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Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition?

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Pregnancy is not a pre-existing condition when enrolling in a group (employee benefits) plan.

That is not the whole answer to the question. It needs to be determined if your question is about group or individual insurance?
It is true that pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition if you are going from one HMO to another. But it is a different story when when you go from private coverage to an HMO, or if you did not have insurance previously then tried to go to an HMO.
HIPPA (federal law) requires that when going from one job to another, and also changing HMO, then the new HMO can not bar you from coverage. There is however no federal protection if you did not have coverage before.
**** It depends on when you got you medical insurance. I have been told by my insurance that it could be if you got prego before you got your insurance. It all depends on the company you work for or where you insurance is through. ****
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