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Zachary Taylor

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Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1849 to July 9, 1850.
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No i wasnt until Abraham Lincoln became president that slavery ended.
Tyalor neither smoked not drank. However, he did chew tobacco.
His brother is Joseph Pannell Taylor. Joseph was born 4 May 1796 in  Louisville, Kentucky. He was an Army officer in the United States.  He ended up in the American Civil War. He died June 29, 1864 at age  68 of diarrhea and partial paralysis. He was buried at Oak Hill  Cemetary in Washington, D...
Born on November 24th 1784, died on July 9th 1850
Zachary Taylor liked to learn.
He was professional soldier and was not careful with his grooming  or the fit of his uniforms. He had little education and was not at  all polished, but he was a good field commander,and was not afraid  to fight, so the term fit. Whether the title was provided by a  campaign manager or his...
Nothing. He died too early.
His father came to own 10,000 acres in Kentucky before he died. He  was locally prominent on the frontier where he lived.
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Nothing. I suppose you are asking about the Compromise of 1850, but that was signed by Millard Fillmore( Taylor had died)
Lew Cass of Michigan was his major party pponent. Martin Van Buren ran as a third party candidate and siphoned off enough votes in NY to help Taylor win.
By the time he was President, railroads were being built. Waterways  were still important and, of course, there were horses to pull  carriage and on which to ride.
Former president Zachary Taylor died from an infection to a part of his digestive system, just 16 months into his presidency. His death meant the end of his term as president of the United States.
No Formal Education
July 9, 1850 was the day that he died in office at the White House.
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- he was 12 president- served in wars like the war of 1812, Black Halk war and the second simonole war
He did not even go to school.
Zachary Taylor was a professional soldier. He served with distinction in the War Of 1812, moved up in the ranks and was a general by time of the Mexican War where he became a national hero and was propelled into a presidential nomination. He won the election and became the 12th US president even...
== ==   His nickname is Old Rough and Ready.
That wasn't Zachary Taylor. It was his son Richard Taylor.Youngest Confederate Major-General in tne first half of the war. Present at First Bull Run and the Seven Days Battles, among others.
President Zachary Taylor died in the year 1850.
President Zachary Taylor was part of the Whig party. Active in theearly 19th Century, the Whig party produced four Presidents of theUnited States.
Zachary Taylor was born on November 24, 1784 and died on July 9, 1850. Zachary Taylor would have been 65 years old at the time of death or 230 years old today.
he had a horse named 'old whitey"
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Gold was found in California during his presidency
No- Zachary Taylor was never the vice-president. In fact, he never held any political office before he was elected US President. He was famous because of his success as an US army general in the Mexican War.
Yes, a chicken was thrown at him and it hit him in the head. He died shortly after.
Zachary Taylor was 64 when he was president (b. November 24, 1784-July 9, 1850 p. March 4, 1849- July 9, 1850
Zachary Taylor had three sisters.
hancock, william dabney strother, george, joseph pannill, elizabeth lee, sarah bailey, emily richard
Taylor was known as "Old Rough and Ready". Andrew Jackson was known as "Old Hickory". Both were tough soldiers .
  No state entered the Union during Taylor's Presidency.
Vice-president Millard Fillmore became the President upon the death of Taylor.
The town of Rough and Ready near Grass Valley, California on the Rough and Ready Highway was named for President Zachary Taylor.
He married Margaret Mackall Smith (1788-1852), on June 21, 1810 and they had six children:Ann Mackall Taylor (1811-75); Sarah Knox Taylor (1814-35); Octavia P. Taylor (1816-20); Margaret Smith Taylor (1819-20); Mary Elizabeth Taylor (1824-1909); Richard Taylor (1826-79);
He probably did not go to an actual school. He had some teachers who taught him the basics, but he probably went to their homes or else they came to his. I did not know how long his lessons lasted.
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Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States as well as a war hero in the Mexican-American War.
  he did not have one.
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He became a Brigadier General in 1838.
Zachary Taylor is the 12th US president.
Zachary Taylor's nickname was "Old Rough and Ready."
Taylor took office on March 4, 1849.
James Madison and Zachary Taylor were second cousins-- their parents had the same grand-father.
