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Great Salt Lake

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The Great Salt Lake is a saltwater lake in northern Utah and the remnant of prehistoric Lake Bonneville.
The Great Salt Lake is located inthe northern part of Utah. It is in North America.
Your question assumes the Great Salt Lake is the largest lake in the US. It is not. That would be Lake Superior.
Answer . Because all the rivers that run into it carry alkaline and salt minerals. Then as the water evaporates from the lake, the alkaline chemicals and the salts are left behind. Since Mono Lake does not connect with an ocean, its alkaline and salt content keeps on rising, and will continue to...
The Great Salt Lake is located inthe northern part of Utah. It is the largest salt water lake in theWestern Hemisphere.
The Great Salt Lake, unlike other lakes, has no outlet. Any water flowing into the lake only leaves by evaporation. Over time, the minute traces of salt in the incoming water get concentrated. The Dead Sea is another example of this.
yes. It's the saltiest body of water in the world. It is 10 times saltier than the ocean!
No. Salt lakes include the Dead Sea, Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, and Lake Balkhash.
You could sail in a kayak on the Great Salt Lake,Mountain bike on the Antelope and Stansbury Islands.The areas also offer excellent hiking.
There's three times (3x) as much salt in the salt lake as there is in the ocean
Yes. The "Great" was dropped because the name was just too long.
The Great Salt Lake is located inthe northern part of Utah.
The Great Salt Lake is the largestsalt water lake in the Western Hemisphere.
Native American tribes have lived in the area around the Great Salt Lake for at least a thousand years! That is long before white men ever knew it existed.
It varies, from a low of about 5% to a maximum ofaround 27% . For comparison, the world's oceansaverage about 3.5%. And for the record, the Great Salt Lake is not the saltiest body ofwater in the world; that would be Don Juan Pond in Antarctica, witha salinity of over 40% .
Salt is dissolved from the mountains and transported in the lake by  rivers.
A lake is form by precipitation.Precipitation collects in a depression and forms a lake.
Great Salt Lake's area is 1,088,000 acres.
ya it the " great SALT lake" sharks live in salt water!!! lol you laugh, but it's actually true. there are sharks in the great salt lake. there's a part of the lake called Bonneville SeaBase where the salinity of the water matches that of the ocean and is capable of supporting oceanic life,...
Because nobody else wanted to live there. There was very little useable water and even less lumber. The climate was dry, extremely hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. On top of all that, the lake made it smell horrible! Explorers and Mountain Men of the day claimed that the land was...
Tibetan butter tea contains rock salt and yak butter. Salt tea, which is consumed in some cultures in the Hindu-Kush region of northern Pakistan, and probably in other areas as well.Well, Salt Tea or "Nun Chai" is more prominent in Kashmir than anywhere else and is a daily affair in the lives of...
The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the only lake with the name "Great Salt Lake" but it is not the only saltwater lake in the world.
The Great Salt Lake is located inthe northern part of Utah. It is the largest salt water lake in theWestern Hemisphere.
84,904 total square miles (includes water areas).
You're thinking of Brigham Young... but in reality, Brigham Young was not named the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) until after they arrived in Utah. Joseph Smith had told Church members that they would have to move to the Rocky...
  The Great Salt Lake is a terminal lake, with no outlet rivers running to the ocean. Since water leaves the lake only through evaporation, it leaves behind its dissolved minerals, making the lake up to 8 times as salty as sea water.   yupp yupp i know im good i would like a thank you   =]
The great salt lake is 50 ft deep and it's the saltyest lake there is!
Lake Eyre is the world's biggest salt-lake and it's located in Australia. It is 144km long and 77km wide.
it has no outlet, streams carry minerals into it, and it has a high rate of evaporation
The lake is not the capital the city Salt Lake city is the capital whichh was named that because it is near the lake
The Great Salt Lake is located inthe northern part of Utah. Utah became the 45th state admitted tothe U.S. on January 4, 1896.
It is in the northern part of Utah. It is in the northern part ofUtah. Another Answer The lake lies in three counties: Box Elder, Davis and Tooele.
