally hair grows at the rate of 1/4 to1/2 inch per month.
No, if your friend's sister claims she's emo, she's most likely to be an emo wannabe/try-hard.
Clothes desginers are sexist people who want women to be as uncomfortable as possible. They assume we are too dumb to appreciate pockets. None of my pants have pockets.
There is no age requirement to being emo. I am 11 and emo but most people call me a pathetic poser but i dont listen to them lo lifes Answer from Krystal: Lots of Emos are around the age of 15. In my opinion, Emos should be any older than about 25 because isn't time you got a new style? ;)
yes there's only 3 in the world, in tokyo, Hong Kong, and The united Kingdom
- hair bob - Mohawk - short styles ...........but i recommend keep your hair long, because it's gonna be back!
skinny jeans are only bad for you if you go to sleep with them, because the cut your circulation, and loose skinny jeans, well i don't think those are bad for you
by being a pocket emo to yourself
It helps by giving people fashion ideas
Emo hairrr. well I tease or razor my hair. I make it look jagged. if you don't know how to make ur hair emo. just go to youtube or any other emo video sites to learn how to make your hair emo. i learned by myself.
New trend were coming along and people were trying to stay "hip" People were trying to find new ways to express themselves and being creative
Here are some ideas; skinny jeans tops cute dresses a lot of jewelery all star/converse t-shirts
You can buy "Silly bandz" at a dollar store,wallgreens,drug stores and more!!
you ether meet a new person every day or you see some one new and you want too look kooler cause some times they could move in fast and and can make fun of you close :( :C
It kind of influenced things such as button-downs, bobs, and a-line skirts.
Well I would dye the top layers brownish-yellow. Then the bottom layers light orange, if you have pale or tan skin. If you have brown or golden skin, go for brown hair with light brown and blond highlights.
Our society is extremely biased and currently we are experiencing a trend in reverse discrimination and a sexist double standard. It is not only socially acceptable, but also trendy for women to wear menswear. However, it is generally looked down upon for men to dress in female clothes. This is...
You can buy cool jelly bracelets that turn into various shapes; animals, numbers, mystical creatures, basic shapes, etc. You can find them at ShopRite and Party City.
emo kiss is a way of saying i love u.o and emos arent gay or dumb im emo
girls-short shorts with converses and v neck shirts boys-sagging skinny jeans v neck shirt and converse
you probably complain about it a bunch, and wear emo clothes and cut yourself
Yes Emo is an emotion in a way. Its when someone doesnt have most things to live for, short on emotions, and its a fashon to :D
Hate may be a strong word. One reason for dislike - everyone will have their own opinion - is the attitude of superiority that many members of such groups have. The premise seems to others that those in that lifestyle believe they are somehow wiser or more worldly, and that they think they are...
Different options include: . By not being emo. . Relating to the girl's issues. . Being someone vulnerable that the girl can help and nurture. . Making the girl feel special by her being the only one that the emo can talk to, relate to, or feel normal around.
well depends some people dont like that word some think of it as shutup but to be safe id say yes it is
Could be: Slits Harmer Death-to-me Kill-me-quickly Cutter F-M-L Why-me Hope-to-choke Use you imagination! Oh and by the way, I'm an emo lmao
Bill bong is just a shop name. As for asking if the bag belongs to male or female, it can be both. So it can be a boy or girl
emo creepo dark despair total blackness demon of death lil miss emotional blood-stained-lips Xx-Live_Emo-xX
Act sad and like you don't want to conform to anything normal. Talk about death a lot. Or you could just be yourself and if he doesn't like you for who you are than it doesn't matter.
1.Not all Emos have hair in there eyes. 2.If they do ,it is to hid there face,they are self conscience.
Don't worry, I wont be mean. ^_^ I'm not a mean person Oook. Boy's . Ashlyn . Brent . Ryan . Jase . Jason . Matt . Zack . Logan . Josh . Dakota . Valentine . Vincent . Myrnin . Shane . Chase . Mike . Sam Girls . Rayne . Eve . Clair . Dawn ....
The singer from paramore, Avril, and Stephanie Brown
Cutting yourself is seldom a healthy activity but sometimes people suffering psychological pain / psychache try to exert control over their otherwise (perceived to be) hopeless lives by harming themselves. A different approach is to find a compassionate, qualified person who will listen to you as...
Well they don't have, but they are really skinny so maybe. lol -Mia
People are ignorant and dont like change. People dont change so if they dont like emos now they probable never will. People dont like things different than how they see things fit. Because there big fat meanie faces { the people, not the emos}!!! >:P Emos are cool. If people don't like emos,...
You can wear lots of different things with your fashion leotard. Depending on what you feel comfortable wearing with it. If you feel comfortable wearing nothing on your bottom half then wear: . A shawl or a sarong on your shoulders . A mid-abdomen jacket If you feel more comfortable...
A Chinese Ribbon Factory.
TV is definitely a fashion. Fads are things that come into style but start to decline in popularity after a short amount of time. Since tv's have been around since the 50's, it has stayed popular for nearly 60 years now. However, shows on TV might be considered a fad. For example, Pokemon is...
He's neither one. Shadow falls under his own category.
Well, Im not sure of which Raymond you are talking about. But you must understand you have to ask him yourself.
No, that's silly.
if they wear tight pants have bangs covering their eyes and like like to wear hoods and listen to emo music and like drawing cartoons of emo kids and are not understood. Trust me, i know...
Although the general consensus to the origin of "Dressed to the Nines" is unknown; consider the meaning to be simply a reference of scale. " On a scale of one to ten; you are dressed to the nines" Since perfection can never be attained, nine would be the absolute best. The plural version on nine ...
The sizes are 6-18 sometimes 20. There are half sizes too. Sometimes there are size 5 too. Limited Too is now Justice!
If emo is just a look and not an attitude than no. If emo is an attitude and not a look than yes. If you are just trying to style your hair so you can be emo than you are not emo, so don't bother.
hot topic, debs lol
emo people are just like other people but they are very emotional. they tend to like colors like black and anything neon. and where stuff like skinny jeans, band shirts and lots of eyeliner :)
no, EMO people DO NOT cut themselves everyday. In fact, some EMO's dont cut at all. EMO si short for Emotional. that doesn't mean that they all cut. it is also a genre of music and a fashon style.