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Fashion Fads and Trends

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Those kinds of clothing and accessories which come into and out of popularity in a transitory manner.


Well scene kids are ALL different, but most are shy, quiet and so on. Most of us just write out all our emotions in poems. Also the due from screaming in most indie/screamo songs is because during the screaming we can let go all our emotions. WOW u are off man! you are describing emo!!!!! emo and...
i believe it is called three dots
A fad is what is trendy that season and is utilized in the  marketing context.
You are starting to see alot of the exercise looks from the 80s now like the off the shoulder top and the short crop top. Also, acid wash jeans are coming back in style. The rocker look is also somewhat popular again.
When alot of people do, or wear specific things, then those things become fads.
  By being true to who you are in Christ and sweet, but not a doormat. You have to have your own original style (me, I wear the chokers, the gloves, like to wear alot of black and red, and am constantly looking for ways to improve on my unique look). Also, being into rock music helps. Hope this...
If you're the opposite of a goth or Emo (those are two different things by the way. They should not confuse them) and people think you are them, then they don't know what a true Goth is. It's a state of mind before it's a style. Just because you wear black doesn't make you Goth.   Either way,...
sillybandz, shopping at stores your too young for, cell phones cases, straight hair and miss me jeans or fake miss mes.
  Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten
I got mine at amazon.com and my brother got his by searching sperry  topsider into google and he ordered some.
That just means you NEED and MUST gain maturity for your own sakeand society's as well!
  == Bold Prints and Poodle skirts were the hip thing. People wore big jelery an floral wear. ==
Yes, many hoodies look like the Lululemon one. They are similar  except without the logo.
Yes superdry hoodies can available in market.
Wal-mart, thrift stores
Instead of using the phrase "A most trusted brand", you could use the phrases :"Top of the line" orClassic
Doña Consolacion is a native woman who wears an overabundance ofmakeup, despite the heat and her masculine features. She hadthinning locks of tangled hairs that escaped her hastily tiedpanuelo. Her forehead has swollen veins. Her cigar is held in placeby purple lips as these covered her loose,...
no emo people are not crazy...emos just are different from others..some dont like to show it.Being emo is life threating you might not think so just a little cut on your arm....but yes...yes it is .i am in a program in my school and they help people with their personal problems.and my niceest...
Hatmaking is the manufacture of hats and head-wear. Millinery is the designing and manufacture of hats . A millinery shop is a store that sells those goods. A milliner or hatter designs, makes, trims, or sellshats. Millinery is sold to women, men and children, though somedefinitions...
  == Answer ==   Normally hair grows at the rate of 1/4 to1/2 inch per month.
Clothes desginers are sexist people who want women to be as uncomfortable as possible. They assume we are too dumb to appreciate pockets. None of my pants have pockets.
There is no age requirement to being emo. I am 11 and emo but most people call me a pathetic poser but i dont listen to them lo lifes   Answer from Krystal:Lots of Emos are around the age of 15. In my opinion, Emos should be any older than about 25 because isn't time you got a new style? ;)
It helps by giving people fashion ideas
Here are some ideas; skinny jeans tops cute dresses a lot of jewelery all star/converse t-shirts
You can buy "Silly bandz" at a dollar store,wallgreens,drug stores and more!!
It kind of influenced things such as button-downs, bobs, and a-line skirts.
Our society is extremely biased and currently we are experiencing a trend in reverse discrimination and a sexist double standard. It is not only socially acceptable, but also trendy for women to wear menswear. However, it is generally looked down upon for men to dress in female clothes. This is...
girls-short shorts with converses and v neck shirts boys-sagging skinny jeans v neck shirt and converse
1.Not all Emos have hair in there eyes. 2.If they do ,it is to hid there face,they are self conscience.
People are ignorant and dont like change. People dont change so if they dont like emos now they probable never will. People dont like things different than how they see things fit. Because there big fat meanie faces { the people, not the emos}!!! >:P Emos are cool. If people don't like emos,...