75 miles long and 35 miles wide- Check out the link below
The protists would have more permeable membranes than those in hypotonic or isotonic environments, allowing more water to enter the cell. and possibly develop a higher salt concentration within the cell, to retain the water within it and not diffuse quickly. Without these adaptations, the cell will...
Yes, it is. And it is not the only landlocked body of salt water in the world. The Dead Sea and the Caspian Sea are two others Lake eyer is another in Australia, when it is full it has a very high concentration of salt.
The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah.
The Great Lakes are a collection of five freshwater lakes, The Great Salt Lake is one saltwater lake. The Great Lakes are much larger than the Great Salt Lake. (The Great Lakes cover 80,545 square miles, the Great Salt Lake covers between 1,000 and 3,000 square miles, depending on the rainfall.)
The Great Salt Lake. == No way! ==
because it was full of salt in the 18 centurie and kwata meh jupka
The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah.
The Great Salt Lake is not in the Eastern Hemisphere, it is in the west.
Northern Utah, USA
That state would be Utah.
The U.S state Utah holds the great salt lake.
the answer is yes there is water in the great salt lake
The coordinates of Great Salt Lake are: 41010' North and  112035' West (North America, United States, Utah).
This is because the great salt lake was salty and the civil war was also salty:)
Yes. Salt production was one of the first industries in the Salt Lake Valley. Follow this link to a full story.. http://historytogo.utah.gov/utah_chapters/statehood_and_the_progressive_era/thesaltindustrywasoneofthefirstenterprises.html
The Great Salt Lake is in the UnitedStates. It is located in the northern part of Utah.
  No. It loses water only through evaporation. Very little water runs into the Great Salt Lake because the water is captured in high bank reseviors upstream. The reseviors are deep so they can capture the snow melt in the spring. The water in the reseviors is used for drinking water for the...
salty water comes in, water evaporates, salt stays.
no lakes do not have mouthes only rivers do
Never. In prehistory, the Great Salt Lake was once much larger, and called Lake Bonneville. But this large lake was full of fresh water from the melting continental glacier, and had no access to the sea, where whales would have come from. Though it may have existed for thousands of years, this is...
  The Great Slave Lake. It's in the Northwest Territories of Canada, while the Great Salt Lake is further south, in the Utah, a member of the United States.
Yes it is, the eastern side of the lake is bordered by the Uinto Mountains which is a subrange of the Rocky Mountains
Great Salt Lake, Lake Powell, and Utah Lake
The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah.
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ANSWER: . The lake has an average depth of 14 feet. See the related link for more information.
the average temperature of the Great Salt Lake is an average of 81.72 degrease Fahrenheit for the month of June 2008.
The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah.
Mormon pioneers settled Salt Lake City and in fact, most of Utah... so yes.
No, the Great Salt Lake does not have dolphins in it. The water is far too salty for much life to survive. Brine shrimp flourish, but no fish or other larger marine creatures can live there.
From Palmyra, New York, the main mass of the Mormon faith moved to Kirtland, Ohio, where they lived in peace for several years, then they moved on to Independence Missouri, where General Boggs issued an extermination order, forcing them to leave homes and land rightfully theirs to move it Nauvoo,...
The dead sea has large amounts of salt watter like the great salt lake, though the dead sea has more than 4 times the salt and litterly nothing can live their.
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The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of the U.S. state of Utah.
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The most important fact is the great salinity of this lake.
The Great Salt Lake is located inthe northern part of Utah. It is the largest salt water lake in theWestern Hemisphere.
On average? 33 feet (it can be deeper in some years) but it's unusual to find that depth if you are sounding the lake - it's average depth is about 16 feet.
Well, Brigham Young was the leader of the church at the time and physically lead the people to the area, but many Mormons would answer that God lead them, because they believe that Brigham Young was guided through revelations from God.
Answer . The Great Salt Lake In Utah is a highly briny remnant lake of prehistoric Lake Bonneville and is located within the Great Salt Lake Desert.
When the Mormon Pioneers arrived at the Great Salt Lake, there were no buildings or white people. The only residents were a handful of Native Americans. The Mormons created the first buildings, permanent settlements, farms, ranches, mines, and factories. Essentially, the Mormons changed the area...
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The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah.