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Everyone is born with emotions, they are very complex and wide ranged. People behave as a result of their emotional state. Some of the basic emotions are: anger, anxiety, boredom, compassion, depression, fear, frustration, gratitude, hatred, joy, jealousy, love, and worry to name a few. Emotions cause mood changes, temperament changes, and they are the center of our personality and disposition.


Not all grandmas have anger issues, but some may have them.
Not sure. I've heard the song before, and the name of the group sounded like 'Blast X' or 'Glass Sticks'. Still looking
Emotional advertising shows the target audience the benefits of the  product or service through drama and relies on them being so  involved with the characters and finding the story so relevant that  it will hit an emotional chord.Emotional advertising is much more  indirect in its persuasion. ...
Well that is kind of a confusing question since fear is an emotion too. Emotions are very important and actually, the more you have emotions the fuller your life will be.You can feel happiness for little things such as watching birds and other cliché things, the same thing is accurate for anger,...
The meaning of love is caring and being kind to one another. Love  is a emotion we cant fight
I think it is Polyphobia
though it's a myth, but if you are good in listening you may reach  a few floors
nothing just your humanity move ...~
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A lot of people use the word hate but most people use it towards a  person they wish they were like.
because your mind is making you think your happy when your not! -eg : one of your family members died - its you best friends party .. you feel happy because its your best friends happy but really your not because on of your family me mbers has just died :| ..you brain is tricking you into feeling...
march 15th ;]
He is in conflict with his society.
no becuz people mostly love rap
There has been only one instrument has been used in love lockdown  and the name of the system is drums. Yes, drums is the one and only  instrument used in lovelockdown.
In marriage, there must be unity and love. Each party in marriage  must show equal appreciation for the other, and that's where the  formation of two unique beings occurs.
yes indeed   clear and stress free minds make you healthy happy and make your  love life better   you will have a wounderful carefree love if you are stress free   which means less fights and more fun
Sweet Polly Purebred
nothing she doesnt have fears but her really hating fear is brocili and peaches lol but she really hates them and her fear is bad guys and Jon benet ramsey's mummy
Are you talking about vows? Your vows can be typical or they can be  unique. The only thing you should place in vows is the truth about  how you feel for the other person. It's up to you to decide how you  want that point to come across: Comically, sentimentally, etc.
very importent you could not have morale without feelings and  emotions because morale is basicly a feeling
No, they wont go away unless you do something towards conquering them.
I would guess what is meant is "experience with your own emotions".  This would result in an increased knowledge of how to handle your  emotions and thus could be seen as a sort of intelligence. In fact  intelligence is largely gained through experience itself, so this  isn't a far off metaphor.
tell them you cant hide your feelings for a lifetime
(I as in my opinion?) What kind of intervention? you want them to  assess their relationship to be closer or to divorce?
Could be anywhere around 12 or even in your mid teens; it really depends on how fast you mature.
this is religous phrase meaning jesus will comfort all who mourn or  are sad
I have more questions than answers on this one. Happiness can be  gained by comforting those feeling sorrow, if that is what you are  asking. Every person is different though and achieves happiness  differently. Keep that in mind.
Not necessarily, 'hate' is a strong word anyway. But he might not  even dislike you, he might secretly like you and not want to admit  it to you or himself. Or he might not have much of an opinion on  you, but if there is peer pressure around him he might do it anyway  to boost his own...
Very well stated! There will always be good and bad times, whether  in a relationship, or as a nation.
if a person is consistantly distant with everyone including loved  ones or looks shocked or startled but laughter and covers areas of  their body up or even their whole body by wearing loose fitting  clothes and they seem depressed those are some major signs. i am  not an expert i am only...
Yes, you just have to find the person you can have a deep emotional connection with. It is a strong feeling and you'll know it when you feel it.
How to continue living independently, without going to a nursinghome.Some people may fear death, but most do not.
love is a powerful feeling based on trust and if you loose trust  then it can have a huge dramatic impact on your mental health
 == Answer ==   I believe that you have nothing to be concerned with especially if it is summertime. It is common for cars to blow off more heat in the hotter parts of the year. There really isn't too much of a change in heat during the winter its just with the cold air around you it's hard to...
It's not a phobia. You're just a very caring person
There is a link between increased anxiety or panic attacks and  seasonal allergies and I suppose other allergies that increase  histamine production. But, I cannot get anyone to explain it to me.  It is recommended to take an antihistamine as Claritin, non-drowsy,  even when you don't have eye...
Chances are with the money problems, he's stressed. With a lot of  stress, he's probably unable to sleep at night. If hes working, he  may be working more hours trying to save up as much money as he  can. The combination of stress, no sleep and exhaustion can send  someone into a pretty deep...
Not unless you're with the guy. If you're in a relationship with him I think it's fine if you tell him that you're jealous about the fact that he talks to other women etc. But if he's not yours never tell a guy you're jealous because he's going to think you're into him and would do much worse things...
He threatens to disown her and throw her out on the street.
If u are a boy follow this steps: Figure out why you want to make her jealous. Is it because she made you jealous? Because you want her to like you? If you don't know the reason you want to make her jealous, then you more than likely shouldn't try to; there are other feelings/emotions that you need...
Laughing Cow commercial song Track Info: Artist Name: Patrick &  Eugene Song Name: Don't Stop.
  yes you can i go to a cocler for my problems!1
machanism of antianxiety drug
Traditionally Cold Calliing and Public Speaking. Fear of Failureand/or Success is also prevalent especially in young adult hawks.
No, emotional pain is something that has happened recently like a  death or family problems but they make drugs for emotional pain
If they make a lot of eye contact. And the other person wants to  hug the other a lot.
A marriage annulment is kind of like a divorce. but instead of not  being married any more you basically like disown any children if  you had any and you pretend that you never married your spouse  (husband or wife).
The girl in the lovely bones dies when Mr. Harvey rapes her, because he chopped her up into pieces. He also throws her in a ditch so no one nows where susie is and he keeps her special charm bracelet
Male dogs become fertile at 6 months and are sexually mature atabout 1 year. I think you are safe with the Dachshund, but otherdogs in the area could impregnate the female.
desperateness, or they genuinely love that person , or they were  set up.
It is the system that takes in Info, from your mands the body to  respond.
Jane Seymour died during the child birth of their son
From my quick perspective I saw Love Family and Protection, notreally an art critic though
Always give someone a second chance.
No, being tired is caused from physical or mental work or you could be tired from working all day. You could have some emotional symptoms from being tired like for instance, you might feel grouchy, nervous, or sad etc.
Harm is a relative term. What may be taken into consideration damaging to one person may not to one more. There are various kinds of harm: physical, emotional, spiritual, monetary, and so on. As a result, injury is an individual factor that is knowledgeable as well as is a bit subjective. So, when...
when you look in the eyes On the far left of the screen (once the website is opened) you will find a place where it asks for you username and password. Under that there is a "sign in" button and under that there is an option called "create account". if you click CREATE ACCOUNT it will give you step...
not really, as long as it is under 100 is consideret normal.although some times in can go up to 120 or even more just becauseshe might be anxious or stress, this is normal.
A neutral nation that did not take sides could sail the sea without fear of conflict.
Many women experience mood changes before their periods each   month. ... These women have a condition called premenstrual  dysphoric disorder, or PMDD.  Depression, tension, anxiety, irritability, and fatigue are the  hallmarks of PMDD, which typically occurs in the week before a  woman's...
rapid mood swings. alot of anger gets taken out on the parents, but  they dont mean it and as a teen i remember getting upset about  yelling at my parents but i was too distant and stubborn to tell  them. i had many stages my most significant one was the "emo/ goth"  stage i would always wear...
yes. but you only get a few moments of pure happiness in a lifetime
if its enviroment is full of strees and noise yess..
Smile, be friendly to people, say hi to customers and they will do  the same. by seeing the customers happy n a way it will make you  feel better about the environment you're in.
It's hard to imagine a physician choosing Temazepam as a first choice anti-anxiety treatment. Temazepam is likely to knock you out, since its principal use is as a sleeping medication. It does have some anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect, but a physician is more likely to use one of the other less...
In a relationship both partners do things together and sometimes  they do things on their own it depends on what they are interested  in. Doing things together is fun but its a good idea not to expect  your partner to do everything with you. You do your thing and let  him do his thing. That's...
It would guessed that due to the first marrage being not legal  or not authroised offically, that being married 'again' would be  perfectly legal, other than any personal issues that may be  involved.  However if the first marrage was illegal, depending on your  location and current government...
You might feel like this because you can trust your dad with anything. Alot of girls have a very good relationship with there fathers. And also some might not have a very good relationship with there father it doesn't mean you don't have a special connection with him. I as a person didn't have a...
Who are those people? More detail 
The policies of new Southern state governments that angered Congress were the black codes.
everybody cries sometimes i cry to
PETA very much worries about Animals and how they live. They don't like the Animals being abused in the games, because they don't want it to give anyone any ideas.
Several chemicals affect emotions in the brain. The ones noted mostin science are dopamine, nor-epinephrine, and serotonin.
She had her own tailor so, you wouldn't really find that in the  shops. But, you can find things like that in Ebay, Amazon, M&S,  Tesco, Malls like the one in Bluewater or online shopping websites.
The colonists hated the clothes because they looked tight.