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How has IT affected entertainment?

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IT in entertainment has enabled more people interested in the entertainment world to access, enjoy and partake in the entertainment industry.
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How did world war 2 affect entertainment?

it's pretty obvious why. there were bombings everywhere, weren't there? and therefore no one could concentrate on entertainment because they were too busy getting people away

How did music affect the form of entertainment in 1920s?

Music was a major affect during the 1920's, especially due to the fact that the Harlem Renaissance was occurring, giving recognition to the blacks, and bringing about a new cu

How did the entertainment industry affect the economy?

In our modern era, the entertainment industry has always a very noticeable influence on the economy. To cite several examples: If people are not buying or renting videos or go

How did entertainment affect the roman empire?

Bread and circuses was an expression which encapsulated the prejudice the Roman elites had towards the poor. It meant that the masses of the poor had to be kept fed and happy

How has technology affected the entertainment industry?

Technology has affected the movie industry in many ways. With filmsit's made it cheaper and easier to make a movie while enablingspecial effects never before imagined. With mu