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Italians have been in the New World at least since Cristoforo Colombo [c. 1451-May 20, 1506] made landfall on October 12, 1492. Before the country became known as the United States of America, it was settled in colonies along the eastern coast by English speakers. So the colonizing lead that English speakers took somewhat overshadowed information about settlers of other languages.

But according to the available information, Italians were in the future United States not too long after the Pilgrims landed in the subsequent state of Massachusetts. In the way of an example, Pietro Cesare Alberti [June 2, 1608-November 9, 1655] was the first Italian settler of New York. The Venetian landed in New Amsterdam on May 30, 1635. He married Judith Jans Manje in the New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church on August 24, 1642. But they only had 13 years together before an Indian massacre left their five or six beloved young children orphans.

The settlement of the colonies by Italians continued in a most unostentatious fashion. But some Italian settlers became known for their endeavors, along with the more highly profiled English language speakers. For example, Filippo Mazzei [December 25, 1730-March 19, 1816] initially came to the colonies to introduce Mediterranean style cultivation and food production into Virginia. He stayed on, and encouraged other Italians to do so too.
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