A Chinese Ribbon Factory.
TV is definitely a fashion. Fads are things that come into style but start to decline in popularity after a short amount of time. Since tv's have been around since the 50's, it has stayed popular for nearly 60 years now.However, shows on TV might be considered a fad. For example, Pokemon is...
No, that's silly.
hot topic, debs lol
  no, EMO people DO NOT cut themselves everyday. In fact, some EMO's dont cut at all. EMO si short for Emotional. that doesn't mean that they all cut. it is also a genre of music and a fashon style.
naked, the bears dont wear clothes neither should u
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No, its really all in how the person feels about life .... there are the real thing and then there are posers.........
Yes, it can be, but it will be stiff because the fabric is so  thick.
At the beginning of 2000 onward's Salwar are the trends .
We are presented like some self hating, suicidal girls when we are anything but. Only about 8% of emos cut them selfs. Some of oss are depressed but that does not make oss suicidal and we do dress a bit differently then others but we do it to express our feeling's. We are musical, poetic, quiet...
Who says that you are not old enough to make your own decisions? Who says you don't have choices and opinions in life? Who says you can't choose your own future? Your might be going around saying my kid will become a doctor; but it is up to you to decide who you want to be when you grow up, your...
This is called an asymmetrical hem, or a high-low skirt.
  The usual signs:   * Black-dyed hair;  * A preference for mainly black clothing;  * A more dramatic personage;  * Mood swings;  * A like for 'emo'-genred music.
You can't just become emo. It's something you choose as a fashion style or a lifestyle, and emo means different things to different people. Many people falsely assume that all emo individuals are depressed, suicidal, or self-mutilaters.Looking emo or acting emo may be a conscious choice, and does...
giraffe, kangaroo, hippo, rhino, elephant, ostrich :)
yeah because the country is bigger.
Emo is a genre of music, not something people can be. Labels arefor soup cans. Anyway, people cut themselves for many reasons. Yes,some people cut for attention, but majority don't. Some people cutbecause they have a lot to deal with such as bullying or familyproblems; some because they're depressed...
Here are the Lyrics:All the scenies, they know what I mean. Mama let me show you how I lean (like an emo) Hair straight, cryin' in the club, When we shed a tear we let everyone know Like a, like an emo. [chorus: black my eyes, cut my wrists and cry and cry, cut my wrists, black my eyes, cut...
The coats of the 1920's resembled elegance. Most coat styes were wraps and they were all long until about 1926. The fastening for the coats were big buttons, buclkes or some kind of tab. The collars usually had fur because that was the luxuary fashion statement at that time and the lining matching...
I'm pretty sure that they are called the School Track Pants.
Hmmmmmm.... Well I am a trend setter, people might say, but a  fashion trend is like... Remember in 2010 sillybandz were really  in? Remember in 2011, when feather extensions were in? Remember in  2008 neon was back in? Remember how in the 80's it was cool to look  like a fool? Well a fashion...
  yes. That is true without a doubt.   yes. That is true without a doubt.
To be honest, you shoudn't label people. And no one should take a label. "Emos" definitely don't. Also, emo's do not tell others they are emo, because they would be considered a 'poser'.
The poodle skirt was created in New York City in 1947 by Ralph  Walters, an 18 year old apprentice pattern maker and aspiring  fashion designer. The great popularity of this design launched his  career and Walters went on to become a master pattern maker and the  chief designer of Jay-Mee...
sorry i can't answer that question but i know a website that will   www.emogirl.350.com
The way i look at it a fad is when something looks great at first but with furthur analysis it seemed pointless. For example: in the 80's neon colors were really cool but as we look back at it there wasnt anything cool about looking like a stop light. that was fad fashion.
no because they might just like the fashion doesnt mean that they are a cross dresser
  Yes, there should be a hot topic in the chichester or in a town near chichester.