Richard Taylor (1744-1829) was the father of the president, Zachary Taylor.
Zachery Scott wonthe 1848 presidential election defeating Lewis Cass. In the 1848presidential election Zachery Taylor received 163 electoral votesand Lewis Cass received 127 electoral votes. The popular votetotals were Taylor 1,361,393 and Cass 1,223,460.
Zachary Taylor`s Mom was named Sarah Dabney
Taylor was the leading general in the Mexican War. That achievement made him famous and led to his being elected 12th President of the US in 1848.
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No, he is the third oldest out of nine kids
Taylor was a professional soldier and held army posts continuously after joined the army in 1808.. He did find time enough to manage a plantations in LA and KY. He served in the War of 1812 and his success as a general in the Mexican War propelled him to the Presidency.
General Winfield Scott. President Polk replaced Taylor with Scott because he feared that Taylor was becoming more popular than him and would win the next election.
Pres. Taylor was elected President as a member of the Whig Party, which lasted between 1834-1856. The party split in the issue of slavery. The Conscience Whigs of New England and Mid-Atlantic States supported the abolition of slavery. The Cotton Whigs of the South, supported the expansion of slavery...
The Battles of Palo Alto, Resaca de La Palma, Monterrey, and Buena Vista made Zachary Taylor a hero and a president.The Siege of Veracruz, capturing Mexico City, and Battles of Contreas, Molino del Ray, Mexico City, and Chrubusco made Winfied Scott a hero.
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Lewis Cass was Taylor's Democratic Party opponent. Lewis Cass. He ran against Polk.
zachary taylor had changed america by his love and loyalty of america which spread throughout the country,in other words some people did not like the 12th president (zachary taylor) because of his early childhood memories.
Zachary Taylor the 12th President died in the White House on July 9, 1850 .
1848 U.S. Presidential Election Results: . 146 votes (50.3%) - minimum required . 163 votes (56.2%) - Gen. Zachary Taylor (W-LA) . 127 votes (43.8%) - U.S. Sen. Lewis Cass (D-MI)
Taylor did not get beyond grade school. He had some teachers but I am not sure that he went to an organized school . The teachers likely held school in their homes .
I am not sure what you want to know. Taylor did not help write the Constitution and he was not a scholar of it- in fact he did not even vote . He swore to uphold it when he took the office of president.
He was a professional soldier and plantation owner.
The 12th President of the United States, Zachary Taylor, was known by the nickname "Old Rough and Ready".
Taylor was of English ancestry.
At the risk of sounding flippant, Taylor's biggest failure was probably dying before he could complete his term. He could see that the unhappy Compromise of 1850 would not work and would no doubt have blocked had he lived. There was a scandal of sorts over the Galphin claim, but it was not Taylor's...
Taylor did not go to college. He joined the army when he was 24 and received commission as a first lieutenant. Except for one year, he was in the army until he ran for president. moving up the ranks to major general. He was stationed in Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi, fought in Indiana during...
Taylor was not in office for very long and nothing earth-shaking happened. The US made a treaty with Britain to keep neutral any canal built across Central America. The was a conflict of interest scandal involving Secretary of War Crawford. Taylor made it clear that he was much opposed to what...
The tradition is that he drank ice-cold milk after he returned from the festivities. My impression is that he did not have anything to drink until he got back home afterward.
Taylor bought Old Whitey from Capt. George McCall at Fort Smith. McCall had given the horse no name, so it must have been Taylor who named him. See: Letters from the Frontiers, by McCall, pp. 344-345.
He was not highly educated and was not a scholar but he was smart. You don't become a successful major general and the president of the US if you are not smart.
he had an average childhood like anyone Else's life except he joined the army 3 years after he turned 15.
The incumbent, James Polk, declined to run, so the presidency wasup for grabs. Taylor was famous as the general who won the MexicanWar, so the Whigs ran him. Slavery was the main issue. Taylor wasslave-owner from Louisiana, so he did well in the South. He had norecord politically and so had no...
He was one of eight children, he being the third oldest, so he had plenty of company. His father was locally prominent and owned a lot of land.They lived on a plantation near Louisville, Ky. This was on the Western frontier, so there were plenty of trees and wildlife. There was also a threat of...