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How has IT affected entertainment?

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IT in entertainment has enabled more people interested in the entertainment world to access, enjoy and partake in the entertainment industry.
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What is the abbreviation for entertainment?

The abbreviation for the word entertainment is "ent." Entertainment  is often considered some sort of performance, event, or activity  that serves to provide enjoyment and a

What did slaves do for entertainment?

Some of the best 'blues' and 'Gospel' music came from slaves. They  played on homemade drums, old wooden pails, made windpipes from  tree branches, etc. and they loved to da

What is the history of entertainment?

You'll have to a more specific. "Entertainment" encompasses film, TV, music, sports, books, art, theater & then all the subcategories of those. Your question cannot be answere

What can you do for entertainment?

For me, entertainment means clubbing in Asia. It's dancing to the  beat of HK djs. What mor can I ask for?

What is entertainment?

Entertainment is what one does to pass time or to enjoy such as watching a play or movie. Playing is also another form of entertainment.

What do they do for entertainment in Israel?

Israel functions along the lines of any modern European or American State. People watch TV, go to the movies, hang out at shopping malls, sunbathe on the beaches, enjoy concer

How can you get into the entertainment industry?

If you want to get into the entertainment industry you should go modeling searches, talent searches, and most of all SCOUTING AGENCIES. make shure you have a portfolio made be