Scene is a creative new fashion statement, simply because it's anti-fashion! Usually consists of 1 or more colors in the hair, band t-shirts worn habitually, and loud music coming from over sized headphones. Not to be confused with emotionalists ('emos'), who, in addition to dressing darkly, perform...
During prom dress season you can find them EVERYWHERE! 😃😃😃😃😃😃
There are many Superdry stores around the world. A complete list  can be found on the Superdry website.
I have the manuel for the euro steam model 4488
cause they are homosexual 'want-to-be's' I sometimes have that but that's cause my zippers broke and i don't like shopping.i call them "virginity pins" =]
because it is only popular for a short time like how they put sea  salt on all desserts
Dark or bright colorsDifference from a crowdquiet and shys away from people that are not goth, emo or scene
Just be yourself :D have your own style.
Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent
Keep the rest of your outfit subtle and let the dress do the talking. But red dresses look great with black, navy or gold/silver accessories.
Because they are black, and who doesn't look good in black?
The fashion house was founded by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico  Dolce.
There is really a proper way. Emo is something your born with, and grow up into. It happens because of splitting of parents, and/or abuse. If you were to just become emo, you'd be a magor poser, and everyone hates posers.Peace_Scene
Well, that depends on the person.But in my 0opinion, emo toady means being different and expressing your self so.
If you're fat, you really shouldn't try to become one of us, but if you really wanted to, you could go vegetarian or vegan like most of us already do.
The hottest place to buy jeggings is American Eagle.
For the ladies the 2009 fashion went many ways-boyish...with large style t-shirts, jeans and heaps of accessories-highwaisted bottoms (skirts and shorts) with larger shirts-the party dress (of course)-shoes went off in the 2009 fashion scene, from gladiator style sandals to retro bright pumps...
Yes, sometimes, it can be from a variety of colors though from darks and dulls to brigfht and neons, emos love to be different, and express themselves.
First of all it 'Clubmaster' not 'Clubmaker'as for the nicest colour its all about your personal skin tone, hair colour and personal style.There are 9 colours on offer from Ray Ban outlets-ebony arista frame w/ green lens-green frame w/ green lens-blue frame w/ green lens-red frame w/ green lens...
This is most likely due to the fact that most teens want to fit in. Therefore, they try to follow the latest trends and fads in an attempt to be cool.
normal clothes like jeans and t shirts
Thoughts are thoughts and we all have them. Everyone has strange thoughts and many have ruminated over death and similar gloomy things in their lives. Thinking of hurting yourself might be a symptom of a deeper trouble, or hurt. One might wish to hurt themselves in order to drown out the pain of...
no, he's a hip hop guy :) you can see that far far away :) why would you think that :s ?   maybe they were lookin at bill   Dude does he look emo?   U were probably looking at his brother Bill.
if you live near me werribee/hoppers crossing. Jay-jays is GREAT! big w rarely have some good stuff too. But JAY-JAYS 100% its pretty cheap to(:
WOW. you're not the sharpest, eh. it's the unique number code from their myspace URLs.
  Ale Lohan? If it's her your talking about, she is not an emo, she is much more a girly girl than an emo. First her music prefrence, Second her clothing are girly and Thrid she's not so emotional she's just dramatic. Sorry Ale it's the truth.
grow your hair long or cut all of the back bits shorter then grow a fringe, it doesnt matter if it flicks a bit but if it looks really weird then you could get it chemically straightened if you dont like heat straightening.
  Emo is not a bad thing. You must be taking about depression. Emos are stereotyped as depressed, but that's just a stereotype, it isn't true for most.   If you're depressed, get help! Talk to someone, whether it be online (anonymously,) or to someone you trust, as in an adult. There are...
Sometimes, but not really, my best friend is emo, and he's not very emotional, it takes a certain amount, and certain things to set him off. But that's just him. I'm a scenester
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