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Flemish Language and Culture

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Known as Belgian Dutch, Flemish is one of two official languages of Belgium. East Flemish, West Flemish and French Flemish are the southwestern dialects of Dutch. Flemish are the ethnic group speaking Flemish and living in northern and western Belgium. This category is all about the Flemish people, their language and dialects, their history and culture.
No, the word "bureaux" is French. It is the plural of "bureau."
Flemish, = Dutch is one of the three official languages of Belgium. All three are, Dutch (Nederlands), French and German.
1= een 2= twee 3= drie 4= vier 5= vijf 6= zes 7= zeven 8= acht 9= negen 10= tien
None. But Indonesia has a large population that speaks Dutch as a second language (which is a dialect of Flemish).
Flemish giant rabbits are the largest breed of rabbits. They wereoriginally bred for eating but have since become popular householdpets.
The Flemish people of Belgium speak their own version of Dutch,using various features to distinguish it. About 75% are assumedRoman Catholic by baptism, but not all attend mass or actreligious.
Same as in Dutch Yes = Ja
"In het Verenigd Koninkrijk" means "In the United Kingdom" in Flemish.
6000260 or 58% of the people in Belgium are Flemish
Flemish is derived from the country of Flanders (currently known as Belgium). Flemish is the language spoken in about two thirds of Belgium. The other one third speaks French.
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The mayor of a Dutch town is called - burgemeester
Flemish is the name of the language that some Belgians speak. It is a close dialect of Dutch.
No, the Walloons speak French. The Flemish speak Dutch.
Belgium The Netherlands Netherlands Antilles
Goodbye can be 'tot ziens' (until I see you) or 'dag' which can also be used as a greeting. It's a question of tone.
guess what ? 'winter'
'Gelukkig nieuwjaar' is the dutch way of saying happy new year.
Flemish and Waloon are two totally different people who just live in the same country, they have an different history, culture, language etc... A Flemish is not a Walloon and a Walloon is not a Flemish
Flemish art is/was made in Flanders, situated in Belgium. Flanders is the northern part of Belgium, where people speak Dutch.
antregre or boos
the official languages in Belgium is German French and Flemish. Flemish~ dont know sorry French~ Amitié German~ Freundschaft
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happy Easter is the same in flemish as it is in dutch fijne pasen
Flemish is the same as dutch actually (like American and English). You say flemish or dutch for the kingdom of Belgium and dutch in the Netherland (wich is also a kingdom)
Een plezier je te ontmoeten/ Het was leuk je te ontmoeten
contest (actually the question where you must know the correct answer to win a prize)
Veel succes/geluk met je nieuwe baan/job Veel succes OP je nieuw werk
No. It is available in Dutch but not Flemish. Cumorah.com speculates the reason why: "Containing few literary and vocabulary variations with standard Dutch, Flemish is unlikely to merit its own translations of LDS materials and scriptures as dissimilarities with Dutch are primarily phonological"
Ik hou van je/jou en ik mis je heel veel
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A Flemish artist is an artist from Flanders. Here is what Wikipedia says about Flanders: Flanders (Dutch: Vlaanderen) has historically been a region overlapping parts of northern Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Today, Flanders often designates the Flemish Community, which includes the Brussels...
"Grootmoeder" but also "oma" or "bomma".
The color purple in Flemish paintings symbolizes flowers. Plantswith beautiful, purple petals can be seen in the fields of theland.
"Hoe was je dag?" but this not used so much, we rather say "Hoe gaat het?" (How are you)
'Wij komen uit de Verenigde Staten van Amerika'. Just use google translate or a dictionary, Flemish = Dutch..
lar (like in car) - go (like in go)
The prefix is "mis" and the root word is "informed."
In Flanders, we call cake cake. The pronounciation stays the same.
It is almost the same as in English: Welkom. And that's the same as in Dutch.
Flemish giants are rabbits that weigh from 15 to 20lbs.
The Flemish language is mainly spoken in Belgium. It is actually the majority language in Belgium. It is also spoken in parts of the Netherlands, though.
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Yes on google translate just make sure you are not trying to translate into a dialect. You can also but free apps on your phone but they can usually only translate into Dutch which is close enough.
Flemish is often referred to as the Belgian variant of Dutch (some people will go so far as to say they are the same language). As such, the language is most common in Belgium, where approximately 5.5 million, or about 55% of the Belgian population, speak Flemish. In Flanders, the northern part of...
They are people living in the country Belgium. The country lies south of the Netherlands and nort of France.
Flemish Quality Management Center was created in 1985.
Flemish Eye was created in 2003.
Flemish Community was created in 1980.