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Adams-Onis Treaty

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The Adams-Onis Treaty, also known as the “Purchase of Florida” or the “Transcontinental Treaty,” is an agreement in 1819 between the United States and Spain. It ceded Florida to the U.S and laid the boundary between Mexico and the US.
John Quincy Adams and Luis de Onis wrote this treaty.
First is gave the US Florida territory and second it provided a border between Soanish Mexico and the US.
The US would receive control of East Florida from Spain
The Adams Onis Treaty was between Spain and the US. It ceded Florida to the US and established a border along the Sabine river in Texas.
Florida, it also settled the dispute of the boundary in Texas.
America gained control of Florida ,Spain gave up claims to the western territory north of CA
Also called the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, the Adams-Onis  Treaty was one of the critical events that defined the U.S.-Mexico  border. The border between the then-Spanish lands and American  territory was a source of heated international debate. In Europe,  Spain was in the midst of...
With the Adams-Onis Treaty, America gained all of Florida from the Spanish and, in turn, eliminated the threat of an attack by the Spanish.
Florida was acquired by the US via this treaty. It also set the  border between the US and the territories of Texas and California  possessed by Spain.
Florida was added to the US as a result of this treaty. Spain also  dropped claims on Oregon but kept California and Texas.
Spain ceded Florida to the United States in the 1819 Adams-Onis Treaty for $5 million.
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Adams Onis Trety was to give florida to the United States to become a territory.
This treaty was between Spain and the US.
It made the Sabine river the eastern border   It also made the top
It is named for the two men who negotiated it : John Quincy Adams, US Secretary of State and Luis de Onis, Spanish foreign minister.
The treaty ended the problem of lack of government control by Spain  in Florida and settled border and ownership disputes between the  United States and Spain in Texas , California and the Southwest ,  as well as Oregon.
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The Adams-Onis Treaty, also called the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, attempted to settle the boundary between the Spanish lands belonging to Mexico and the American territory. Spain, in Europe, was having many difficulties and knew that it needed to negotiate a treaty with the United States or...
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Spain and United States made this agreement in 1819. Sec. of State  John Quincy Adams signed it for the US. Spanish ambassador Luis  Onis represented Spain.     === SPAIN ===  
They really did not have much choice. They were unable or unwilling to commit the resources needed to police Florida and the US had already invaded and taken charge of Northern Florida. It would have taken a major military effort to make any pretense of recovering Florida by the time of the treaty....
settled all borders disputes between Spain and the United States.
James Monroe was the President when the Adams-Onis Treaty was negotiated and signed.
It confirmed the acquisition of Florida by the US and fixed a  boundary line between the US and the Spanish Vice-royalty of New  Spain, which would shortly become Mexico.   It also defined the Louisiana Purchase conflicts with Spain and  included relinquishing certain claims that were settled...
The Adams Onis treaty happened because people in the US wanted to make Florida a state so Spain gave it to the US. The treaty also made the boundary that that at the time was called ''New Spain''.
America gained control of Florida. Spain gave up claims to the western territory north of California (The Oregon Country).The United States paid Spain $5 million in damages- APEX ;D
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The Adam-Onis Treaty was signed on February 22, 1819 in Washington  ,by the Spanish ambassador and Sec. of State John Q. Adams. It was  not finally ratified until two later, February 22,1821.
The Adams-Onis Treaty was signed between the United States as well as Spain, in 1819.
In the 1819 treaty, the United States agreed to reimburse claimsagainst Spain up to $5 million, and in exchange, Spain gave upclaims to Florida and the western territory north of California. A+The united states Gained Control of the Texas Territory From France
  The treaty was concluded on February 22, 1819 and went into effect on February 22, 1821
  == Answer ==   It secured Florida as part of the US and cleaned up the border between Louisiana and Tejas for only Five million dollars.
One of the provisos of the treat settled the border between the US  and Spanish Texas. Long land interests in Texas and objected to the  settlement of the border.
Florida    The Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 (formally titled the Treaty of Amity,  Settlement, and Limits Between the United States of America and His  Catholic Majesty, and also known as the Transcontinental Treaty of  1819, and sometimes the Florida Purchase Treaty) was a historic  agreement...
February 22. 1821 was the date the treaty went into effect.
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The Adams -Onis Treaty of 1819 ceded Florida to the US, and settledthe question of a Spanish-Us boundary in the west. Spain gave upclaims to land north of California but retained ownership of Texasand California.
John Quincy Adams and Luis Onis
The Adams-Onis treaty was an agreement by the United States and  Spain in 1819, settling disputes over Spanish claims in North  America. Under the treaty, the US gained control of Florida and the  Pacific Northwest north of Californian, although Spain retained the  southwest areas of Texas and...
The Adams-Onís Treaty with Spain went into effect in 1821.
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The US ratified in on February 22 1819 . Spain ratified it a year  later and it took effect February 22, 1821.
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Spain and the United States wrote and signed this  treaty.
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James Monroe was the president durin the panic of 1819
The Adams Onis treaty gave the United States the state of Florida,  and settled a border dispute with Mexico. The treaty also gave the  United States property rights the included the Rocky Mountains, and  stretched out to the Pacific Ocean.
The United States paid Spain $5 million in damages.
Two important outcomes of the Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819 were that the Spanish handed Florida to the U.S. and gave up claims to the Oregon Country.